Do Not Doubt Yourself


Jiwoon Pak Moonset (2015)

You have all the strength and resolve you need

To walk in this world with your head held high

With kindness and compassion for others

And to connect with those on your path

Who are there to move you forward this day.

Dear One, do not doubt that you are in the right place, at the right time, to share or receive the knowledge to be exchanged in this very instant. You are connected to the stream of consciousness, which flows through all of creation and allows forward movement, as lives intertwine. This is the energetic connection that permeates the seen and the unseen worlds, bringing them together in ways you cannot even fathom at this time.

You place such importance on this world which you see and interact with using your physical body. And yet, the unseen world is far greater in expanse and in how it affects your life. It is from these connective ethers that you receive the knowledge and gentle push, to move forward in a certain way. And it is from these unseen forces that you draw your strength, as you are surrounded by loving beings, every moment of your day.

You were created by the Divine and so have a permanent connection with the Divine. You, in fact, carry the Divine within you, as it is a part of your make-up. This part of you is from where all answers come. Your physical mind does indeed help navigate your way through this physical world. It may allow you to make scientific discoveries which make your physical life easier. However, it is your heart which helps you to use those discoveries in a manner that supports all of existence. It helps you to use these scientific discoveries with loving kindness, for the highest good of all.

Remember that you are an integral part of this stream of consciousness, as both a recipient and a contributor. You have been given unique gifts for this journey, which in combination with proper physical placement, will allow you to contribute to the All. Do not doubt this. For you must look broader, farther, than your immediate life, in order to understand the connection between all things.

Every interaction has an effect on the collective consciousness. It either contributes to the raising or the lowering of the energetic vibration of this world and beyond. This Universe is expanding and gently pulling you along in this process. Chaotic feelings and interactions may be due to the inexperience of being in these higher vibrations that are moving across this physical plane. It takes time to adjust to these changes and they are being made in the gentlest way possible.

Do not doubt yourself, for you will survive this day, this life, and continue on your personal journey, even beyond this physical existence. You are made of energy, as is the entirety of being. And energy is in constant flux, moving and flowing, as it interacts with its surroundings.

Dear One, you are a child of the Universe, one who is loved and gently cared for, as you make your progress on your individual path. Every day, you are offered the opportunity to learn or to teach a lesson. Your teachers can be any and all of those you encounter during your day, including Mother Nature, who is here to nurture you and provide for your physical body.

Do not doubt yourself, for judgment comes only from you. We offer you gratitude and love, and give you support when you call upon Us for help. Do not doubt yourself, and remember you are a Divine being. Do not doubt yourself, even in those darkest moments; for that is when the light within you will show you the way forward, out of that darkness, back into the joy of being.

Honor yourself and others.

Respect Mother Nature and all of her creatures.

And remember to dance to that Universal song which lives within you.

It plays continuously for you, offering you a joyful respite from your daily stresses.

Be of joy. Be at peace and know that love surrounds you always.

Dear One with All of Thee.


Illusions abound within your life

Created by you and others.

How can you clearly see the truth

In this fog of illusion?

Dear One, this physical life of yours contains so many illusions, many created by you and your perceptions of yourself and others. Can you begin to see things clearly by trusting your inner voice, your intuition, having faith in your connection to the All?

The most common illusion you continue to harbor is that of unworthiness and powerlessness. You have allowed your Ego to convince you that you are not smart enough, rich enough, handsome enough, popular enough to create the life that you wish to have. And so, you continue to compare your life with that of others who you perceive to have all the qualities, the opportunities that you do not have.

Do you not understand that the same ones who you revere and strive to emulate also have their own insecurities? They have also walked through the forest of darkness wondering if they are capable, suitable, worthy enough to embark on the journey they now travel.

Do you not understand that others look at you the same way; wondering how they can develop the gifts you show in your daily life? Can you be courageous enough to take that first step forward on the journey you desire?

Should you share your insecurities, you might be very surprised to hear the same voiced by others. Your self-imposed illusion of unworthiness is Ego’s way of keeping you under its control.

Along with this illusion of powerlessness is the illusion that you have nothing worthy to share with others. You do not have gifts, you are not unique, you are not lovable and you have no control of how your life unfolds.

But indeed, you DO have many gifts and they are what comes easiest to you. When something is so obvious to you, so easy for you to do, you assume that it is the same for others. When, in fact, many do not have the same gift of sight, gift of creativity, gift of speech that you take for granted in your life. Once again, you assume that it is the same for everyone when in fact it is YOUR gift to share with the world.

Dear One, have faith in yourself as one who is connected, truly connected to your higher self, to the All. Trust the inner voice which speaks to you in that loving fashion throughout your day. Cease to doubt your ability to create a wondrous life.

By following that inner voice, trusting that feeling in your gut; by sending out into the universe what you wish to achieve and then allowing it to unfold exactly as it should; this is how to begin to clear the fog created by Ego.

Ask for help with clarity to see who you really are.

Ask that the manifestation of your dreams not involve suffering for others.

Ask that you be guided where to place your next step on your path forward.

Clear the fog of illusion by allowing the light to shine through.Give yourself time of silence and stillness to strengthen your connection with the All. By doing this, you will begin to trust that inner voice which so lovingly guides you daily. But it can be difficult to hear through the din of your thoughts, your fears and the frantic pace of this earthly life.

Be still.

Be at peace.

Be who you really are.

An incarnation of the Divine.

One with all of thee.