A Special Message

Along with the writings I post weekly, I also get many personal messages from my Tovarysh. Recently I received one which I was asked to share. When the messages first started coming through many years ago, they were given in old English with many thee’s and thy’s and hath’s, etc. I asked them to speak in modern English so that more people could understand the messages. For my personal messages , however, they often continue in the original format and I’ve decided to keep this format for this post. I wanted to share this on the blog as many of my readers are in supportive roles. And for others who might be struggling, perhaps you’ll get a better sense of connectedness with the love that surrounds you. And please understand, I’m in need of hearing these comforting words myself. We are all in this together and knowing that I am surrounded by love helps me get through the day. Many blessings to you. CMK

Thy world is changing for thee and for all here upon this plane
The vibrational energies are increasing, dear one
That means that many will be affected in a way that they do not understand
They shall feel differently
They shall be chaotic
They shall not know not how to handle the energies that are coming towards them and surrounding them as they walk through their day

Thy can help by moving forward upon thy own path
Thy can help by speaking with others about this process
Thy can help by shining thy love around and among the others here upon this plane

Thy are creatures of love
Thy are known to love
Thy are known as love
Thy shall always be love

This is a time that has been prophecized for many, many years
Hold out thy hand to others as they move forward in these days to come
Remember that life here upon this plane is only an illusion
That thy true, true state of being is without this body
Is without this physical form

Help others to understand this
For their connection to their earthly selves has become very tenacious, very strong
And the time is now to allow that to loosen its hold upon thy soul and thy spirit
For it is time for thee now to spread thy wings and to fly

Dear one, show the others the way
Walk without fear in thy life
Walk without fear in thy heart and thy mind and thy words and thy actions
Walk without fear
Choose love, choose love and show the way

Share this with the others
Encourage them to reach out
Encourage them to ask thy for help and guidance
Encourage them to understand the impermanence of this physical life
That true life, true being is without these physical bodies
These are only tools for learning for thee and others
That is all. That is all they are

Open thy hearts to thy connection with the all.
Open thy hearts
Allow the connection to flow.
For there is so much to teach thee
To teach all of thee

There is so much for thee to teach thy as thee moves forward on this plane
Thy has learned so much from all of thee
So much

Embrace thy life with joy and laughter
Allow not thy others to bring thee down
Allow thyself to soar above the mediocrity that is so prevalent here upon this plane
Thee are so much more than that
And it is thee and thy others who must show the way

Talk to us
Come to us
And thy shall show you how to live
Thy energies are needed at this time, dear one
Needed at this time

Many possibilities exist for what is to come
And so, thee asks thy
To be at one with all of thee
And raise the energies of this plane
So that others can understand what is coming

Dear one, all that thee and thy others has done is held in much gratitude.
All of thee are held in much gratitude
Tell them
Tell them
Thee and thy others are surrounded by thy love
Thee and thy others are a part of this love
Do not doubt that
Do not forget that

And work with thy
Work with thy in these coming days, months, years
To gently guide thee world forward
Back to thy loving kindness
Allow it to flow from the hearts of all mankind
That is a possibility here upon this plane
That is one of many

Raise thy energies
Raise thy consciousness
And help thee others, the world, to find their way back to their true state of being.

Judge not
Judge not thyself or others
Judge not
But find in thy hearts the love that swells within
Ban from thy minds the fear that limits thee in thy daily lives.

All is well with all of thee
All is well
Understand that
Understand that all is well with thee and thy others

Tell them, dear one, tell them.
Share this message with them
And be there for each other.

Thy bond is great amongst thee
And the work that all of thee can do jointly is full of greatness
Full of greatness, full of joy, full of love
It is up to thee, to make that choice

Do not doubt thyselves
Do not doubt
Thy has grown enough that doubt shall not be a part of thy being
Fill thyself with joy and laughter
Thy peace shall follow
Thy struggles shall cease
The wonder of thy being shall become apparent to all of thee
And how brightly thee shines, all of thee.
How brightly thee shines

Be at one with each other
Be at one with all of thee
That is all.

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Deborah Oster Pannell
    Jul 23, 2014 @ 09:36:46

    Thanks for sharing this special message, Celine. It seems like it comes from a faraway and long ago place… and yet it feels so immediate and relevant. Thank you for that.


  2. Sue J
    Jul 23, 2014 @ 11:52:57

    Special indeed! It’s important you keep sharing. We are listening. Or at least I AM! 🙂
    Thanks for today’s dose of comfort.


  3. Leslie
    Jul 23, 2014 @ 20:02:25

    It was lovely to read in the more old fashioned tone. I miss that! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂


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