Your Physical Body


Do you honor your physical body?

Or do you criticize and abuse it

With loathing and disregard?

How do you treat this temple that houses your soul?

Dear One, are you in touch with this vessel which enables you to experience this physical plane? Without it you could not do the work you came here to do. And yet, so many of you abuse these vessels, these bodies, these vehicles which house your very soul.

Yes, you are more than these physical bodies. You are spiritual beings of light and love. But how many of you treat these physical frames with total disregard? How often do you bless this body, give thanks to it for being healthy and balanced, or treat it as the temple it is?

Once again, we urge you to get out of your head and become more aware of your surroundings. This includes being more aware of what your physical body is telling you at this very moment. Just as we have shown you how Mother Nature speaks to you, so too, does your physical body.

Yes, you are separate from this body. But just as we encourage you to treat all of your surroundings with love and respect, so too, we encourage you to do the same with your individual vessel.  There is so much self-criticism; too much of this, not enough of that. When is the last time you spoke lovingly to this vessel which transports you through this physical world?

When is the last time you cared for this body, not for the purpose of presenting to others the image that you think they want to see, but out of loving kindness? When have you cared for this body to tend its wounds, to rest those parts that have been over-exerted, or to allow it to replenish itself with some well-needed nurturing?

This world in which you live places so much emphasis on the physical and yet does not encourage nurturing, care-taking or loving embrace of that which serves you every day. It seems as though you push forward, ignoring the signals that you receive on a daily basis. Just as so many ravage Mother Nature without considering the long-term effects, so too many do the same to their physical bodies.

Can you honor this vessel by allowing it the attention it requires to best serve you? When you suffer a set-back, be it an illness or an injury, can you send it loving thoughts rather than fear or impatience for the delay in mobility? Can you listen to it when it tells you so clearly that this food, this activity causes it distress?

You may be separate from this physical body, but you are responsible for its upkeep, just as you are with those other possessions in your life. Do not take this body for granted, for while it will work as best it can, it does have its limitations.

We realize that for many of you, being in this physical realm is a new experience and this is why we feel it necessary to remind you of this charge you have in your care. Today and every day, bless this vessel  upon awakening. Thank it for hosting you during this lifetime experience. Treat it tenderly and listen to it as it speaks to you, for it most certainly does every moment of your day.

As you learn to be more in the present, rather than the past or the future, you will become more in tuned with not only what is happening around you, but within your own physical frame. Be gentle with yourself, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

For this existence here is a gift for you. Use this body to experience the Mother in all of her glory, from the sights, the aromas, the music, to the tastes and the tactile pleasures. Use this body to experience life to the fullest. But give it time to heal, to regenerate, to recover.

Listen to it. Bless it. Thank it.

And walk tall, walk proudly, walk gently in whatever frame you have been given this time.

For it is the perfect vessel for you to learn the lessons you came here to learn this life.

Honor it. Love it.

Dear One with All of Thee.

Thy Wounded Self

Your path is long
With rocks and stones
But believe in yourself
For you are perfect in all ways.

Dear One, the journey here upon this plane is not always an easy one for you. There are obstacles present in your path as you move forward. And you may stumble upon these as you find your way. Worry not about that part of yourself who makes itself known during these times. Though it may live more in the shadows, it is still a part of your light. It is still a part of the Divine. This part of yourself completes you in a way you may not yet understand.

We talk of the wounded self. That part of you which emerges in times of stress, of growth, of change. Do not try to run from this part of yourself, for it has a purpose and that purpose is to show you a way to be at one with others on their own journeys. Surrender to this part of yourself. Accept it with open arms and allow it to teach you the lessons you need to learn this day. For it is all a part of the journey. The journey home to us.

You are a being of light and love. We have said this before. But you also exist in a physical plane in order to learn, to grow in an experiential manner. This was your choice as you were adventurous enough to heed the call and take the ride here upon this plane. But in order to grow, there is a need for you to accept yourself as you are, in your entirety. And that includes that part of you which remembers and holds close the wounds felt along the way. That is not to say that you should allow those wounds to fester and grow. But to acknowledge their presence, give gratitude for the lessons they teach you. Allow them to lead you closer to expressing compassion for others who are in battle with their darker side.

Embrace all of who you are and judge not that which you do not perceive as positive. For each and every one of you has many layers of which to discover upon this path you walk. When you come across the wounded layer, kiss it, love it and accept it as a part of your entire being. For how could you grow otherwise, without the challenges, the wounds inflicted upon you along the way? Remember that it is through these wounds that the light shines the brightest.

Do not worry that you have fallen off your path at these times. For in truth, you have taken a great leap forward as you acknowledge and move through this layer of you. Embrace yourself, all of you. Nurture yourself, all parts of you. And give yourself time to sit with this part of you. Work with it and give gratitude for the lessons it teaches you. Then raise your head and continue on your path. Do not doubt yourself, Dear One.

You are a Divine being on a physical adventure.
And we are here with you every step of the way.
Be at peace with who you are in totality.
For you are light and love and One With All of Thee.