There is a brilliant light descending upon you this day

It comes as raindrops of brilliant colors

Filled with love and joy.

Allow yourself to be covered in this essence of love and light.

Dear One, within you is a spectrum of brilliant light of colors not detectable by the human eye. This is your true nature and it yearns to show itself to you and to the world. In order to help with this, the heavens are showering you at this very moment with more of that light. What fills you within now blankets your frame, a loving brilliant light.

This light is composed of love. The frequency at which it vibrates is the frequency of love. Can you feel it within you now? Can you feel the droplets of love, of joy, gently caressing your skin at this very moment? Look up. Can you see the shower of descending light covering your planet as a blanket of snow? Gently, quietly, completely.

See this miracle of love in your mind’s eye, for your human senses will not be able to detect this transformation occurring at this time. We have told you before that you now have a foot in both worlds. It is time for you to acknowledge this other level of existence and to venture out once again to this realm which is more like home to you than this earthly plane.

Call upon us to hold your hand as you begin this journey of remembrance. For there will be moments of recognition which will fill you with such joy, you will be unable to speak of its wondrous effect upon you.

This world which you see, hear, smell, touch, taste with your physical senses is only an illusion. You have spent much time here living within its confinements, learning the lessons required to bring you to the place where you stand right now.

But in order to move forward from this point on, it will be helpful for you to begin to work in both worlds; to accept the existence of a loving, joyful realm which surrounds you now. Dear One, future lessons require more of you to understand the power that resides within you. The power of love.

Much of the darkness that has permeated this physical plane has been brought into the light. This is in order for you to see what has been existing just underneath the surface within the hearts of many. In order to transmute this darkness into light, all of you who are awakening are being asked to send love and only love.

Can you have faith in yourself and in the power of love? Can you sit in silence and feel the love that surrounds you at all times? Can you quietly send love to all who cross your path; to all who fill your mind with worry or fear; to all who are wounded and unable to do it themselves?

Open your third eye and allow yourself to see the true reality of your existence. Call upon us to guide you through this process. Reach out to others who have already begun to traverse this plane with love and joy. Allow the walls of fear to crack and fall by sending out beacons of love with your every thought and breath.

Your hearts beat as one with all of existence, with the Mother, with the Source of All That Is.  Focus on joining the cadence of this heartbeat of love and gentleness. See the beauty surrounding you. Know that underneath the layer of darkness is a brilliant light yearning to emerge. Now is the time to act in love.

Dear One, you are walking in a field of light.See it around you, feel it within you and share it will all who cross your path.Transcend this physical plane and allow us to show you who you truly are.

A being of light and love.


Illusions Created in Fear


Can you live a life of love?

Free from the illusions your mind has created?

Ego driven worries and doubts

All are illusions created in fear.

Dear One, you are a being of love. You were created in love. You are surrounded by love. You are able to emanate love with your every breath and change your world. Why then, do you continue to allow the illusions created in fear to paralyze your forward movement?

Close your eyes, breathe deeply and settle into your body. Call for the loving beings who are with you always to show you the love that they feel for you. And then wait. Breathe and allow your breath to be your guide, your comforting caress. As you follow your breath in and out, feel the love gently caress you from within. Feel the love cushion that surrounds you and drink it all in.

This is real. There is more love present in your life than your physical body can handle. It is not equipped to hold all of the Universal love which spirals around you, lifting you up in vibration, in spirit and in support. You, Dear One, have this loving embrace around you at all times.

The reason you are not aware of it is because you are not coming from your heart in your daily actions. You stay within your mind and allow Ego to create illusions of unworthiness, fragility, weakness and judgment. “How can I possibly do this,” you ask, “when I am so weak, lacking the skills, the courage, the knowledge?

This, Dear One, is your Ego speaking to you, controlling your actions with illusions created by fear. You have the strength, the knowledge, the courage, with a connection to the All that surpasses anything you might imagine. For you do not yet know of the greatness that lies within you.

Words cannot truly express the depth of love that surrounds you. And so, when you feel unsure of yourself allow our song to spring from your lips. Begin to hum, to sing the notes that come from deep within your heart. For these notes comprise the love song we sing to you each and every day.

Shine your brilliant inner light upon those illusions created in fear and watch them vanish in a swirling mist, moving away from your radiance. Dear One, there is only love. This Universe was created in love. Any darkness you see or feel is just an overshadowing of this love by illusions created by your Ego.

Can you begin today to allow yourself to feel the love, to walk surrounded by love, and to share this love with all who cross your path? There is no limit to this love. For any illusion which paralyzes you from forward movement, send it love and see how quickly it becomes weak and loses its power over you.

You have the ability to change your life, one step at a time….with love. Accept this gift of who you truly are from the loving beings who support you every step of the way. Shut off that mind and come from your heart and see how much easier it is to take that next step.

Accept your true nature. Stop and feel the warm embrace of love. And share it with all who cross your path. Break down the walls created by illusion, by fear. For love is stronger, much stronger. It has the power of the Universal Source behind it, how can it fail?

When you feel unsteady, stop, breathe and allow your heart song to spill from your lips.

Your heart will swell with love and so will your life.

Reclaim your power, the power of love.

Dissolve those illusions with love and move forward with grace and joy.

This is your true path, Dear One With All of Thee.



Peaceful Sea

How do you nurture yourself?

Do you give yourself time to just be?

Or are you in constant motion

Trying to control your world?

Dear One, it is important for you to self-nurture on a regular basis. Your perceived world can feel overwhelming, we understand, but in order to move forward, time must be made for YOU.

There is always enough time. This is a truth that you have not yet accepted. Your perceived priorities can always be altered. And perhaps it is time for you to review those priorities in your own life.

You have a penchant for putting others first, feeling that time for others is much more important than time for you. Can you begin to make adjustments to this way of living to include some quiet time in your day just for thee?

The truth is that this time of inactivity allows you to better connect with your higher self; that part of you who is free from worry, free from fear and free from self-judgment. The cycle that you are in at this time can be broken. But it begins with times of stillness.

Once you begin this practice, the worry about priorities, the fear of lack, the self-judgment of not doing enough will abate. But first, this new cycle of time for thee is necessary to start this process of stronger connection.

As you move forward in this new practice, you will begin to realize that what you previously perceived as a great priority is not that important. You will begin to calm that active mind of yours to a mere idle rather than a chaotic burst of thoughts and worries. You will begin to understand that the fear you project out into your personal world is self-created and may be dissolved by changing your perceptions.

Dear One, can you give this gift to yourself and to the world? Will a few minutes of stillness in your day cause the world to break into pieces? Can you not direct some of that loving energy back towards yourself so that you can move forward in grace and confidence that all is well?

Begin today. Close your eyes and focus on your breath for just a few minutes. Reconnect with the greatness within you. For it is there, we can see it in all of its glory. It is time for you to see it yourself. It is time for you to understand that you are never alone. The connection is always there with the All.

You, Dear One, deserve this time of stillness.

You, Dear One, require this time to replenish your energy.

You, Dear One, shall move through your life with a lighter step as you strengthen that connection daily.

Change your world by first caring for yourself.

Your day can wait for a few moments as you center yourself and breathe.

It will still be there after you return and open your eyes, refreshed and stronger in knowing that you are part of something much larger than yourself.

Pause for just a moment.

And feel the joy, the peace, the love within you.

It has never left you.

But has been patiently awaiting your return.

Dear One with All of Thee.


What if………?

water ripples.david parker

Water Ripples by David Parker @

What if….

You could change your world

You could live in peace

You could share joy with all who cross your path?

The truth is… can.

Dear One, now is the time to use your power and create a world of love and joy. This is something that you have always been able to do. But now, that the veil has thinned, it is even more possible for you to create your world.

This world in which you live was designed to allow you the capacity to live it as you choose. Your choice could be lessons that are gentle or to accept and send out fear into your world. You still have not grasped the power of your thoughts, your perceptions, even though your science is now telling you how much of what you see is an illusion of your brain.

Dear One, can you stand tall? Can you be certain enough of your connection to the power of creation? Can you choose love and joy and send that out into your immediate world? Do you not understand that it begins with you?

Say not that you have no power, no influence, no choice, for indeed you have all of these traits. When someone attempts to encase you in fear, counter that with love. We do not say to bury your head in the sand and ignore what is happening in your world. We are asking you to accept that change begins with you.

No effort is too small, too insignificant to make a difference. You have seen how a small pebble thrown into a pond sends out concentric rings to the very edges of that pond. You are that small pebble with the capacity to send out loving kindness, loving thoughts, loving actions that ripple across your world and beyond. Indeed it does begin with you.

Consider the web of connection and what you choose to send out during your day. And if you need help or support, ask for it to be sent to you and you shall receive it even before the words cross your lips.

Do not accept the world that is presented to you if that is not the world you wish to see. Do not immerse yourself in the negativity that flows across your airwaves. Be aware, absolutely. But for those less practiced in meditation, seeing the negativity so constantly presented to you may be difficult to handle.

As best you can, remove yourself from situations that elicit fear. Instead surround yourself with people who exhibit love and kindness. For in reality, more love exists in your world than fear.

Open your heart to love.

Judge not others who see the world differently than you.

Send instead loving thoughts, speak gently and offer acts of kindness.

Counter fear with love.

And if you need help, call upon us and we will show you how.

We will lead you to those who already walk in love and light.

You can do this.

Your love is more powerful than fear.

You can change your world, one pebble at a time.

For you were created in love.

One with All of Thee.


mary quite contrary



Will you help?


Today I’m writing not as scribe, but in my own voice because I wanted to address the recent events in the world. A friend recently told me that though it was nice to read such optimism in my posts, it was difficult to reconcile such overly positive remarks in such a time of despair. And I wondered if there were others who felt the same way.

The writings I usually post are divinely inspired, given to me from those who guide me from a higher realm. I have been receiving these messages for over 25 years and they have ALWAYS been positive, loving and gentle. They are not filtered through the channels of human emotion, which would certainly change the tone of the message.

I cherish this gift of mine even though it has its drawbacks. One of which is that I am very sensitive to what is happening around me and in the world. And these recent events make my heart weep for I can feel the fear permeating the world at this time. I know I am not alone in this for there are many other empaths out there who feel as deeply, as strongly as I do.

But the other side of this gift, the one that gives me hope and comfort, is the higher perspective of our world shown to me in my meditations. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you have heard this perspective mentioned time and time again. Light and love trump fear. We are powerful beyond measure. Compassion, gratitude and abundance are the stepping stones on the forward path.

We are at a turning point here upon this plane. There is more and more light coming in, coming down, however you wish to view it. And because of that light, because of those changes, more of what lurks in the darkness is being revealed.

For those of you who are older, you know that genocide and brutality have been present in the world for years. The existence of the Internet has made the world smaller and more accessible, increasing our awareness of the anger and hatred in the hearts of many. These acts no longer seem so far away and recently have been occurring in our own back yards.

 So what can we do from a spiritual perspective?

See these as acts of desperation at a time of increasing energetic vibration in the world. Yes, there have been many victims and my heart goes out to them and their families. But there has also been much strength and courage and fellowship shown as a result.

Send love out into the world. Remember the web of connection so often mentioned in this blog. The very fact that you are sending positive energy out, not only to the victims, but also to the perpetrators, makes a tremendous difference. You have heard of the power of prayer, of the joining of hearts to make a positive difference in the world. It has happened before, it can be done again. Do it on a daily basis, do it with every breath that you take, sending out love.

Look to Mother Earth as an example. Every seedling must push through the darkness as it rises towards the light. Mother Earth is in a growth stage of major proportions at this time. We have the power to nurture that seedling, to encourage it to move higher, grow stronger towards the light. But remember too, much of what exists in that dark earth helps create the strength and growth in that seedling.

Help me and others in holding the world above the fear that is seeping into our news, our minds, our lives. You have the power to do this.

The power of love.





Shine light upon the darkness

See it in its nakedness

Limp and full of weakness

No match for the loving light within your heart

Dear One, do not allow fear to creep within your heart. For the love which embodies you is much stronger than any darkness that attempts to control you. Light always overcomes shadow. Does not the warmth of the sun encourage you to remove the layers of cover and show your true self to the world?

You are beings of light, created in love, each and every one of you. It is your choice to decide which path you shall take on this physical journey. Will you choose to walk in love, accepting your inner light and sharing it will all who cross your path? Or will you choose darkness, encasing your heart in fear in attempts to control others; sharing that fear as you move forward on your path?

The choice is yours. But remember that love is your true nature and those who live in fear have not accepted their true nature. They have not seen that there is abundance everywhere. They do not understand the joy, the true lightness of being created by the loving connection encircling their hearts and their lives.

Dear One, choose light. Choose love. And when fear begins to draw near, surround it in love. Surround it in light and reveal its nakedness, its lack of power, its true weakness. For Dear One, fear has power over you only if you give it your power. You are a part of a streaming light from the Divine. Accept that truth.

By shining your light, by sharing the warmth of your love, you may begin to crack open the hard shell of fear which hides in the shadows, in the darkness. By shining your light, you are increasing the vibrational energies within and around you. By shining your light, you are dipping into the never-ending reservoir of love within and around you.

Dear One, be not afraid of those who seek to take your power through fear. For true power lies in love. Accept the love of the Universe. Allow that love to flow within you and through you. Call upon us when you feel you need the support of our strength; though in truth, that strength already lies within you.

Be at peace with who you are, a being of light and love.

Walk free from fear, free from worry, free from self-doubt and judgment.

Live with grace and love in your heart.

And understand that help is just a prayer away.

Join the light, send out love and live with peace in your heart.

You are a part of the Divine as is all of creation.

You are One with All of Thee.

Release and Let Go

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Let go of that which does not serve you

Open the window

Allow it to take flight

Untethered from your grasp.

Dear One, there is much in your life that no longer serves you. And yet you continue to hold it tightly to your breast, from habit, from desire, from unconscious attachment. Now is the time to reassess your life and what needs to be released in order for you to move forward.

You continue to grow every moment of your day, with each breath that you take. And there are many dreams, expectations and ways of thinking which will not help you on your chosen path. It may not be the actual dream but the way in which you perceive it.

Can you release all attachment and let it go? Can you set it free with love and compassion? Can you trust that perhaps your vision has changed and the way you see things no longer includes this old way of thinking?

This does not mean that what you wished for so deeply is not still possible. But perhaps you have been too limited in your vision of how it might occur. Perhaps the outcome you hoped for does not consider the growth you have experienced, the possibilities now available to you on this part of your journey.

Dear One, reflect upon how you see your world, in the past and now in the present. Are you trying to change a situation that does not seem to move forward? If so, can you step back, shine light upon it and release it from your hold? By releasing your attention, you allow it to move in the direction it must go, while freeing yourself as well.

Trust the unfolding of your life and understand that in order to continue on your path, there are situations beyond your control which need to be released from your life. Do this with the purest of intent. Do this with love. And see what comes into your life to replace that old way of thinking.

Dear One, the possibilities for your life are much greater than you could ever imagine. Do not limit your growth by remaining in that old way of thinking. Give flight to that which is not working in order to allow the next phase to begin for you. Trust, Dear One. Trust.

There is much joy, much beauty, much love in your life. Do not fail to see it as you contemplate your perceived failures. For in fact those perceived failures are only stepping stones to the next phase of your life. Give gratitude for the experiences that have carried you to this moment in time. Review your life with love and move forward without expectation. Move forward with the knowledge that you are carried in our loving embrace, with each step forward that you take.

You are dearly loved.

You have grown exponentially.

And you have so much further to go.

As your wings unfurl in preparation for your flight.

Be free, Dear One.

Be open and receptive to change.

For it will be more glorious than you ever imagined.