Serenity Amidst Change


Chaos abounds around you.

The currents of change are stirring the pot,

Affecting your sensitive soul.

Send peace into your world

With every breath you take.

Dear One, change fosters disturbance in the established ways of being. When change occurs, you are forced to readjust, to reassess and to go with the flow of movement. Forward, always forward. Despite the grim outlook, these are exciting times of Universal growth and you are here, in the physical realm, to help counter-balance the negative forces astir.

You feel helpless, without any power or direction, as if life is happening to you. And yet, you have more power than you realize. But in order to access and use that power, it is necessary to first go within to gather your strength through your Divine connections.

All that occurs in your life is painted by your individual perceptions. These perceptions can lead you to see your world in a positive or a negative way. The choice is yours. You also have the choice to add to the chaos or to help stabilize it through your own actions.

What do we mean by this? You can allow the feelings of despair to bring your spirits down, allowing the feelings of helplessness to overwhelm and paralyze you. Or, you can ask for help in using your divine gifts to help stabilize a world perceived to be out of control. You, Dear One, have the power to support change in a positive, loving and compassionate manner.

You are not alone in this process. Many unseen forces from far away realms in the Universe are here to assist in the changes now occurring on this physical plane. Understand that all are connected, which means that what happens here on this plane affects the All. For this reason, you are supported in ways you cannot understand at this time. But rest assured that you are NOT alone, nor are you left abandoned on your forward path.

Living in a physical world creates this illusion of separateness and individual gain. And yet, in your true state, as an energetic being, you are connected to all of creation. You are able to feel the vibrations of change, unseen by your human eyes, and you are physically affected by them.

In addition, you can affect others by the vibrations that you send out from your Divine essence seated within your heart center. This means that you can either add to the distress by outbursts of anger and frustration, or you can help stabilize the situation with a calm countenance emanating from your core. The choice is yours.

For you to contribute positive vibrations to this world, it is important for you to spend time connecting to your inner divinity daily, with quiet time in meditation or contemplation. This will help you to replenish your own energies, as you pull from the Infinite source of love. Surround yourself with positive energies and if you feel dragged down by chaos, take steps to free yourself from that negativity.

Shower and see the negative forces flowing down the drain. Surround yourself with Nature and honor her, bless her and thank her for the gentle breeze that clears your energetic field. Cleanse your internal organs with clear water, blessing it before drinking it. Rest and contemplate all for which you are grateful, all to whom you send love, and all for whom you feel compassion.

Dear One, this is a time to become an active participant. Believe in yourself and in the internal strength that you have that can be used for the common, the highest good. Trust that the Universe is unfolding exactly as it should. And accept the loving support from the unseen world which is working diligently by your side; supporting you, whispering encouraging words into your ear and holding you in loving embrace.

These are wondrous times, these times of change. Participate in a loving, positive way. Treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself, no matter how they approach you. For all are children of the Universe and all have a role to play in this time of change, even though you cannot see it from your point of view.

Trust, believe in yourself, in Us and in love.

Your capacity to love has no limits, for you are part of the Divine.

And the Divine is only love.

You are a vehicle for change.

Do your part with love and peace within your being.

All is well. You have all the tools needed.

Dear One with All of Thee.


Second Book Coming Soon!

20160220-OWAT-Vol2-cover-002 - Copy

I’m so excited to tell you that the second book of the One With All of Thee (OWAT) series, Sowing the Seeds for Change, is almost ready to be sent to the publisher. It will continue where the first book left off in sharing the messages I receive from my Tovarysh. To quote someone who read a draft of One With All of Thee: Sowing the Seeds for Change, ‘The first book was like a primer. This one goes much deeper into the process of making changes in your life.’ And that is so very true. Now that they have your attention, my Tovarysh wants to get down to business and gently move you forward on your spiritual path.

But I need your help to get this published. So I have launched a crowdfunding campaign with Indiegogo. I’m asking for your support in however best you can help me to get this book out, even if it is just by sharing this information with your friends and families.

These messages have helped me become the person I am today and I know they will help you, too. So please go to the link for the Sowing the Seeds for Change campaign @

Thank you so much for following this blog. Help me to continue to share the wisdom entrusted to me by supporting the Sowing the Seeds for Change campaign. I am committed to getting this book out, no matter what. So look for it in the fall of 2017.

Many blessings to you all.




Am I doing enough?

Am I really making progress?

I feel as if I am stuck

Going backwards

Help me please.

Dear One, worry not about your progress upon your path, for you have come so far. Your forward movement has been steady if often subtle and not noticeable to you. But know that you have not failed and that we continue to cheer you on as you navigate this physical existence.

Self-judgment is a human emotion that often arises when your physical body is tired and you cannot see the end of your current challenge. Do not fall into this way of thinking; that you are a failure, you are not doing enough or that someone else could live your life much better.

You are the hero/heroine of your own life and no one can walk in your shoes with as much grace and strength, with as much courage and resolve, or with as much knowledge accrued along the way. You, Dear One, are exactly where you should be at this moment. And all of the life experiences you have had up to this point have prepared you for this current challenge.

Do not doubt yourself as you are one with the Source and have universal knowledge available to you at all times. It may be difficult to access this, however, when you are feeling so vulnerable and exhausted. To raise your vibration, to help you to hear your inner voice, allow yourself some quiet time every day. For it is in the stillness that the guidance becomes clearer to you.

You have touched many people along your journey, many whose names you do not even know. For your mere presence in this world, as you move forward, has made a significant difference in many lives. Remember the web of connection and how the energy moves along the threads of each and everyone’s personal tapestry of their lives.

Because of you, many have been redirected when they were lost. Because of you, many have felt love and compassion. Because of you, many have found a role model to emulate as they continue on their own journeys. Indeed, you have made a difference and contributed to the growth of others as you experience your own personal lessons.

And as we have mentioned before, your lessons learned are also learned by the cosmic consciousness as the energy moves along that web of connection. Your life matters, not only to those here upon this physical plane, but to the entire universal consciousness. Your life matters.

Take a breath at this moment. Send love throughout your physical being. Accept the loving embrace that we send to you now. You are not alone. We hear your cry and respond immediately. The response may not be apparent to you, but it comes in a way that will best serve you as you continue once again on your journey.

Find balance in your daily routine. Frolic as you once did when just a babe, exploring the great unknown. And laugh. Laugh at yourself, at your situation. For the laughter will raise your energetic vibration and allow you once again to feel our presence in your life.

Dear one, you are held in the highest esteem by all of the unseen companions who travel along with you. Feel our loving embrace. Hear our cheers as we watch your progress.

Be at peace. Be of love.

You have accomplished so much. How could you not when you are a divine being with all the strength, love and power of the All?

Set aside that self-judgment and be of joy.

For you are loved beyond measure.

Dear One with All of Thee.

Lightness of Being

How heavy is the load

That you carry upon your shoulders?

Are you willing to lighten it

With gratitude and joy?

Dear One, so many of you carry the problems of the world upon your shoulders. You feel that you are alone in moving forward in your attempt to survive and make it through just one more day.

But you are not alone and never have been. This is only an illusion created by the state of physical being. You, in fact, are connected to the entire consciousness of being. Pause and consider this for a moment. You are but one piece of a collective consciousness that exists throughout the entire span of being.

Why then, you ask, do you feel so alone, so limited in what you can do, should do, in this lifetime of existence? The answer is that it is but an illusion of your mind, a result of your Ego and it can be changed in an instant.

Dear One, take a deep breath and call to your higher self, to those unseen forces of love and compassion that are with you at all times. Call to them and ask them to help. For they cannot help without your permission. You have been given free will on this experiential journey and so they wait for your call.

You are surrounded by a sea of love longing to hold you in a comforting embrace. You are but a breath away from release of pain and suffering. You have help readily available to you, every moment of your day.

When you call for help, give gratitude for it already being given, for the situation already being resolved. Then step back and allow it to unfold as it should. You, Dear One, limit the possibilities of outcome by your vision of what should happen. This is because you do not have the larger perspective seen from a higher vantage point.

Can you call for help and then trust that it has already been given, been sent your way?

Can you cry for comfort and immediately feel the loving embrace surrounding you?

Can you ask for conflict resolution and trust that it will be dissolved in the most perfect way?

When you start your day filled with worry and doubt, call upon your playful self that lives within each and every one of you. Call that playful self forward and ask it to brighten your day with joy and lightness of being. And feel the shift in energy that surrounds you. It will shift if you trust and give it permission to come forth.

You are filled with complexities and depth of emotion. This is why the human existence is such a wonderful teaching ground for your personal journey. And yet, your true nature is one of joy and light and love.

Know that there will come a time after you shed your physical body when you will join those who had such a powerful influence on your physical life. At this time you will both review your interactions from a higher perspective. And you will offer gratitude and forgiveness to each other for the lessons.

Dear One, this is but a training ground for you for self-discovery. And you are surrounded by loving companions who are cheering you on every moment of your day. Call on them when you need to lighten your load. Know that you have the strength, the joy, the love within you, for that is your true nature.

Put down your burden. Call forth your joyful self. And trust that all will be well. All will be forgiven so that only love remains. Only joy. Only light.

You are our courageous one, our adventurous one, filled with strength, connected in love and held in gratitude for all that you have done.

Trust this, Dear One, Dear One with All of Thee.