The Quiet Within

Can you find that inner calm?
Where you connect to the Divine?
Be silent and allow it to open to you.

Dear One, it is there, that inner calm. It always has been and always will be. The path to it begins with deep relaxing breaths. Can you give yourself the time each day to go to this inner sanctum of peace, where you connect to the Divine?

There is so very much interference in your life, pulling you here and there, wanting your attention and your energy. And you succumb to the tugging at your sleeve to answer those calls, those needs of others, those requirements you feel must be addressed immediately. You are being pulled in many directions at once, it is difficult for you to just stop and breathe.

But in doing exactly this, stopping and breathing, you will find your inner calm, the strength that you have deep within you to move forward in your day. How often have you sat down to be still and you find yourself bombarded with thoughts of what you still have to do after you finish this quiet time?

Can you live your life in love and not fear? Can you understand that truly every moment is a gift and that all is well, no matter how challenging it appears? Can you recognize that every challenge for you is an opportunity to grow and spread your wings a little bit broader, wider, and more expansive? Everything that happens in your life will help you to move forward on your path. And time is not a limiting factor.Time is an illusion. And so the few minutes you spend each day sitting to find your quiet place within does not take away from the rest of your life. It does, in fact, enhance it.

Consider how much energy you put out worrying about how you are going to do this or that; how will you provide or accomplish or create? Do you understand that the few minutes each day you spend in that quiet place will allow you to calm those frenetic energies and give you the freedom to breathe more easily throughout your day?

The time, the energy you spend worrying, planning will be replaced with the understanding that all will be well. All will unfold exactly as it should. You will begin to understand that all you need to do is allow it to unfold. The more ‘time’ you spend tending that quiet place within, the less ‘time’ you require to get through your day. For you begin to understand the perfection of the Universe, the power that you have been given, and the love which surrounds you. Completely.

Begin today, for just a few moments. Focus on your breath, in and out, and allow the busy thoughts to pass through but not stay within your mind. It takes practice, we understand. But the energies are beginning to rise across your entire planet and doing this daily will allow you to better accept the new environment in which you now live.

All is well, Dear One.
Every moment is a gift.
And you are surrounded by those who want to help you.
Allow your Divine connection to guide you through your day.
For you are indeed One With All of Thee.



There is change in the air
Not only physical but ethereal
Fear not this change, but embrace it

Dear One, the change coming to this physical plane is now accelerating and you may begin to feel a difference within yet not know what it is. Be not afraid of what you are feeling or experiencing, for you are safe and protected and a part of this wondrous event.

There is now a critical mass of people who have been awakened in order for this change to take place. And the more who become awakened, the faster the acceleration will become. You are a part of this change and have helped it to come into being. By reading these writings on a regular basis, you yourself have begun to change, perhaps imperceptibly to yourself and others, but indeed you have begun to change. And this change is necessary for the universe to expand and grow as it is meant to do.

Just as you see the changes here upon the Mother with the different seasons, so that also occurs across the universal expanse. Nothing remains static, but everything, even if it goes unnoticed by many, everything changes. That is a part of growth. That is a part of existence. That is the natural order of things. And so, if you can accept the changes that come annually upon your planet, then you should be able to accept the changes that are occurring on a much larger scale across the entire existence of being.

What can you do to help this change take place smoothly? Be at one with all that is. Understand that you are never alone, but a part of a vast continuum of being that goes on into infinity. Send loving thoughts out to everyone and everything around you. For all things that you see, ALL THINGS, are made of love and can react to your positive or negative vibrations. For all are connected. You are connected to that rock, to that tree, to that person on the other side of the world whom you do not even know. You are connected and it is through this connection that the changes are enhanced. Be not afraid. Do not doubt the power, the ability that you have to make a positive difference in this world and beyond.

Focus not on the perceived lack of love around you. Instead send out loving thoughts to all.
Give no additional energy or recognition to fearful acts or thoughts within or around you. Instead wrap any and all of them in love and send them on their way.
Do not add to the worry, the destruction of any forward movement. Instead act with pure intent.

You can make a difference. You have already made a difference. You are a powerful being who has not yet accepted the gifts laid out before you. You are connected to the Source, the ever powerful Source. You are a part of this. Do not quiver in fear with feelings of unworthiness. For you are love incarnate and when you share that love, even for a moment, ripples of change spread out around you into infinity.

Be at peace with who you are. Travel with like-minded people who can teach and inspire you to allow your greatness to unfold. Do not doubt your strength, your resilience, your power of love. For it is there. It has always been there and you will soon be called on to use it for the highest good. You can make a difference. You do make a difference. Every day with every breath you take.

Be at One.
Be at peace.
Rise up to your full stature and love with abandon.
It is time for change.

The Power of Your Words

Do you understand the power of your words?
That your words create your world?
Can you create a positive outcome for your day?

Dear One, the words which you speak are very powerful. We have mentioned this before. As you put those ideas out into the ethers they travel far and begin to create your own reality. You do not yet understand the power of creation that resides within you.

Understand that speaking the thoughts that circle in your mind gives those thoughts additional power. You have added another energetic layer to them by speaking of them. And if they are negative, you have added to the negativity that surrounds you. You have added to the possibility of those words which were spoken to create your day, your world. For that reason, we ask you to be conscious of the words which you speak. They are powerful and hold much energy.

Your world has much fear in it and does not need more negativity and fear added to what already exists. We are asking you who read these words to help to change this negativity into a more positive existence by how you speak to others. This is a time when your positive energetic input is needed. And so we ask of you to speak softly, speak gently, speak lovingly to others and also to yourself. For this is a time when your gentle grace is needed. Do not doubt that you have that capacity within you, for each and every one of you is filled with this gentle grace, this loving energy, with the power to heal the world.

Begin with yourself and with those closest to you. Be gentle, be kind and be aware of how you approach your day. Connect with your higher self with deep breaths, by lifting your face to the warmth of the sun, by allowing water to caress your hand, your body and wash away any negativity. For water is very healing, and if you feel you need a boost, immerse yourself in water and see the worries, the negativity wash off of your body and back down into the Mother, who will transform it back to positivity.

Remember the connection that you have to the All. This is present every moment of your day. This connection cannot be broken. That is impossible. Realize that you cannot walk alone, for the web of connection surrounds you, envelops you and wraps you in love; even if you are unable to feel it at this time. You, Dear One, are just one breath from the lips of the Source, connected to all others in the same way. You, Dear One, have the power of the Source within you, the power of creation of your world. And so, create a more positive world. Worry not about the minor inconveniences in your daily life. Know that all is unfolding as it should. Your lessons lay before you on your path. It is up to you whether those lessons are gentle or more difficult. It is in your perspective.

You live in abundance, surrounded by beauty and light which flows from all things. This is the true reality of creation. But you have been given the power to see a world of your own creation. And so, begin to create a world of beauty and love. Begin walking softly amidst the chaos. Begin using your gentle grace in the words you speak. And see how your world, your own creation changes.

The power lies within you.
Use it wisely, Dear one.
It is time for you to change your world.

What if?

What if you chose love over fear every day?
What if you chose to ignore those little inconveniences every day?
What if you walked instead with joy and love in your heart every day?

Dear One, you have the power to change your world, every day. It is your choice as to how you walk through your day, in a positive fashion or in a negative fashion. It is your choice as to how long you will repeat your story over and over in your head. Either making yourself victim or hero. The truth is that if you live every moment in the present, trusting the unfolding of your journey, your life will be easier for you. Can you trust the process of your life? Can you trust that you are exactly where you should be? Can you trust that the people who walk through your life have lessons to teach you or to learn from you?

The web of connection is vast and covers the entire universe. Your life at this very moment contributes to the growth, the expansion of the universe. Your life will continue to unfold as it should. The choice for you is how you will approach this unfoldment. Can you, dear one, lay down the negativity, the resentment, the hurt and embrace the light and love that surrounds you? For indeed you are surrounded by light and love every step of your journey. But when you focus on the negative and nurse the wounds by repeating your story over and over, you are unable to accept the light that is offered to you every moment of your day.

We understand that there are times when you must review what has happened in order to make a decision of your next move. This helps with your personal growth. What we are encouraging you to do is not to hold on to that story longer than is necessary to learn your lesson from it. For by repeating your story over and over again, you feed your Ego as you create an archetype that you feel best suits you.

If you feel you have acted inappropriately towards someone, then forgive yourself and if possible ask that person for forgiveness. This can be done on the astral level and need not always be done in the flesh. If someone has acted inappropriately towards you, forgive them. Try to understand the place from where they are coming. Learn the lesson and move on. You need not interact with them again, but walk away with forgiveness and peace in your heart. For each and every one of you have past experiences which often mold the way you interact in the present.

Come from your heart in all interactions. For that is where your strength lies. And that is where you connect with the All. Give gratitude for the lesson and move forward. Do not add that interaction to your storyline, but release it and let it go. And see how much lighter your step is as you do this.

Dear one, make no comparison with others, for you do not know from where they have come. No judgments, only light and love. It can be done with a bit of practice and you will find that what you attract will be more light and love. For like attracts like. Be the shining star that you are and laugh more, sing more, dance more. And soon, it will become second nature to you. You will no longer travel down the dark passages where your ego leads you.

The power lies with you. Endless power which you have within you. Take a chance and try another way of living your life. And do not judge yourself if you falter at first. This is the way for you to learn and grow. Take nothing so seriously that you cannot allow your inner light to illuminate it in love.

For you are light
You are love
You are joy incarnate.
Reclaim who you truly are and see how your life changes.

One With All

You are never alone
You have never been alone
That is impossible.

Dear One, the truth is that you are a part of a continuum that stretches to infinity. Your connection is with all things. All things; animal, mineral, plant, spirit. Being in your current state within a human body creates the illusion of separateness. But that is only an illusion. You are One With All.

This means that your every thought, action, word is heard across the continuum and has an effect on the entire universal being. Be not judgmental against yourself for your actions that were not of pure intent. For this earthly plane is a learning ground. And there are checks and balances set up to help disperse the negativity that has come forth from this plane. But we want you to understand that any prayer, any call for help is always heard and acknowledged. You are not alone on this journey and your calls for help will be answered, though not always in the way you might imagine.

Dear One, the time is now to begin a new practice in your life. Do not limit the possibilities in your calls for help. Do not be so specific that you do not allow for possible solutions that you never even imagined. For what you can do is broader, more powerful, greater than you have allowed yourself to believe.

Choose your words more carefully with a more positive tone. Speak of what you can and will do rather than what you cannot or will not do. The universe rotates in a positive direction and so the statements that begin with, “I will not do…….” are not as powerful as the statements that begin with, “I will do….” This is just a habit that you have formed over the years and can be easily changed. What you do not yet understand is the power in making that minor adjustment to your words.

Dear One, know that where you are at this very moment is exactly where you should be; where you are needed at exactly this time. As we have said before, the web of connection is so vast, you may never understand why you are in this exact place at this exact time. But have the faith that it is where you are to be. The interactions that you have are meant to be at that precise moment in time. The control that you have is in the tone of the interactions, be they positive or negative. That is your choice and part of your journey.

Remember that there is no time in reality. What this means is that prior to a future interaction, you can begin to change the energetic vibration of that interaction by setting the tone in your mind, in your body, in your own vibration. You have the power to do this. By doing so, you are preparing yourself and the situation in a positive way that will help to create a more positive interaction. The power is yours, Dear One. The power has always been yours. For you are a divine being, created from the Divine as you now co-create with the Divine around you. Do not feel unworthy of this state of being. For this is who you truly are.

Love surrounds you, envelopes you, fills your entire being. It is all that is. And so, allow that love to emanate from every pore of your physical body. Allow the light of it to shine. For this is who you truly are. And if you find yourself slipping back into the illusion of lack of love in your life, then allow it to pour into you from all around you. And feel the light lift you up and put you back, once again, on your feet.

Free yourself of the illusion of separateness.
Understand that the streaming you do as your body sleeps also continues during the time when it is awake. It is just that the mind gets in the way and does not always allow the process to unfold.

Be at peace, Dear One, with who you are.
For you ARE One With All of Thee.


Do you know what true freedom is?
Do you understand that it lies in your hands only?
That you have the keys to your prison door.

Dear One, you are the one holding yourself captive. It is only you and no one else. You are the one who can allow yourself to be free. Free from worry, free from fear, free from unease. The keys to the prison in which you live are there in your hands. Look. Do you see them?

You are the one who has imprisoned yourself with your feelings of doubt and insecurity. And the way to open that prison door is to free your mind from all thoughts. To allow the love that is your true nature to pour from every part of your being. Your mind, the thoughts within your mind, are binding you to a state that is unnatural for you. For in your true state you are free. And this is a part of your journey home, to begin to free yourself from the bindings of your mind.

Can you be still and allow the thoughts to empty from your mind? You need not force them. Surrender to them and allow them to pass on through. Do not invite them in for tea, but acknowledge them and send them on their way. These thoughts are usually of the past or the future. For when you are in the present, in the now, there is no need for thought, as you are in an experiential mode.

Sit, breathe and listen to your breaths, going in and out, in and out. And begin to pull back your energy from those thoughts of the future, thoughts of the past. Pull your energy back to you, pure and clean. Not the thoughts, but the energy that has gone into creating those thoughts, that worry, that doubt. Bring the energy from those thoughts back to you, into your heart, to be cleansed, to bring your entire essence back to wholeness. This is how being in the moment feels. A sense of wholeness. A sense of peace. And with that comes the freedom of being.

For remember that the past and the future do not exist. It is only the now. And by expending your energy into thoughts and worries about either depletes the energy you have to use for the now. Do you not use a phrase, ‘pull yourself together’? That is exactly what you are doing when you pull back your energy that is scattered all around you in a chaotic fashion. Instead, pull it back and center yourself once again.

And trust. Trust that all is unfolding exactly as it should. The web of connection is very complex and you may not understand why certain events occur. But trust that all is well. And when those thoughts try to return, tell yourself that all will go smoothly. The outcome will be absolutely perfect. And then let it go. Surrender to it and come back to the present.

Walk in faith that your life is unfolding exactly as it should. Walk with the knowledge that the next moment, the next day, the next encounter will be perfect in every way. And allow yourself to be free from worry. Come from a place of love and lay those worries down. Free yourself from your personal prison, that prison of your mind. Rise up, spread your wings and fly. With faith, with love, with grace.

You have the power to change your life by sending love rather than fear into its creation.
Begin today.
Free yourself and know that all is well, Dear One.
For you are One With All of Thee.

Be At One

This is your true nature
This is who you really are
One with all of thee.

Dear One, understand that your true nature is at one with all of thee. It is not the separateness that you feel here upon this physical plane. But a joining of spirit and soul, light and love with all that is, across the entire continuum. Can you begin to understand this truth of who you really are?

The time here upon this physical plane is difficult, we know, for those of you who are most accustomed to being free and not confined in a physical body. This is a heaviness which is new to many of you. For your true nature is a more lightness of being, a feeling of being connected to all. Not this illusion of being alone and unloved. For indeed, you are loved beyond measure. You are love incarnate. And we honor Thee for choosing to come here to this physical plane at this time.

You are here at this particular time to help with the transitions that are occurring here. These transitions will affect the entire universal being, not just this physical plane. For again, we tell you, that you are connected to the All. Allow that to sink into your bones, your human bones. For your true nature, your spirit and soul already know this. But this knowledge is shrouded by the physical nature of your being.

At the times when you are able, rest, Dear One. These are the times when you are better able to receive the knowledge needed in order to move forward on your chosen path. These are the quiet times when it is easier for you to re-connect with your Source, your true nature. Give yourself more time to rest, Dear One, for your help is needed at this time.

Worry not, Dear One, for this energy expended in worrying can be used elsewhere, for the highest good. You have not yet realized the power which you hold. But as your life progresses, you will begin to better understand this. For this combined power is needed to move the All forward in the way that is to be.

Dear One, be at peace with who you are. Discard the heavy shroud of worry and judgment. Instead, walk in light and love, with joy in your heart, for that is where your power lies. In your heart. Know that your path is unfolding before you exactly as it should. All is well with thee. Trust that. And worry not. For you are a divine being on a divine path. You are connected, in ways you do not yet understand, to the All. And it is through this connection that you, yes you, can change the world, WILL change the world. It is only a matter of time.

Know the grace of your true nature
Understand your immense power
And as you continue your awakening
Embrace your connection with the All

For truly you are
One With All of Thee

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