Just Be

Who you are

Where you are

And know that

You are perfectly placed

With your expertise

To help this world

And beyond.

Dear One, too often you focus on what you are not. You focus on your flaws, on your misperceived failures and that which you feel you lack. When in fact, Dear One, your very presence upon this plane, in the life which you have chosen to live, has made a difference in this world.

We see you for who you are. An embodied being of the Divine, here for the purpose of personal growth and also expansive growth of the Universe and beyond. The human mind tends to focus on the have-nots, the do-nots, the be-nots. That is, what you feel you have failed to do or have done wrong.

Dear One, if this were a world of perfection, what would be the purpose of existing here at all? Does not a babe fall many times before it learns to walk? And does that not apply to all who live here at this time?

Remember, also, that the lessons learned are not only for you. Your perceived failures have provided lessons not only for you but for others who are affected by your actions. Even when the numbers of souls affected by another’s actions are large, the effects often cause others to a larger counter-action to bring change to this world.

Understand that the human condition does not do well with subtlety. It often requires dramatic events to guide it forward, especially when the changes to be made are expansive. And this is a time of massive change for this world. Have you not known of many of the current conditions that require change for many generations? And yet, though there has been some forward movement, it has not been expansive.

The vibrations of this physical plane are rising, as is necessary for the next step of your journey. Be not afraid of this, for you have much help and guidance available to you. And, Dear One, you are stronger, more connected than you realize. You are perfectly placed to allow your presence to help those near you.

You are a part of an infinite web of connection. Visualize that web connecting all of creation. And now visualize pulses of light flowing from one point to another. Areas that might be darker are suddenly brightened by the arrival of a pulse of loving light. Often just your mere presence near the energetic field of another is all that is needed to send that bright pulse of light to their hearts.

Can you begin to cease the self-doubt that surrounds you and allow your divine light to push through and shine? The thought forms which you send out fill the energies of this physical plane and beyond. Imagine the pollution of the energetic field with all the negative thoughts sent out into the ethers.

Many of you are aware of the carbon footprint you leave upon this physical plane.  Be aware, also, Dear One, of the energetic imprint you also leave in the space around you. Do not allow misjudgments or regrets to fill your etheric bodies. Instead, replace them with compassion and forgiveness, for yourself and for others.

Just be who you are, who you truly are, a divine being embodied for a life upon this physical plane. You came with a purpose in mind, for yourself and in service to the All. Remember that you are unable to see the larger picture from your vantage point.

And remember that love conquers all. Love for others and love for self. ESPECIALLY love for self. For that is where it all begins, does it not? Within your heart, to be sent out to others after you have filled every cell in your body with the higher frequency of love.

Dear One, you are perfect exactly as you are. Your projections of what might have been are not always accurate. For each choice you make provides challenges and opportunities for growth and love.

Love yourself

Exactly as you are.

Love unconditionally

And begin with yourself.

For that love of self

Will also send pulses of light

Along the web of connection

Towards others.

You are connected, Dear One.

You are One With All of Thee.


Join the Prayer Circle tonight, Sunday, @ 9PM EST:

Send love out to this world as you join kindred souls offering up their prayers. I will add my energies to the loving thoughts you have for the world and your loved ones.

Tonight I’ll focus on the hearts of all opening to love, self-love and forgiveness, and compassion for all.

Connect when you can and bring change and love to this world.

Much gratitude and many blessings to you.



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Be Not in a Hurry


For change,

For personal growth,

For harmony amongst humankind.

All are in motion.

All continue to move forward.

Advances are being made

Unseen by your physical senses.

Dear One, all that you wish for is occurring now, at this very moment. It has already happened. It already exists. Your physical senses are not able to see this. However, your heart is able to open wide enough to view all of this. Do not allow that critical mind of yours to convince you otherwise.

See your energies rising to meet your higher self, the guiding light always present in your life. Close your eyes and feel the pulse of the Universe flowing through you, raising you higher with loving embrace. Know that which you have wished for is already present, filtering down from the ethers into the physical plane.

Be not in a hurry. Allow the workings of the All to progress at the most perfect rate possible. Understand the intricacies of the web of connection and open your eyes to the signs being given to you as you move through your day.

Spend more time in your heart beating along with the pulse of the All That Is. Your mind encourages you to think of yourself as separate. It creates false beliefs that you know the perfect route to freedom and change. When truly it is your heart, connected to the All, which joins with the matrix to perform miraculous changes needed here upon this physical plane.

Dear One, the truth lies within your heart. Listen not to that mind which lays out the falsely perceived ‘perfect’ plan, with the ‘perfect’ timing for change. Your mind has been functional to allow you to exist in this physical incarnation. But it has been given too much power, while the heart has been pushed aside and forgotten.

Your strength lies within your heart. Can you trust that it will lead you forward to exactly the right place, at the right time, with the right words or actions to move forward with grace? The balance between lightness and darkness is being re-equilibrated, and it begins with giving more attention to what your heart has to tell you.

Listening to your heart and trusting the guidance it gives you will help move the pendulum into balance so that light oversees dark. Close your eyes and see that eternal flame which burns brightly within your heart. Feel the heat of it as it expands and fills your entire being with its love. And feel the peace that ensues, quieting your mind.

The mind is a problem solver. It is meant to help you perform manual tasks required here upon this physical plane. But in doing so, it has eclipsed the beat of your heart. It has blinded you to the synchronicities of the world around you which occur to guide you forward.

Give the mind its tasks to do, but do not allow it to control your life. When it begins its chatter, tell it that you choose peace and give it the task of focusing on your breath. When it wishes to remain stuck on perceived failures of yours or of others, remember who you really are.

You are not a single personal entity, but a part of collective of souls here to serve the All. Personal memory no longer serves you. Collective consciousness is beginning to emerge within you. You are ready for this transformation. You are ready to realize from where true guidance comes. You are ready to receive the guidance from your heart. To allow your heart to guide your mind, rather than the opposite.

Dear One, breathe and go within. Breathe and trust the timing, the guidance, the synchronicities in your life. You are One connected to the All. Not One separate from the All. It is impossible for you to be an island in a sea of strangers. For you are an integral part of a collective of souls moving forward to the beat of the heart of the All.

There is no need to hurry.

For all is occurring as it should.

There is no need to second guess.

For all is occurring as it should.

And there is no need for fear.

For you are surrounded by love,

You are love incarnate.

You ARE One With All of Thee.

What of ………Purpose?


Dark Hedges of Northern Ireland Image credits: Stephen Emerson

Dark Hedges of Northern Ireland
Image credits: Stephen Emerson

Why are you here?

What must you do to live a purposeful life?

Are you doing enough?

Or must you change your way of being?

Dear One, your life here upon this plane is an experiential life to be lived with peace and joy. The peace and joy arise when you live as your authentic self, without shame, without fear, only with love. Can you act with pure intent, allowing your inner radiance to shine in every interaction you have?

You are the Divine Incarnate. This means that you are filled with grace, with light, with love. You are connected to the All securely and completely. The feelings of disconnect come when you allow Ego to convince you otherwise. When you allow Ego to tell you that you are not enough of this, or too much of that; this is when you begin to falter.

Dear One, you are perfect in every way and your purpose in being here is to learn more about yourself. Again, we tell you that you are filled with a radiance that shines brightly, apparent to us as we follow you, encouraging you, reminding you of your true nature. Your true state of being.

Your presence here upon this plane in every situation of your daily life makes a difference. Your very presence contributes to the learning of others, to the growth of the Oneness of All. Your existence matters! Your every breath is filled with love. We can see this even though you may not.

You are teacher, you are student, you are comforter, you are the one in need of comfort. The cycle, the sacred spiral continues throughout your life as you take on different roles every day. Every moment is a sacred moment never to be quite the same again. And in each moment you are a part of the forward movement of the entire cosmos of being. The changes that occur on this plane because of your existence affect all other planes as well, for all are connected.

We tell you this not to fill you with fear of not doing enough, of not being responsible enough. But to impress upon you that your life, exactly as it is unfolding, your life matters. Your purpose is to continue on your journey of self-realization and as you move down that path, you help others on their individual journeys.

Trust, trust that the lessons you came here to learn will come to you in many ways. And they will continue to come until you have learned them. Give gratitude to those who came into your life in order for you to experience those lessons. For as they help you on your way, their contract has been served, the contract agreed upon before you came here. In the heat of this learning process you may not understand or see this connection. But after the emotion, after the immediacy of the interactions, upon reflection, we ask you to see how those experiences allowed you to grow.

It is the same with you as you help teach others, often unbeknownst to you. In the intricate web of connection here upon this plane, a brief encounter with another may bring a mighty lesson. Trust that all is unfolding as it should. Trust that the ebb and flow of your life is woven to perfection in allowing you to follow your own chosen path. Trust that you will survive and grow in leaps and bounds as you navigate through your personal web of connection.

Dear One, your purpose is to live your life in love, without fear of the unknown.

For in every new situation is the possibility of a joyful moment of creation.

Be at peace with who you are and allow your inner radiance to shine.

You are a part of the Divine.

You are Love.

You are Light.

You are One With All of Thee.



Can you allow your life to unfold in the most perfect way?

Can you allow your true self to emerge from within?

Can you allow your radiant light to shine?

Dear One, instead of fighting, pushing, trying to control, are you able to just breathe and allow? Are you able to simply trust that whatever is occurring in your life is exactly what is to occur at this time? Do you understand that every situation is a lesson for you or for someone else?

Often you are the impetus for growth for another. Your trials, your tribulations and how you respond to them may be a lesson for another. You might be an example of strength or courage, of faith and resolve, of compassion and generosity even in times of turmoil. You must understand that you affect others, you teach others, you often lead the way for others without even knowing it.

Like the ripples from that pebble thrown in a body of water spreading further and further out, your actions, your words have the same affect. Know that every moment, every interaction is sacred, is holy in its opportunity for sharing your light, your love, your lessons.

Dear One, you are a teacher without even being aware of it. You are a healer by actions or words you never thought twice about doing or saying. You are a guiding light for others as you allow your true self to emerge.

For this reason, do not force an occurrence or an outcome. There is much going on around you of which you are unaware. There are undercurrents flowing around you that are powerful when combining with what you have to offer. And because of your limited perspective you only see a small piece of what is occurring around you.

Allow yourself to be authentic in who you are. Allow your world to unfold exactly as it needs to unfold. Trust that all is well in your world. For you are connected to the Source, to your higher self, to many guides who are with you at all times.

Do not dismay if the outcome is not what you had expected. For most certainly there is something grander waiting to occur in your life. And when you are ready, it will occur. Should it happen too soon, you would not be able to receive the greatest benefit from it.

Remember the web of connection of which you are an integral part. All in due time, at the most perfect moment. Do not miss the individual sacred moments in between by looking ahead. Live in the now. Walk with grace and with faith.

For you, Dear One, are a teacher and a student, all in the same moment.

You, Dear One, are the comforter and the comforted, all in the same moment.

You, Dear One, are the recipient and the giver, all in the same moment.

Allow yourself to be who you really are.

For you are indeed One With All of Thee.




Are you free from limitations?

How do you listen?

With your heart or with your mind?

Dear One, no one puts limitations on you but yourself. As an enlightened being, an awakening soul, you have no limitations on what you can do. For your connection to the Source, to the All, empowers you to limitless possibilities. It is only in your human mind where the limitations exist.

You are a being of light, of love, in connection with the All. When you can sit with that truth, really sit with that truth, without self-judgment or fear, the possibilities for you are endless. What holds you back is your own imagination. For the human mind does not, cannot see the true potential of your soul and what is possible for you as an individual who is part of the Source.

Can you shut off that voice in your mind that gives you reasons why you cannot achieve something? Can you open yourself up to receiving the help, the guidance to reach heights you never thought attainable? Can you believe that anything is possible, anything, by just accepting that as truth?

Free yourself from the bindings that have held you back for so long. Feelings of insecurity, unworthiness, self-judgment and fear. Stand tall, walk with a bounce in your step and know, truly know, that you are capable, you are worthy and you are a facilitator of change; in your own life and subsequently in the world.

Can you turn down the volume on that inner voice of denial and open your hands to receive the guidance, the blessings, the outcomes that are there for you? Can you approach each day living only in the moment, setting a course with pure intent and receptivity, knowing that your intuition will guide you. Can you walk this course with no expectations of outcome; when or how or where it will end?

By detaching yourself from the outcome, you are allowing the universe to play a hand in how things progress. We have told you before of the web of connection and how lives intersect in ways you never would have imagined. You, in your current position, do not have a clear vision of how everything comes together. Trust, dear one, trust, that if you approach your life with pure intent, if you set your course with a positive thought, with no worry of outcome, that you begin to flow in the sea of possibilities. And it is limitless!

Dear one, give up some of that control that you have held onto so dearly in the past. Walk in love and compassion, allow yourself to be gently guided by increasing your awareness of opportunities and synchronicities that come your way. Everything that happens in your life can be seen in a positive light if you are able to approach it that way.

Dear one, you are part of a power greater than you could ever have imagined.

You can tap into this power by freeing yourself from the limitations set in your mind.

You are greatness,

You are radiance,

You are One with all of Thee.

Sadness and Loss

There is an air of sadness and loss across many of the nations here upon your physical plane. And for those not immediately affected by the events occurring, many are connecting to feelings of loss through the group consciousness. It is at times like these that the connection linking the All across this plane is so important.

In times of need, there are calls for support. Physical, monetary and emotional support. All of which are important on this physical plane. What is also very important is the raising of the energies across this web of connection. We have told you of this before. How all are connected by this web. And so, the many feelings of anger, sadness, and loss will affect the group consciousness.

These are the times when the ‘give and take’ of energies across this web becomes so very important. Now is the time for those not immediately affected to send out much positive energy. For the energy levels waver and fluctuate across the group consciousness. In order to continue the forward movement for all, it is important for strength, resolve and positive energies to flow into this web.

Remember that your thoughts, your words and your deeds affect what types of energies flow out and across the Universe. Do not allow the suffering of others to lower your energies at a time when you are needed to pulse positive energy into this web.

All are connected. ALL are connected. And for those of you who are more sensitive to the fluctuations of the group consciousness, we ask you to take time to rest and rejuvenate. This is a time for you, most importantly, to keep your joy and connection strong. So that you can help maintain the higher level of vibration across the group consciousness. Now is the time for you to be in gratitude, in harmony and alignment with the Universal flow in order to help those who are stumbling. Keep your energies high so that you can contribute to the Universal flow. Your help is needed and will continue to be needed as the forward movement continues across your physical plane.

Do not turn away at a time when you are most needed. Join us in holding others in light and in love during these times of Universal growth. We ask this of you and give our gratitude to you for your daily help.

Be the bearers of light that you truly are.
Hold your light high and strong as others’ may be flickering.
Be at ready to rekindle the inner flame of others should they falter.
Allow your brightness to shine forth.
Help us to help you.

And for those who may be faltering, look towards the light.
Allow the warmth of it to shine on your faces. And find the joy that is present in your lives.
You are always surrounded by our love. Let us help you once again. Call on us.
You are never alone.