Finding Your Internal Peace

It is there, that place of peace.

It resides within your heart, calm and centered,

While the world around you seems chaotic and restless.

Visit there often, your heart,

Rest in the comfort of knowing

That is the place always filled with those who love you.

For you are never alone.

Dear One, during those times of distress, when you feel the world surrounding you is offering only fearful experiences, find the solace you seek within your heart. It is there where you can rest, knowing you are surrounded by loved ones; those who care more deeply for you than you can ever imagine.

For you are loved dearly, just as you are capable of loving others with the same intensity, the same focus, unconditionally.

You are never alone. That is impossible, though this physical existence fosters that illusion. But if you could shed that physical exterior and view your existence from our perspective, that of only energy and light, you would understand.

It is difficult, we acknowledge, for one who lives and remembers only a physical existence, to fathom an existence without a physical body. And yet, you leave your body quite often; those times when you daydream and find yourself elsewhere from where your physical body sits. Your consciousness also streams at night, as your physical body rests. Have you not had dreams that were so realistic, you have remembered many details and how they have affected you?

Dear One, when you sit quietly in meditation or contemplation, the physical world around you fades away, as your consciousness follows its own path forward.  Some of you may have even seen colors or images during these quiet times. For those who feel they cannot meditate due to the chatter of their minds, we give you encouragement. For even during the times when you attempt to sit quietly, with no perceived success, you have made a connection.

It is during these times that we are better able to reach you, even though your conscious mind may not be aware of the connection. It is during these times that you are holding sacred space, inviting connection, and we are there with you, en masse, even though you may not yet be aware. It is during these times that we honor you, for setting aside the time to be quiet.

Dear One, you were birthed into this physical world for a purpose, unique and individual for each of you. You were gently cradled before your transition into this physical world, just as you will be gently cradled as you return to us. You are a child of the Universe, constantly watched over, gently guided and urged to follow your path of remembrance. This is the path which allows you to come into your own power once again. This is the path which reveals to you the purpose of your physical life and the path to strengthening your connection to the All and to the Source.

When you feel alone, put your hand upon your heart and feel the warmth, the love, which is housed there, filled to capacity with loving kindness, compassion, and support. You have your own personal oasis in a sea of external chaos. Go there often to replenish and rejuvenate. Go there to open the connection to the All. Go there when you are seeking support and you will receive it.

Dear One, we are listening.

We are extending our tender embrace to comfort you.

Call upon us in your times of need.

You are never alone.

Dear One with All of Thee.

Peace of Mind

Your world appears to be in chaos

You feel hopelessness and despair

And yet, new life continues to emerge.

The cycles still continue to move

Through rebirth after death.

Dear One, nothing has changed. You are still a being of love, created in love, surrounded by love and capable of love. Your surroundings appear to be in disarray, filled with chaos and uncertainty. But is this not just the cycle of life, continuing on as it always has – offering opportunities for growth with every moment of your existence.

Look towards Mother Nature in all of her strength and glory. Does she not carry on despite hardship and scarcity? Does she not find a way to adapt to the changes in her existence? Have you not seen a flower push up through a paved area or watched a tree navigate around a rock to reach the light? What you do not see is the strength in the roots, the internal strength that allows growth despite perceived obstacles.

Look towards the evolution of many species here upon your plane. Have many not adapted over time to better exist in a changing environment? Do not many species co-exist, sharing with each other certain elements lacking in one, but abundant in another? Is it not the inter-connectedness which often allows survival in what might appear as an insurmountable habitat?

If all were lost, would new souls still be emerging to experience this physical existence? If all were lost, would the Mother continue to produce new species to help with the changing environment here upon this plane? If all were lost, would we continue to encourage you to find your inner strength, your connection to the All and your own personal power?

Dear One, just as you see in Mother Nature, so too, your life is cyclic with times best spent in rest or in action and growth. You have just emerged from a long period of rest and now is the time to grow, to adapt and to use your inner strength to find the path around that rock which sits in front of you.

You are a part of Mother Nature, one of her beloved creatures, and you have the same strength, the same adaptability and the same cyclic nature to your life. Do not despair that all is lost. Instead have the peace of mind that what comes this day is a part of the cycle of growth. Trust in your connection and look to the Mother for ways on moving forward through your perceived insurmountable obstacles.

You, Dear One, are capable and are loved beyond measure. You have the support of the All as you move forward. You have not been forgotten, nor have you reached a point of no return. The possibilities continue to be endless. Do not allow that Ego mind to encourage hopelessness and despair. Instead open your heart to love and embrace the help of the Universe as you continue to move forward.

Even what you perceive as a step back in time is still a movement forward. From our perspective, you have the strength, the courage and the love to continue on your path back to the Source. How can you not return to the core of your being? A part of you continues to be there as the rest of you embarks upon this human journey.

Dear One, have the peace of mind that all is well.

Trust that you indeed are capable of much more than you ever realized.

And know that you are a part of the cosmic consciousness,

One With All of Thee.



Peaceful Sea

How do you nurture yourself?

Do you give yourself time to just be?

Or are you in constant motion

Trying to control your world?

Dear One, it is important for you to self-nurture on a regular basis. Your perceived world can feel overwhelming, we understand, but in order to move forward, time must be made for YOU.

There is always enough time. This is a truth that you have not yet accepted. Your perceived priorities can always be altered. And perhaps it is time for you to review those priorities in your own life.

You have a penchant for putting others first, feeling that time for others is much more important than time for you. Can you begin to make adjustments to this way of living to include some quiet time in your day just for thee?

The truth is that this time of inactivity allows you to better connect with your higher self; that part of you who is free from worry, free from fear and free from self-judgment. The cycle that you are in at this time can be broken. But it begins with times of stillness.

Once you begin this practice, the worry about priorities, the fear of lack, the self-judgment of not doing enough will abate. But first, this new cycle of time for thee is necessary to start this process of stronger connection.

As you move forward in this new practice, you will begin to realize that what you previously perceived as a great priority is not that important. You will begin to calm that active mind of yours to a mere idle rather than a chaotic burst of thoughts and worries. You will begin to understand that the fear you project out into your personal world is self-created and may be dissolved by changing your perceptions.

Dear One, can you give this gift to yourself and to the world? Will a few minutes of stillness in your day cause the world to break into pieces? Can you not direct some of that loving energy back towards yourself so that you can move forward in grace and confidence that all is well?

Begin today. Close your eyes and focus on your breath for just a few minutes. Reconnect with the greatness within you. For it is there, we can see it in all of its glory. It is time for you to see it yourself. It is time for you to understand that you are never alone. The connection is always there with the All.

You, Dear One, deserve this time of stillness.

You, Dear One, require this time to replenish your energy.

You, Dear One, shall move through your life with a lighter step as you strengthen that connection daily.

Change your world by first caring for yourself.

Your day can wait for a few moments as you center yourself and breathe.

It will still be there after you return and open your eyes, refreshed and stronger in knowing that you are part of something much larger than yourself.

Pause for just a moment.

And feel the joy, the peace, the love within you.

It has never left you.

But has been patiently awaiting your return.

Dear One with All of Thee.