Time Will Tell by Audrey Kawasaki

Open your heart and remember.

Remember a time when you were aware

Of the unconditional love

Surrounding you and

Filling your entire being.

Dear, Dear One, there is a memory deep within you of a time when you were bathed in unconditional love, filled with its essence. A time when you understood that you also were emanating that unconditional love. For that is who you were.

That is still the case. This is who you still are, a being of unconditional love, surrounded by love and emanating love with your every breath. The memory of who you really are is lying dormant within you waiting to burst forth in all of its glory and grace.

Why do you think so many of you crave being loved? Do you not say, ‘Everyone just wants to be loved’? This is because of that latent memory of times in another plane, where there was no question of the presence of love in your life, within your being.

Being in this physical state, embodied in this physical form, has given you the illusion of being separate, of being alone, of needing to earn the love of others. When in truth, you have so much love to give, so much love surrounding you.

But Ego has convinced you otherwise. It has convinced you that you are unlovable, unworthy of being loved; alone, forgotten and discarded. Oh, Dear One, nothing is further from the truth! Ask yourself why you crave this loving connection. It is because you miss the feeling, the awareness of unconditional love: your true state of being.

Do not listen to those critical voices in your head that come from Ego. It is unsure of itself. It is feeling threatened and so is working harder for its own survival. This is true with all dark thoughts, negative forces, coming to light in your world at this time.

As the light begins to shine brighter upon you, from within you, Ego will try its very best to convince you that you are mistaken and need to walk in fear to protect yourself from the darkness. The truth is that love is stronger than fear and the strength of that love lies within you. It surrounds you.

Allow the love within you to rise from your belly. Allow it to flow from your heart. Allow love to fill your every breath and sing the song of love that yearns to flow from your lips.

Remember, Dear One, who you really are and from where you have come.

Remember, Dear One, why you chose this journey upon this physical plane, with all its beauty and all of its challenges.

Remember, Dear One, that you are connected in love with All of Creation.

When Ego arises, when darkness seems to descend upon you, focus your power of love on them and watch them wither in its brilliance. Do not succumb to the perceived strength of Ego and its fear. For it is just a clever façade used to bend you to its will.

You are much stronger than fear. You have much greatness within. You have the power of love permeating your life. Use it joyfully, gracefully and daily. Join others who are on the same path of awakening and remembering.

And together, you can change the world, one breath at a time.

Walk in your greatness, your strength and reclaim the joy of who you truly are.

Dear One With All of Thee.



Illusions abound within your life

Created by you and others.

How can you clearly see the truth

In this fog of illusion?

Dear One, this physical life of yours contains so many illusions, many created by you and your perceptions of yourself and others. Can you begin to see things clearly by trusting your inner voice, your intuition, having faith in your connection to the All?

The most common illusion you continue to harbor is that of unworthiness and powerlessness. You have allowed your Ego to convince you that you are not smart enough, rich enough, handsome enough, popular enough to create the life that you wish to have. And so, you continue to compare your life with that of others who you perceive to have all the qualities, the opportunities that you do not have.

Do you not understand that the same ones who you revere and strive to emulate also have their own insecurities? They have also walked through the forest of darkness wondering if they are capable, suitable, worthy enough to embark on the journey they now travel.

Do you not understand that others look at you the same way; wondering how they can develop the gifts you show in your daily life? Can you be courageous enough to take that first step forward on the journey you desire?

Should you share your insecurities, you might be very surprised to hear the same voiced by others. Your self-imposed illusion of unworthiness is Ego’s way of keeping you under its control.

Along with this illusion of powerlessness is the illusion that you have nothing worthy to share with others. You do not have gifts, you are not unique, you are not lovable and you have no control of how your life unfolds.

But indeed, you DO have many gifts and they are what comes easiest to you. When something is so obvious to you, so easy for you to do, you assume that it is the same for others. When, in fact, many do not have the same gift of sight, gift of creativity, gift of speech that you take for granted in your life. Once again, you assume that it is the same for everyone when in fact it is YOUR gift to share with the world.

Dear One, have faith in yourself as one who is connected, truly connected to your higher self, to the All. Trust the inner voice which speaks to you in that loving fashion throughout your day. Cease to doubt your ability to create a wondrous life.

By following that inner voice, trusting that feeling in your gut; by sending out into the universe what you wish to achieve and then allowing it to unfold exactly as it should; this is how to begin to clear the fog created by Ego.

Ask for help with clarity to see who you really are.

Ask that the manifestation of your dreams not involve suffering for others.

Ask that you be guided where to place your next step on your path forward.

Clear the fog of illusion by allowing the light to shine through.Give yourself time of silence and stillness to strengthen your connection with the All. By doing this, you will begin to trust that inner voice which so lovingly guides you daily. But it can be difficult to hear through the din of your thoughts, your fears and the frantic pace of this earthly life.

Be still.

Be at peace.

Be who you really are.

An incarnation of the Divine.

One with all of thee.

A Song of Love for Thee

Today we sing to thee

A song of love eternal

So that your light will shine

As bright as the stars above

Dear One, your light is seen from above as we look down upon thee. We can recognize each and every one of you by the brightness of your light. Each of you has your own signature glow. Sometimes it may flutter, sometimes it will shine brightly. No matter the intensity of your light, we can always find you because of how you shine.

We know that there are times when you feel that your flame is going out, as it flutters with indecision or pain. But it can never be extinguished, this light of yours, for it is the very make-up of your being. It is what connects you to us. It is who you are. No matter how much pain or sorrow you experience in this human condition, your light will always shine. Always.

Remember that pain and sorrow are part of the journey that you have partaken here upon this physical plane. These emotions are temporary, as your existence here upon this plane is temporary. Can you acknowledge them, embrace these emotions and understand that they are there for a reason? To teach you. And as you learn, you teach us, the entirety of existence learns because of your journey here upon this plane.

Do not turn away from these emotions. Instead look them in the eye, thank them for their lesson and ask them what the lesson is that they are teaching you. For remember, you must die many deaths before you reach the heights for which you strive. And in each of these deaths, a part of your Ego is dissolved and released, no longer needed by you in your forward movement on your path.

If there were no challenges, you would not learn. You would have no reason for being here on this earthly plane. Can you thank those emotions for arising and teaching you another facet of who you are? Are you able to re-focus your perspective to see your life from another viewpoint? For as you grow in your self-awareness, your perspective on your life will change. This is necessary for the lessons to continue in your earthly life.

Hear the song that we sing to you, a love song, for you are loved dearly. Especially at those times when you feel alone and unsure of where to place you next step, listen for our love song to you. We sing it joyously, continuously, across the entirety of existence, so that you may hear it, if only in your sub-conscious.

Dear one, remember who you are. You are not this dense body whose entire existence is only on this physical plane. You are a being of lightness and joy who moves freely between dimensions and beyond. It is just for now that you are anchored here to this physical plane. There is another part of you that is free but your conscious mind is not yet able to bring that into focus for you.

You are multi-faceted. You are multi-dimensional. You are wondrous beyond measure.

Believe us when we tell you this. And hear our song for thee as its sweet melody floats across dimensions, across infinity, to reach you here. To reach you now.

Listen, not with your ears, but with your heart.

For the love song we sing to thee.

Is There a Right Way to Love?

How do you love?
How do you define love?
How do you measure love?

Dear One, how do you love those closest to you? Can you even describe it or is the way that you feel indescribable in words? We speak often to you of love, that you are a loving being, created and composed of love. But what does that really mean? And can you love too much?

The answer is that you cannot love too much. The love of which you are composed is of the purest form. It is unconditional, it is never-ending, and in truth, has no beginning or end. It just is and always will be. As you walk upon this physical plane embodied in a human form, this term ‘love’ has taken on a different meaning for many of you. It is a term used often to describe a spectrum of feelings within you.

But the truest form of love, the love that has no beginning and no end is the love of pure connection. Unconditional, ever-present and never changing. It is a form that begins with the connection that you have to the All across all planes, into infinity. When you settle down into that quiet space within, it is the feeling of complete peace and pure joy which envelops you. And once felt, this love is something that you will seek throughout your life, from all who cross your path.

The caveat is that despite the truth that all are composed of love in its purest state, not all have been able to reach its depth and sustain its purity in a human environment. This is not an impossible task, but the human condition interferes as Ego, expectation, judgment and insecurity come into play. The key is not to allow any of these human attributes to gain power over your actions. This, we realize, is not always an easy task. However, it is possible.

It begins with reconnecting with that inner space of quiet where your purest form of love can begin to emerge and envelope you. Give yourself time each day to sit and breathe deeply if only for a few minutes. Allow yourself this gift of peace and connection each day. If you do this on a regular basis, you will begin to understand what we are saying to you here. The feeling of peace that you feel is who you really are and what unconditional love is. THIS is the type of love for you to share with all who surround you. No expectations, no judgment, no insecurity. For please understand that this inner love which you feel is unlimited which means the love which you can give is also unlimited.

Can you love freely, no matter the outcome or the response? Can you trust that your ability to share this inner light, this inner love with others can create waves across the entire spectrum of being? Can you begin to understand that love in its purest form is eternal?

It begins with you believing in yourself and your unbreakable connection with a stream, a river, an ocean of love within and around you. Speak not of unworthiness for All are made up, contain, and have the ability to share this love in every interaction, in every thought, in every word spoken.

Begin today to reach deep within yourself to find that bottomless spring of love. And share that fountain of love with others. No conditions, no expectations, no question of worthiness. For all are worthy, all are capable and all are loved.

See yourself through our eyes.
Then see others the same way.
And help to change the world.
You can, you know.
It begins with you.

What if?

What if you chose love over fear every day?
What if you chose to ignore those little inconveniences every day?
What if you walked instead with joy and love in your heart every day?

Dear One, you have the power to change your world, every day. It is your choice as to how you walk through your day, in a positive fashion or in a negative fashion. It is your choice as to how long you will repeat your story over and over in your head. Either making yourself victim or hero. The truth is that if you live every moment in the present, trusting the unfolding of your journey, your life will be easier for you. Can you trust the process of your life? Can you trust that you are exactly where you should be? Can you trust that the people who walk through your life have lessons to teach you or to learn from you?

The web of connection is vast and covers the entire universe. Your life at this very moment contributes to the growth, the expansion of the universe. Your life will continue to unfold as it should. The choice for you is how you will approach this unfoldment. Can you, dear one, lay down the negativity, the resentment, the hurt and embrace the light and love that surrounds you? For indeed you are surrounded by light and love every step of your journey. But when you focus on the negative and nurse the wounds by repeating your story over and over, you are unable to accept the light that is offered to you every moment of your day.

We understand that there are times when you must review what has happened in order to make a decision of your next move. This helps with your personal growth. What we are encouraging you to do is not to hold on to that story longer than is necessary to learn your lesson from it. For by repeating your story over and over again, you feed your Ego as you create an archetype that you feel best suits you.

If you feel you have acted inappropriately towards someone, then forgive yourself and if possible ask that person for forgiveness. This can be done on the astral level and need not always be done in the flesh. If someone has acted inappropriately towards you, forgive them. Try to understand the place from where they are coming. Learn the lesson and move on. You need not interact with them again, but walk away with forgiveness and peace in your heart. For each and every one of you have past experiences which often mold the way you interact in the present.

Come from your heart in all interactions. For that is where your strength lies. And that is where you connect with the All. Give gratitude for the lesson and move forward. Do not add that interaction to your storyline, but release it and let it go. And see how much lighter your step is as you do this.

Dear one, make no comparison with others, for you do not know from where they have come. No judgments, only light and love. It can be done with a bit of practice and you will find that what you attract will be more light and love. For like attracts like. Be the shining star that you are and laugh more, sing more, dance more. And soon, it will become second nature to you. You will no longer travel down the dark passages where your ego leads you.

The power lies with you. Endless power which you have within you. Take a chance and try another way of living your life. And do not judge yourself if you falter at first. This is the way for you to learn and grow. Take nothing so seriously that you cannot allow your inner light to illuminate it in love.

For you are light
You are love
You are joy incarnate.
Reclaim who you truly are and see how your life changes.

How to Find Your Way

How do you begin?
From where do you seek guidance?
What is your next step?

Dear one, you have already begun your journey. You are at the trail-head of the path back to the Source. You have never been on any other path. That is the only path available to you. Yes, there may be detours and more circuitous trails that you have chosen. But they all lead back to the same final destination. They all lead you home.

Trust this and discard the roadmap in your head. The true map, the clearest directions lay in your heart. Your roadmap lies in your heart. Any detours that occur are due to the doubt in your mind, that Ego of yours whispering in your ear, encouraging you to go this way or that. But the truth is that no matter which way Ego suggests you go, the truth is that you will eventually reset your destination to a more direct path home. For your higher self is stronger and more resilient than your Ego and will redirect you if you get too far off course.

So what do you do? Listen to that higher self, those yearnings that come from deep within. Not the yearnings of this world, but the yearnings for the larger world from which you come. You need not deny yourself the earthly pleasures along the way, for that is a gift of this experience for you.

But allow that other part of you, which you have heard before, allow that other part of you its voice. Listen and if you do not understand, ask for clarity. If you still do not understand, ask again. And then be still. Quiet your mind, that ever active part of you. Quiet your mind and allow your heart to speak to you. And if you still do not understand or are afraid to take that next step, then call upon us. For we are here for you. We see your path laid before you and will gently reposition you if necessary. But only with your permission.

You are never alone in the forest, in the darkness, in the silence. If you feel that tremor of fear begin to shake your being, that is the time to open your heart, to close the shutters on your mind. That is the time to take some deep, centering breaths. To feel Mother Earth beneath your feet, supporting you, as she always does, even when your thoughts are elsewhere. She is there quietly supporting your every step. How can you feel alone when you have this support beneath you every moment of your day?

Turn off that mind, that Ego which will become more nervous as its hold on you becomes weaker. Close your eyes and see the light that surrounds you. See the light that glows within you. Light connects to light, there is no other way. Open the portals within, if only a fraction, and allow the light to co-mingle, one with the other, and feel the shift within your entire being.

Be not afraid of who you really are.
Journey forward with the knowledge that all paths lead home. All paths.
Ask for help, for guidance, if you feel lost.

And if you feel alone, notice the strength of Mother Earth beneath you.
Her strength is your strength as you are one with Her.
As you are One with All of Thee.

Can You Feel it?

What do you feel?
Is it real?
Or just a figment of your mind?

How, you ask, do I know if what I am feeling is truly real? How do I discern what I want to feel from what is truly there? How can I trust this new way of being?

This is a new way of being for many of you. And as you begin to find your way on this new path, you will want your desires to become real. You may not want to know what is really happening, how another is honestly feeling, how much your good intentions have fallen flat on the floor.

The first thing for you to do is not to judge whatever it is that you feel, especially from others. All are here upon this plane to learn, to participate in the limitations and opportunities of the physical plane. And all are at different points on the path back to the Source. Remember that life here is meant to be experiential. Participation is the only way to move forward. And whatever occurs, whatever is said is a means to better understanding for the collective consciousness.

All of life comes from love. ALL of life; human, animal, mineral, plant. The difference in the human existence is the presence of Ego. The internal struggle between listening to your head (Ego) or your heart (Love). Mother Nature, in all of her different manifestations, does not have Ego within. This is why when you go outside and walk or sit within her presence you feel a calming, peaceful energy. Only love flows from her in all of her states of being.

It is within the human existence that your true nature is often masked by Ego. What you might feel is more chaotic as the internal struggle occurs among those around you. So for this reason, you might begin by finding quiet times in Mother Nature. Begin by being present with your breath, feeling the ground beneath your feet and allowing yourself to notice the sounds, sights and smells that you normally would miss. Begin your practice here, gently. And while you notice all of these sensory cues, you will also feel the love exuding from all that surrounds you. This is the true way of being, no judgment, only love.

When you come back into the hustle and bustle of human existence, open yourself only slightly to begin. Wrap yourself in loving protection and move forward gently, slowly, in this part of your growth. Most importantly, do not judge what you feel. Of course, act upon any feelings of strong negativity that you might feel from others and remove yourself from it. But return only love, without judgment. For you know not what is causing that negativity or what the end result might be.

Can you walk in love without judgment? For do you truly know what is best for you or for others? How often have you desired an outcome which did not occur only to be grateful at a later point that it did not happen as you hoped it would. Allow life to unfold without fear in your heart. Be discerning, yes. But do not allow your expectations to cloud the truth of what you are really feeling around you.

Know that you are love and are surrounded by love.
Walk among the Mother when you need a large dose of love and have no other source at the moment.
Trust in yourself and move forward gently.
And begin to see things as they truly are, without judgment.
For all are on the path back to the Source with personal lessons to learn.

This is your lesson for the day.

Common Threads

Are you really alone in this life?
Is it possible to separate yourself from others?
How do you choose to live this lifetime?

There is a common thread that runs between you and all of existence. It is not something you can shake off or disconnect. It is the way of being. You can ignore this connection that you have or you can acknowledge it, bless it and draw from it to help you through your day. The choice is yours.

The knowledge of the entire Universe is available to you. That is not to say that you can accept it in its entirety at one time. The human body is not capable of receiving that amount of information. This knowledge is revealed to you as you move forward on your path. You will not receive the knowledge if you are not ready to receive it. This is a part of your growth.

And although you are all connected, you are all individuals on an individual path with your own lessons to learn. But understand that as you learn your lessons, you are teaching others. You may do the bulk of the work in learning from your experience. But parts of that knowledge filter on down to others with whom you connect. You cannot underestimate the influence you have on others with whom you interact every day.

You, in your Ego, think that no one is watching or listening or caring about what you do or say. When in fact every action, every thought, every word is affecting someone else along the spectrum of connection. You may live alone, you may work alone, but you are never alone and never disconnected from this common thread. Find comfort in that fact. Take responsibility for that fact. You are a piece of the whole and it is not possible to disconnect. Just as one who has chosen to amputate an injured limb continues to feel that missing appendage, so too, with your life. You may not be in the physical presence of others, but that connection remains strong and true.

Consider your vibration to be one string on a universal harp. This, combined with the vibrations of all others, creates the universal song. The waves of this universal song play throughout the entire existence of being. If one string becomes discordant, the others will compensate to continue the song that plays continually throughout existence. There will be a time that you will be able to hear this song, if you have not already done so.

Understand the connection you have and the song that you create every moment of your day. Allow the connection to lift you up when you feel unable to do it yourself. Sit in a quiet space and allow your physical body to sway to the rhythm of your song. It is playing every moment of your day. For you. For all of creation. Allow it to carry you on its waves back to the Source.

You have a part in this. Play it well.

Your Daily Practice

Now is the time for you to begin your daily practice of forgiveness, gratitude and silence. It need not be for more than a moment during the course of your day. But in doing this as part of your day you will find a shift occurs for you. A shift towards peace and freedom. A shift towards clarity. A shift towards strength and knowledge.

Have you noticed how a day of intense emotion leaves you completely exhausted? Have you noticed how the mental replay of mis-deeds done to you or by you removes you from the present? How this keeps you from experiencing the beauty and joy that is present in the now? Have you yet begun to understand how taking that moment to breathe and center yourself fills you with inner strength, making you feel more secure in where you stand right at that moment?

By being aware of your immediate surroundings in present time, you are connecting with the All. The first step in this practice is to begin to dissolve Ego, which holds you in your mind and closes you off from the present. Ego always remembers the past, plans the future and makes comparisons between thee and me.

Allowing oneself to be present in the now removes power from Ego. It allows you to start fresh, as a young sprout, tender and green, opening to the light, vulnerable but with an inner strength that lies deep within its roots. You are that sprout and it is time for you to move towards the light, knowing your inner strength is there to help you stand tall, no matter what. As with that sprout, you have the anchor of strength within and the light above welcoming you to grow. Take a chance. Breathe, trust and allow your inner beauty to unfold.

Begin by pushing through the hard seed casing you have used for protection. With purpose and resolve, move through the darkness as you begin to sprout, moving upward towards the light. It is when you allow the light to shine upon you that you begin to move towards your full potential. Can you find the resolve to allow yourself to be vulnerable in order to grow? Even in that dark loam there are nutrients to feed you, water to sustain you and warmth to embrace you as you find your way.

So too in your life. But you must make the choice to grow towards the light. Use the simple daily practices we offer to you. Approach each day with no memory of the past. Harbor no judgments against others. For if you are growing and changing every day, would that not be the same for others? If you treat others anew each day, will not the old ways of being with each other begin to change?

In your relationships with others you have established a dance to which all parties have learned the steps. But what happens if you change the cadence? Everyone then, must adjust to the new rhythm to continue the dance. But the dance is not the same, because of you. Do you understand that change begins with you? For others cannot respond to you in the same way. Because you have changed how you approach your day.

Start today. Right now. Begin a daily practice of forgiveness towards all, including yourself. Of gratitude for all aspects of your life and the lessons contained within each interaction. Allow yourself just a moment of stillness to gather yourself and feel your strength and connection. Then you can move onward and upward. You have more strength than you know, more power than you realize. Use both to change your life and to change the world.

It is possible.
It is simple.
Just breathe
And live
And love.


For a significant portion of your daily lives you rest your physical bodies in a state of suspended animation. These are the times that your spirit/soul is able to travel in order to bring back knowledge or to help you process things that have happened to you in your waking hours. These are the times when you dream, though many of you are able to dream in your waking states also.

Dreamtime is very important to your continued spiritual growth for the reasons just mentioned. But is there a way that you can better assimilate the knowledge, better process the feelings/experiences that are a part of your dreamtime? There is a way for you to begin down this path, so let us help you through this exercise.

You have heard many theories of how to interpret your dreams. For example, there is the study of the symbols that occur in your dreams. Certain objects are said to mean certain things. You may have been told to put yourself in the position of everyone who is present in your dreams, that each are a part of yourself. Both of these techniques are helpful and certainly worthwhile exploring during your waking hours.

But where do you go and how do you receive this information that comes to you in your dreams? There are times that you travel far and wide, through the veil that is thinning at this time of the physical cycle. And so, you are able to pass into other dimensions, other planes of existence and during those times you may have conversations with ascended masters who are willing and able to help you stay on your path back to the Oneness.

But there are many times when you have only glimpses of that which has transpired during this dreamtime. Or perhaps there are times when it is very difficult for you to wake or rouse yourself. These are the times that you can be certain that you have traveled and though you may not remember clearly, the memory is stored in your subconscious.

It is for this reason that you can retrieve the information of the dream, to re-enact what transpired, if that is what you wish to do. It is your choice as to whether you wish to remember the entire dream or just the knowledge that was given to you through the dream.

In order to do this, sit quietly and breathe. In and out. In and out. Set the intent that you consciously remember the knowledge that was presented to you during your dreamtime. It is not always necessary for you to remember the exact movements/activities in the dream. For sometimes these can be painful memories that you seem to relive during the dreamtime. The important piece is the knowledge or the beginning of the process that a dream might trigger. Prior to your lying down to rest, you might set the intent to consciously remember the knowledge received or if you wish, the dream in which that knowledge was presented. It is all a matter of the intent that you set. Pure intent. Without fear or trepidation. For your Ego has much invested in keeping things exactly as they are in this moment without any forward movement to your conscious return to the Oneness.

After setting your intent, the key is just to allow the knowledge to come to you as you calmly breathe in and out. In and out. No forcing, no expectations. And remember, the knowledge is already there in your subconscious, just requiring some time to filter down into your consciousness. Until it does, trust your intuition, your ‘inner’ knowing. For this taps into the knowledge that is present. Just not yet to your conscious mind.

Be gentle with yourself during these changing times. Dreamtime is very active for many of you right now. This is in preparation for the coming changes to your planet and to the entire Universal being. If you experience ups and downs, know that this is happening to many and that you are not alone in this process. And allow yourself time to rest. To just be. Without the constant bombardment of noise that surrounds you. How can you possibly hear your ‘inner’ voice with all the external din surrounding you?

Trust yourself and your intuition.
Understand that this process is occurring to many across this plane.
And know no fear. Just love.
Remember that is all that truly is. That is what you truly are.

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