What Do You See?

what do you see

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When you look around you

What do you see?

Possibilities or utter despair?

Beauty or destruction?

What do you see?

Dear One, the way you see your world reflects back on how you see yourself. The illusion which you choose as reality mirrors back to you your own emotional and spiritual state of mind. It affects how you move through this holographic world created by you in your temporary visit here upon this plane.

The realm from which you came is filled with love. Love permeates all thought and interaction. It is the true nature of being. Your choice to descend upon this lower vibrational state of being brings with it many challenges, but also many possibilities. For you are the creator of your own world, though many of you still find this a difficult concept to grasp.

There is beauty, there is love present with every breath, every step you take. But it is often obscured by the cloud formed by your inner thoughts, your fears and trepidations. All of you have had trials and challenges in your life up to this point. And more will present themselves to you. However, there are two ways to approach these trials; with fear or with love.

Can you begin to walk through your day choosing faith over worry? Can you see possibilities rather than overwhelming challenges in your path? Can you see the beauty in everything around you? For even in areas filled with desolation and destruction, life continues to thrive and opportunities for love continue to exist. For you, Dear One, are love incarnate which means that everywhere you go, you bring love with you. It is a part of your make-up.

You have the choice to allow this love to emerge or to suppress it and mask it with fear. The choice is yours. It begins with loving yourself, with acknowledging the power you have to change your life and your world. You are guided daily by loving hands. This guidance may occur as a fleeting thought, a synchronous encounter or by an opportunity presented to you seemingly out of nowhere. Can you have enough faith in yourself and in the love of the All That Is to see these events as gentle encouragements to take a chance?

You, Dear One, are given opportunities every day to change how you walk through your world. Should a challenge appear before you, reflect upon your immediate reaction. Are you overcome with fear and dread or can you take a breath and approach with love using your personal power? The universe will provide you with what you request. Remember this as you find yourself saying negative statements such as ‘This is never-ending’, ‘I will never be good enough’, or ‘I cannot do this’.

Look instead for the possibilities of love, of positive change or repetitive lessons presented to you in these events. Change your perspective and remember that this is a journey of growth for you. The only judgment comes from within your own mind. Be aware of the words you use, of the thoughts that run through your mind and change them from negative to positive. Seek help if needed from others. This journey is not a solo trek. Assistance is provided to you along your path. You are never alone.

Dear One, remember that you are the creator of your own world. Beauty exists everywhere and love is always possible. You are the catalyst for change in your own life and outward as your vibration touches others in warm embrace or sharp retort.

Color your world in love.

Allow your Divine love to emerge.

Change is possible and it begins with you.

Dear One With All of Thee.


How Do You See Your World?


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Is it a world of wonder

Or a world of suffering

Or is it a combination of both?

Dear One, the world in which you live has many facets to it, some of wonder and beauty and some of suffering. Beauty surrounds you every moment of your day. And yet, many suffer from lack of love, lack of food or shelter, lack of purpose. How do you move through such a world?

We have encouraged you to see the beauty around you as it follows you with every breath that you take. We have encouraged you to express gratitude for all that you do have. Now we encourage you to send out waves of love as you move through your day. For we have surrounded each and every one of you with undying love and there is enough for all.

We will not deny the suffering from illness, hunger and perceived lack of love. For it is present in this physical world. But you also are present in this world and the actions you take have more power than you dare to realize.

Can you understand that there is no personal gain in this existence? Yes, it appears so in this physical world, but in reality, as all are connected, all receive the benefits of any knowledge gained. The fear of lack permeates this world and adds to the personal suffering of many on this plane.

Can you understand, Dear One, that approaching your life from the perspective of abundance will provide just that for you? So many focus only on the perceived lack without including the possibilities created by what they do have in their lives.

Dear One, can you approach your life and the lives of others with compassionate detachment? Most definitely send out love with every breath. But can you help others to connect with their own inner strength? For it is there. It lives inside every one of you. How can it not when you are one with the Divine?

Be gentle with others. Be gentle with yourself. And realize that all have their journey of self-discovery. This is not to say that you turn your back on those who suffer; for where is the compassion in that? But can you approach life here upon this plane with a perspective of abundance of love, possibilities and joy? For it does exist.

Allow your life and the lives of others to unfold as it was meant to be. Understand that you know not the big picture, what we see from our perspective. But also approach this life conscious of the possibilities when life is not viewed with fear of lack.

You, Dear One, are a powerful being, a part of the Source, here to learn, to love, to forgive and to experience life in a physical body. This body is a fragile vessel that needs much tending, much love and support. It also gives the appearance of separateness when indeed all are one.

Open your heart and add love, not fear, to this world that surrounds you. If all present on this plane did this, oh, what a difference it would make! The lessons would still be there, but they would be much gentler for many.

Walk the path of love and compassion. Discard any encouragement to be fearful and dispassionate.

For you are a being of love, you were made in love and will return to our loving embrace when your journey on this plane ends.

Dear One, feel the love we have for you.

Accept the love we have for you.

Call on us and allow us to help you walk through this world in love and not fear.

For you have more potential and inner strength that you realize.

For Dear One, you ARE One With All of Thee.