What is love?
Do you really understand what it is?
Can you change your perception of it?

Dear One, do you really know what love is? You use this term in such a limited fashion. It is time you begin to realize what this truly is? In truth, the word you use cannot begin to describe the all-encompassing aspects of love.

Consider this. You are made of love. Only love. The entirety of the Universe is made of love, only love. It is not an emotion to be felt, to be given and reclaimed. It is a part of your make-up. It is impossible to withdraw your love from another. It is impossible not to love another. For this is how the Universe works. Your definition of love here upon this plane so limits it. Love is within your every atom, your every breath, your every moment of being. It is all that is.

Here upon this plane you talk of love as a commodity. Something to be traded, something to be turned on and off. But that is not possible. For love, true love, is always present. It is there in every interaction that you have with another. It is there within every fiber of your being. What you call love does not even begin to describe the depth of it, the omnipresence of it across the waves of being.

We will try to explain this further at another time. But for now, right now, begin to consider that love encompasses you. It is present in every interaction, in every particle of being here upon this plane. It fills the space between your photons and electrons, it vibrates in the air around you, it flows within your veins, with every breath that you take.

Do not deny this existence of love. For in order to grow, to evolve into the divine one you already are but cannot yet accept, you must begin to view your life, your world a different way. There is no lack of love here within your world. There is only a lack of perception, in the ability to see it all around you.

This is your true nature. This is who you are. Consider this and as you lay your head upon your pillow this eve, ask for clarity about this. Begin to quietly ask for clarity in the stillness of your life. We hear you as you whisper. We hear you. Allow us to teach you and call on us for clarity. We cannot interfere. But we can begin to show you the way. It is your choice to take the first step. And when you do, the heavens will erupt in joyous celebration. For your awakening to the wondrous existence of which you are a part has just begun.

You are One With All of Thee.
Living, breathing, embraced in love.
For love is all there is.


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  1. mochateaoh
    Aug 22, 2014 @ 21:19:43

    I’ve tried to explain this before, and it’s always difficult in light of painful episodes of hurtful behavior within our human community. However, accepting love’s embracing energy, regardless of circumstances, is wise indeed. It’s the only “reality” which transforms darkness into light. Although I may not be quoting it accurately, Gibran wisely tells us to avoid trying to direct the course of love, for when love finds us worthy, it will direct our course . . . or something like that, and that seems reasonable to me. “Love” is just a word we use for something beyond definition. Science may use other words, but there is an undeniable power beyond anything we can create or discover, which requires no words. It’s existence is experienced in many ways, and personally, I’m thankful it’s universally present. Evil distortions, such as the beheading of journalist James Foley, may interrupt love’s contagious flow but will never overcome it. 🙂


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