Be Still

Vladimir Kush,

And listen.

Listen to the silence.

Go into the void

And find the guidance you seek.

It is always there

If you listen.

Dear One, your connection to the Oneness is strong, stronger than you realize. And the guidance is there for you if you quiet your mind and open your heart to hear it. This human existence fills your life with activity and noise so that many feel lost in the quiet, in the void. We beckon you to remember the magnificence of the stillness of being.

As your spirit/soul begin to expand outward to meet the higher vibrations, you may have the sensation of your physical body becoming smaller and more insignificant. You may begin dreaming of those who passed through your life many years ago. Or remembering incidents which occurred in the past. Memories that are moving up and out, being released to open your heart. To allow your heart the space to be filled with more love and higher vibrations.

These are wondrous times here upon your physical plane. And though all will be affected, many will not notice as the degree of change will vary for each individual. Allow the higher vibrations to fill your being, without fear. For you will never be given more than you are able to handle comfortably. The process is gentle though it may feel foreign to you as many have forgotten their birthplace.

Remember this, Dear One. You were created in love with a spark from the Great Divine. This means that your God, your Source, the Oneness of All lives within you, is a part of you. And so we ask you, if you love your God, if you trust and believe in your God, then why would you not love and believe in yourself, who carries a piece of that Divinity within?

The noise, the chatter around you has inculcated your life and your thoughts. And yet, it is in the stillness that the guidance resides. The synchronicities may come to you during the course of an active day. But it is often in the quiet time that the AHA! moment will flash within you, making the connection, understanding the message given to you.

You were birthed in silence and love. Not as a physical form, but as a spiritual, divine being. The brilliance of your light is an individual hue that belongs only to you as your energetic footprint. Yes, it is possible for every individual created to have a distinct glow and vibrational frequency. A truth your physical mind cannot fathom at this time.

Imagine a kaleidoscope of color and energies moving and swirling around each other, merging as vapors rising. A magnificent dance of love and connection. Joined together, yet separate in being. This is what your physical form prevents you from experiencing. Something entirely natural to you when free from the confines of the solid body which houses your soul and that piece of the Divine.

You are much more than you can imagine. As are others around you greater than what your human senses can detect. It is time for you to begin to acknowledge the divinity in all who stand before you. Begin to acknowledge the energetic bodies of all of creation. And then to remember how energy affects form.

Begin to understand the power of energy in thought and in the spoken word. Practice in manifesting that which you desire as we have shown you. But remember that your presence here is one of service for the collective consciousness, for the All. Individual success is an illusion of a physical mindset. For in truth, all are connected and any energy you transmit, be it loving or fearful will return to you. As All are One.

These are the first steps in the realization of your magnificence. Time spent upon this physical plane is temporary. Your energetic being is infinite in scope and time. The awakening has begun and there are legions of help surrounding you, motivated only by love and desire for you to rise up and accept your own divinity.

Dear One, spend time in stillness and allow the chatter, the outer chaos to settle. Clarity will begin to arise as you become accustomed to a new way of being. In truth, an old way of being, one just not recognized while embodied upon this physical plane.

Be not afraid of the stillness

Be not afraid of the void.

For there is light within the darkness

And you have the power

To bring that light forward

To guide your path

And the path of others.

This is your time to shine.

Dearest One With All of Thee.



In yourself

In the All

In the forward movement

Of the Universe.

In the vision behind this day.

Understand your power

And use it for the highest good.

Dear One, change is upon you. It has been spoken of for many years across many cultures. It shall be wondrous. It shall be healing. You are a part of this change and how you accept it will have great effect on your personal life.

Remember that energy affects form. And in the coming days, much higher energies will be coming to your physical plane. All will feel something, though many will not understand the significance of the shift.

You have been most perfectly placed to absorb and work with these changes to help to increase their impact upon your world. What do you do? Be who you really are, a divine being filled with love to share with all who cross your path. Discard your human pettiness and open your heart to allow your divine light to shine and expand further than you have in the past.

Understand that any of those who choose to make their transition during these times of change will be able to continue their work from higher realms. For these energetic changes cross realms above and beyond this physical plane. All are connected, throughout eternity.

You were entrusted with this task when you chose to embody this physical plane at this time. You have been guided throughout your physical existence and will continue to be guided forward from this moment on.

Energy flows freely throughout and across realms. Trust that you are ready and capable of moving forward in grace. Trust that the vision for universal expansion is pure of heart and is birthed in love. See through your heart, not your physical eyes.

Acknowledge any doubt that comes, but do not open the door to it. For you are beyond that and can rise above that fearful thinking. These will be the times of cooperation across realms and throughout your own world as more of you awaken to your own divinity.

Understand, Dear One, that many energetic beings from other realms are here to help you. Some are embodied in form, though many are without form. But remember the power of energy and set your intent to work with higher vibrations within and around you. You are an energetic being yourself who is embodied in form for this physical existence.

Energy from across the universe is shifting and rising. Again, we say that many who have left their physical form will be helping from higher vibrations. They are still among you, they are still one with you, formless but connected through energetic vibration.

More knowledge of the significance of this change will be shared in the coming days and months. For you will need to raise your own vibration in order to best understand what will be revealed at a later time.

For now, rest your physical body as much as possible. Believe in your own divinity and see the divine in all who cross your path. Hold others in their own light, in strength and courage. See all connected to and guided by their higher selves. Trust that you are also connected and guided every moment of your day.

You are here because much of the work that is required must be done through a physical form. But remember that energy drives form and what you think or say is as powerful as what you do. Trust that all is as it should be and that you have the power, the strength and the guidance to do what you came here to do at this time.

It does not require grand or monumental gestures. Simply being who you are in light, in love; being where you are holding the energies steady as they rise around you. Seeing all around you as the sacred embodiment of the One of All That Is will be enough.

Trust In yourself

In the All

In the forward movement

Of the Universe.

In the vision behind this day.

Understand your power

And use it for the highest good.

Dearest One With All of Thee.

Working With Energy

The energy within your form

Is a powerful tool.

The workings of it

In this physical world

Help to move you forward.

With opportunities for personal growth

As well as universal expansion.

Dear One, if you change your focus from form to energy, you will begin to realize the power at your fingertips. Focusing only on form is tantamount to crawling, while focusing on energy allows you to soar upward and outward.

Form limits you to the illusion of separateness, personal gain or loss and ultimately death. None of this is true. For your true nature is one of energy, which is never destroyed, only transformed. If you can begin to understand the way to work with energy, you will be able to create a different world here upon this physical plane.

Form has been used to allow you rapid progression on your path of self-discovery. For although your true nature is energy and connected to the All That Is, you still have individual traits and goals. Being in form has provided the opportunity to focus on self in a way not possible in an energetic state.

However, the connection with the All has been ever present and it is time for you to better understand the workings of energy. If you are having difficulties imagining energy, reflect upon the wind, the heat of the sun, both of which are forms of energy. Unseen, but whose effects are felt by your physical form.

Each of you has an energetic footprint, for each of you vibrates at an individual frequency. And wherever your form goes, so does your energetic footprint, like a whiff of floral scent. Each of you has experienced being in a room filled with tension or with love. Though you cannot see it, you can feel the energetic footprint present in that physical space.

Energy surrounds you. For all that you see with your physical eyes is emitting energy. This goes outward into the Universe, across realms and beyond. And since energy is not restrained within a physical form, it moves freely and connects with the All.

Yet, even when merging with other energetic beings/vibrations, you still maintain your own individuality. You do not lose yourself although you are connected to the All. Consider individual points of starlight in a sky filled with stars. Each twinkling at its own frequency, yet combined to present a sea of light.

The ebb and flow of this energy between all of creation allows synchronicity to work as a guide for your personal growth. In energetic form, All understand the needs of others because of the connection. This means that any piece of creative energy, from other forms (nature, human) or formless (sound, music) can provide you the guidance on how best to move forward upon your path.

What is necessary for you to do is to pay attention to your surroundings and what they may be saying to you. And this gentle guidance will be done in a way that will best relate to your individual personality. Remember that life here upon this physical plane does not happen TO you. It happens FOR you.

As you begin to realize how energy works, you will be able to create your own world. How is this done? By combining all of your physical senses and focusing on what it is you wish to create. What is a perfect day for you? See it in your mind’s eye. Ask yourself how it smells, feels, looks, tastes and sounds. Focus upon that and then release it.

What is a perfect interaction for you? Before it occurs, imagine a gentle, loving, productive interaction and then release it. The energetic order has been primed and placed and will be delivered as such. Dear One, you have the power to change your world. Accept this power and use it wisely.

For remember that you always have free will to choose a path. And each path has a consequence with an opportunity to learn. There is no right or wrong, no judgment for which path is chosen. Though some choices will provide greater challenges than others. You have the power to choose and to create your world.

Begin to see your world as a sea of energy ready to be transformed by you into a world of higher or lower vibration. As the masses continue their awakening it will become easier to join in raising the vibrations of this physical plane. This awakening has been spoken of throughout your earthly existence.

Open yourself to the power

Of your energetic form.

Use that power to raise

This physical plane

Above and beyond its current state.

You are co-creator with the Source.

You are one with all of creation.

You are One With All of Thee.


photo credit: macro-frogs-wil-mijer-3

photo credit: macro-frogs-wil-mijer-3

Stop for a moment

Close your eyes

Focus on your breathing

And listen

What do you hear, Dear One? Can you hear the inchworm moving along its path? Can you hear the hum of the radiant light of the moon? Can you hear the celestial tone of the Universe sounding out its call to you? And how do you listen; with your human ears or with your heart?

Dear one, the sounds you hear are different depending on which part of your being is being used to listen. The din of human existence has its own sounds, many of which you filter out automatically because they are too distracting for you. And yet if you are quiet and focus in on the quiet of nature, there are many sounds, almost imperceptible, that rise up to your awareness.

If you listen with your heart, you may hear sounds you never knew existed, much less perceptible to you in this human state. But we have told you before that the veil between worlds has thinned and with that your awareness has become more keen.  It is now possible for many more of you to walk with a foot in both worlds and doing this might be confusing for you.

For this reason, we encourage you to rest more often as you acclimate to a new, higher vibration here upon this plane. You may notice things, hear things, see things, you have never noticed before. They have always been there, but unobserved by you. The beauty of this physical world shall begin to be more vibrant for you. And for some of you, the sights and sounds of other realms may come into your awareness.

Be not concerned should this begin to happen to you. For some, it may be so subtle you will not realize the change. For others, it may be more dramatic. But for all of you, what this means is that you are growing, you are re-connecting and that is a cause for celebration. For you, Dear One, are a part of the change. You, Dear One, are coming into your own power and with that power, that newly realized awareness, you Dear One, will help change the world.

Never feel that you are without power. Have we not told you that you can create your world? Anything is possible for you as you move through this human existence. You came here with a specific lesson you wished to learn. And as the vibrational energies begin to rise, more and more of you will begin to remember. Perhaps not consciously. But your life may feel different in some way, perhaps in how you perceive it. Stop for a moment, take a breath and just listen; to the sound of your heart beating, to the silent stillness within, or to the music floating through your mind.

Life here upon this plane is changing as you continue to change and grow.

Your inner light is shining brighter than ever.

Your awareness has changed in some subtle way.

Know that all is well.

Know that all is unfolding exactly as it should be.

Know that we are here by your side to help you however we can when you call upon us.

Know, Dear One, that you are the vessel for change, here in this physical world and in the Universe.

And know, always know, that you are loved, beyond measure.



Genesis_II by john stephens

Genesis_II by john stephens

The time is now

To open your heart

And reconnect with your higher self

Dear One, the veil is thinning, the vibrational energies of this physical plane are increasing. For these reasons, it is time to take the next step and begin to reconnect with your higher self. This is that part of you that remained behind and did not embody into your physical frame. By doing this, it remained behind to be a guiding presence to you as you lived your experiential life here upon this plane.

Realize that you are part of the whole. Consider a lake with all of its inlets and bays coming out from the main body of water. All connected, all part of the whole. Some parts flow into areas further away yet there is always that connection with the main source of water. There may be no distinct pattern, no commonality, yet all inlets and bays remain in touch with the source.

As too, with you, the adventurous one, who chose to branch out and explore what new parts of yourself are waiting just beyond, a little further away than you are accustomed to being. The landscape is different, but still you remain part of the main source. And for each of you, there is a gentle breeze coming to allow you to flow, to move towards the direction you need to go.

Dear One, follow your heart. Hear that gentle, quiet voice within that guides you down your path. Your higher self knows what you came here to learn. If you have strayed, it will gently guide you back on course. If you are continuing on target, it will send encouragement and help to keep you moving forward. But always, always, you have free will to change your mind, to refuse to listen, to go in a completely different direction than originally planned.

For this, there is no judgment, no punishment. It is well understood how difficult it is here upon this plane to keep the connection strong with that part of you left behind on the other side of the veil. This is partially why there is so much strife and suffering here upon this plane. But because enough of you have worked diligently to move forward, the higher energetic vibration created is allowing more to reconnect in a way that is beneficial to them, to the All, to the entire existence of being.

Dear One, the time is now. It has never been easier for those of us here on the other side of the veil to reach out to you in order to help you. Allow us to do that for you. Offer your hand up to us. Invite us into your life and know, truly know, that you are ever under a watchful eye, in a loving embrace. Not for the purpose of judging your progress. But to assist in any way possible without affecting your power to make your own choices in which direction to take.

Open your heart today. Allow the loving essence of who you truly are to fill your physical frame. At this time it is easier for this to occur. You have become more accustomed to the higher vibration without even being aware of it. Through the work of others on both sides of the veil, this turning point has been reached.

Dear one, there is much joy for the possibilities that now lay at your feet.


Be still and listen to that gentle voice within.

Trust your intuition as we guide thee.

And never, never think you are incapable of change.

For you are going through change at this very moment.

Gently, quietly, and lovingly.

Open your heart, Dear One.

And reconnect with the All.

For indeed, you are

One With All of Thee.

Create Your World

You have the power

You have the knowledge

To create the world you desire

Dear One, dispel the false believe in limitations you have been taught.  For you are connected to the Source and this connection is very strong. Your ability to create comes from this connection. And whether or not you realize it, you create your world every day.

Can you accept this power that you have and really focus on how you use it in your daily life? Review your day and what you have created. Did you worry before an interaction that it would be difficult? Or did you truly believe that all would go smoothly? Did you focus only on the mistakes you felt you made? Or did you honor the effort, the inspiration that contributed to your actions? Did you approach your day with joy for the wonderful possibilities? Or did you trod forward with fear and dread?

We cannot emphasize this enough. You are a source of light and creative energy. And your thoughts are a powerful stimulus as to how your world will unfold.  Can you trust yourself enough to come from your heart, that vessel of love, rather than your mind, which is so affected by ego?

Be discerning, of course, but review your day, your interactions from a loving perspective instead of a judgmental perspective. Yes, thy wounded self will contribute to the conversation. And when it speaks with old fears still attached, wrap that wounded self in a loving embrace. Encourage that wounded self to take a small step forward. Remind that wounded self how strong, how powerful it really is.

Each moment comes with endless possibilities to experience and share love. Still acknowledge and honor those feelings created by insecurities or disappointments. But can you release them, not allowing them to stay and still color your world long after they have served their purpose?

Your emotional body is a part of you and necessary in order for you to have a complete human experience. And each of you contributes to the collective consciousness as you navigate through the highs and lows of your lives. But you are capable of rising above that emotional body into a higher vibration which will help you to see your world from a different perspective. One of peace, joy, love and compassion.

You are the courageous ones, the adventurous souls, who were eager to experience an embodied life with all the possibilities of creation in this physical form. And many have forgotten from where they came and the power they hold within.

It is time to reawaken to your individual and collective strengths. It is time to join with like-minded souls who can help you co-create a world of love and compassion. You do not realize the power of joining others with the purpose of raising the vibration of this plane.

Critical mass has already been reached in those focusing on this.  Know that this is already happening in your world. And if you cannot yet allow yourself to join in this co-creation, allow for the possibility that it is occurring at this moment.

Dear One, we honor you for being present upon this plane at this wondrous time.  For indeed, it is a time spoken of for many of your years and beyond. You are a part of this transition.

Know how much your very existence has helped move this physical plane forward, and as a result, all of existence. For all are connected.

Be of joy.

You are a wondrous, powerful being of light.

And you have our gratitude for your courage and your resolve.

You ARE One With All of Thee.

What of Love?

How do you love?

With your body? With your mind?

With your heart?

Dear one, there are many ways to love here upon this physical plane. There is the physical love shared between those in partnership. There is the sensuous love, of music, of taste, of beauty that surrounds you. There is intellectual love; just the idea of a situation can bring a smile to your face. These are all forms of love experienced within the physical world.

There is also the love that comes from your heart; the love that transcends dimensions and realms. This is the love of All That Is. The love that is unconditional, for it is unbiased, unshaken, and a part of who you really are. This is the love of which we speak today, for it exists within every soul, every part of creation. This love is the purest form, with the highest vibration of all the forms mentioned.

That is not to say that these other forms of love are not worthwhile, for they are indeed a part of the human existence. They are some of the many gifts given to you here upon this physical plane. So please do not discount them as unnecessary or unneeded. They can be both.

Unconditional love is the love that connects you to the All and to every source of life here upon this plane and beyond. Unconditional love is a part of your make-up and what you feel when you sit to meditate or pray. It is never-ending, unlimited and of a much higher vibration. The more you become accustomed to this way of being, the higher the vibration of this kind of love will be for you.

For this is what you strive for, every one of you. There is a remembrance within each and every one of you of being surrounded by this love at another time, a time prior to this incarnation.

As the energetic vibration of this plane continues to rise, more of you will yearn to be held and surrounded by this unconditional love. For it is the purest kind of love. It is the love that comes from the Source. It is the love that created you and flows to you through your connection to the All.

As you continue to awaken, you will become more aware of this love in your life. You will begin to realize that this Universal Love permeates all of creation. You will understand that this type of love fulfills you in a way that no other kind of love can.

You are a complex being, Dear one, with a foot in both worlds; the physical and the non-physical. You have been this way all of your existence in this incarnation. But many are just becoming aware of this duality as they begin their awakening.

Do not judge this physical life and all of its nuances. There is a purpose in your existence here upon this physical plane. But as you awaken more, you will begin to distinguish spiritual reality from physical illusion.

Enjoy and embrace all forms of love available to you. But do not confuse these physical forms of love with the unconditional love that is the very makeup of all of creation. When we say that ‘all is love’, we are talking about this unconditional love which surrounds you and fills your very being.

You are one with the Source. You have been given the opportunity to experience many forms of love here upon this physical plane. But remember who you really are and how you are loved by the Source. Any love that has conditions attached to it is a love experienced only upon this physical plane. Do not confuse that with Universal Love.

Be at peace with who you are. These physical types of love may come and go in your life.

But remember that you are always loved unconditionally.

It surrounds your very being.


Excess or Simplicity?

There seems to be a tendency for those in a physical existence to gather and collect things. We are not here to judge that practice but to guide you in your choices. Why do you want that object in your presence and how does it serve you? What is the energetic vibration that is being emitted from that object and is it positive or negative? And how does it affect the energy flow in the area where it has been placed? Does it enhance the flow or does it hinder it?

Remember that all things are composed of energy…all things. They give off vibrations that reflect their composition and their placement in this physical world. And though energy is not necessarily good or bad, different objects can have a positive or negative effect on you. It all depends on how your energies mesh, if they compliment or detract from each other. Does this object bring you joy and raise your energies, does it deplete your energy as you use it or are around it, or is it’s effect on you completely neutral?

Why were you drawn to this object? Was it Ego that encouraged you to obtain it or does it help you to move forward on your path back to the light? We encourage you to reflect upon these questions when there is something that draws you to it. Will it clutter your life or will it enhance the flow of energy within your immediate space?

Remember that your environment affects you on many levels. In the physical world you think mostly of comfort, but there are many ways your surroundings can add or detract to your energetic field, to your level of stamina, to your emotional states.

Now is a time for cleansing yourself of things in your surroundings that no longer feed you. They may be objects that once were of sentimental value that no longer hold that energy. And you have become so accustomed to their presence in your life that you have not considered how they no longer add to your joy, no longer raise your energies. If that is the case, then it is time to remove them from your physical environment.

We want to impress upon you how much your immediate environment affects you. Again, it is the give and take of energies. What was your emotional state when you acquired that object and does it still hold that energetic influence upon you? And if you find there are objects to remove from your presence, do so. Now is the time. You may do a ceremony if necessary, to thank them for how they have helped you in the past. Or, by using your inner strength, to tell them that they have not served you and it is time to go.

Remember that you all vibrate at different frequencies and those frequencies change as you move down your spiritual paths. What no longer serves you may be a perfect object for someone else. Be more aware of your energetic environments and how the energy flows (or doesn’t flow) within your immediate surroundings. Do an energetic cleaning, replacing the old with a more positive vibration for you, or with nothing at all and allow the energies to flow unhindered.

You are at a place now where you can be more a-tuned to the unseen effects of your environment. Begin to use these ‘sixth’ senses that are awakening within you. Trust your feelings, trust yourselves. Gently change the flow of energies around you and see how it affects you. For it will.

Take off the blinders and begin to feel. Remove the chains and learn how to dance in the flow of energies around you. Open your hearts and feel the joy in the positive movement of energies surrounding you.

It will make you laugh.

It will make you smile.

It will fill you with complete and utter joy!