You have the free will

To choose how to move forward

This day in your life.

And with those choices

Come opportunities to learn.

Dear One, this life you have chosen is filled with opportunities to learn and to grow. And as you do, so does the collective consciousness. It is through your life that the Oneness discovers Itself. For you are connected to the Whole. You are an integral piece of a sacred mosaic and your life and how you choose to live it does make a difference.

The choices are yours to make. You have guidance, should you accept it, to move forward in the gentlest of ways. But often the best route for learning is through challenges presented to you in your life. There is no judgment, only love. For no matter what path you choose, it will always lead you home. To the Oneness, to the All That Is.

What we ask you to remember is that all life is sacred. Including your own. Every part of creation, from the tiniest of microbes to the tallest mountain was created by the Divine. And so, has a piece of the Divine within. Just as you hold that holy flame of the Oneness within.

The Divine exists within you. It is a part of you and all that you see. Created in love. Created from love. This is who you truly are with more strength and power than you realize. For, Dear One, you have the power to create your world. Consider how different people see the same situation differently. Each has viewed it through the lens of the world that they have created. Their world.

You can view your surroundings with fear or with love. You can see others through the lens of compassion or judgment. You can decide that the action of another is wrong or an impetus for your own growth. Through what lens do you choose to view your world?

All are connected and the actions of one may affect the life of another who resides many miles away. Do you choose to act or to re-act? Do you choose love or fear? Do you choose to stay in an energetic environment which does not serve you? Or do you seek help, offer help, and choose to rise above your current situation?

Dear One, you have the opportunity to experience joy every moment of your day. But the blinders of fear and self-doubt prohibit you from accepting this gift. You are worthy. You are capable. You are the sacred manifestation of the Divine. Honor thyself. Honor thy world and all that surrounds you. For all are holy. All are sacred. Down to each breath which you take.

You have been given this opportunity for growth because you are loved unconditionally. You have been given this opportunity because you are worthy and have the tools to move forward with grace. You have been given this opportunity because it was your chosen path. And no matter which way you turn you will come home and be received with open arms.

Believe in yourself as we believe in you. Love yourself and others as we love you. Open your eyes and see the possibility for joy in every situation you encounter. The heaviness is great and yet you have the power to raise it. Through love.

If you feel burdened, allow the Mother to soothe your nerves. Find time to sit and breathe and connect to that eternal flame which burns within. For it is a part of the Source of the All That Is. Just as you are, Dear One.

If you do not like what you see

Choose another path.

There is always the opportunity

For change.

It is just a matter of

Taking that next step.

Lean on us if you are unsteady.

You are never alone.

That is impossible.

For you are indeed,

One With All of Thee.

How Do You Love?

Unconditional Love

What does love mean to you?

And how do you love?


Or, with limitations and conditions?

Dear One, what is the definition of love for you? Are you able, in this human form, to express the purest form of unconditional love from which you are made; without expectation, without judgment, without wanting another to change in any way? Can you love that person exactly as they are at this very moment?

Every person who walks into your life has something unique to offer you. It might be a lesson, a gift that only they can give to you. But sometimes it is not obvious and takes complete acceptance of who they are in order to fully appreciate how they can enhance your life.

Are you able to put aside any expectation or any notion to change a person into someone you think they should be? Can you meet them exactly where they are on their path and honor them for who they are right at this moment? Is this not the gift of love; understanding that everyone is a Divine being working within a human framework.

All who are here on this plane at this time chose to be here, right here, right now. All of you on another level understood the possibilities that this journey had to offer. That does not mean that many have not become lost within the human condition and forgotten their own divinity, their connection to the All. For indeed, many of you have done just that.

However, each of you has the potential to awaken to their highest self, their Divine self, and with that awakening have access to the many gifts you have to share with this world. The human condition has caused many of you to judge others for their perceived lack; when in fact, it is not lack, just a delay in awakening to their true nature.

In your relationship with others, can you accept another where they are right now without judgment or anger or ridicule? Can you instead see the Divine light within them and share your own Divine light with them?

Each relationship may not progress as you had hoped and may not be a nurturing experience for you. In either of these cases, you may choose to step away for your own personal growth. But the key is whether or not you can step away in love, without blame. Can you hold that person in gratitude for the lesson, the gift they may have given you in the course of your interactions?

Everyone is on their own path back to the Source in their own time frame, at their own pace. If you are not moving forward at the same speed, it may cause difficulties unless you can begin to love unconditionally and honor each other for who you are and where you are right now.

Dear One, we have said this before, the human condition creates the illusion of separateness and Ego encourages you to make comparisons and judgments. Can you begin to move past this and understand that the best kind of love is unconditional? And this includes self-love.

Honor the Divine within each other. Encourage others to move forward on their path by shining your radiant light upon them with love and compassion. For many of you have come down the same road at an earlier time in your physical life.

Allow others the freedom to choose their own life experiences as they find their way. Offer guidance and encouragement, if appropriate, but most importantly, offer loving kindness. And should the relationship not become one for which you had hoped, bless it and move on or meet the other person where they are, without expectation.

Every interaction, every relationship, every chance meeting has merit, has a lesson for all involved and offers an opportunity for growth. Respect another’s choices as you share with them, with the world, your radiant Divine light.

For it is with the support of your light, your loving kindness, in conjunction with that of others, that forward movement is able to take place upon this plane. Do not see relationships that end as failures. See them as opportunities for growth and wrap them in unconditional love.

Remember that you came from love, that you are made of love and that you are capable of unconditional love. Raise your awareness above this human condition and reclaim your true essence, your radiance, your joy and your power.

Be of love, Dear One. Dear One with All of Thee.