What of ….Love?

What is love, really? You talk about it in your daily lives. You express it towards others. You see and read about it in your movies and books. But do you really know what love is? And are there different levels of love?

There is the love of a mother for her child. The love between partners in committed relationships. There is the love for nature, or friends or work. But what is love and are all of these feelings best described by this single word…..love?

You have already described in many of your books, the differences between romantic love, childish love, selfless love. What of the love that we have for you, the Universal Love? How does this fit into the definitions that you have for love?

Consider an extension of yourself that goes into infinity….that touches everything that ever was and that will ever be. Can you imagine that without any emotion, just acceptance that it is how existence truly is?

Acceptance, connection, to the All. There are times when you feel very connected to someone, a romantic love, a physical love. Let us discount the physical, for that is of the body. But if you can imagine the romantic love, the selfless love, the love of connection….when you can finish the sentence of another, when you can predict the actions of another.

Now imagine this throughout the Universe. This is possible. For you are connected with All. It is possible to feel the air currents as a bird flies, the water rushing past as a whale dives, the scorching of bark as a tree burns. Of course, this would be too much for you to feel all at one time. This would be sensory overload. And the human body is designed so that you do not feel this all at once. But love is the connection between and among all things. And whether you feel it or allow it or not, it is there for you. The key is opening your heart to the connection, the love that is your true nature. How does one explain who one truly is?

Open the connection to allow your true self to awaken. Connection is love. Dis-connection fosters fear.  Because it is human nature to fear what one does not know. So embrace the unknown and accept the differences. Once you do, you will begin to notice that underneath those differences, you are all the same, made up of the same energy, the same connection.

Love is you and your connection to All That Is.

Accept the gift of you.

Accept the gift of connection

Accept the gift of love.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. delajus
    Aug 04, 2012 @ 00:29:15

    I always want to comment and yet words so often fail me. Still, I hope that you know that your words always touch my heart. What you share here is so completely in line with what I know to be Truth, it seems that words are too small to express what I feel. But I know that you know. God is Love and so are we.


    • the_tovarysh_connection
      Aug 04, 2012 @ 22:04:47

      Thank you so much for your kind words. When I made the committment to get the words out, I knew I just had to trust that whomever was supposed to read them would find them. I’m so glad that you found them. Your comments bring me much joy.


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