Unity in Prayer


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Understand the power of prayer

Understand the power of unity

Understand the power of seeing healing already present

In your heart and in the hearts of all.

Dear One, there is great strife here upon your physical plane at this time of change and transition. It is to be expected as change is difficult for many who have been living in an un-awakened state. What can you do to help the Universe expand in consciousness and love?

Remember that you are not alone even though that illusion may present itself to you in your daily life. In reality, there are multitudes across many dimensions who walk beside you in spirit and awakening.  They are but a heart connection away from you; a heart connection that can be made in just a breath.

Sit quietly and invite this connection with other awakened souls to help raise the vibration and consequently the awareness of those who still struggle with the human condition. The belief in lack of abundance fosters greed, selfishness and fear. When in fact there is abundance surrounding each and every one of you.

Look towards Mother Earth to see how she has provided you with all you need without charge. Close your eyes, open your heart and feel the love coming forth from nature. Remember that you are only stewards of this physical plane whose personal growth depends on living in harmony with the Mother and all of her creatures, human and otherwise.

Dear One, sit quietly and breathe love out into your immediate world. See that loving breath combine with the breath of all kindred souls to create a soft layer of love surrounding this physical plane. As more and more add their loving breath to this blanket of love, it will continue to extend out beyond and across dimensions. There is such power in this. Recognize this power.

Forward movement requires peaceful existence, loving kindness and awareness of the strength in combined efforts towards peace and love. If you heighten your awareness of this process you will see small yet miraculous changes occurring as a result of your quiet efforts.

Remember that the power of love supersedes any other force in the entire universe. Know this in your heart as you move through your day. Understand that it begins with love of self; for you are indeed a divine being on a journey of self-discovery. Close your eyes and feel the love being sent to you at this very moment, across miles, across dimension, across the millennium of existence.

Dear One, do not succumb to fear and feelings of powerlessness and failure. You are exactly where you are meant to be at this very moment. And it is the experiences already lived that have brought you to this very moment. Lessons learned have allowed you to reach this moment in time.

Allow the power of your breath, the power of your love, the power of your connection to the All to help raise the vibration here upon this physical plane. Understand that this strife you are currently experiencing can be transformed by the power of love. And understand that your limited perception does not allow you to see the progress made with every step you take.

Believe in yourself. Believe in the power of love. Believe in the power of unified consciousness.

Have faith that you CAN and ARE making a difference whenever you send out loving thoughts or act with loving kindness despite the perceived wall of resistance you meet along the way.

Join the awakened others who share with you the loving connection of the All. Help others to awaken by sending them love and only love. For you are the power, you are the instrument of change here upon this plane and across the cosmos. And you are joined by countless others who choose to move forward in love regardless of whether they can see immediate results or not.

Have faith, Dear One, in yourself and in the power of prayer and unity.

You, Dear One, chose to be here at this time of transition and we honor you for that choice.

And we support you as we hold you close in our hearts, loving you beyond measure.

Dear One with All of Thee.