Trust Yourself

And your connection

With the Source of All That Is.

The answers are there

Lying within you.

Trust yourself and the All.

For the sacred spiral continues

To encompass this world and beyond

In loving embrace.

Dear One, imagine yourself in the center of the sacred spiral as it gently spins loving energies around you. Expanding outward to encompass all upon this physical plane. And beyond. Connecting all in the sacred breath of the Source who is ever present in your life, in your world.

Your creation began as an idea. A reflection of the extension of the Source. By expanding into defining situations through you, the Oneness continues on a journey of self-realization.

You are a part of that expansion and your self-realization adds to the experiences of the Oneness, the All That Is. For Dear One, nothing is static. Energy flows and your life contributes to the growth of the All. The Ever-Powerful grows and matures because of you.

Consider extending your hand into a dark chamber not knowing what to expect. What will you feel as you move your fingertips along unknown surfaces? Exploring a new experience while the rest of your body remains steadfast in its homeplace.

You are those fingertips of the All, bringing back new experiences and self-knowledge. Understand that the Source is constantly growing and changing, with each breath that you take. Because of you. And understand that there are many layers of existence between the lower energies of the physical plane and that of the Source. All exploring, all growing and learning together, connected with each other, with you and with the All That Is.

How do you know what your reaction might be if you do not allow yourself that new experience of life? New experiences provide you with unlimited growth. The safe monotony of a life unextended is a life not fully lived.

Yes, time for reflection is needed. Time for healing. Time for rest and meditation. But do not anchor in safe harbors longer than required. Instead, open full sails and take on the next challenge with faith and trust in yourself and in your connection to the All.

Allow your intuition to guide you for which path to choose next, for the timing of each action. For as we mentioned, your timeline does not only affect you, but all involved. And all must be coordinated for the highest good of all concerned. Allow the sacred spiral to place you in perfect harmony with the All.

Dear One, life here upon this plane has a purpose. YOUR life has a purpose and any challenges you encounter will build strength and compassion for the next step on your path. For as you experience your personal challenges, you will better understand the lives of others, like and yet unlike you.

See yourself in the eyes of others. Honor their noble journey forward through an often-rocky terrain. Rather than judge them harshly, offer a hand of support or a prayer for a safe and loving journey. Learn from them as they learn from their observations of you and your life.

Close your eyes and feel the connection you have with all that surrounds you. See yourself in the center of that sacred spiral and give gratitude for the love that swirls around you. Contribute your own sparks of love to the spiral and send them outward to others.

Send love rather than judgment. Observe and learn. But take action when moved to do so. Be aware of lifting others up by connecting their hearts to the All. For many have forgotten how to do this consciously, though they have never been abandoned. Yet that lifeline provides strength and resolve.

Move forward with faith, in thyself and in the All. Open your heart and your mind to the endless possibilities of life experiences. Follow your heart while listening to your intuition to keep you steady and safe.

Do not doubt yourself for you are an extension of the All That Is. Reflect upon the truth of that and be that conduit between heaven and earth. Remember that you are love incarnate with power yet to unfurl.

Trust yourself and the All That Is.

Practice patience

And love yourself

And all who cross your path.

Envision all surrounded by the sacred spiral

Embraced in love.

For all of you are connected and,

One With All of Thee.


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The Sacred Spiral

Bodes Galaxy

Bodes Galaxy

The rising waves of energy

Surrounding you in love

Your connection to the All

Circles and embraces you

Dear One, never forget that you are surrounded by a loving embrace. Never forget that there is always a connection between you and the higher worlds. Never forget that you are constantly changing, evolving and circling upward closer to your true nature.

You spin your life either one way or the other, but no matter how it appears to you, the movement you make is always a forward movement, an upward movement to a higher vibration.

You may take some detours, but remember those detours will provide knowledge to you that will help propel you forward. Those detours may not be pleasant as you experience them in the human condition. But from a higher perspective, they are another step on your path home.

Surround yourself with the white light, the golden light that radiates from within. Circle it around you upwards to meet the higher vibration that reaches down to pull you closer to where you long to be. Your conscious mind may not have any memory of your intent for this lifetime. However, there is a part of you that does remember and yearns to fulfill your spiritual goals.

You are a part of a sacred spiral that encompasses the immense love of the Universe, the combined knowledge of all the higher realms and the connection that holds you close even when you feel unanchored.

When you feel lost, sit quietly and imagine that sacred spiral holding you in a loving embrace. See the soles of your feet firmly planted on the ground with the connection circling you. From earth to sky. From physical embodiment to etheric existence. All encased in love and light encouraging you upward into a lightness of being.

For Dear One, you exist in both worlds. Here upon this physical plane and also in the spiritual realm. We have told you before that only a part of you is embodied here. Your higher self remains behind to guide you on your physical journey. You are always connected, never alone.

But of course, it is your choice to allow the guidance to come through, to follow that guidance or to take an alternate path. Either way, you will still be connected. You will still be welcomed back with love and joy. You will still have that inner flame burning, that light of which you truly are.

Allow that light to shine.

Feel the loving embrace around you.

And know, truly know, that you are always moving forward on your path.

You are dearly loved and never alone.