The light shines upon you and through you.
The light shines from you.
The light is building and spreading across the world.
Across the entirety of being.

For you and for the entire universe, this is a time of joy and celebration. Can you feel the energies rising around you? Do you notice a difference in the air? Even if you do not yet feel these changes, they are here and you will benefit from them in ways you have not envisioned.

Be of joy, no matter what you perceive as positive or negative in your daily life. Be of joy. For you are part of the continuum which is shifting, changing, expanding. And these changes include you in your daily life. Perhaps you cannot feel or see these changes, but they will affect you in a very positive way.

We have talked of the connection of the All many times. Consider then how the building of energies enhanced by light workers throughout your world and the entire continuum will also carry you along. Until you are in a place, a position, to accept these changes and consciously join them. This work being done is a work of love and commitment by others who join in the vision of growth and knowledge for all.

Even if you do not understand, open your heart to the possibilities, the new opportunities that await you in your daily life. Should you have a flash of insight about something with which you have struggled, listen to it. Should you feel a strong urge to take a new path, then trust that urge and begin to follow it. There are no wrong decisions, no wrong paths if they are made, if they are taken, with pure intent, trust and love. The possibilities for you are endless. No longer box yourself into a confined way of being. Break out of that way of being, open your mind, your heart. Share your gift with the world. And no longer say that you do not have a gift, for certainly you do. No longer can you hide that part of yourself from others, for the time is now to accept it and share it with the world.

Unbeknownst to you, the light, the energy that pulses from you and through you is changing. It must do so in order to join the expansion occurring at this moment in the Universe. Rejoice in it. Recognize those in your life who have offered their love and service to you, often just in a passing moment. Understand that you are being lifted by others, as you read these words. By those who are aware, who love you unconditionally, even without knowing you well or even at all. And yet, they are connected with you and include you in their thoughts and prayers, in their daily intentions of light work. Understand that you are surrounded by light and love. And it is growing, becoming brighter every day.

Give gratitude to these souls who are in front of you on the path and extend to you their hands, their hearts, to help you move forward. This is not a race. There are only winners and all are moving forward en masse. A flow of humanity. A flow of light. A movement of love spiraling around you and through you.

Blessings to all of you. We honor the work that has been done and continues to be done. We shall continue to guide all of you on this journey of light and love. We will encourage you to allow the heavy cloak of uncertainty to fall, so that you may spread your wings and begin to fly.

All is well with you.
All is well within the Universe.
All is filled with light and with love.
Be at one with it.
Accept your place in this joyous celebration.
For you ARE very much a part of it.


Can you feel the pulse of change within your being?
Can you trust that all will unfold exactly as it should?
Will you accept the coming changes in your life with grace?

Your life is not static but ever-changing, that is the design of the human existence. You are here to learn, to discover, to love, to laugh, to enjoy the beauty of the world around you. You are here to explore all the possibilities available to you. Can you go back to the child-like delight of self-discovery and step on the path of change and transformation?

Please understand that your purpose for life here is to experience as much as you can. Every interaction that you have is a stepping off point for change, be it subtle change or expansive change in your life. Every moment of your life grants you the opportunity for a new discovery, a new way of being, a chance for joy and love. Every moment.

Consider changing your perspective on your life. At the end of every day, give yourself a few moments to review your day, without judgment, but only as an observer. Consider the connection that you have with each and every person with whom you interacted that day. Remember that you are one with all, and so in a sense, you interact with yourself in all situations.

What if, what if, everyone took the time at the end of their day to review and to bless every interaction they had regardless of how it went, good or bad? What if those combined blessings transformed the past and opened up the possibility for a lighter, more joyful, loving interaction the next time you meet. Remember that the moment is NOW. Offer gratitude for the lessons of the past, bless those with whom you interacted and see in your mind’s eye, only gentle loving interactions in the future.

Your transformation has begun, you are ready to help change the world and it begins with you. Can you combine all the teachings already provided here into your daily life? Deep breaths, loving breaths, wrapped in light and love; walking in higher vibration, sending fear down into Mother Earth, living in the moment of NOW. If you do, you will find yourself standing taller, feeling stronger, accepting the love around you and returning it into the ethers surrounding you.

Do not allow yourself to don that victim persona. For you are not a victim of anyone or anything but your own fear. Understand the power which runs through your veins at all times. Know that when you ask for help it is there immediately and that the answers to your questions may come in any shape or form. Allow the synchronicity of life to move you forward. Get out of your head and be aware of your surroundings. Instead of bullies and brutes, you will see other wounded souls like yourself who are in need of loving kindness.

Know, truly know, that you are the writer of your own story. You can choose to put a positive or negative spin on it. Allow yourself the setbacks that you will have, for they still contribute to your forward movement along your path. Nurture yourself as you would a child who needs a loving embrace.

You are on your way. Your transformation has begun. You are worthy and you are loved and you are a powerful force of light and love.

Ah, what wonders of life lay before you. Open your eyes to the beauty and love that surrounds you and see the reflection of light and love staring back at you when you look into a mirror.

Your beacon of light shines brightly, the embers within are ready to burst forth into a steady flame.

Your transformation has begun and we sing with joy for its coming!

Designing Your Life

Do you know what it is you wish to do with your life?
Are you at a cross-roads, wondering what to do?
Is it clear in your mind the next steps you are to take?

Dear one, your life is a time to explore new avenues of being. The possibilities for you are endless; the support, ever present. What holds you back is fear and uncertainty. Can you overcome these in order to open up your wings and fly? Do you not realize that there is always a safety-net underneath you, ready to catch you if you begin to falter?

The world is yours to explore and to experience. We understand the concerns you have about having enough to survive and provide for those who you love. But allowing fear to hold you back is not the way to experience this gift of life here upon this plane.

How far outside of your self-limited box have you traveled? How long have you repeated the same motions day in and day out when they no longer feed your soul? If the longing is there, it is time for you to make a move. Do not focus on the negative possibilities. For there are an equal number of positive results from your actions and anything that occurs in your life is a movement forward. A lesson, knowledge to be shared, a new experience to allow you to grow.

Do not allow yourself to stagnate because of fear of the unknown. Instead, embrace it and take a chance. You will be amazed at what you will find and experience. And you will wonder why you did not attempt this change sooner.

Do not act impulsively, but center yourself, go within and ask yourself, your higher self, how to proceed. There is always a way. Allow the possibilities to flow within and do not allow that analytical mind of yours to engage. Instead, open your heart to what your soul requires for the next chapter in your journey. The veil is thinning, the rules are changing, the possibilities are endless. It is time for you to trust your longings that need to be fulfilled. As long as you act with pure intent and not from anger or retribution or judgment, your life will unfold in a burst of color and delight. Trust.

It is time to listen to your heart, not your mind, your ego. Manifest in your mind what it is that you want. Do this with love. And watch it begin to unfold before your very eyes. All things are possible. But it is up to you to take the first step.

Remember that you are surrounded by love. You have a squad of cheerleaders urging you on. Be honest with yourself about how you feel in your current situation. Give yourself some quiet contemplative time to connect with your higher self and design the next step in this journey of your life.

The end result may not be exactly as you had planned, but it will allow an opportunity for you to grow, to shine, to share your gifts with others. It will allow the opportunity for you to remove yourself from a situation that no longer serves you. And in making that change, remember that you are leaving behind opportunities for others to grow in your absence.

Act in love. Believe in yourself and all the opportunities that lie ahead for you. Anticipate with joy. And take that next step with strength and resolve knowing that you are NEVER alone. Ask for help if you are feeling unsteady. There will always be strong arms around you to support you if you stumble.

Take that chance.
It is your time to shine.

Your Daily Interactions

How has your day been this day?
Did it go as you had planned?
Were there unexpected moments of joy or feelings of disappointment and frustration?

Every moment of your day is another chance to have a divine interaction. Every moment. Even in those moments when the person with whom you are relating is unkind or negative in their attitude. YOU are the one who can change that challenging interaction into one which is holy and divine. How do you accomplish this?

These interactions are opportunities for you to shine. To deflect the negativity and transform it into something positive and loving. For you are capable of acting in a loving manner, no matter what. The question we have for you is this: Do you act towards others or do you re-act to others?

In order to move forward on your path, the choice for you to consider is to keep your power at all times. By re-acting to another’s negative manner, you give away your power to them. You have allowed them to affect your vibration and lower it closer to where they are at the moment. Can you instead, hold steady that power which is yours and not allow the interaction to affect you in a negative way? Can you instead, surround yourself in light and love and allow that positive energy to flow through you and into the room? Can you instead, be an example of how to interact in a gentle, kind and positive way? That is not to say that if you are in physical danger that you do not remove yourself immediately. You are still able to send loving energies from afar.

It is difficult, we understand, to move through your days tired, stressed and feeling alone. The physical existence is a challenging one indeed. However, it is now time for you to begin to focus more on the integral connection you have with all of creation and how that affects your day and that of others. It is up to you to create that tiny shift in the room from negative to positive. That does not mean you are required to say something uplifting and loving, for often that is not appropriate. But what you can do, in your new-found awareness, is to surround yourself and those with whom you interact with love and positive forces. Are you beginning to understand how the unseen forces can play an integral part in your daily life? By not re-acting, but holding yourself and others in light, you have made a shift which like a ripple in water, will continue to move outward from that point of origin. From you.

Should someone interact with you in a negative way, do not continue to hold onto that negativity after you leave the interaction. Instead, pause and draw a deep breath. Then imagine all that negative energy that surrounds you moving down through the soles of your feet into Mother Earth. Pull down positive, loving energy from above to replace that negativity and see how rejuvenated you feel.

You cannot avoid these interactions, they will occur in your life. But what you can do is to walk in light and love. If you walk into an interaction knowing it will be this way, pause prior to approaching and surround yourself with loving energy. Powerful, unseen forces at work.

Even though something is unseen, does not mean it is not real and powerful.
The air you breathe, the sounds you hear, are unseen yet very real.
Take a chance and see how this exercise can change your daily interactions.
And should you be the one feeling overwhelmed and negative, the same exercise will work for you.

Please remember your source, who you are and the power you have to change your life.
Use it wisely,
Use it in love and change the world,
One tiny step at a time.


How often have you experienced self-doubt?
How often have you questioned the choices that you have made?
How often have you wondered if what you heard or thought or felt is really true?

It is time to lay aside all of these feelings of self-doubt and uncertainty. The time is now to move forward with trust in your heart for how your life is unfolding. If you have moved through your life with pure intent, that is all that is needed. If you have not, but are reading these words, then it is time to accept the lessons from the past and move forward with your new-found knowledge. Do not waste time and energy chastising, worrying, going down the path of ‘what-if’. Trust that you are exactly where you should be in this very moment. Trust in the perfection of your world.

You are a sentient being with feelings, connections and more power than you realize. Perhaps you have used these aspects of your make-up for self-gain. Perhaps you are the one who has given your power freely to another. Or perhaps you are someone who is frozen with fear to take the next step down your path to wholeness and love.

What happened in the past no longer exists. But the lessons and knowledge gained from your past lives with you still. It also resides in us as we grow closer to understanding how best we can help and communicate with you in your daily lives. For us, it is finding the way to speak to you through the human condition so that you are able to open your hearts to who you really are. There is no concern interacting with you on a soul level, for that connection is strong and true. The challenge for us is to first appeal to that part of you who goes through the daily routine, still unsteady and uncertain of the connections you have, of where you fit in the world. All that is needed for us is a tiny crack in that human shield to allow the light to shine through.

The lessons that you learned may have felt insurmountable for you. But you are still here. You are reading these words and for us, that is the chance to share our love and knowledge with you. There is perfection in your life every day and you are moving forward every day. The ‘mistakes’ of old are just tools for you to use as you move forward on your path. Remember them, grow from them, as we have. But do not put any more energy into blame and regret. As we have said before, your lessons are not only for you, but for many others whom you touch every day. They also contribute to the collective consciousness. They have a purpose. That is not to say that you do not take responsibility for those actions, for that you must do in order to move forward.

If you are having difficulties releasing memories of old there is a simple ceremony that you can do to help yourself move forward. Write down those feelings, how you feel about those actions today. Then do one of two things. Either bury that piece of paper in Mother Earth to be absorbed by her imminent strength and transformed into loving energy. Or, burn that piece of paper and allow the smoke from it to rise into the ethers to be carried away by the winds of change and forgiveness. Whichever manner you choose, include forgiveness and gratitude in your prayer as you release the bindings of these memories. Allow yourself to be free in order to take the next step on your path back to the Source.

Understand your connection to the loving universe of which you are an integral part.

We offer our gratitude to you for sharing those lessons with us so that we may learn.

Please understand that any forgiveness that is necessary is not needed from us.
The forgiveness must come from you. Forgive yourself, forgive others and join the waves of love that are building in your world as we speak. We shudder in joyous anticipation of your awakening.

Trust yourself and realize who you truly are and the integral part of life that you serve.
You are Light.
You are Love
You are One.
And you are never alone.

Opportunity and Abundance

Every moment presents an opportunity for change.
An opportunity for love.
An opportunity for true vision.
Every moment of your day.

How often do you take those endless opportunities to make a difference in your life? Many see their daily lives as lives of repetition and drudgery. The same thing every day. They are bored. They feel hopeless. They ask ‘Is this all there is in life?’

And yet, YOU have the power every moment of your day to change. Not just one chance in a lifetime, but every breathing moment. And seizing those opportunities will energize you. They will crack open the heavy veil which may have cloaked your existence. You were not meant to do the same thing day in and day out. You are here to learn, to gain knowledge, to expand your horizons. And this can be done in the simplest of ways. You might start by taking a different route home from your daily outing. You might start by changing your routine in the morning as you start your day or in the evening as you prepare for rest.

Why do we encourage this practice? The human condition easily falls into a daily routine, so repetitious that you need not even focus on what you are doing. It is habit. It is familiar. This allows you more time to be ‘in your head’ with less need to focus on your surroundings. Ego rules because you are not present in the moment. You are thinking of the past, the future.

How often have you driven to your destination and wondered how you arrived because you were far away, lost in your thoughts? This is one reason why it is not a practice for many to be present in the moment. For you have created a condition where you do not need to be present. You are not really living your life. You are just robotically going through the motions.

And so, we encourage you to change your routine, if only slightly every day. We understand that many of the same things need to be completed every day. But do they need to be completed in the same way, with the same attitude every day? Making even these small changes will open you up to new opportunities because you are more present in the moment. You need to be, as you are making a change. Opportunities abound, abundance surrounds you. But it is up to you to seize them. That is your free will choice.

And as you begin to shed that cloak of familiarity, you will become more aware of those intuitive moments. Why? Because you are more engaged in your daily existence. As you face the unfamiliar, you are more apt to follow your gut feeling, your intuition. You will feel more alive. You will be more interactive with your surroundings. You will begin to notice all the beauty that surrounds you. As you awaken to the hundreds of possibilities present in every moment of your life.

Make a change. See your life from a different vantage point. You may be surprised at what you have been missing. Take a chance on life, if only a small one. The time is now to begin to break those mindless habits of existence to which you have become so accustomed to living.

Open your eyes, open your hearts, open your world to the abundance that surrounds you.
It only takes a moment and the opportunities are endless.
Begin to live again and to connect with all that you are, with All That Is.
You will be surprised at what you discover.

Where are You Going?

You are moving forward daily at a steady pace. But where is it exactly that you are going? What is your purpose in this earthly life here upon this plane? Do you have a purpose or is this life just an exercise in futility? Why are you here and where are you going?

This has been an age-old question here on this earthly plane. Because you exist in a human form, you cannot easily remember existence as part of the whole. The human form creates the illusion of separateness and this is why Ego can so easily lead you down the path of selfishness. As we have said before, you are part of the whole, an integral part with your own reason for being here. And so, you ask, what is my purpose?

Sit, close your eyes and breathe. In and out. In and out. Find the center of your being, the place of strength that lies within you. It is solid, it is there and it is becoming stronger every day. From this center emerges your connection with the All. And this is the place you must go to find your purpose.

What you must realize is that your purpose is not often revealed to you until you are well on your way to walking the path you have chosen to walk. The human condition, driven by Ego, feels that it must know the answer, so that it can use the mind to orchestrate the unfolding of your purpose.

The soul, however, understands that all is currently unfolding exactly as it should be. The soul understands the connection and trusts that the opportunities will present themselves to complete the tasks it set out to do before coming to this earthly plane. The soul understands the synchronicity of life and does not feel a need to control or manipulate what should happen. The soul moves forward in faith with pure intent. It is aware of its surroundings and understands the ebb and flow of existence while riding the waves of being.

It is the Ego, and only the Ego, which has to know the answer to this age-old question. If aware of the answer, Ego will then question the worthiness, the ability, the timeline, the outcome. Do you understand the difference in these two ways of being?

What you must do is trust the process of universal life. Trust your intuition and follow your instincts. For it is through them that you will become more aware of the voices in the ethers. Try to stay out of your head where you have the need to analyze every detail of life.

Can you trust? Can you give up control, or your perceived notion of control, and allow? Allow the waves of being to gently lift you and move you forward to where you need to be next in order to do your life’s work. Think of how much easier that is in terms of energetic output, no longer pushing or attempting to control. Just floating on the raft of faith and trust in the universal ocean of life.

Please remember that you are exactly where you should be, here and now in this moment. You have free will, most definitely, to alter your course. But in truth, you will always return to the original path after a detour created by insecurity or lack of faith.

Your path is clear, your path has opened and it leads you back to your Source. Back home where you will return with the information and experiences gathered in this earthly existence. Your soul will have grown and with its individual growth, so will it have contributed to the collective consciousness of the All.

Relax and breathe.
All is well and as it should be.

There is beauty and purpose in all things, in all interactions…. in you.
Recognize the sacredness of your being and begin to see your inner light glow brighter every day.
See yourself as we see you…..a shining beacon of light and love.
Pure and brave and loved beyond measure.

The Healing Has Begun

Laugh, sing, dance with joy
For the healing has begun.
Slowly, but steadily you have begun to walk the path back to the Source
And, oh, how the heavens sing
Ready to embrace you once again.

Unbeknownst to many of you, there is a squad of cheerleaders urging you on. Each and every one of you has your personal group of guides who are lovingly waiting behind the scenes as you step out onto that stage of life. They are there to whisper to you the lines you may have forgotten. They are there to direct you to stage left or stage right. And they are there to applaud you for a performance well done. They do not judge you as you judge yourselves. For they only see your brilliance. They know from where you have come and to where you are going. They are here to guide you back. Your own personal GPS with a preset destination. Home.

Can you feel the lightness in your step, the bounce in your walk, the song in your throat? All are present. Ready to be uncovered by you. The world awaits your transformation. The world needs your transformation. And you are ready, for the healing has begun for you. And for the world. Feel the excitement in the air. Feel the anticipation of the wonderful changes already beginning in this world, your earthly plane. It begins with you and you have taken the first step.

This is our mission. One which we accept with love and excitement. How can we not be thrilled to see the internal light of every one of you begin to shine brighter, as you accept who you really are? Just as a parent watching a child on a journey of self-discovery, so too are we watching you. With joy in our hearts for the changes that have occurred and for the changes we know are coming soon, very soon.

Connect. With each other and with Mother Nature. Connect in your daily lives. Acknowledge the sacredness of every form of being and understand that you are a part of All. As the energies begin to rise upon this plane, you will better understand this connection. This sacredness of being. And enough of you have begun the journey that the changes have begun. We have awaited this moment for a very long time. And yet, it has just taken an instant, for time does not really exist, but only in the physical realm.

There is so much knowledge that we wish to share with you and our excitement rises as the time has arrived for us to do exactly that. This knowledge will be forthcoming to each and every one of you in a form that you can understand. Slowly, gently, it will be provided to you. Now is the time for you to trust your intuition, for that is how it will begin. There is no possibility of failure. For only love and joy exist and are building every day.

Accept this gift that we have for you. As we thank you for the many gifts you have already given to us.
You are brave souls to have embarked upon this physical journey. For the physical state dulls the remembrance of connection. But each and every one of you came to this physical plane with a purpose in mind. And we have no doubt that you will fulfill that purpose as you move through this earthly life.

You have a foot in both worlds and that will begin to be more obvious to you as the changes progress. Call on us for help in adjusting to this change, should you need it. You must call on us, for we cannot help without your permission. And know that we are always standing in the ready, behind you, in front of you and beside you. Every moment of your day.

Blessings to you, dear ones, for embarking upon this journey.
Accept our gifts to you.
For you are worthy and you are very much loved by the All.

Common Threads

Are you really alone in this life?
Is it possible to separate yourself from others?
How do you choose to live this lifetime?

There is a common thread that runs between you and all of existence. It is not something you can shake off or disconnect. It is the way of being. You can ignore this connection that you have or you can acknowledge it, bless it and draw from it to help you through your day. The choice is yours.

The knowledge of the entire Universe is available to you. That is not to say that you can accept it in its entirety at one time. The human body is not capable of receiving that amount of information. This knowledge is revealed to you as you move forward on your path. You will not receive the knowledge if you are not ready to receive it. This is a part of your growth.

And although you are all connected, you are all individuals on an individual path with your own lessons to learn. But understand that as you learn your lessons, you are teaching others. You may do the bulk of the work in learning from your experience. But parts of that knowledge filter on down to others with whom you connect. You cannot underestimate the influence you have on others with whom you interact every day.

You, in your Ego, think that no one is watching or listening or caring about what you do or say. When in fact every action, every thought, every word is affecting someone else along the spectrum of connection. You may live alone, you may work alone, but you are never alone and never disconnected from this common thread. Find comfort in that fact. Take responsibility for that fact. You are a piece of the whole and it is not possible to disconnect. Just as one who has chosen to amputate an injured limb continues to feel that missing appendage, so too, with your life. You may not be in the physical presence of others, but that connection remains strong and true.

Consider your vibration to be one string on a universal harp. This, combined with the vibrations of all others, creates the universal song. The waves of this universal song play throughout the entire existence of being. If one string becomes discordant, the others will compensate to continue the song that plays continually throughout existence. There will be a time that you will be able to hear this song, if you have not already done so.

Understand the connection you have and the song that you create every moment of your day. Allow the connection to lift you up when you feel unable to do it yourself. Sit in a quiet space and allow your physical body to sway to the rhythm of your song. It is playing every moment of your day. For you. For all of creation. Allow it to carry you on its waves back to the Source.

You have a part in this. Play it well.

What if?

What if you ceased all worry?
What if you began to smile more often?
What if you took a deep breath every few minutes?
What would happen?

Do you realize how much time, effort and energy goes into worry? Worry about things you cannot change. Worry about possibilities that are only that, possibilities. Worry about the past, the future. Have you ever considered the fact that you rarely worry about the immediate present? This is the time of action, the time of now, the time currently unfolding in your life.

The only time that exists is the present. The past is over and done, the future yet to unfold. So then why do you spend so much time and energy focusing on something that does not even exist? Imagination is a tool that feeds creativity. However, imagining something in your mind and just allowing it to sit there and gain strength is not productive. The present is a time of action and the only time over which you have control of your actions. Control of YOUR actions, not those of another.

Memories are teaching moments. How they make you feel tells you whether you acted from your heart or out of fear or anger. They are tools to show you how far you have come or what you should consider changing. Can you understand the continuum of your life? Actions taken. Memories of those actions. Reflection on change or not. Then actions once again with hopes of different or similar outcomes.

The key word in this continuum is action. Which can only occur in the present, for that is all that exists. You have no control of the past or the future, only of the now. Acting with pure intent is all that needs to be done. And if intent was not pure in a past instant, then it can be pure in this very instant.

There is a reason why memories are forgotten or different for everyone involved. The lesson has been learned and so the memory no longer fills a need. Individual memories of the same interaction differ because each participant has a different lesson to learn from that interaction. And once the lesson is complete, the emotional charge will dissipate from that memory. And soon, the memory will cease to exist for it is no longer necessary for growth.

The present is all that is real. The future has not yet occurred. And how your life changes from moment to moment is dependent on the web of connection and on how you choose to manifest the future. In the school of life, the past is the textbook, the present the test, and the future the result of how much you have learned from that textbook. It is the continuum of life dependent only on what you do NOW.

So smile and see the beauty around you.
Take a deep breath and center yourself.
Worry changes nothing, only action moves you forward.
And your destination changes with each passing moment.

You cannot be sure of what will happen. You can only be sure of how you will be in the moment. And as you become more accustomed to acting with pure intent, the future matters not. For you can be certain that pure intent in action is all that is required to move forward in light and in love.

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