Why Is It Taking So Long?

Why am I not further along?
Am I missing something?
Am I doing something wrong?

Patience, dear one. All is unfolding in your life exactly as it should. Every day you are placed in exactly the location where you are supposed to be. Every moment of your day you have the opportunity to use what you have learned. But it takes time to teach yourself to see your life from a different perspective. So be gentle with yourself and with others as they also journey along their paths.

You have lived your life a certain way for many, many years and now you are beginning to see a new way of being. We understand that even though you have begun to open your eyes, there are still many old habits to break and many opportunities to fall back into those old habits. It takes less energy to move through your day in a way that is familiar to you. What we ask you now is to march to a different beat, to the beat of your heart and the love that exists within it.

Do not fret about your perceived failings of doing everything the ‘right’ way. For if you were able to do that, you would not be here on this physical plane. What would be the purpose of that? The first step for you is to realize that there is a different way of being. You have already realized that. The second step is to notice your actions and how you move through your world. You have begun to do that. The third step is to reflect on how you could have acted differently in a situation that would be more in tune with your new way of being. And the fourth step is to practice doing that the next time a similar situation arises. This new way of being is not accomplished in a single step. It is a process and we are here supporting you in your new way of being…..every step of the way.

Remember that you have the power to create your own day, be it one of negativity and being a victim or one of joy and using your power in a loving way. This choice resides within you. Understand that you have the power to turn a situation around from a negative to a positive one. And remember that others are also on this path and require help and guidance just as you do. Do not judge others as they falter. Do not judge yourself if you do not meet all of your aspirations in a day. This life here is a gift to you to explore the possibilities of living and creation. For you are the creator of your day, your life, your world. And there is much power in that.

Act, do not re-act. For to re-act is to give away your power to another. Understand that the actions of another most likely are not about you, but an expression of an internal struggle they are having. Find compassion in your heart for others while not giving away your power to them. This is often a fine line to walk in your world.

And if you need guidance, ask for it. From a trusted friend or from us, your faithful guides on this path you have chosen. Before you lie down to sleep at night, ask for the answer to your question to come in your dreams or upon awakening. And allow yourself the quiet time to hear the answer.

Be at peace with who you are and where you are. Forgive yourself. Be as gentle with yourself as you would a child. For indeed, you are a child of the universe, loved by all, who has set out to find their way in the world.

Know that you are cherished beyond measure.
Know that you are exactly where you should be this very moment.
Know that every moment of your day is an opportunity to grow in the realization of who you really are.

Be at one with all; in your thoughts, your words and your deeds.

Am I Really Ready?

What if I do not feel ready?
What if I am too afraid?
What do I do to stop this?

Once you are on the path, there is no turning back without feeling a great loss within your soul. This is not due to punishment or judgment. It is because you have had a glimpse of what is possible, what is true for you and you will yearn for it. For on some level, it will feel like home. The tension you feel will be between your fear (Ego) and your heart (Soul).

Call upon us if you begin to feel this tension within. Ask for a gentle move forward. Ask for help and guidance. For we always hear your prayers, we are right beside you at all times. You are never alone. Be gentle with yourself and do not judge yourself. Give yourself some quiet time to allow the chatter within to cease. This takes practice, as your lives are so busy, filled with stimulation from all around.

Sit for 5 minutes a day and just breathe. In and Out. In and Out. Remember that when you ask for guidance, it may come from any source. Your answer may come from a child’s question, from a part of Nature, a comment on the radio, a scene which you observe during your daily routine. All are one and for this reason, have no expectations of how your guidance will occur. Be open and receptive and just allow. It may be come in a dream or in an unexpected Aha moment. Remember the web of connection between all of creation. ALL of creation.

You are a spiritual being who is experiencing life in a human body. As the vibrational energy of this physical plane begins to increase, it will become easier for you to move ahead on your path. If you do not allow fear to hold you back. Dissolve that fear and allow it to flow from you down into Mother Earth as you walk on the ground, or down the drain as you cleanse your physical body. Replace that fear with a golden light of healing around you. Wrap yourself in love and pause to feel the comfort of it. And you will notice the difference. It will feel wonderful and familiar, for you have been in this place before.

All of the answers you need are within you, for you are connected to the All at all times. If you need more guidance on the physical plane, ask for the most fitting teacher for you and that teacher will walk into your life. In one of many forms. Be discerning, ask many questions, and if you do not feel at ease then bless that teacher and move on. Throughout your physical life, many teachers in many forms will cross your path. As you grow, you will have different needs and so be prepared to move on to the next step when it is time.

And at all times as you move forward on your path, call upon us to help guide you and to light your way. Ask your higher self for confirmation that you are on the correct path for you at this moment in time. Be gentle with yourself and remove yourself from negative influences, be they human, energetic or emotional. Begin to trust your connection. Remember that your higher self is still connected to you and that will never change.

You are not alone.
You are exactly where you need to be at this very moment.
You have the strength and the power to make any changes you feel are required.
You are loved.
You are love incarnate.
And you are One With All of Thee.

Can You Feel it?

What do you feel?
Is it real?
Or just a figment of your mind?

How, you ask, do I know if what I am feeling is truly real? How do I discern what I want to feel from what is truly there? How can I trust this new way of being?

This is a new way of being for many of you. And as you begin to find your way on this new path, you will want your desires to become real. You may not want to know what is really happening, how another is honestly feeling, how much your good intentions have fallen flat on the floor.

The first thing for you to do is not to judge whatever it is that you feel, especially from others. All are here upon this plane to learn, to participate in the limitations and opportunities of the physical plane. And all are at different points on the path back to the Source. Remember that life here is meant to be experiential. Participation is the only way to move forward. And whatever occurs, whatever is said is a means to better understanding for the collective consciousness.

All of life comes from love. ALL of life; human, animal, mineral, plant. The difference in the human existence is the presence of Ego. The internal struggle between listening to your head (Ego) or your heart (Love). Mother Nature, in all of her different manifestations, does not have Ego within. This is why when you go outside and walk or sit within her presence you feel a calming, peaceful energy. Only love flows from her in all of her states of being.

It is within the human existence that your true nature is often masked by Ego. What you might feel is more chaotic as the internal struggle occurs among those around you. So for this reason, you might begin by finding quiet times in Mother Nature. Begin by being present with your breath, feeling the ground beneath your feet and allowing yourself to notice the sounds, sights and smells that you normally would miss. Begin your practice here, gently. And while you notice all of these sensory cues, you will also feel the love exuding from all that surrounds you. This is the true way of being, no judgment, only love.

When you come back into the hustle and bustle of human existence, open yourself only slightly to begin. Wrap yourself in loving protection and move forward gently, slowly, in this part of your growth. Most importantly, do not judge what you feel. Of course, act upon any feelings of strong negativity that you might feel from others and remove yourself from it. But return only love, without judgment. For you know not what is causing that negativity or what the end result might be.

Can you walk in love without judgment? For do you truly know what is best for you or for others? How often have you desired an outcome which did not occur only to be grateful at a later point that it did not happen as you hoped it would. Allow life to unfold without fear in your heart. Be discerning, yes. But do not allow your expectations to cloud the truth of what you are really feeling around you.

Know that you are love and are surrounded by love.
Walk among the Mother when you need a large dose of love and have no other source at the moment.
Trust in yourself and move forward gently.
And begin to see things as they truly are, without judgment.
For all are on the path back to the Source with personal lessons to learn.

This is your lesson for the day.

Who are Your Messengers?

Do you hear the call?
Do you understand the message?
Are you open and receptive to receive the message?

To each and every one of you, there are messages given every day. You have guidance coming to you from your environment as you move throughout your day. But have you removed the blinders of fear and disbelief so that you are able to hear these messages?

If you are connected to the All, then you are receiving signals from the other parts of you every moment of your being. Does that seem impossible to you? Then consider the make-up of your physical body. Are you not constantly receiving cues from parts of your physical vessel throughout your day? The hunger pangs that ask for nourishment. The pain that warns of danger. The shivering that reminds you to add more clothing or warmth. Every cell of your physical vessel gives you feedback so that you can best tend this vessel.

So too, in your connection to the All. If, as we say, you are but one cell in a collective consciousness, why would not the same conditions apply? Why would you not receive gentle reminders of what to do next to maintain the health and the growth of the combined consciousness? Once you can allow yourself to accept this concept, then you will be able to move forward and be open to the messages you receive.

How can we best convey to you the Oneness of All; the guidance you receive, when many are still unable to hear the messages from your physical vessel? Unaware that what you eat may not be nourishing. Or pushing yourself to the point of exhaustion. How can we show you what you are missing every moment of your being?

The best way is for you to shut down your mind, to allow yourself to feel. Do not eat because it is the time of day you always eat. Take on nourishment when you receive the cues from your body. Do not force yourself to move forward when you need rest. There is a delicate balance here, for many of you require pushing yourself a little harder than is necessary to move forward.

The key to living your life, physical and universal, is to become more aware of all that is going on around and within you. Not in an obsessive way, but in a gentle way. Close down your mind and just feel, see, hear. Begin to observe the ebb and flow of your life. Take quiet time to allow the input you have collected, much of it unconsciously, to settle into your consciousness. And once you begin this practice, the beauty, the nurturing, the connections all around you will begin to appear as if by magic. They have always been there, but you have blinded yourself to this world around and within you.

Live your life. The mind in which you exist is much too small a place to be. It is a prison cell for your very being. Open the door and allow yourself the freedom of being present in a wondrous existence of love and possibilities. Do not miss this chance to grow, to sing, to be of joy. And when you do this, the messages that have been knocking at that prison cell door will begin to come into your life.

This is the beginning of your new way of being. With awareness of your connection to the All. Do not in your Ego believe that all messages come from one individual Source. For that Source is present in every element of your life. See its diversity of being within and around you.

And allow yourself to grow.

Why do you hold back?

You have much to offer.
Your presence makes a difference.
Others need your light and your love.

Do not deny the brilliance that emanates from within you. Do not say you are not worthy. Do not compare yourself to others. For you are all one. When a part of your physical body aches or is injured, another part of your body works harder to move the vessel forward.

So too, in the realm of the All. Fill the void that is present in the lives of others as you allow your light to shine. In doing so, you help the All to move forward as a whole. In return, during those times when you ache or doubt, allow the light of others to hold you up and carry you forth until you are back in sync with your internal glow. This is the way of being, not only here upon this physical plane, but within the entire Universe. All are connected.

Have you watched a massive flock of birds in flight, dancing in synchrony to the rhythm of a sound you cannot hear? Why do they not fly into one another and fall to the ground? How do they know which way to turn, connected as if by an invisible thread? They are indeed connected and do not have the struggles of the Ego, the mind, to dissuade them from realizing their connection to the All.

So too, there is a rhythm for you to follow. To dance and move forward with the same grace as these birds in flight. You are all connected. You are all One. How would it be on this physical plane if you all moved in synchrony just as these birds? It is possible. It is actually a way of being to which you are accustomed. But here in these physical bodies, which give the illusion of separateness, you have forgotten the ebb and flow of the entirety of being. You have forgotten your place in the group consciousness.

Now is the time for you to open your heart and strengthen that connection to the All. What do you have to lose? Ego will speak up when you ask, but listen not to Ego. Listen to your heart. That yearning within that you feel is your heart seeking a re-connection with the All.

Can you take that leap of faith and allow yourself to believe that you are not alone? To know that it is impossible for you to be alone? For you are but one cell in a body of light and love which traverses the entirety of being. And your presence, your action, your acceptance is needed to move that being forward. It is not a matter of IF you will remember who you are. It is only a matter of WHEN.

The masses are growing and this missive is but one of many that are being sent out to all of you across your world. Different lands, different voices, different words. But all with the same message.

Answer the call of your heart. Answer the call of your being. Allow your inner light to shine and see how your life changes. Notice the synchronous moments in your life. Feel the love exuding from all living beings. Mother Earth is pulsing with love. She is moving. She is growing and your help is needed to make the coming transitions as gentle as possible.

Laugh, dance, love. Share the joy that fills your being. For there are those who need to be reminded at this time. Do not hold back, for you are an integral part of the collective All.

We know who you truly are.
It is time for you to know it also.

Be of One.
Be of Light.
Be of Joy.
Be of Love.


Can you accept the changes that are coming to your life?
Can you see them as positive rather than negative?
Can you contribute your input to make the transitions flow gently and easily?

Do not allow yourself to become accustomed to a certain way of being. For that is not the path to growth. We understand that repetition is easier than new beginnings, even if that repetition no longer serves you. But the truth is that you are stronger and more resilient that you realize. And you were born to seize the opportunities that lay before you and to use them for the common good.

How can you serve mankind and the world if you do not serve yourself first? How can you be a role model for others if you allow fear to hold you back? Why would you not choose change over what you already know, already have accomplished, when you have already drunk the cup dry? Your wings have emerged and they are massive and strong. They are dry and ready to take you to new heights. Use them. Do not allow them to wither and grow weak. Does not the taste of adventure beckon you forward?

As you contemplate your path to greatness (and yes, all have that path laid before them) do you see all the possibilities or only the negative ones? The truth is that you have no idea of what is possible because you have allowed your human mind to limit even your imagination in what you can do. We tell you once again, you are more than human. Your gifts are greater than anything that you can imagine with your human mind. Allow the light to shine.

Close your eyes. Scan your physical body and find that tiny crack in the armor of resistance. It might be an old wound, a broken heart, a sore spot that you continue to massage because it feels good to remember the pain. You are accustomed to this pain. And you feel that you deserve it. That it is something with which you must live.

But you have a choice, you have greatness waiting to emerge and that light is beginning to seep out from those old wounds. First a tiny flicker of light, so small you might miss it. But it then becomes a steady pulse, growing to a continuous stream until it finally bursts forth in all of its magnificence. Allow it to emerge and feel the changes begin. You might feel your physical body can no longer contain it. That is because it is time for it to emerge. Should you feel this way, allow it to shine, to cover you and all that is around you.

Consider the merging of this light with the light from everyone around you. You become part of a beacon of light, a source of change, a positive force of joy and peace. THIS, this is who you truly are. Allow yourself to dream larger and accept your greatness and with that all the possibilities that come with change.

It begins with you. Allow the light to shine from within. Be not afraid of your own strength and power. The time is NOW. You are needed NOW. We call on you NOW to take that first step forward without fear.

You are surrounded by love. You are filled with light. Accept the gift of you and share it with the world. Mother Earth calls to you. Hear her call. Nurture her as she has nurtured you. And see the changes begin to bring lightness and joy to all.

You are a part of this.
That is why you are here at this time.
Your invitation has arrived. RSVP with a resounding YES!
For we cannot do it without your help.

What If…..?

What if you could have anything you wanted? What would you choose?
What if you had the gift of sight? What would you want to see?
What if you could heal yourself or others?
What if all of these possibilities were realities?

You do not yet understand how powerful you are as you still cling to the idea that you are only human. That is a common thought or saying, is it not, ‘well, I am only human.’ But the truth is that you are more than that. Yes, indeed, you do exist in a human body, but this is a temporary condition. And just because you are in human form does not mean you no longer carry the gifts, the power, the strength, the connection that is a part of your higher self. That part of you that is of light and love.

In order to bring about these ‘possibilities’ mentioned above, you must begin to see yourself as you truly are. Be not afraid of this. Be not afraid of your strength, your power, your gifts. The fear comes when your mind is in control. For while you cherish that part of you, your mind; it can be very self-limiting.

The truth is that the real you exists in your heart. That is from where you draw your strength, your sight, your gifts. How often do you hear of people acting ‘without thinking’ to help a loved one, perhaps trapped and requiring ‘super-human’ strength? Or those who overcame their fears in times of great need, when once again they acted ‘without thinking’? Do you see how your mind can keep you from realizing who you truly are and of what you are truly capable?

Can you step out of your long held image of yourself and consider another possibility? Can you turn off that switch that says it is not possible? I am unable to do that because …I am only human, I am too old, too weak, too uneducated, too afraid… The list can go on and on. For you have perfected this way of being, of moving through your world in fear.

What would happen if you allowed your ‘real’ self to come through during this human existence? What would happen with the merging of 2 worlds, the human existence and the spiritual? You often speak of miracles occurring, divine intervention. Can you begin to accept that YOU are a part of the divine and if you can quiet that mind of yours, anything is possible? Be not afraid of that power. But also use it wisely. For as we have said before, your thoughts, words and deeds are felt across the entire continuum and affect the All.

Ponder this. Your inner light is attempting to burst forth and shine its brilliance; surrounding all whom you touch. Rest that mind of yours which has been overworked and overwhelmed with input, output and worry. Relax, breathe, feel the ground beneath your feet and allow that tiny crack to form in that human casing of self-containment. Allow that tiny ray of light to seep out and begin to shine. Allow the miracle of you to emerge from its confinement of so many years. It is time. The time is now. You are needed. Your light is needed. Your love is needed. The miracle of you is needed. Now.

Be not afraid of who you really are.
Dip your toe into the water of life, then jump in.
See how you do not sink, but are held afloat by unseen forces.
Those unseen forces are you. For you are stronger than you think.

Accept your gifts and share them with the world.
Why do you think you are here?

The Time is Now

Begin now, not tomorrow.
Be present in the now.
Ground yourself, connect yourself to the present.
Change the now to change the future, to change the past.
Change the now to be who you really are.
One with all of thee.

Can you trust yourself enough to take that initial step, now? Can you reach deeply into your core of being and find that courage to take a chance? Can you see the gift of this life for you and for the All?

It is time for you to accept your gifts and move forward with them. Gifts are not given to be stored away in some dark recesses of your life. Gifts are given to be shared with others, to help change the way of being for you and for all around you. Each and every one of you has a gift to share, each and every one of you. And now is the time to shake the dust off of those gifts and offer them to those who cross your path.

Do not say that you have no gifts to give, for you do. And you are placed in the perfect situation to use that gift of yours. Do not compare yourself to others who you feel are greater, more gifted, more courageous with more time, energy or money to give.

You, you have a gift in your hand to give. Accept that about yourself and understand that part of your purpose in this life here upon this plane is to share that gift with others. There is no limit to the gifts that abound here among you. There is no scale of value of all these different gifts. ALL are important, of equal value. ALL have been given to be shared. Make no comparison, for that is only an excuse; that yours is less worthy than another’s. Ask us for help and we will show you, we will lead you, we will support you in taking that first step.

Do you not understand the value of your existence here upon this plane? Can you not see the importance of what you have to offer others? Will you take that deep breath, open your heart and begin to share that part of you that is meant to be shared with others? If you say you feel unworthy, then take a chance and share that gift of yours and see how you begin to feel worthy as you reach out to others.

The time is NOW for you to begin. You are needed. Your gift is needed now. Your contribution is an integral part of the forward movement of your world, of the continuum of being. There are no small, insignificant gestures. All are important. All have an effect on the Oneness.

Do not judge yourself or others. Do not say you cannot see how you can help. Do not place your focus on the results of your gifts. Trust. Know that anything given with pure intent will be received in love; no matter if you ever know the actual results. Ego looks for feedback to build itself in strength. But love does not need feedback. For it lives and breathes on trust and faith that all that is given with pure intent shall be received exactly as it is needed.

You are needed NOW.

Come forth out of the shadows and allow your light to shine.
Close your eyes and see that armor of clay crack around you and fall to the ground.
See the brilliance of the light that is released.
That light is you.
That light has always been you.
It is time to accept that truth and move forward in love.

Accept the gift of you and share it with the world.
And see how your life changes!


Can you feel the connection?
Can you trust the connection?
Can you use the connection to move forward in your world?

One. That is all there is, only one. And you are very much an integral part of this Oneness. Like a cell in your physical body which works in conjunction with all the other cells to create a functioning, complete entity. All of these cells join together to allow the physical body to move, to exist, to create. Alone, one cell can do nothing. But when connected to the entirety, it allows the body to move forward, to function in the physical world.

And so, you, the ‘real’ you, is connected to the Oneness, which could not exist without your input, without the part that you play to help It to move forward. There have been many names, many descriptions of this Totality of Being and we shall not argue with any of those. For each and every one of you the connection has a slightly different meaning, a different purpose in your life and so you each have a different description that you use.

All of that matters not. What matters is how you use that connection and how you contribute to the growth and knowledge of the All. Do you walk with pure intent, non-judgment and lightness of being? Or do you pounce on anyone who does not share your personal beliefs? Do you close yourself off to any differences from your personal way of living? Have you closed down your mind, your life, to the infinite possibilities of new experiences?

These new experiences can occur in a moment, by being more aware of your surroundings and noticing anew something that has been there all along. You might suddenly notice the fear, the hesitation in the voice of someone to whom you have readily given your power. Or you may suddenly realize the strength that flows within the veins of someone you barely noticed in the past. The possibilities are endless of the knowledge that is waiting for you to pluck from the everyday moments of your life.

Open your eyes, your ears, your heart to your daily life and see, hear and feel what you have been missing. Just be aware, take in that information, sit with it and see where it takes you, how it will change your way of being, if ever so slightly. For it will and it does every day, often un-noticed by you because you are in your head, playing the same song over and over while at the same time, a new symphony is offering you a new way of being.

You, you are the eyes, the ears, the heart of the Oneness. You are like the Voyager craft that is now seeking new information outside of your solar system. You are the seeker, the information gatherer, the courageous adventurer. Separate, but connected. Individual, yet part of the All. Both collector and giver of knowledge, every moment of your day.

Be at peace with who you are and with your place in the Universe.
Your life is not only in this world, but expands far beyond.
Begin to think bigger, dream larger, reach further than you ever have before.

The possibilities, the opportunities are endless.
For you are a part of the whole, the One, the All.
And your life here, now, is precious and meaningful.
Beyond your comprehension.

You are power,
You are strength,
You are knowledge,
You are wisdom.
You are light and you are love.

Always and forever more.

The Joy of Being

Can you lift up your hearts to the joy of life?
Can you be at one with the beauty that surrounds you?
Can you allow the light to shine within and around you?
Can you feel your connection with that light?

Your essence, your very essence, consists of light. That light is embodied in your physical vessel to move and exist here upon this physical plane. It is a temporary existence here. For your natural state of being is in another dimension and a part of you still exists there as well, while part of you discovers yourself on this plane.

The purpose of your being here is to explore, to discover, to expand your knowledge, and to shine your light as a beacon for others. Being enveloped in a physical vessel is difficult, we understand, for you are more familiar with a lightness of being, a freedom of movement, unlimited by the heaviness of the physical form.

But please understand that this journey, this adventure of which you are partaking is one chosen by you at a time prior to your birth here. And when that choice was made, it was made with love and joy and excitement for learning, growing and sharing the experiences from this plane. This dis-connection that you might feel is only an illusion. For you ARE connected and have always been connected, to a part of yourself outside this physical plane, as well as to the continuum that exists into infinity. Reach down deep within yourself in moments of quiet and find that connection that has always been there. See it as a cord of light, glistening, pulsing with a brightness beyond anything possible on this physical dimension.

You, you are a piece of all of this. You are that light. And with that light comes a joy beyond measure. With that light comes a connection that is strong, that is steady, that is unbreakable. This is who you truly are. You are NOT a physical body, just as you are not the garments that you place upon this physical frame. You are much more than that. You are power and you are strength. You are wisdom and you are knowledge. You are an integral piece of the All, who was courageous enough to come here to learn, to experience an existence different from any which you had previously.

Not all chose to come here. But you did with a hunger for new experiences. You made the decision with lightness in your heart and joy in the anticipation of new possibilities of life. You must understand the joy that was felt when this decision was made. And you must understand the joy that will surround you upon your return. This is your chosen journey and we are here with you, but in another dimension, another plane that exists exactly in the same space, but at a higher vibration. So you are within an arm’s reach of us, always.

Please understand the joy of being that this existence brings not only to us, but to another part of you who still remains with us on this dimension. This part of you is your higher self, who vibrates at a higher vibration and guides you as you navigate your daily physical life. Your higher self anchors you to your natural state of being as you experience your adventures here upon this physical plane. That pulse of light, that connection is to a part of yourself who sits with us as we guide you and send you our love, every moment of your day.

Accept these truths in your heart if you are able.
And if it appears too outrageous, then just consider that what we say here is a possibility.
If nothing else, accept our love for you.
Call upon us for help in a whisper, in a shout, in a prayer.
It matters not, for we always hear you.
How can we not when are here right next to you, always.

You are a joy of creation.
You are light, you are love.
And you are loved, unconditionally.

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