Magical Moments


Are you aware of them?

Or do you miss them

As you worry, plan, stay inside of your head?

Dear One, there is wondrous beauty surrounding you every moment of your day. Like a small child tugging at your hem, these wondrous elements of existence are there for you to notice, to enjoy, to accept with grace and gratitude.

Once again, we remind you to use all of your senses to experience your world. You have been aware of five of them your entire lives, though many of you have not used all of them to their fullest extent. Your mind still draws you inside to think about the past or the future. And while doing so, you miss the present, the moment of NOW.

Can you begin to increase your awareness of your very existence as you walk through your day? Are you even conscious of your breath? Are you holding your breath in anticipation, in contemplation, in worry or fear? Can you close your eyes and describe the sights that were just before you? Can you remember the sounds, the aromas, how it felt to be where you were just a moment ago?

So many are skeptical of those who have the gift of knowing, the gift of seeing or hearing the unseen. The truth is that you, too, have this gift. Yet how can you nurture it if you do not even use the other senses that you have. This sixth sense is also a part of your make-up, it is your connection to the All. And in order to be aware of it, to trust it, practice by using your other senses to a larger extent. For it all depends on your awareness of your surroundings. And if you are not even aware of your physical surroundings how can you be aware of your energetic surroundings?

You are given many gifts every day, magical moments with the ability to stir your heart, to bring a smile to your face. How many of these moments have you missed in your haste to perform a task that one month, one year from now will be forgotten?

You, Dear One, are part of a wondrous world, both physical and energetic. This physical plane has so many beautiful sights, sounds, fragrances. These special moments come and go in a flash; the sweet aroma of a flower in bloom, the first attempt of a fledgling at flight, the streak of light across your night sky.

Do not miss these moments any longer. Open yourself up to the small gifts offered to you every day; from Mother Nature, from a loved one, from a complete stranger. There is much focus on the negative, the fear, the potential for disaster in your future. Worry not. Fear not. Create your world of peace and joy as you accept these small gifts of love throughout your day.

Offer them yourself; a smile, a gesture, an act of kindness to a stranger. Be a part of one of those many magical moments in the life of another. And as you grow in your awareness of your physical realm, you will begin to notice other, more subtle occurrences in your life. As your awareness increases, you will begin to trust what you see, what you feel, what you hear.

It is all a part of your personal growth. For some of you the journey here is difficult to experience. But know, truly know, that there are magical moments for all of you to help you through your day. To show you that you are part of a loving Universe. To soothe your frayed nerves and offer you a moment of peace or joy in your life.

Dear One, you are much loved. Help us as we reach out to you in ways that are appropriate for you. In ways that you will find comfort and joy. Remember that we do this for you every day in hopes that you will notice and begin to understand the sacredness of all of existence.

You are a part of a sacred spiral enveloped in love.

You cannot become separate from the All.

It is impossible for you to be alone, for you are connected in love.

One with All of Thee.

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