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Which do you fear most?

The experience

Or the outcome?

Dear One, so much fear permeates your life because you do not understand the power that you hold within. You do not see how much you have grown, how much you have changed. You do not understand how your expectations create your immediate world.

When you are considering a new step forward in your life, be it something entirely new to you or something that you have done before in your life, what it is that you fear most? What is it that is preventing you from moving forward with grace and with joy?

Are you worried about how the experience will unfold? Do you have memories of a similar situation in your past that perhaps was unpleasant or difficult? And if so, are you expecting the situation to unfold in exactly the same manner? Does this fill you with dread or with fear?

Have you considered that you have grown since the previous occurrence? Have you considered that others involved may also have changed their ways? Have you forgotten that you now carry more tools in your pocket to move forward with more grace, with more love? Do you not understand that it is within your power to change the interactions by acting with love instead of fear?

Nothing remains static. For remember you are a part of a web of connection that is constantly shifting, growing, and expanding. For those of you who keep a journal, all that is needed is to look back on earlier entries to discover how your way of seeing the world, your life, has changed.

Dear One, remember how powerful your thoughts are and how your expectations create your world. If you anticipate that something will be difficult, the Universe will provide exactly that. But if you approach any situation with love and faith that all will go well, then that is what you shall experience.

And what of outcome? Do you hesitate to make a move forward because you fear the outcome will not be that which you seek? Have you forgotten how limiting the human mind is when considering possibilities and opportunities?

Understand, Dear One, that you see your life from a limited perspective. The human condition does not allow you to look upon your world from a higher viewpoint. Your human mind cannot fathom the infinite possibilities, the intricacies of the web of connection and the positive aspect of every interaction that you have.

Can you allow more faith into your life, into your heart? As we have stated before, every interaction is a move forward, a learning experience, for everyone involved in that interaction. This is the way of your world. It is experiential.

If you can allow yourself to take that step forward with pure intent in your heart; trusting that life will unfold exactly as it should; if you can move forward in love, any fear will be overcome with grace. If you can move forward in love, oh, how your life will change. Oh, how the world will change.

Love, trust and walk with pure intent and with grace.

Remember that you create your world by how you see it through your eyes.

Remember that there are larger forces at work that are supported by your love.

Do not fear.

Do not hesitate.

Know the power of you, the power of One With All of Thee.

And be of joy.

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  1. Mary Strong-Spaid
    Nov 29, 2015 @ 00:12:43

    Thank you!


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