The Cycles of Life


In addition to my inspired posts, I’m also trying to do more writing in my own voice. Recently one of my pieces was published by The Mindful Word. They did such a lovely job of presenting my piece, rather than just copy it here, I decided to post the link instead. I hope you enjoy it and visit The Mindful Word often to read more from their contributing writers.

I’ll be back again Monday with another one of my usual posts. Thank you so much for being such loyal readers. I’ve been writing this blog now for seven years and the inspiration continues to come every week. I know that I’ve grown so much along the way and I hope that my posts have helped you, as well, to see the world and yourself, through a much kinder, gentler lens.

With kindest regards




How do you connect with others?

Through words, thoughts, touch?

Many ways are possible.

Dear One, there are multiple ways to communicate in this world and many of you seem only to be aware of using words to connect with others. However, in this realm of possibilities, especially as you grow on your spiritual path, there are many other avenues to consider.

Words are the most obvious form of communication but consider the misunderstandings that occur when one person has a different definition than the other for a common word. And, yes, you have many dialects here which can make verbal communication more difficult. How often have disagreements occurred because a word has been ‘misused’ or ‘misunderstood’?

Consider also that words engage the human mind where Ego can continue to hold reign. As the struggle continues, Dear One, be aware of the power of the words that you use. Certainly you are aware of the power of your actions, but words also can sting or cause pain, especially when blurted out in a moment of intense emotion.

In an age of instant communication using your electronic devices, it has become so easy to send out a message without much thought as to how it might be received. Can you be more mindful of how you communicate with others in this world?

As a young babe, you did not yet have the ability to speak of what you needed. And yet, there was direct communication through other means; indeed, forming a bond without words.

Can you consider another way to connect with others that includes a more thoughtful means of expression? In many cases silence could be the best means of communication?

Dear One, it is possible for you to send your intentions, your feelings in an energetic connection. You have the capability to do this. How often have you contacted another who tells you that they were just thinking of you?

And in a more intimate environment, often a touch is all that is needed to convey the message that you want to deliver. In other realms, words are not used to communicate. This is only possible here in the physical plane as you are embodied in this human form.

Prior to your life here, you were more accustomed to communicating in a non-verbal manner. This may be the reason why there is still so much confusion as to the exact meaning of the words you use.

We have told you before that the veil between the worlds is thinning, almost non-existent. And for this reason, we will be better able to communicate with you, but in a non-verbal way. The messages you receive from us will be more in the form of AHA moments or intuitive urges to do or not do something.

As this physical realm continues to evolve so too will you in your ways of communication with others. It is time for you to increase your awareness of these non-verbal cues and guidance from your surroundings. Do not say it is beyond you, for indeed you are more sensitive than you realize. And this is a means of communication that is familiar to you from your time in a non-physical plane.

Dear One, this journey of yours is one of remembrance, of who you really are.  Begin the journey by increasing your attunement to the unseen, the unheard guidance that comes to you every day. Practice with a loved one in understanding where they are or what they wish to convey to you.

There may be a time when this form of communication will be necessary for you. Trust your connection to the All, trust your own abilities of heightened awareness. Silent communication is possible. Indeed it happens every day of your life.

Trust what lies beneath the surface of your immediate world. For it is more powerful than you realize.

Begin today. Close your eyes and scan your world and that of your loved ones.

We shall be there to help guide you. Ask and we shall come.

Dear One With All of Thee.