A Purposeful Life


You are entwined

With all embodied life

Here upon this plane.

How can you best interact

With all who surround you

In a purposeful way?

Dear One, you have reflected on the question of why you are here and we have replied that it is for the purpose of learning, knowledge and personal growth. And due to the connectedness of the All That Is, the knowledge learned by each individual is also shared with the collective consciousness. For All are One.

But there is another aspect to an embodied life which has not been addressed at length. And that is how to live a purposeful life. For you still do not understand the power you have within you. The power of your presence here upon this physical plane. The power of your connection with the All That Is.

Dear One, your vibrations continue to rise along with the vibrations of this physical plane and beyond. Internal and external challenges may appear that were never before realized. And as many struggle, you may feel the unease of others. Even if you are not in close proximity to them. For energy travels easily across nations and across realms.

You may feel unease and wonder if it is your own emotion that lowers your vibration, that causes you to feel sadness or despair. And often, Dear One, it is not your own emotion at all, but that of another, of a community, of a nation which alters how you feel during your day.

However, you must remember that just as another can lower your mood, your vibration, so can each of you do the exact opposite and raise the vibration of another. You are connected and others feel the connection, whether they are conscious of this phenomenon or not.

This is what we ask you to consider from this moment on as you move through your day. Dear One, realize that your mere presence can uplift another. Merely showing up and being present can lift another from their despair.

Seeing each other whole and healed. Acknowledging the divinity within each soul, each embodied creature you pass helps to raise their vibration and that of the entire physical plane. Do not diminish the power of your presence in this world.

Remember that you are a conduit between worlds. And although, the unseen world can and is working daily to guide this world forward, we are unable to do what an embodied soul can do. You have the experience of living here in a physical form. You have experienced the emotional trauma that comes with incarnation within this physical plane.

That knowledge gives you the unique opportunity to show and feel empathy that only one who has experienced the same emotions can feel. For this reason, you can be most powerful in redirecting the life of another just by your mere presence and awareness of what is occurring in this world.

We can gently guide you and lift you up, but without the personal experience of being an embodied soul we lack some of the power that you hold within. Understand that it is by working together, the seen and the unseen beings, that so much more can be accomplished and realized as these Universal changes take place.

Dear One, if you feel distressed, indeed ask for help and we shall embrace you with our love and guidance. But understand that you also have the power to affect the rate of growth in this physical plane by how you move through this world.

Can you send out love and blessings to all, even those who appear to be your adversaries? For, indeed, adversarial interactions are immense opportunities for growth and change.

Can you merely show up and move among your fellow travelers with grace? For those energies which you run through your own physical body affect others in a major way.

Can you view your world with compassionate detachment? For compassion will help raise the vibrations while detachment will prevent you from taking on the suffering of others. Remember to keep your boundaries defined while still embracing others in your divine light. This will help them to realize their own light and to begin to lift upwards.

No one, not any living soul created by the Source is alone. For the connection runs between and among all of creation. This is where the power lies, within the connections. And working together as one can achieve miraculous results. Do not doubt this truth.

Open your heart

And share your grace

With all who cross your path.

Be the conduit you came here to be.

Work with us

To help change this world and beyond.

A wondrous future awaits you

As this momentous change continues.

Dearest One With All of Thee.


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