Be Yourself

Love yourself exactly as you are.

For you have individual gifts to share with others,

Individual strengths to help this world

And all those who cross your path

To grow and change with love.

Dear One, understand that you are unique in who you are and what gifts you can share with the world. Your presence, with those gifts, can allow others to grow because of the uniqueness of what you offer them. Do not doubt the power of your presence being precisely who you are.

There is no need to be like another when you have so much to offer yourself. Yes, of course, there is personal growth that you will continue to experience. But that growth brings you closer to who YOU really are, with all your individual experiences and personalities.

Remember that you are here for a reason, and that reason is to help with the ongoing ascension. Your placement throughout life has allowed you to experience what was needed to hone your personal gifts to share with others.

No one else is exactly like you, and together, the combination of all the unique souls upon this plane creates a matrix of power. Consider the physical body and its individual cells, each contributing a special function supporting the whole.

It is the same with each of you providing your gifts to help with the ongoing ascension. The presence of each of you is essential in what you are contributing to the whole. Honor who you are and the experiences you have had to bring you to this very moment. Understand that those you can help will cross your path just as you will interact with those who can help you.

It is a complex matrix of synchronicity weaving lives together for a moment or for an extended time to help with the collective growth of the All. Love yourself exactly as you are and begin to see those perceived flaws as tools to assist in not only your development but in the growth of others.

Have you noticed how one person may be better able to communicate than another because they have experienced a similar situation? Or how the shy ones are drawn to that quiet person who radiates the calm energies they need to feel safe? Each of you is provided with the perfect match to assist your personal growth; this would not be possible if everyone were the same.

Dear One, honor yourself for who you are and for how far you have come. Do this as well with your physical body and send it loving energies throughout your day, offering gratitude for what it has given you. For indeed, physical flaws have also made you stronger.

Admire and honor others for what they have to offer this world, but do not make comparisons with self-judgment. Do you compare and judge the differences between your heart and liver cells? Each has a purpose and unique function to help the whole body’s survival, just as each of you contributes to and assists in the life of the All.

Remember that you are a part of the whole that requires each of you to be exactly who you are in order to grow. Just as your body could not survive with only heart cells, the Oneness cannot be sustained without your presence in this world and beyond.

Embrace who you are.

Honor where you have been and move forward in grace.

Understanding that what you have to offer

Is exactly what is needed in all the interactions of your life.

You are a unique cell in the body of the All.

Dearest One with All of Thee.


Join the Prayer Circle tonight, Sunday, @ 9 PM Eastern Standard Time:

Send love out to this world as you join kindred souls offering up their prayers.

Keep the momentum going. Your input is needed now more than ever.

I will add my energies to the loving thoughts you have for the world and your loved ones.

 I’ll hold space and offer my support to all across this globe to be themselves and to see the beauty, strength, and power in who they are and where they have been. May we all hold each other up with loving support as we inch closer to a new way of being.

Connect when you can and bring change and love to this world. Understand that there is a constant stream of collective prayer circling this globe at all times.

Much gratitude and many blessings to you.

May we all hold gratitude to the unseen world which is holding us up, keeping us strong with love.



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image by nico_venter

Each day is a new day

A day of rebirth

For you

And for the world

Which surrounds you.

Nothing is the same,

Including you.

Dear One, nothing stifles you more than approaching each day as if it were the same as the previous day. For in truth, each day is a new beginning, a rebirth for you. For you have grown as your body rested and processed the previous day. You have been given more knowledge in those sleeping hours. And you have an opportunity to view your world afresh with all of your human senses.

There is so much that occurs in your world which is completely unrealized by a distracted you. A person who falsely believes that this day is and will be the same as the previous day. Your mind has tricked you into complacency. It has invited you to review old wounds, to foster old beliefs. It has blinded you to the changes that occurred since the previous day. Blinded, silenced and controlled by fear. Is this the path of a divine life?

In order to awaken to your new way of being it is important for you to be mindful of what lies before you. Not what was there yesterday, but what is there today in this very moment. For your senses have been refreshed and are able to absorb more information without the limitations of your mind.

Synchronicity is a powerful force which has been used throughout your life to guide you forward. But so many of you continue to see only what you saw yesterday. A human arrogance of believing you know what is before you because it was there in the past.

Reflect upon how you feel differently every moment of your day. Upon awakening you may feel rested one day and exhausted another day. You may leap forward with joy in your heart or drag yourself forward disheartened that the day has begun once again. Your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual bodies are in constant flux throughout your lifetime. And so is the world that lies before you.

Each moment of your life is a gift. And yet so many of you see it as a monotonous burden. You fail to see the infinitesimal changes occurring all around you. Life is bursting forth, changing and affecting your surroundings. Offering you moments of joy, of awe, of feeling part of a wondrous world. A moment of rebirth. An opportunity to approach your world differently today than yesterday.

Look closer, listen more carefully, tread more lightly and breathe more deeply to experience the difference between this moment and the previous moment. You are a part of this, Dear One. Forever changed from one moment to the next. Reflect upon this and do not miss the gifts presented to you daily.

Accept the gift of you to the world. Allow yourself to be guided by those synchronistic moments that appear before you. Choose to be the conduit between heaven and earth. Know the power of your service to this world and to those who cross your path. Your life has purpose and offers opportunities for greatness every day of your embodied life here upon this plane.

Dear One, life continues to change every moment of your day. Allow yourself to be that conduit for change, for yourself, for others, for this world and beyond.

You are a wondrous being transformed each moment of your day. Change occurs constantly to you and to this world. Resistance will only stifle you. It will only create friction and suffering.

Be at peace with who you are

With where you are

And with the changes occurring in your life.

Flow as gently as water

Along the currents of change.

It is the way of life.

Embrace it and feel the joy of it.

The gift of this life to you.

Dearest One With All of Thee.


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Necessity and Abundance

photo credit: Yiming Hu Shangri-La

photo credit: Yiming Hu

How do you see your life?

Filled with unmet needs

Or overflowing with abundance?

Dear One, the perceptions you have about your life can affect the joy you feel every moment of your day. Do you live a life in need or a life of abundance? Do you give gratitude for what you have or do you compare your life with those of others?

Please know, Dear One, how much love surrounds you every moment of your day. As the vibrational energies on your planet continue to rise, it will be easier for you to feel our loving embrace. We have such gratitude for you in your choice to be here upon this plane at this time.

Still we understand how difficult the perceived lack in your life can be. But take a moment and really look at what you have and re-evaluate.

Begin with yourself and the gifts that you have been given. These are yours for a specific reason. For you are the one in the right place at the right time to use them for the highest good. If you do not recognize them, contemplate on what comes without effort to you in your daily life. Or ask a close friend or colleague to describe your best traits.

This is the time, Dear One, for you to shine in all your radiance. Trust yourself, acknowledge the strengths that you have and share them with others. For combined with another’s gifts, the possibilities of creation are endless.

Reflect upon your life and how far you have come, even in the presence of struggle or disappointment, pain or loss. Consider how those experiences allowed you to find strength, resourcefulness, wisdom or grace at the most appropriate times. Attributes of which you were unaware even existed within your personality.

Dear One, now is a time to give gratitude for your past experiences and lay them to rest. Now is a time to be present, fully present in the moment, moving forward without a backward glance. For your contributions at this time of transformation are very important. You have grown so much. Do you not see it?

Begin to rely on your own intuition and perceptions of reality and not those of others. Trust those gut feelings that you have. Trust yourself. And move forward in service, if only to acknowledge another as you pass them on your daily journey. You can and DO make a difference every moment of your day. Of this we can assure you.

Dear One, gravitate towards those who bring you joy. Spend time with those who support you in your personal growth. Open your heart to all, but remember that your love can be expressed in many ways. And sometimes that is to step back and love from afar, allowing another the distance they might need to grow and heal.

Your life is unfolding in a most perfect way. Those who are meant to be in your life at this time are here now. Just as in your past, the ones you needed for lessons to learn or lessons to teach were in your life at the most perfect time.

Allow your life to unfold as it should, without judgment of what the most perfect outcome would be.

Recognize the joy, the support, the love you have brought into so many lives.

And understand that you may never see the results of your interactions with others. For those interactions may have been brief, yet powerful beyond your imagination.

Dear One, be joyful and allow your radiance to shine.

Always and forever more.

Accept the Gift

…..Of You.
For you are
The gift to the world.

Are you able to comprehend this? Are you able to accept that you are a gift packaged in a human form? Within that form is a brilliant light shining brighter than your sun; with rays extending out to infinity. This is who you truly are. A gift of light for those not yet awakened.

The packages containing these gifts come in many shapes and forms. Some are a bit damaged or crushed, but what is inside remains unscathed, untouched in its brilliance. Can you see past the packaging and peek inside? For that is where the treasure truly lies.

The ebb and flow of life here upon this plane has caused you to be accustomed to change, though some continue to resist anything but the safe repetition of their daily lives. Any change that occurs in your life is another slight unfolding of the outer wrapper. It is another portal from which a ray of inner light can find its way outward to shine.

Soon you will be better able to see this in those around you. In those whom you see every day. And suddenly, in one aha moment, you will notice a flickering around them. You will notice waves of energy coming forth from them. You will see bands of light around all living things. All living things.

But you are not quite ready for that. The process must be gentle so as not to alarm you. For this truly will be a new way of seeing for you. So what will occur is a slow shift in your vision, your inner eye will become more active and you will begin to notice tiny shifts in how you view your world. It has already begun and many are beginning to notice, yet are unsure of what they are seeing. That is why we are here to help you in this transition period. For this time which has been anticipated with joy and love.

It is time for you to begin to trust who you are, what you see and what you know. It is time for you to no longer require the approval of others as you find your own path. It is time for you to open your heart to others who journey with you. Always as you act with pure intent. If you do that, the results, the reactions will be unimportant for you. For you have walked in light and you do not know what another requires to move ahead on their path.

Remember that what you may see as a negative result is in fact the appropriate result for another to move forward. Realize that your sight must not be from the human condition as you question your actions. All is unfolding exactly as it should. Do not allow your human condition to cast a shadow of doubt on that truth.

Instead, walk in light and love. Ask for help when you need it. Trust that you are exactly where you should be in this very moment. Notice the synchronicities of your life and listen for the messages that you receive every day from the most unlikely of sources. You are not alone. You never have been alone. You are an integral part of an infinite web of light and love.

Take your place.
Walk in love
Shine your light wherever you go.
Trust and allow joy to fill your being.

For this is who you truly are.
One with all of thee

Why are you not listening?

Why are you not listening when we talk to you? Why do you turn your head, lower your eyes, or walk away? Why do you call to us, often in desperation, yet when we answer, you do not listen? We are always with you. Always. We hear your call to us and we are there with a response. Always. But you do not seem to hear it.

And so we ask: How do you expect to receive your answers?

Do you expect an apparition to appear in front of you with the solution to your dilemma? Do you expect a rumble in the sky, a bolt of lightning to precede any words of wisdom and encouragement? Where and how do you expect to get your answers? Think about this.

The answers to your questions are always provided to you. But perhaps not in the way you expected them to arrive. The messenger might be a child with a simple question, a colleague’s action that sparks a thought. Or, it might be a gut feeling, an urge to ‘go this way’ or to talk with someone you just happened to see. The answers to your questions come in countless ways. They are not dramatic. But gentle and natural interactions.

Every aspect of your daily lives has a message for you. But you must be open and receptive to the messages. Do not doubt your insights, your synchronous interactions with others. These are the ways in which we interact with you. This is how the connection flows throughout the universe. Sudden, dramatic responses are not our way. For the message would be lost in the orchestration of the delivery.

This means that your awareness of all that happens during your day, being present in the moment, will allow you to ‘hear’ your answers. And you may not realize that your answer arrived until after you have awoken from a dream. After you have returned home and reviewed your day. After you have said good-bye to the person with whom you were speaking.

Do you not realize that you are a part of us and we are a part of you? And so, your answers come from interactions with each other, as we are present with all of you.

The answers may come from any part of your life; animal, mineral, plant, spirit, thought. Change your way of listening. Be present and understand that AHA! moment. Be grateful to the person who gave a part of themselves in order to be the messenger for you. Look everywhere. See everything. No action is too small to go un-noticed. Gentle messages. Quiet examples. Simple solutions.

Be quiet, be observant and be ever present in the moment. And understand also, that YOU are a messenger for others. You may not be aware of this role which you play daily. But it is one of your many functions here upon this plane of existence. As you all search for the path to follow back to the Source. You are an important part of the solution for others, as they are for you.

Synchronicity, co-existence, and connection. Open your hearts to the ways of the universe. Take flight, soar high and sing sweetly. All are possible. For we exist within you and among you and always urge you to grow, to dance, to know the joy of life.

Do not doubt yourselves.


Practice non-judgment.

And be present in the moment.

This is your lesson for today.