Do Not Fear Change

Thy growth depends on change
New connections provide new opportunities
Be thyself in all new connections

Dear One, your world is changing and it is time for you to change with it. The outcomes depend on you and your input into this process. You have the choice to sit back and watch. Or to take a step forward in light and love and contribute to the forward movement that is taking place. This is your choice. What do you choose?

Be not of fear with the new possibilities, the new opportunities that lay before you. Embrace them for what they are, opportunities to help change the world. For you, Dear One, have a part to play in this movement. Do not think that you are insignificant in the changes to come. On the contrary, you are very significant. Your thoughts, your words, your deeds have a large effect on the world and those around you. Do not minimize the power that you have within. And consider the combined efforts of many and what can be accomplished.

Dear One, it is now time for you to take your place in the forward movement of the world, your world. You have been told of the connection of all things and how the actions of one affect another. Can you accept this truth that you can change the world? It begins with your daily actions. Can you begin to walk in light and love, compassion and non-judgment? For your actions speak much louder than anything you say. Can you move forward with pure intent in everything that you do? This is how you change the world.

Welcome change, welcome introductions to new ways of being, welcome new vision. Be not afraid of the unknown for we are here beside you every step of the way forward. It is your path to walk and we ask you to take that step without fear. For there is nothing to fear. Embrace the life you have and understand that you have the power, the strength to change it. Starting in this very moment.

Breathe in love and feel the power within begin to build. Do not give that power away to others to misuse. Instead, keep that power and direct it towards making a positive change in this world. It begins with you and your perception of yourself and others. Know that you are a divine presence as are all the others here upon this plane. The difference is in the level of awakening each of you has reached. That is the only difference between you and the others. Act in love, with pure intent and show others the way. The world is changing, and we ask of you to help make that change one of light and love.

Breathe deeply. Move forward by taking that next step into the unknown with the most wonderful opportunities. See only the love that surrounds you. Share that love with others. And there is nothing that you cannot do.

You are a divine being surrounded by divinity.
Unshroud that divinity and allow the light to shine in all of its glory.
It begins with you, Dear One.


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