What Have You Learned?

what have you learned

Photo by mitikusa.net on flickr

What have you learned

In this life of yours?

Reflect upon how far

You have come

And you will be surprised

At the progress you have made.

Dear One, so many of you are self-critical as you think about your life this day. You look only at what you are not, what you have not yet accomplished or what you have done wrongly. Perhaps you should be kinder to yourself as you reflect upon and see how far you have come in this life of yours.

The human condition is so focused on certain ideals that need to be acquired in order to label yourself as a success. Who initiated this concept? Why would all of humanity be required to follow the same path in order to be admired and considered successful? We question this as most of the ideals are truly inconsequential in your path back to the Source. And many of these ideals are transient as they change with each new generation that comes into maturity.

Dear One, do not shudder as you remember actions or words expressed previously in your life. The mere fact that those memories cause you discomfort shows how much you have grown. That is what this life is meant to be, an opportunity to experience different scenarios in order to learn and grow. We have said before that the Source experiences Itself through you, as you are a part of the Divine. That is truth.

This quest to be perfect in the human condition only causes distress and self-recrimination. How can you learn if you do not fall? Is it not more important that you pick yourself back up and continue to be present in your life and in the lives of those you love? What a perfect lesson in humility, compassion and forgiveness.

We have mentioned before that what you see as your flaws are also your greatest strengths. It is the discernment as to when to draw upon these traits that leads to maturity and personal growth. Do you not understand that because of your experiences, your perceived flaws, that you are in a perfect position to help others move through the same lessons? And understand that this knowledge learned crosses realms far beyond this plane.

Oh, Dear One, you are already perfect in every way. The challenge for you is to understand that this perceived reality is but an illusion created for you as a learning ground. And you have learned so much and shared so much knowledge already with others here upon this plane and beyond. Those challenges with which you struggle only make you stronger and prepare you for future events when your strength will be needed for others around you.

You are wondrous and have come so far. Do not, do not minimize all that you have already learned. Share those lessons with others. And for those still seeking, look to others who have experienced similar situations for guidance. Be observant of others rather than being self-absorbed and you will see how others struggle as you have. Depending on where you stand on this curve of knowledge, reach forward, reach backward, reach upwards or below and connect with others. They are your community, your source of strength and guidance, and there is much to be shared in all directions.

Remember the connection that is ever-present between you and all of creation. It is difficult to acknowledge this when you are in the midst of a challenge. But if you can remember that you are not alone in your suffering, that others have experienced the same, that loving arms reach out to help you, oh how that will ease your pain.

Dear One, you have come so far and are ready for the future. You are already awakening at a rapid pace. Of this, you may not be aware, but those of us who lovingly watch over you can see the progress and celebrate your passage into a new way of being each and every day.

Honor yourself for waking up each day and being present, despite the challenges.

Honor your connection with all of creation by being respectful and kind to all living beings.

Honor your progress as you reflect upon how far you have come.

You have more strength than you realize.

You have the power to create your world

As a most loving and gentle world.

But it begins with you

And how you see and treat yourself.

Do so with kindness and compassion

For you have come so far.

And the future possibilities

Are infinite, beyond measure.

Dear One With All of Thee.


Your life is unfolding exactly as it should
Your lessons lay before you
Accept the natural rhythm of your life

Dear One, know that your life is unfolding exactly as it should. Know that this place where you are, right now, is exactly where you should be. Know that you have help and support to get you to the next step. Always. Always.

There is a progression in the lives of each and every one of you that is moving you forward even though you may feel that you have taken a step back. Your movement is always forward, despite how you might feel. The key is for you to surrender to who you are and where you are in this very moment.

Accept where you are in this very moment. If you are feeling deep emotion, then allow it to flow through you rather than deny its existence. You need not act upon that emotion. Just accept that this is how you are feeling in this very moment. Surrender first in order to make the changes you feel are necessary. Be honest with yourself that this is who you are, this is how you are feeling right now.

Surrender to your current situation before you try to move through it. Acknowledge, without judgment, that this is where you are. Once you honestly accept this, you will find the clarity of what to do next. The key is to be honest with yourself about where you are.

Breathe deeply and allow the clarity to come. And it will come. But before it does, the chaotic emotion you have been feeling, the unrest that has been agitating you, must first be acknowledged. Allow it to speak to you. Embrace what it is telling you and ask for clarity for your next move. The internal struggle creates too much distraction to allow you to see clearly. And so, surrender, breathe, listen, pause. You will then begin to see the path appear before you; the path to your next adventure in this experiential life, here upon this plane.

By surrendering, you may get a glimpse of the lesson in your current situation. Or perhaps, it will take more distance before you discover the self-knowledge learned today. But know that all is well with you. This is your journey. And as you learn to calm your mind, your emotions, through true surrender in this moment, you will begin to see how to move through your world. The struggles you feel can be disarmed gently with compassion and acceptance. This will create the freedom and clarity you then can use to move forward.

Dear one, you are not lost. You are exactly where you should be. Call upon us if you need more guidance. We are here for you. Every step forward that you take, we are by your side. You have greatness within you, for that is your natural state. Remember that in these moments of uncertainty.

We know you and see you as you truly are, a divine being on an experiential journey. You have the strength and the courage to move forward. You have the knowledge of the entire universe at your fingertips. And soon, you will better understand how to reach and use that knowledge for the growth of the entire collective consciousness.

You are a traveler on a wondrous journey.
Walk in light and love.
And know that there are loving arms around you, ready to lift you up, should you stumble.
For you are One with All of Thee.