In the knowledge

Of your own empowerment,

Of your connection with the All,

And with the knowledge of

Your capacity for grace and love.

For yourself and All of Creation.

Dear One, do not weep for the lack you see in your life. Instead, can you see the abundance which surrounds you, the gifts which abound for you and the love which envelops you each moment of your day.

Step up instead and seize your power and use it for the highest good of all concerned. If your current life no longer serves you or the Oneness then use your empowerment to change it. And that change can come in many forms.

Take a deep breath and feel the love around you. Feel the love welling up inside of you and bringing forth the power which has always been there. Silently waiting for the opportunity to help you move forward in strength and with grace. For both can be present in unison as you connect with your higher self to guide you forward.

Open your eyes to what is possible for you. Surround yourself with love as you breathe in the breath of the Oneness to help bring your power forth. This is not the power of destruction or commanding others. This is the power of love, compassion and non-judgment. And for many of you, all three components may need to be focused back upon yourself.

You are the Divine Incarnate. We shall remind you of that as many times as necessary to help you come into the realization of your true nature. Many of you are sensitive souls whose sensitivity is increasing as the energies continue to rise here upon this physical plane.

Consider the possibility that much of what you feel does not belong to you, but is present in the ethers close to you as many move through their own challenges of the day. Consider also, that what you are feeling has appeared for you to review your past actions. To review with love and non-judgment and then release permanently as you have outgrown it. It no longer serves you.

Then replace the void left after this release with the lighter energies of love and connection with the All. You have come so very far, Dear One. Do not fail to realize how much you have grown. There is no longer a need for you to push against the current. Instead, you can rest and allow the current to take you where you need to go next. The lack of resistance will allow you to use your energies for a higher purpose. And it will allow you to move forward in love rather than fear.

Rest, Dear One, in the knowledge that each day another old fear can be etherized and crossed off your list. Lifted from your physical body while also allowing space for more love to fill and surround your very essence of being.

Close your eyes and allow the calm, the certainty of the ascension process to reveal what needs to be revealed in order for you to thank the old thoughts for the lessons. To bless the old ways of being for the opportunities provided. And to release with love any residue which remains of the old way of being.

For remember that all challenges old and new are there in order to provide another layer of growth for you and for all incarnated at this time. Can you see how approaching all new challenges with your newly discovered empowerment, connection and love can allow you to move through them with more grace than ever before?

When faced with a new challenge can you take a few deep breaths, ask for help and approach not with fear but with gratitude for the opportunities provided to you. The opportunities to shine like never before. Because, Dear One, you are not the same person you were just moments ago. You are stronger, more loving and more connected to the other realms than ever before.

We reach out to help you with awe of how far you have already come existing in this physical form. Allow us to help, to send the knowledge we have from our realms to you, in order to make your growth as gentle as possible. Call on us to be with you. Call on us to come closer. Call on us for help and we shall offer it immediately.

And also understand that it may not occur as quickly as you wish. For as all things are connected, many transmutations may be required in order to bring you the most graceful path forward.

Rest, Dear One

With the knowledge

That you are more than capable

To move forward empowered

And with grace. Always.

You carry the essence of the Divine within you.

And what a journey you have taken already

To this point in time.

Rest, Dear One, with love

As we love thee,

Dearest One With All of Thee.


Join the Prayer Circle tonight, Sunday, @ 9PM Eastern Daylight Savings Time:

Send love out to this world as you join kindred souls offering up their prayers.

Keep the momentum going. Your input is needed, now more than ever.

I will add my energies to the loving thoughts you have for the world and your loved ones.

Tonight, I’ll hold space for all across this globe to realize their personal empowerment and how they can move forward in grace and in love. May all feel the connections across this globe and beyond. And may we gently shed the old ways of being and embrace the new way of living each moment in love.

Connect when you can and bring change and love to this world. Understand that there is a constant stream of collective prayer circling this globe at all times.

Much gratitude and many blessings to you.

May we all hold gratitude towards the unseen world which is holding us up, keeping us strong with love.



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