A Personal Message

Call me crazy, but after watching the drama in Washington DC yesterday, listening to all the news reports and reflecting upon what is now occurring here, I feel very honored to be alive at this time, in this country (USA).

Why do I say this? I have been gifted enough to be aware of the guidance that I’ve received over the years from the unseen world. I am aware of the many lessons that have been made available to me, some learned with more grace than others. Some still a work in progress.

And I feel strongly that these past events in my life have led me to where I stand today, with the knowledge, the tools and the connections to take my role in the coming times. These lessons have strengthened me and allowed me to find compassion for others still struggling to find their place in the world.

I have been entrusted with the tasks of doing my part to help with the awakening now occurring on this planet. Me, entrusted with such a responsibility? What an honor!! But haven’t we all, every one of us embodied at this time? Isn’t our mere presence upon this planet, holding ourselves and others up, one of the services we provide?

Though I haven’t been ‘told’ this, I wonder if much of the work that is required at this time has to be done from this physical plane. That’s not to say that there isn’t much activity occurring in the unseen realms to help us. There has been a tremendous shift in energies of late. And I have been graced to be in the presence of legions of arriving light beings coming to this plane to help. This is occurring all over the world.

As a functioning human, I have performed my due diligence by writing to elected officials, tithing money to those in need, and being an ear and support for those in distress. (and I have been the recipient of these same acts of kindness from others over the course of this journey).

As important as I believe these acts are, there are some that carry even more weight. And those are the deeds entrusted to us as we walk this earth.

What I believe is most important is to keep our vibrational energies as high as we can and send loving thoughts and energies out into this world. I don’t understand any possible physics explanations, but I wonder if loving energy coming from embodied souls out to other embodied souls doesn’t carry more weight somehow.

Perhaps it is similar to what is done during warfare, tactical approaches with energies coming from all directions. Except this is love, kindness, and high vibrational support that we are being asked to send out with every breath.

So if you can, step back from the drama, and hold this nation, this beautiful blue planet in love. Lift up all those who live in fear by seeing them in the highest vibration they can comfortably handle. Cease any human pettiness including judgment, blame or disrespect.

Do what you can on a human level to help this planet and all of God’s creatures heal. But don’t forget that your own embodied divinity has been entrusted with holding our vibrations high. A big responsibility of which you are very capable.

As Rumi said in The Milk of Millenia, ‘Conscious decisions and personal memory are much too small a place to live’. Aim higher, Dear Ones. You are capable, you are ready and you have all the guidance and support you need. Just ask.

Thank you for reading my blog and these personal ramblings.

Blessings to all my fellow travelers on this holiest of holy journeys we have embarked on together.

Holding you all close to my heart,



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Physical Reaction

I was inspired to write this post today b/c of what happened in a class of mine last night.
It was in the evening and everyone was tired and serious.
I was talking about joyful living and asked everyone to get up and follow the instructions of an audio I was going to play.
And then I played Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off for a minute or two and encouraged everyone to dance.
Reluctantly everyone did. But what brought me the most joy was seeing a smile on everyone’s face afterwards.
Only two minutes of release and what a result!
Think about that.



How often do you allow your inner child to emerge?

Full of joy, full of innocence

Free-spirited and playful.

Dear One, do you remember back to the time of your childhood when your world was a giant playground? Few worries, creative in your games, you made new discoveries about the world every day.

How often do you do that now as an adult? Have you forgotten how to play, to laugh, to smile?

How often have you been told as you grew older to act like an adult or to be serious, or to stop daydreaming? But as you heeded those words, did you lose something in the process? Did you lose the ability to dream, to be creative, to focus on the most common occurrences with utter fascination?

Remember that you are still a child within and that inner child is asking to come out and play once again. Yes, you have more responsibilities, we understand, as an adult. But you also have more freedom to make choices without someone saying, No you cannot do that. The only one holding you back now is yourself. And what have you missed by being so rigid in your life? Where is your spontaneity?

Can you create more balance in your life by allowing yourself the freedom to just be as a child for part of your day? Are those items on your task list so important that they take priority over joyful living? Can you simplify your life so that you have fewer responsibilities?

Are there things you always wanted to do, places you have wanted to visit or activities you used to do before you became too busy and too responsible? We are not saying to give up all responsibilities, for many are necessary in your daily life. But can you reconsider your priorities so that once again you are able to see the world through the eyes of a child?

You have heard many times of people who have changed their life patterns after suffering a serious illness or accident. By being immobilized for a short time they have understood the sacredness of every moment of their lives. For them, it took these life changes to encourage their awakening.

We ask you to review your life now at this time and begin to make small changes for more balance, more joy, more spontaneity in your daily life. Change that response from cannot, do not, will not, to why not.

Yes, your life here upon this plane is to be an experiential one. But that also includes joyful, playful, wondrous experiences along with the situations that allow for personal growth. Can you honor that inner child, honor your playful self by demolishing the prison walls that have encased you for so long?

Start now. Begin today.

Skip, dance, jump for joy.

Do what it is that brings a smile to your face.

Be present in the moment.

One step at a time

And soon you will see your life begin to change.

Less worry, less stress, more joy.

And oh, what a wondrous change that will be!