Be At One

This is your true nature
This is who you really are
One with all of thee.

Dear One, understand that your true nature is at one with all of thee. It is not the separateness that you feel here upon this physical plane. But a joining of spirit and soul, light and love with all that is, across the entire continuum. Can you begin to understand this truth of who you really are?

The time here upon this physical plane is difficult, we know, for those of you who are most accustomed to being free and not confined in a physical body. This is a heaviness which is new to many of you. For your true nature is a more lightness of being, a feeling of being connected to all. Not this illusion of being alone and unloved. For indeed, you are loved beyond measure. You are love incarnate. And we honor Thee for choosing to come here to this physical plane at this time.

You are here at this particular time to help with the transitions that are occurring here. These transitions will affect the entire universal being, not just this physical plane. For again, we tell you, that you are connected to the All. Allow that to sink into your bones, your human bones. For your true nature, your spirit and soul already know this. But this knowledge is shrouded by the physical nature of your being.

At the times when you are able, rest, Dear One. These are the times when you are better able to receive the knowledge needed in order to move forward on your chosen path. These are the quiet times when it is easier for you to re-connect with your Source, your true nature. Give yourself more time to rest, Dear One, for your help is needed at this time.

Worry not, Dear One, for this energy expended in worrying can be used elsewhere, for the highest good. You have not yet realized the power which you hold. But as your life progresses, you will begin to better understand this. For this combined power is needed to move the All forward in the way that is to be.

Dear One, be at peace with who you are. Discard the heavy shroud of worry and judgment. Instead, walk in light and love, with joy in your heart, for that is where your power lies. In your heart. Know that your path is unfolding before you exactly as it should. All is well with thee. Trust that. And worry not. For you are a divine being on a divine path. You are connected, in ways you do not yet understand, to the All. And it is through this connection that you, yes you, can change the world, WILL change the world. It is only a matter of time.

Know the grace of your true nature
Understand your immense power
And as you continue your awakening
Embrace your connection with the All

For truly you are
One With All of Thee

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