Who are Your Messengers?

Do you hear the call?
Do you understand the message?
Are you open and receptive to receive the message?

To each and every one of you, there are messages given every day. You have guidance coming to you from your environment as you move throughout your day. But have you removed the blinders of fear and disbelief so that you are able to hear these messages?

If you are connected to the All, then you are receiving signals from the other parts of you every moment of your being. Does that seem impossible to you? Then consider the make-up of your physical body. Are you not constantly receiving cues from parts of your physical vessel throughout your day? The hunger pangs that ask for nourishment. The pain that warns of danger. The shivering that reminds you to add more clothing or warmth. Every cell of your physical vessel gives you feedback so that you can best tend this vessel.

So too, in your connection to the All. If, as we say, you are but one cell in a collective consciousness, why would not the same conditions apply? Why would you not receive gentle reminders of what to do next to maintain the health and the growth of the combined consciousness? Once you can allow yourself to accept this concept, then you will be able to move forward and be open to the messages you receive.

How can we best convey to you the Oneness of All; the guidance you receive, when many are still unable to hear the messages from your physical vessel? Unaware that what you eat may not be nourishing. Or pushing yourself to the point of exhaustion. How can we show you what you are missing every moment of your being?

The best way is for you to shut down your mind, to allow yourself to feel. Do not eat because it is the time of day you always eat. Take on nourishment when you receive the cues from your body. Do not force yourself to move forward when you need rest. There is a delicate balance here, for many of you require pushing yourself a little harder than is necessary to move forward.

The key to living your life, physical and universal, is to become more aware of all that is going on around and within you. Not in an obsessive way, but in a gentle way. Close down your mind and just feel, see, hear. Begin to observe the ebb and flow of your life. Take quiet time to allow the input you have collected, much of it unconsciously, to settle into your consciousness. And once you begin this practice, the beauty, the nurturing, the connections all around you will begin to appear as if by magic. They have always been there, but you have blinded yourself to this world around and within you.

Live your life. The mind in which you exist is much too small a place to be. It is a prison cell for your very being. Open the door and allow yourself the freedom of being present in a wondrous existence of love and possibilities. Do not miss this chance to grow, to sing, to be of joy. And when you do this, the messages that have been knocking at that prison cell door will begin to come into your life.

This is the beginning of your new way of being. With awareness of your connection to the All. Do not in your Ego believe that all messages come from one individual Source. For that Source is present in every element of your life. See its diversity of being within and around you.

And allow yourself to grow.

8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mochateaoh
    Nov 29, 2013 @ 18:38:12

    Just to let you know I visit your blog from time to time. It’s always enjoyable, filled with good thoughts and insightful ideas. Thank you!


  2. artourway
    Nov 29, 2013 @ 18:52:14



    • the_tovarysh_connection
      Nov 29, 2013 @ 18:57:28

      One of my favorite Rumi passages is ‘conscious decisions and personal memories are much too small a place to live’. Indeed the mind is a prison cell. Thank you so much for visiting and commenting


  3. artourway
    Dec 02, 2013 @ 22:33:48

    Never having studied Rumi, this seems very pleasant. Thoughts come to me while sleeping . . not dreams. They wake me up early in the mornings. Memories are so vivid, can recall them easily. New ideas are constantly flowing into my mind. Really have enjoyed reading your inspirational messages. Thank you so much


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