What Does it Mean to be Human?

Today, a short post in my own words. I’ve been laid up for the past week with much time to think and reflect. It’s been intense, but only temporary and I’ve been so grateful for the loving friends who have come out to the farm to help me. I’ve been thinking of people for whom these situations are not temporary and send out much love to them for their courage to wake up and face each day.

Had a conversation with a friend last week and we talked about what it means to be human. When I hear about what is going on in this world, particularly, this country, I see the divisiveness reaching a crescendo. And I want to ask everyone, what does it mean to you to be human. Have we forgotten how to seek solutions for the common good? Have we begun to look at anyone who doesn’t agree with us as an adversary, rather than a teacher, showing us another way we might look at things, if we stopped to really talk and listen to each other?

I have promised myself to not get emotionally involved with what was happening in this world. But instead, to see the divinity within everyone on this planet. Is that a copout? This question came up last night during a zoom call with my dearest friends, all on the same spiritual path as me. And we decided that it was not a copout. In fact, it was incredibly difficult to stay in a state of grace during these challenging times.

I looked at all of their faces. Yes, each of them was tired, struggling with anger, exhaustion, trying to be non-judgmental. Challenged as we all are during these trying times. And yet, each of them looked beautiful to me. I could see their light shining even though they had to face this changing world daily.

One gave the suggestion of a meditation. If you see a wall in front of you, begin to see steps in that wall and see them rise over it and become a bridge that crosses over to a better world. I liked that image and will try it myself. For I do think its up to all of us to dream a better world. Before you sleep at night, ask for help in dreaming a better world, for the highest good. For it takes all of us to help make these transitions as gentle as possible.

Every night I imagine a beam of light rising from this farm that begins to surround the planet. I look at it from above and see the light covering the dark spots of the world. But the last time I did this, I saw other points of lights joining my light, from all across this world. And it gave me hope. Remember that we are striving for balance in this world, and that means dark as well as light. But at this time, the pendulum has swing too far in one direction. Please do what you can to help move it back to center.

I’m hoping I have only a few more days of this forced rest. Part of it I’m sure is my body adjusting to the newer higher vibrations. I suspect it affects us in our weak spots. So if you are having some physical issues, do not despair. Take care of them as best you can, rest and nurture yourself. One of the lovely perks of this temporary seclusion is that some people from my past, whom I love dearly and have made their transitions, have come to see me in my dreams. And it was so good to see them.

Be well, walk in grace and don’t despair. We will get through these times with your help. Sending out much love and light to each of you.

All my love,


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Come Forth in Love

Gloria McDonough

Emerge from your shell

Of fear and despair.

Break free of the chains

That prevent you from rising up.

Allow your vibrations to soar.

And share them with the world.

Dear One, it is time for you to break free of the old ways of being, the old ways of thinking, the old ways of reacting to your interactions with others. Can you begin to walk with an even gait, solid in its grounding to this world. But also attached to the higher frequencies above and around you.

For you, Dear One, are a conduit. A conduit between two worlds, one seen and one unseen, at least by the human eye. You have a very unique role in the expansion of the Universe. For you are a divine being incarnated in a human form during a time of immense transformation of creation, of the All That Is.

It is no mistake that you are here upon this physical plane at this time. Your role has been pre-ordained prior to embodiment. However, you always have free will and can choose not to follow through on your original plans for this physical lifetime. The choices you make will not diminish our love for you or the intense joy we shall feel when you return home to your natural state.

If you do not understand what it is that you have chosen to do in this lifetime, stop and reflect. Consider the gifts that you have been given. Do not doubt that you do have gifts. And they can be discovered upon reflection of what comes easiest to you.

For many, your gifts are just now beginning to emerge. The timing was not yet appropriate for you to blossom into your highest form of being. Be patient and be aware of the synchronicities of your life. A chance encounter, an offhand remark, the spark of a memory long forgotten. Any of these could be the catalyst to help move you forward.

Personal growth follows a unique trajectory for each and every one of you. Perhaps more specific experiences are required before your gift will become apparent to you. Worry not. For your time will come. It may already be here. Sit, reflect and offer gratitude for all that you have been given. For all, regardless of whether it is considered positive or negative from a human perspective. For all that transpires here upon this physical plane can be viewed as a path forward towards your self-realization.

Dear One, we ask you to focus your energies on raising the vibrations around you. They are indeed being raised already due to the natural evolution of the Universe. But because of your unique position as a conduit, your awareness and focus are helpful and needed at this time.

Be at peace with your personal life. View it from a higher perspective and make a conscious effort to see the beauty, to feel the joy that surrounds you. For life and learning are always in motion and always providing new opportunities to celebrate if viewed from the perspective of the divine.

You are a child of the Universe. At the same time, you are a divine being, capable of creating the world you wish to see around you here upon this physical plane. You have immense power and that power comes from love. The love which created you. The love which resides within you. The love which surrounds you. The love which you can share with all who cross your path.

Come forth in love. For this is your true nature and with practice you will find it much easier to respond in love and only in love. These are challenging times for you here upon this physical plane. But within those challenges lies the path to personal and Universal growth. You are ready for these times. You are capable of assisting in the transitions that are coming. And you can and will expand and blossom beyond your expectations.

Remember who you are.

Remember from where you have come.

Remember that you are not alone

Not forgotten or forsaken.

You are held in loving embrace

Every moment of your existence.

For you are indeed and always will be

One With All of Thee.


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Is it truly taking something away from you?

Or is it a transition to a new way of being?

Does the impermanence of this life set you back

Or gently guide you forward?

Can you accept these changes with love and gratitude?

Can you understand that it is not truly a loss

But a transformation of being

 For you and others?

Dear One, this human existence allows for many forms of transformation, of loss, as you see it. There is the loss of a livelihood, of possessions, of health or loved ones. With each of these changes in your life you grieve, for an old way of being. But after the grief is over, can you look forward to the possibilities that these transformations provide for you?

Remember the web of connection, how all of existence is affected by your actions or by those of another. Remember that you are gently guided forward every moment of your existence by loving beings who encourage you to grow. And remember that without change, there is no forward movement.

Loss of a loved one is not truly a loss, but a transformation of being. That is to say that your loved one is still present in your life, but in a different way. Be it through a transition to an energetic state as they leave their physical body behind, or in a relationship that has changed, the connection is transformed but still remains; for all are connected.

As the grief, the anger, the emotion subsides, are you able to step back and take a wider view of this transition and how it affects you? Can you see what the gift might be in this transformation occurring in your life? For there is always a gift present in every transition in your life, if you can view it from a different lens.

Yes, the transformation may bring new challenges for you, but do not despair, for you always have support waiting for your call for help. Ask for guidance, for the ability to see things more clearly, as you step onto new ground, moving into uncharted territory in your life.

Dear One, what occurs to you is never a punishment, but an opportunity for personal growth. For your reason for being here upon this physical plane is to experience personal growth in a way unique to this existence. Please remember that you are a divine being who has more power and connection than you realize. And often these transitions occur to open your eyes to seeing yourself and your world in a different light.

This is a time of awakening for all. A shift in consciousness is occurring and it will challenge you to look through a different lens. Remember the times when what you wished for never occurred and at a later date, upon reflection, you were relieved that your wish was not fulfilled.

The challenge of this physical life is that you can not see the whole picture. The perspective that you have is a more personal one and does not include seeing how the connections of the All are affected. There is an intricate network among all of creation which ebbs and flows with the movement of energies across the spectrum of life. Can you trust that love is the hand that moves this vast cosmic connection forward?

Dear One, again we tell you what courageous souls you are to have chosen this physical life. For with it came a loss of the memory of who you truly are and how you are connected to the All. However, the time is now ripe for your awakening to this truth that has been buried deep within you for so long. It is emerging as you realize that the way of being to which you have been accustomed for so long is no longer working. And it is time to change your perspective.

There is never truly loss, only transition. And you have the strength and the help to move through these transitions with grace. You are more powerful than you realize and can create a world of love and abundance. Embrace the love which surrounds you and use it to change the world. For change begins with you.

Through which lens

Do you choose to see your world?

The choice is yours

And you have loving beings

Eager to guide you forward.

Rediscover who you truly are

A divine being on a physical journey,

Empowered and connected.

Dear One with All of Thee.

Be At One

This is your true nature
This is who you really are
One with all of thee.

Dear One, understand that your true nature is at one with all of thee. It is not the separateness that you feel here upon this physical plane. But a joining of spirit and soul, light and love with all that is, across the entire continuum. Can you begin to understand this truth of who you really are?

The time here upon this physical plane is difficult, we know, for those of you who are most accustomed to being free and not confined in a physical body. This is a heaviness which is new to many of you. For your true nature is a more lightness of being, a feeling of being connected to all. Not this illusion of being alone and unloved. For indeed, you are loved beyond measure. You are love incarnate. And we honor Thee for choosing to come here to this physical plane at this time.

You are here at this particular time to help with the transitions that are occurring here. These transitions will affect the entire universal being, not just this physical plane. For again, we tell you, that you are connected to the All. Allow that to sink into your bones, your human bones. For your true nature, your spirit and soul already know this. But this knowledge is shrouded by the physical nature of your being.

At the times when you are able, rest, Dear One. These are the times when you are better able to receive the knowledge needed in order to move forward on your chosen path. These are the quiet times when it is easier for you to re-connect with your Source, your true nature. Give yourself more time to rest, Dear One, for your help is needed at this time.

Worry not, Dear One, for this energy expended in worrying can be used elsewhere, for the highest good. You have not yet realized the power which you hold. But as your life progresses, you will begin to better understand this. For this combined power is needed to move the All forward in the way that is to be.

Dear One, be at peace with who you are. Discard the heavy shroud of worry and judgment. Instead, walk in light and love, with joy in your heart, for that is where your power lies. In your heart. Know that your path is unfolding before you exactly as it should. All is well with thee. Trust that. And worry not. For you are a divine being on a divine path. You are connected, in ways you do not yet understand, to the All. And it is through this connection that you, yes you, can change the world, WILL change the world. It is only a matter of time.

Know the grace of your true nature
Understand your immense power
And as you continue your awakening
Embrace your connection with the All

For truly you are
One With All of Thee

Energies Rising

Can you feel the shift?
Do you notice the difference?
Are you able to allow the changes in your life?

Dear One, do not try to control every aspect of your life. For it is an impossible and a futile exercise. Your human mind has the notion that this is possible. When, indeed, it is not. There is a higher power, a higher purpose, which is unknown to your human mind. But it is well known and understood by your higher self, that part of you which still resides here at this higher vibration with us.

Remember that not all of you is present in your physical body. Only a part of you. For you, in your entirety are spread across the entire Universe, at different levels of vibration. This life here of which you are aware, is but one arm of your entire being. We know that may be difficult to grasp as you are most accustomed to the human condition.

As you begin to understand this, you will also begin to understand that much of the guidance you receive in your daily life comes from you. From a part of you that understands who you are, from where you have come, and your purpose for experiencing this human condition. Much of the guidance you receive is not from some unknown entity in the sky, but from another part of you. Of course, it is much more complex than this. But this is where we shall start to help you better understand the ways of being.

As you become more and more aware of your true existence, the path laid before you shall become wider and more apparent to you. The connection between you and the other parts of you will become more active in both directions. At this time, the communication is mostly in one direction. But soon, as you begin to raise your energetic vibration, the communication will become more a two-way street, as you say here. In order to help with this awakening, you will be required to raise your vibrational energy here upon this plane.

How do you do that? First, understand that the world that you know, here, is in transition. The veil has thinned between your world and ours and the entire physical plane is beginning to vibrate at a higher frequency. Some of you may already have noticed this in your daily lives. More synchronous encounters. Being drawn to a healthier, less stressful lifestyle. More moments of generosity in your life. In order to help this transition move forward, give yourself some time to be still every day. It takes but a moment. It is not necessary to do this for long periods of time. But to give yourself moments to connect, to be One With All.

Give yourself precious moments to stop and breathe. Close your eyes and take a few deep cleansing breaths and just be quiet. Hear the sounds around you, hear your heartbeat. Feel the sun or rain on your face. Open your senses to what is around you. The aromas, the tactile feelings, and the inner calm. The beating of your heart. Be aware, if only for a moment. Transform your day with just a moment of peace and stillness. Many of you may feel a shudder, a rising of energy from the soles of your feet up and through the top of your head. If you feel this energy rise, allow it to come back down the same way. Up and down. Up and down. Connect and breathe.

As you move forward in this fashion, you may discover that you crave different kinds of food, perhaps more often. You may feel more comfortable in quieter environments, with fewer people around. Or you may just feel energized with new hope, a fresher outlook. You may also notice more of your surroundings of this plane and others. Be not afraid of this new vision. Ask for help from us and we shall provide it, with opportunities of exchange with others who have already experienced these changes.

Know that life here upon this plane is changing, for some more subtly than for others. But it is changing. And we are rejoicing for this time awaited with much anticipation and joy. Be not afraid. But do seek out help and answers from us or from those whom you trust. Those who you know in your heart will not lead you astray. We are always with you, as is your higher self. Come to us. Allow these changes to make a positive difference in your life. Oh, the possibilities are endless. For you are awakening and for this we sing with joy.

You have come so far.
And the journey has just begun.
We shall be by your side at every step.
You are NEVER alone.