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Today I’m writing not as scribe, but in my own voice because I wanted to address the recent events in the world. A friend recently told me that though it was nice to read such optimism in my posts, it was difficult to reconcile such overly positive remarks in such a time of despair. And I wondered if there were others who felt the same way.

The writings I usually post are divinely inspired, given to me from those who guide me from a higher realm. I have been receiving these messages for over 25 years and they have ALWAYS been positive, loving and gentle. They are not filtered through the channels of human emotion, which would certainly change the tone of the message.

I cherish this gift of mine even though it has its drawbacks. One of which is that I am very sensitive to what is happening around me and in the world. And these recent events make my heart weep for I can feel the fear permeating the world at this time. I know I am not alone in this for there are many other empaths out there who feel as deeply, as strongly as I do.

But the other side of this gift, the one that gives me hope and comfort, is the higher perspective of our world shown to me in my meditations. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you have heard this perspective mentioned time and time again. Light and love trump fear. We are powerful beyond measure. Compassion, gratitude and abundance are the stepping stones on the forward path.

We are at a turning point here upon this plane. There is more and more light coming in, coming down, however you wish to view it. And because of that light, because of those changes, more of what lurks in the darkness is being revealed.

For those of you who are older, you know that genocide and brutality have been present in the world for years. The existence of the Internet has made the world smaller and more accessible, increasing our awareness of the anger and hatred in the hearts of many. These acts no longer seem so far away and recently have been occurring in our own back yards.

 So what can we do from a spiritual perspective?

See these as acts of desperation at a time of increasing energetic vibration in the world. Yes, there have been many victims and my heart goes out to them and their families. But there has also been much strength and courage and fellowship shown as a result.

Send love out into the world. Remember the web of connection so often mentioned in this blog. The very fact that you are sending positive energy out, not only to the victims, but also to the perpetrators, makes a tremendous difference. You have heard of the power of prayer, of the joining of hearts to make a positive difference in the world. It has happened before, it can be done again. Do it on a daily basis, do it with every breath that you take, sending out love.

Look to Mother Earth as an example. Every seedling must push through the darkness as it rises towards the light. Mother Earth is in a growth stage of major proportions at this time. We have the power to nurture that seedling, to encourage it to move higher, grow stronger towards the light. But remember too, much of what exists in that dark earth helps create the strength and growth in that seedling.

Help me and others in holding the world above the fear that is seeping into our news, our minds, our lives. You have the power to do this.

The power of love.




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  1. mochateaoh
    Nov 20, 2015 @ 12:37:11

    Well said, and “what we can do about it” shows your insight. It is especially important to let light dispel the fear and darkness. A recent commentary suggested that when certain states decide to shut out refugees, the radicals have won. They want us to be filled with paranoia. Continue channeling your positive messages and direct our attention to what’s coming rather than dwelling on the darkness. Thanks.


  2. insearchofitall
    Nov 27, 2015 @ 22:56:33

    I agree with you. I’d like more than anything for the violence to stop but it’s gone on since the beginning of man and I doubt it will ever end. But the violence moves man in directions they might not normally go. We are being mixed together more than would have happened otherwise. Wars move men all over the globe. Maybe that’s what this is about. I don’t know but rage and revenge has no place in a world that is in Divine order. I’ll keep working at keeping my vibration high in the face of it and send out love to all.


  3. Shawna Ayoub Ainslie
    Nov 30, 2015 @ 08:06:43

    I believe empathy is divine. These are beautiful suggestions in a difficult time.


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