Open your eyes

Open your heart

And allow the truth of existence

To enter into your consciousness.

It begins with trust and love.

Dear One, you are being given the opportunity at this time to begin to see things as they really are. Can you set aside your preconceived notions about life, about others, and observe without bias, observe only with love?

For such a long time, many of you have moved through your lives with blinders on, with glasses colored by your bias, seeing only what you wished to see. The time is now for you to start afresh, as a young babe, and to view your world as if for the first time. For this world, the entire universe is not static, but forever moving, stretching and re-adjusting. It responds to you and how you see your world. Can you now see things differently and begin to make the changes necessary for all to live in grace and love?

The human mind, the human condition, supports a stagnant way of viewing life, as if it never changes. But consider how much you personally have changed and grown over your lifetime. Others do also, which requires you to look anew every day at those in your life, in your world, who affect the progress of this physical plane.

We have told you before how you create your own world, your own life, because of the power you have within, as co-creator with the Source of All That Is. Consider this as you look upon your world every day. Do you see forward movement or retreat and regression? Can you even make a judgment about this as your view is extremely limited, with the human perspective? You are unable and never were meant to see the entire picture, from the vantage point that we have, as we view the broader mosaic of life upon your plane.

Dear One, have you not in the past found yourself backed into a corner by your own actions, unable to gracefully move forward due to Ego? Can you not see that others often do the same and require your grace and forgiveness to remove themselves from their trapped situation? How much an act of kindness would allow these situations to resolve with respect and pride intact!

You, you, are the saviors of others in moments like these. You have the power to change the tone of the interaction by how you respond. Can you remember that this lifetime for you is a learning experience and everyone present in this world has some important lessons to learn while they are embodied in their physical forms?

Can you begin to act with love and grace at all times during your day? We understand that this is asking much from you as you navigate the challenges in your life. But can you change your perspective from seeing them as challenges to, instead, seeing them as opportunities? Rather than choosing fear as your immediate response, choose love and grace, faith and trust, joy and gratitude.

You may respond and say ’I cannot do this’. Perhaps the more accurate response is ’I will not do this’. Reflect upon this, Dear One. Ask for help in freeing yourself from the tendrils of fear as you move through your day. You still do not believe you are worthy of the power given to you. Believe us when we tell you that, indeed, you ARE worthy and it begins with changing your perspective of your personal journey.

Dear One, you are never alone. You are our charges and we are with you at all times. It is impossible for any other possibility because of the web of connection. Being in this physical world is difficult, we understand, for these physical forms suggest separateness, when the exact opposite is true.

Trust yourself and begin to change how you see your world. Act with grace and allow others the opportunity to move forward with grace. This might involve compromise, forgiveness or support for others in releasing themselves from a cornered position. You have been there also, Dear One. Instead of judging, offer a supportive hand and see how life changes.

You all are loved beyond measure, for your hearts are joined to ours. You are worthy of this love and are more powerful than you realize. Change begins with you, in how you choose to see and navigate through this physical world.

Choose love.

Choose grace.

Choose faith and trust in yourself and in the All That Is.

For you are part of an expansive consciousness filled with love.

Dear One With All of Thee.



How do you see?

What do you see?

Do you love what you see?

Or do you judge it?

Dear One, all that surrounds you is divine, from the smallest to the grandest in your sight of vision. All of it is divine. How you see it depends on your perception which is filtered by your personal experiences.

Can you begin to see through the eyes of the Divine, that all of creation is One with the Source, One with You?  All that you see is an extension of you.

There is not a Thee and Them. There is not a separation of energy. You may perceive a separation of form but if you see with your mind’s eye, it will become apparent that you are not separate from anything or anyone who stands before you. Accepting this truth will change how you move through your world.

If you express love for Mother Nature, for your furry companions or for a fellow traveler on this plane, then that love is also directed back to you. At the same time, if you do not love yourself, it is impossible for you to truly love anything or anyone you perceive to be external from you. For all are one and the same.

All are created in love. All are composed of love, even those who do not appear loving on the surface. For, Dear One, love is all there is and love is the path to freedom for Thee and for Them, for All. As you walk through your day can you see all things as an extension of yourself? If you are in the presence of someone who dearly loves you, can you accept that you are one with that loving person as the energy of love is what connects you.

Can you change the filter through which you view your life and see yourself surrounded by love? Perhaps for some, that love is currently cradled in fear; fear of lack, fear of the future, fear of being unlovable. And yet the possibility exists for every step, every touch, every breath that you take to be filled with love. It begins with you.

In your mind’s eye, can you see the vibration of love flowing outward from your fingertips? Can you see the essence of love filling your breath as you exhale throughout your day? Look for it. What color is it? Surround any fear that you encounter, be it your own or that which emanates from another, surround that fear with love. See it in color and wrap that fearful energy in the color of love.

We have spoken of the web of connection in the past. Change that to the network of love that surrounds your planet. See it flowing to and from everything and everyone. If someone attempts to send you fearful thoughts, stop them in transit, surround them with the color of love and transmute that energy to more positive energy.

There is much power in love. Can you see the beauty of it as you look around and see it everywhere? You already gravitate towards it when you seek out those embodied souls who emit loving energy with every breath. Join them in this practice and notice how others begin to gravitate towards you.

Forward movement requires love, not fear. For beneath that external crust of negativity resides a being with a memory of the existence of love. Help them to once again see the vision of love everywhere. Trust the touch of love we send you now and share it with others.

Cease your judgment of self and others. Replace that judgment with love and compassion. See the love surrounding you. Feel it, for indeed it is there. This is how you move forward, not in fear, but in love.

Dear One, change your perception. You are needed at this time to help transmute the negative energies that attempt to rise upon this plane. It begins with you.  Inhale the love that surrounds you and send it back out to others.

Share the universal love with yourself and others.

Dear One with All of Thee.