Worry Not

Worry not about your future

Worry not about your past

Be present in the now and smile

Dear One, the only reality for you is the present, what is happening right at this moment. The past is gone, the future has not yet occurred. Worry not about either of these time points. For your actions in the present can change what happened before and what is yet to be. You have that power, to change your life. But you must be present in the current moment in order to do so.

Worry not about the past, for you have the power to change your attitude, your vibrational attachment to what occurred.  You have the power to change it from a negative to a positive attachment by surrounding it in light. Can you remember past occurrences by reviewing them from a different perspective, without judgment, only with compassion for all concerned? Remember that you have the power to create your world at any point in time.

Worry not about the future, for you have the power to create a wondrous future of positive happenings. The key to doing so is to be present in the now. Walk in love, with non-judgment and only compassion. By doing so you will be raising your vibrational energy to a higher frequency and like attracts like. As you walk in this higher frequency you will attract more positive outcomes to anything that comes your way. By doing so, you will help to raise the vibrational energies of those around you. They will feel it, and will act accordingly. Your world is changing and it is because of you. Because enough of you have begun to remember who you are, your world is beginning to change.

Worry not about the fear that many are attempting to generate across your land.  Counter that fear by wrapping it in love. For fear will eventually collapse within itself due to the presence of so much light surrounding it. Fear does not like being in the light, as it prefers the dark corners of your mind where it can quietly disarm you. By wrapping it in light and love, you will help to disarm fear itself. You have the power to do so. You can do this and will do this. Although it may not appear this way to you at this time, fear is beginning to crumble and is fighting for its life.

Walk in love, dear one. Walk in love. Raise your sword of light and carry it with you everywhere you go. Again we say, you are more powerful than you ever imagined. For you are a part of the Source with the strength of the All at your fingertips.

To those who still doubt, we say this. Just try it for a day. When someone sends you negative energy in words or deeds, counter it with a loving smile, with a loving thought. And see how they respond. Do not allow yourself to engage in a negative interaction, for that just feeds fear and negativity and gives it more strength. Disarm it with love. Wrap it in light and walk away. And see how your day progresses.

You are love incarnate.

You are capable of dissolving fear into nothingness.

You have more strength than you realize.

Stand tall in your light.

Walk gently in love.

And change your life.

Change the world.


This is how long you will exist

This is how long you will be loved

This is how long your internal flame shall glow


Dear one, you are an infinite body of light that will shine into infinity. A concept we know is difficult for you to grasp. But remember that your concept of time does not exist. You are existing here upon this plane at this time, but may also be existing somewhere else simultaneously. The possibilities of your existence are unlimited and ever open to change as you see fit.

Do not allow this concept of ‘forever’ to concern you as you are most likely considering it from a human perspective. We remind you that you are not truly human. You are only using that physical vessel of yours to experience life here upon this physical plane. It is time for you to begin to reflect upon the truth that although the human body has a finite existence, you, in your natural state, do not.  We will not at this time go into much detail of this. We only want to plant the seed for you to consider at this time.

As the vibrational energies rise upon your planet, more truths will become evident to you, either through these writings or from other sources in your life. Question everything. And if it does not feel right and true to you, then discard it. Either it is not your truth or you are not yet ready to receive this information. But know, dear one, truly know, that this physical world in which you live is only one aspect of many possible terms of existence that you might experience.

You are a being of light, a being of love, connected to the All, the Source of All Being. You are never alone. That is impossible due to the web of connection that exists between all things.  All things. You have at your fingertips much knowledge available to you. What you still are learning is how to access it and that you are worthy of this knowledge.

You were created in joy and in love.  And your very existence brings joy and love to the All. You have the opportunity to experience many different ways of being. What you learn in the process is brought back to the All and made available to the collective consciousness. Your self-realization, every day here and wherever you have chosen to exist, brings knowledge yet unknown back to the Source. You have heard of the Gaia principle here upon this physical plane. Extend that out into infinity.

All are connected. You are NEVER alone and what you learn is shared across infinity. Can you accept the important, significant role you play in the entire realm of existence? You, dear one, have much time to experience and grow; to come into self-realization and knowledge. Do not feel that this current existence is all that you are given. There is much more and always, throughout all of these opportunities we are with you, supporting you, holding you in gratitude for what you bring back to the All.

Dear one, do not allow unworthiness or fear to enter into your consciousness. Instead accept the joy of who you really are. Accept the power of co-creation that you have been given. Walk forward without judgment, with only love in your heart.

Be the shining light that you truly are.

Be the shining light that shall never go out.

Be the shining light connected to the All.

Be who you really are….One With All of Thee.





Peaceful Living

Are you breathing every day?

Do you feel your feet upon the ground with every step?

Do you see the beauty around you everywhere?

Dear One, it is up to you to choose whether or not you want a peaceful or chaotic life. It is your free will to choose. We are here to help you move forward on your path, but it is you who must make the choice. Are you able to say each morning upon awakening, Today I choose joy and peace in my life?

You are the captain at the helm and we are your crew willing to guide you through the rough waters into a smooth, serene and calm inlet. A place of respite to catch your breath and scan the horizon. Look for the calm waters, for they are there, every day, just below the surface, at the center of your being. For within you is the master of your life with the key to your serenity. This has always been the case. You have just forgotten to look within.

There is so much activity and energy coming at you from outside sources, you forget the peace within…a place where you can go to rest, though not to hide. For remember, you came here to experience a physical life with all of its nooks and crannies; all of its opportunities and possibilities. Indeed you are a courageous soul with much strength and power. Do not forget who you are and why you are here.

When you feel overwhelmed, take a moment to stop and breathe, in and out, in and out. For if you are tense, you may have forgotten how powerful and soothing that breath can be for you. Close your eyes and see that internal flame of light. For it is there and will never go away, though it might flicker at times of uncertainty. It is that internal light of yours that guides us to you. For each of you has a signature glow that is only yours, unique to you always through eternity. No matter where you are, which existence or plane you have chosen to experience, you always have your signature glow. The light within you is who you truly are.

If you imagine the Source as a magnificent entity of light emanating love across infinity, you are a part of that Source. Your internal flame came from that Source and so you are a part of the All. That can never change. And your experiences here and in other destinations bring back knowledge to the Source, experiential knowledge collected by you. And you WILL return to the loving embrace of the Source. For like returns to like.

There are many planes, many opportunities for growth, and an infinite number of flames of light, just like you, across the entire collective consciousness. You are never alone, Dear One and you are a part of the Magnificence of Being as is all of creation. Everything you see, everything you hold, everything you hear or smell, all of this is a part of the Source.

Contemplate upon this information, for it may be new to many of you. And yet, in your contemplation there may be a tiny spark of recognition in these words. For truth has a way of revealing itself to you at a time when you are ready to hear it. We feel this is that time for many of you.

Today, choose peace and joy in all that you do.

Today, feel the internal strength rising within you.

Today, allow the smile of recognition to emerge from within.

For now and always, you are One With All of Thee.

You Can Do It

There is nothing stopping you

You have all that you need

To rise and soar to great heights

Dear One, it is only your human mind that keeps you from soaring higher than you ever have before. This is your only limiting factor, for you are a part of greatness. You are a part of the Source and it is time for you to accept this truth about yourself. For if you are reading this, you have work to do to help move this planet forward. You CAN do it. And it begins with your own life.

Do you understand that everything is connected, that you are part of a continuum that stretches out into infinity. It matters not where you sit on that continuum, only that you are a part of it. For this gives you access to the knowledge, the help that you need in order to move forward on your path. You are not alone. You have never been alone. That is impossible.

For those of you who are more sensitive, you may feel the ebb and flow of the energies as they are recalibrating here upon this plane. And they ARE recalibrating. If you find yourself feeling unsettled, ask for help and guidance as to the best way for you to move forward. For everyone has their own journey and it is different for each and every one of you, even though you are all on the same path back to the Source.

You must realize that the heavens are rejoicing at this moment for how far you have come; for how far this world has come. Enough of you have awakened and shaken the sleep from your eyes to allow these current changes to occur. And although they might seem as if they are going in the opposite direction, know that it is only an illusion. This world of yours is moving forward in spite of certain dark forces that seem to be gaining control. They are not and it is because so many of you have opened your hearts to the love that surrounds you. The best way for you to help is to share that love with your world every day.

Banish fear from your life for it does not serve you and you have enough light within to counteract any negative thoughts. You have such power, such strength, such courage, yet untapped, for you are only now awakening to your own potential. We have seen this all along and rejoice in the budding realization of so many of you as to who you really are. Dear one, you are capable of such greatness. You are in partnership with the Source and all of which that is. And it was your choice to be here upon this physical plane to stand witness to this transformation.  You may not yet see it, but Dear one, it is beginning and the end result will be more magnificent that you could ever imagine.

Do not give up, Dear one. The process has begun and you are an integral part. You have loving support throughout your day, just ask for our help and we shall gladly be there for you. Remember that we hold each and every one of you in gratitude for choosing to be here at this wondrous time; for choosing to be a part of this glorious transformation. Indeed you are strong enough, courageous enough, worthy enough. See yourself as we see you….a light shining brightly with the strength and power to move mountains.

You, Dear one, are a part of the Oneness. You, Dear one, make a difference with your presence here every day. You, Dear one, are an integral part of this transformation.

Accept this truth.

Accept your gifts.

Accept our love and our help.

You are deserving, you are held in gratitude.

Dear One With All of Thee.



Joy is your inherent right
Joy is a part of your true nature
Joy surrounds you every moment of your day.

Dear one, open your eyes, your heart, your awareness to the joy that surrounds you every moment of your day. For it is there. It is right in front of you and yet you often are blind to its presence in your life. Take not for granted the gifts that you have lying before you as you walk your path. For they are there, helping to guide your way. Can you find the skip in your step, the song on your lips, the twinkle in your eye? Can you smile as you read these words?

When you were a child you could see more clearly the magic that surrounded you. Part of this was in the discovery of new things in your life, new experiences, new delights not yet experienced. As you have aged, you have forgotten about the joy that surrounds you in your daily life. It still exists everywhere you look. You just have turned a blind eye to it as you have been told that there are more important things to do, for now you are an adult. Now you must be serious and take action.

Dear one, one of the many gifts of this earthly experience is to feel the joy of a physical realm. No matter what happens, the sun and moon still rise in their glorious beauty. The birds sing, the breeze caresses you, the earth supports you. We understand that many things are happening across your world which you cannot understand and feel that you must take action. For this we applaud you but consider this.

Does your action taken include harsh judgment against others? Have you forgotten that all are One despite what they do or say? Have you considered sending love to those who do not ‘walk in the light’? Can you do this in addition to or instead of the actions you, in your humanness, feel are the correct ones to take? Have you forgotten the power of combined consciousness? Have you forgotten the power of forgiveness?

Dear one, continue to walk in love and accept the joy in a simple act of kindness, the warmth of the sun on your face, the laughter of a child. We understand that your world is going through many changes which do not appear to be a forward movement. But do not allow these occurrences to cause you to take a step back from your own forward movement. Understand the power you have within that is released as you send loving kindness out to the world. Anger, outrage and judgment may rise within you as the actions of others are revealed to you. Allow these feelings their time. Then allow them to pass and replace them with lightness of being and joy. This is where your power lies.

Dear one, surround yourself and the world in love. Do this every day as you awaken and before you sleep. Can you begin and end your day with loving thoughts? Can you take this first step? Remember to reach back and offer your hand to those who are behind you on the path back to the Source. For by contributing love to the world, you can begin to change it. You already have changed it, although you do not see this. Change is possible and it begins with you. Use your power to shine light upon this world of yours.

Joy is possible, every day.
Joy is present, every day.
Share this joy and change the world.

Perspective is Key

How do you see your life?
Do you see challenges
Or do you see opportunities for growth?
How do you view your life?

Dear one, life is unfolding for you exactly as it should. Remember that there are many unseen forces contributing to your forward movement. But as you continue to grow, you will become more aware of these forces within and around you. You do not see them now because you know not for what you are looking.

There are many layers of life here upon this physical plane. For not only are you affected by the physical attributes available to your physical existence, you are also affected by vibrations higher than can be perceived at this time by your physical body. For although you exist here upon this earthly plane, there is still a part of you that is anchored in another dimension of higher vibration. It is for this reason, that you might often become confused and feel the shift, the repercussions of existing in both dimensions at the same time.

For this reason, we ask you to understand that all that is unfolding is for the highest good. Hard to accept, we understand, when you look at it only from a human perspective. But you are not only a human body. You are truly a spiritual being who is temporarily inhabiting a physical form in order to grow and learn. In order to teach the collective consciousness from the experiences you have here upon this physical plane.

For being here is an opportunity, a gift of which not all spiritual beings are able to partake. You, you were the courageous one to come here to this plane of heaviness with feelings of separateness. You, you were anxious to have the earthly experiences available here upon this plane. And for some it has been more difficult than originally imagined. For inhabiting these physical forms creates the illusion of separateness that overshadows the truth of Oneness of All beings.

Can you, then, change your perspective from one of worry, fear, and gloom to one of love and acceptance? Can you feel your inner vibration begin to rise as you change your perspective from a negative to a positive one? Can you begin to understand that all that occurs in your life is a step forward, a gift of change, an opportunity for growth? If you can begin to view your life in this manner, without judgment or fear, the internal struggle that you feel will begin to abate. And peace will begin to descend upon you. It will envelope you and as a result you will feel the joy that is your innate right, your true state of being.

Dear One, when times become too difficult and you feel yourself once again sliding down that slope to negativity, stop and allow yourself a moment to breathe. One deep breath in, holding for a few seconds, and then blowing it out as you release the tension that has built up within you.

As the entire planet continues in its transformation, you may experience more physical challenges. But know that all is temporary, all changes will accelerate your growth and help to raise the vibration not only of your personal physical form, but for the entire planet on which you currently reside.

Change your perspective from one of doubt and fear, to one of joy and acceptance. For the heavens sing for you. They sing with joy at the progress you have made. They sing for they understand how far you have come and how bright the future will be for you. Any physical changes that occur to you or to the Mother are necessary for the continued rise of vibration across the entire Universe.

You have accomplished so much, Dear One.
And for that we sing to you. We sing for you.
And we hold much gratitude in our hearts for this courageous and selfless journey upon which you have partaken.

Many blessings to you, Dear One.
You are much loved by All.

Is There a Right Way to Love?

How do you love?
How do you define love?
How do you measure love?

Dear One, how do you love those closest to you? Can you even describe it or is the way that you feel indescribable in words? We speak often to you of love, that you are a loving being, created and composed of love. But what does that really mean? And can you love too much?

The answer is that you cannot love too much. The love of which you are composed is of the purest form. It is unconditional, it is never-ending, and in truth, has no beginning or end. It just is and always will be. As you walk upon this physical plane embodied in a human form, this term ‘love’ has taken on a different meaning for many of you. It is a term used often to describe a spectrum of feelings within you.

But the truest form of love, the love that has no beginning and no end is the love of pure connection. Unconditional, ever-present and never changing. It is a form that begins with the connection that you have to the All across all planes, into infinity. When you settle down into that quiet space within, it is the feeling of complete peace and pure joy which envelops you. And once felt, this love is something that you will seek throughout your life, from all who cross your path.

The caveat is that despite the truth that all are composed of love in its purest state, not all have been able to reach its depth and sustain its purity in a human environment. This is not an impossible task, but the human condition interferes as Ego, expectation, judgment and insecurity come into play. The key is not to allow any of these human attributes to gain power over your actions. This, we realize, is not always an easy task. However, it is possible.

It begins with reconnecting with that inner space of quiet where your purest form of love can begin to emerge and envelope you. Give yourself time each day to sit and breathe deeply if only for a few minutes. Allow yourself this gift of peace and connection each day. If you do this on a regular basis, you will begin to understand what we are saying to you here. The feeling of peace that you feel is who you really are and what unconditional love is. THIS is the type of love for you to share with all who surround you. No expectations, no judgment, no insecurity. For please understand that this inner love which you feel is unlimited which means the love which you can give is also unlimited.

Can you love freely, no matter the outcome or the response? Can you trust that your ability to share this inner light, this inner love with others can create waves across the entire spectrum of being? Can you begin to understand that love in its purest form is eternal?

It begins with you believing in yourself and your unbreakable connection with a stream, a river, an ocean of love within and around you. Speak not of unworthiness for All are made up, contain, and have the ability to share this love in every interaction, in every thought, in every word spoken.

Begin today to reach deep within yourself to find that bottomless spring of love. And share that fountain of love with others. No conditions, no expectations, no question of worthiness. For all are worthy, all are capable and all are loved.

See yourself through our eyes.
Then see others the same way.
And help to change the world.
You can, you know.
It begins with you.


How much do you truly hear?
Are you able to connect with your higher self?
Can you trust enough to follow your intuition?

Dear One, you have a higher self who lives outside of this physical plane. It is connected to you through your intuition and guides you in this way. Your higher self has access to much knowledge that you in this physical plane cannot yet reach. But through your higher self, you have access to it. Can you begin to listen in those quiet times and trust what you hear?

We have told you many times that you are never alone because of the web of connection throughout the entire universe. The means in which you connect is through this part of yourself that sits outside of this physical world. For not all of you is embodied in this physical body here upon this plane. There is a cord of connection that is very strong and which can never be broken. But it is up to you to receive the messages given you by your higher self. It is up to you to allow the connection to remain clear and unfiltered.

You can do this by spending time in silence and stillness every day. It need not be more than five or ten minutes. But it is necessary in order for you to strengthen this connection on your end. For your higher self is strongly attached. It is you, at this physical end, who has not fully accessed this source of information and guidance.

Do not worry that you will lose this connection due to inactivity on your part. That is impossible. Because you do not use your left thumb often does not mean that it will suddenly fall off. It may just become a little stiff and rusty due to lack of use. It is the same with your higher self. Always connected, yet the more the connection is used, the easier it is to allow the information to flow.

And so, be still and listen to the voice that comes from your heart…..not your mind. For that is Ego talking in your mind. You inner voice, your higher self, speaks from your heart and so that is where you will find its guidance. And if you ask of yourself what should you do, how should you proceed…..listen to your heart. If you are not clear of the response, ask again. And if you require more clarification, ask again. The answer will always be the same.

But remember that you do have free will and you need not follow the guidance from your higher self. You will always be allowed to make your own choices, though situations may be created in your path to encourage you to follow guidance. And if you do not follow guidance, there will be a lesson there for you to learn. Not as punishment, but just as the natural progression of your life. For each and every one of you will have lessons to learn until the day you choose to transition from this physical plane.

For this reason, you might consider giving gratitude every day for having gentle lessons, for having a clear connection with your higher self and for having the courage to move forward in your life. For remember, by giving gratitude for already having rather than requesting help you change the energy from that of lack to that of abundance. This is very important to remember as the world continues to shift on its journey to expansion.

And remember, Dear One, that you are never abandoned, never punished, never judged. For this life here upon this physical plane is an experiential one. If you feel alone or depleted, give gratitude for the comfort and love that surrounds you. Give gratitude for the courage that flows through your veins. And give gratitude for the connection and guidance you receive and can hear every day.

It is time to begin to see your world differently.
Participate in creating your world, a world of abundance rather than lack.
Keep the connection open and listen.
The guidance will come in those quiet moments.
Sit, breathe, and listen.
That is all.


How do you define this term?
What does it mean to you?
How do you live your life to attain it?

Dear One, this term, success, is used often here upon this plane. But what does it really mean? Is it used in terms of rising above the others in your professional lives? Does it mean attaining much monetary gain in your personal lives? Or does it mean just getting through a day without succumbing to an addiction or habit you wish to break?

This term, success, only has meaning in the physical plane. For it does not make sense in the other realms. For each and every one of you is a divine being filled with light and love. There are no haves or have-nots in the non-physical realm. All understand the important piece that they play in their connection to the All. And so, we find this term, success, to be unnecessary in our worlds.

Dear One, the fact that you are here, upon this physical plane, experiencing yet another day is a gift for you. The merits of who you are and how you have supported the All are not measured in terms of how much you have done, how far you have come, who you have met, and so on. The mere fact that you are here, sharing your experiential life with the All, is enough. The awakening to your true nature as a being of light and love has moved the growth of the continuum in a way that you cannot understand from this earthly perspective. But be assured that you have made a difference, an important difference, in just allowing your life to unfold in the way that it must.

There are many changes occurring at this time here upon this plane, across the entire universe. And these changes may affect some of you more than others. Allow yourself to accept without struggle what is occurring on an energetic level to you at this time. It is necessary and you will become accustomed to this higher vibration. For you are stronger, more powerful than you realize. And you will accelerate in your growth even more as you continue on this journey you have chosen.

Dear One, measure not who you are by how many possessions you have, how much respect you receive from your peers, or by where you stand in the hierarchy here upon this plane. Your term, success, is only an empty measure of an illusion perpetuated here on this physical plane. For in reality, it is not necessary to measure your standing among others, for you are all connected and one and the same. Instead of focusing on this ‘success’, instead focus on expanding and sharing the light which you are. Focus on wrapping yourself and others in the warm glow of your internal light. Share the love, which is your very essence, with all who cross your path. These are the ways to move forward on your path.

For you have no need for ‘success’. Why would you when you already are one with the Source?
Live in peace, live in gratitude, live in joy.
And accept the greatness which makes up your very being.
For you are One With All of Thee.


Do you see things as they really are?
Or does your perception alter your view?
Do you have the courage to see things clearly?

Dear One, what you see, hear, feel during your day is filtered through your past, your judgment, your hopes and fears. Often you see only what you want to see, what you wish to see, rather than what is really there. Often, because of self-judgment, you do not see the beauty, you do not hear the gratitude because you feel unworthy. It is time for you to take a breath and see things as they really are.

There is beauty all around you that you do not allow yourself to see. There are joyful moments that you do not give yourself time to experience. And there is truth spoken to you that you cannot hear. All of these things happen to you every day. And you walk through your life perceiving things that are not true because of your own self-doubt and fear.

To begin to see clearly, to begin to see things as they really are takes courage. It begins with knowing, truly understanding , how loved you are by the Oneness; how many gifts you have been given which as yet remain unopened. To begin, you must realize that you are a part of the Divine. Do not humble yourself and say you are unworthy. For there is fear in this way of thinking. Fear of accepting your greatness.

The world is changing and now is the time for you to venture into unknown waters. Do not worry, for you have a cushion of love surrounding you that will not allow you to sink underneath the surface. You, Dear One, are capable of much more than you ever imagined. And the world needs you at this time. There are enough of you, a critical mass has been reached, to begin the healing of the Mother. And the more of you who step forward, the more accelerated the healing will be.

But first, Dear One, accept the gift of your own divinity. And have the courage to see things as they truly are. If you are unsure, ask for help in having clarity of sight, of hearing, of guidance of how to move forward. We believe in you and it is time for you to start believing in yourself. Remember that you are a part of the whole. And what a glorious whole that is! You are a drop of water in a sea of greatness. And your contribution is very important. Do not believe otherwise.

Your clarity begins with yourself and who you really are. And once you can accept this, then you can look at others, see them also as divine beings exploring a physical existence. Yes, there are stones in the path of all which may cause temporary stumbling. But judge not yourself or others. Embrace your lives and the exploration of new experiences. You are tethered to the Source, always. And so, you will never be lost.

Be at peace, Dear One. And see, truly see, what surrounds you. And if it is negative, bless it and walk away. If it is positive, then embrace it and add your light to it. Always, as you walk your path, shine love on all you meet. For the truth is that the love within you is endless. It cannot be depleted. Accept your greatness. Accept your gifts. Accept your connection to Source.

For you are, One With All of Thee.

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