Why do you hold back?

You have much to offer.
Your presence makes a difference.
Others need your light and your love.

Do not deny the brilliance that emanates from within you. Do not say you are not worthy. Do not compare yourself to others. For you are all one. When a part of your physical body aches or is injured, another part of your body works harder to move the vessel forward.

So too, in the realm of the All. Fill the void that is present in the lives of others as you allow your light to shine. In doing so, you help the All to move forward as a whole. In return, during those times when you ache or doubt, allow the light of others to hold you up and carry you forth until you are back in sync with your internal glow. This is the way of being, not only here upon this physical plane, but within the entire Universe. All are connected.

Have you watched a massive flock of birds in flight, dancing in synchrony to the rhythm of a sound you cannot hear? Why do they not fly into one another and fall to the ground? How do they know which way to turn, connected as if by an invisible thread? They are indeed connected and do not have the struggles of the Ego, the mind, to dissuade them from realizing their connection to the All.

So too, there is a rhythm for you to follow. To dance and move forward with the same grace as these birds in flight. You are all connected. You are all One. How would it be on this physical plane if you all moved in synchrony just as these birds? It is possible. It is actually a way of being to which you are accustomed. But here in these physical bodies, which give the illusion of separateness, you have forgotten the ebb and flow of the entirety of being. You have forgotten your place in the group consciousness.

Now is the time for you to open your heart and strengthen that connection to the All. What do you have to lose? Ego will speak up when you ask, but listen not to Ego. Listen to your heart. That yearning within that you feel is your heart seeking a re-connection with the All.

Can you take that leap of faith and allow yourself to believe that you are not alone? To know that it is impossible for you to be alone? For you are but one cell in a body of light and love which traverses the entirety of being. And your presence, your action, your acceptance is needed to move that being forward. It is not a matter of IF you will remember who you are. It is only a matter of WHEN.

The masses are growing and this missive is but one of many that are being sent out to all of you across your world. Different lands, different voices, different words. But all with the same message.

Answer the call of your heart. Answer the call of your being. Allow your inner light to shine and see how your life changes. Notice the synchronous moments in your life. Feel the love exuding from all living beings. Mother Earth is pulsing with love. She is moving. She is growing and your help is needed to make the coming transitions as gentle as possible.

Laugh, dance, love. Share the joy that fills your being. For there are those who need to be reminded at this time. Do not hold back, for you are an integral part of the collective All.

We know who you truly are.
It is time for you to know it also.

Be of One.
Be of Light.
Be of Joy.
Be of Love.

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