The Matrix of Connection

Do you understand

How being different from each other

Builds strength?

How the collection

Of a variety of experiences

Enhances the whole,

The Entirety of Being?

Dear One, rather than being fearful of the differences between you, can you instead celebrate how each of you brings a unique, integral piece into the Matrix of Connection? Can you begin to understand how important it is to embrace the knowledge each of you has acquired during your life? How the accrual and sharing of all of these individual skill sets strengthens the entirety of being?

Consider how many of you have settled into a comfort zone of relating only to those who are similar to you. Those who have similar backgrounds, similar viewpoints. Those who look similar to you and who like the same things you like. How many of you distrust anyone who is different, perhaps even judging them to be less than they are.

It may appear to be easier to associate only with those who are like you. But Dear One, have you considered how you are limiting your growth potential by doing so? With infinite possibilities of experiences available to you, it is unrealistic to think you can touch on all of them in your lifetime. But what if you shared your different experiences with each other? Would that not enhance your knowledge without having had to live through the learning experience?

This is what makes the Matrix of Connection so very powerful. Different placements in different realms with different experiences that contribute to the collective consciousness. This is how knowledge is built that can be shared with All of Creation. And as you continue to raise your vibration during this ascension process, you will be better able to access more and more knowledge and creativity.

But also consider how this would enhance life in the physical realm? Do you not take your vehicles to someone who has the knowledge to repair them? Knowledge that you yourself may not have. Do you not visit someone with knowledge of the physical body when you are feeling ill?

And yet, there appears to be a lack of respect, a judgment against others who are underestimated in how they can help you to grow in knowledge. And the difference may come from how they look, where they live or even their lifetime experiences.

Dear One, just as the different realms across the Universe provide unique knowledge for the All, so too, do different placements here upon this physical plane contribute to the advancement of the human race. Just as no one in one realm is better or less than one in another realm, so too here upon this physical plane. All have developed different skill sets, a vast accrual of knowledge that when shared can help the All. Not only across realms, but across continents and oceans, neighborhoods and communities here upon this physical plane.

We have asked you to allow us to help you by sharing the knowledge we have gained during our lives in our realms. Knowledge you could not have gained unless you lived here with us. But, Dear One, do not reject the knowledge, the skill sets available to you from your neighbors just because they appear different from you.

For indeed, all are a part of the Matrix of Connection. All are the Divine Incarnate. All are similar to you. And just as your human form has different organs with different functions which create a miraculous physical form when all work together; so too within your physical plane. The diversity of each of you combined allows for such wondrous growth and knowledge.

Can you honor the diversity among you just as you honor the diversity of the Mother and the diversity across realms? All are able to reach greater heights when they understand, share and work together within the Matrix of Connection.

Diversity was planned

To allow you a larger grasp of knowledge

Across continents, across realms.

Yet all are a part of the Matrix of Connection.

Honor the differences in all

And seek the knowledge

Each can share with you.

All of you unique, yet all of you the same

Part of the Whole.

One With All of Thee.


Join the Prayer Circle, Sunday, @ 9PM Eastern Daylight Savings Time:

Send love out to this world as you join kindred souls offering up their prayers.

Keep the momentum going. Your input is needed, now more than ever.

I will add my energies to the loving thoughts you have for the world and your loved ones.

Tonight, I’ll hold space for all across this globe to honor and seek the knowledge from the diversity on our physical plane. May all be respected for the lives lived and the knowledge gained from those experiences.

Connect when you can and bring change and love to this world. Understand that there is a constant stream of collective prayer circling this globe at all times.

Much gratitude and many blessings to you.

May we all hold gratitude towards the unseen world which is holding us up, keeping us strong with love.



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What of Justice

Right versus wrong.

What distinguishes between

These two concepts?

Is it not in the eye of the beholder?

Is this a human or a universal concept?

How do you move forward

As an embodied being of light?

Dear One, much of the discord upon this physical plane comes from the differences in opinion of right versus wrong. It creates a tension that often accelerates from thoughts to words to action, often violence. It can separate loved ones from each other, cause intense suffering and hold this physical plane in lower vibration.

Are these the actions of a divine being? Is there a Universal code which polices actions in order to create harmony across the cosmos? How does an embodied spark of the Source move forward with grace through this sea of discord and suffering?

Let us be clear that the teachings of universal wisdom speak only of love. Not judgment. Not fear. Not justice. Only love. For love is all that is. And love inculcates every sentient being within the Universe. For all were created in love and have love within to guide them forward.

What of this human need for control, power and perceived justice? Does it not come from fear and the inability to see the connection of all to each other and to the Source? True power comes from love and only love. Anything else is but an illusion of power.

What this way of thinking does is lower your vibration by thinking that certain actions must be taken to maintain that illusion of power. Material wealth must be protected. More for another means less for you. An illusion of ownership is created of that which is in reality, only a holographic image.

You have been placed upon this physical plane which has abundance for all for the purpose of self-realization. Much of the disparity between individuals offers the opportunity for growth. Many have chosen their life situation to provide the lesson for another to reach out in love and compassion.

Can you, instead of judging another, see them in their true form, as a divine being? Can you hold another in light and in their highest vibration rather than in judgment? Can you see some truth in that different point of view rather than immediately judging it as ‘wrong’?

Like attracts like. But seeking out others with different viewpoints can accelerate your own personal growth. It begins with creating a neutral space, with seeing it as a loving interaction, and listening, really listening to why another feels the way they do.

The beauty of this learning ground is the vast amount of knowledge that has been amassed by all present here. Do not lose the opportunity to share this knowledge amongst yourselves by staying within a small radius of experiences. Reach out to those who differ from you. For each and every one of you comes from the same body of creation. And all of you are One.

Look to the Mother for guidance. See how she thrives by allowing diversity to exist among her charges. There is no judgment within nature. There is no right or wrong. There is only sacred life co-existing among diverse species. Each providing a unique component for the survival of the All.

So too, within the human form. The vast difference of experiences when shared for mutual benefit can increase the vibration of each other and of this physical plane.

Honor the diversity among you for much can be learned from the trials of another. Practice compassion and non-judgment. For indeed if all are one are you not only judging yourself? And know that every action causes a wave across infinity. Choose to create a wave of love towards others and indeed towards yourself.

Remember, Dear One

From where you come

That All are One

Loved unconditionally

Dearest One With All of Thee.


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Is Peace Attainable?

In a chaotic world

You ask this question.

What you do not consider

Is the inner world of peace

Attainable, sustainable

Now and always.

Dear One, peace is always available for you. It comes from within. And when you experience that internal peace, you can then expand it outward and share it with the world. YOU create the peace in your chaotic external world through an inward journey of silence and connection.

The lessons of this world are many for you and for all who are incarnated at this time. But they are guided through your inner journey of self-mastery and self-love. Indeed, many of you have lost the ability to love thyself. And how can you love another when you cannot love the very divinity which resides within your physical body?

All are connected. This means that any judgment you pass upon yourself is judgment placed upon another. Consider how you project your inner feelings about self towards others. How your perception of others is colored by how you see yourself. You assume that the motivation of others is the same as your own motivation; that all actions should be performed in a manner which you see as proper.

Each and everyone of you has specific lessons and life experiences. It is impossible in this physical realm for each of you to experience every possibility of life. However, because you are connected to the All of Creation, it is possible for you to gain the knowledge through the lives of others. Can you honor these lives which enrich and enhance your own?

You may not choose to live or act a certain way. But because another has chosen this path, you are able to see the outcomes of this way of being. This is how the Divine experiences Itself, through the experiences of the All of Creation of which you are a part.

Do you understand how important each and every life is for the expansion of the collective consciousness? If so, why then would you choose to judge another? Why would you choose to judge yourself? For any experience, any lesson learned is shared with the All for the growth of the Divine.

You, Dear One, are a physical manifestation of the Divine. Within that physical temple lives a divine being here upon this physical plane for a life of service. That service could be done in a plethora of ways, individually, communally or globally. But your very existence here upon this plane is an act of service for the All. Reflect upon this.

Can you change the way you perceive your life, your world, and honor all lives lived in whatever manner that soul has chosen to be of service? An act of violence may be difficult to comprehend, particularly if we say that all are divine. But can you honor all souls involved for the sacrifices made and consider the lessons learned and the changes inspired by that act?

Each soul has a role in the evolution of the All. Can you view this world from another perspective, rather than from a place of harsh judgment? This is not encouragement to become callous or blind to the actions or suffering of others. Rather allow what you see to inspire you to change, to greatness, to kindness and compassion. This is how you can honor the lives lived by others.

The peace you seek comes from within as you connect with the All and reflect upon how each act experienced here and beyond affects you. Can you give gratitude rather than hold judgment against those with whom you disagree? Instead, be inspired to be the conduit for change.

Peace exists within your heart

Allow it to change your perspective

Of others and of your world.

You are divine and more powerful than you realize

And your connection to the All strengthens every day.

Walk in peace, walk in love.

Honor all lives and inspire others

To greatness.

Dearest One With All of Thee.

What of……Perception?

What is the true reality of this physical world? How can you be sure of what is really happening? If 5 people observe an occurrence, you will receive 5 different versions of what happened. Which one of those versions accurately describes what really happened?

The answer is…All of them.

For each person views an occurrence from their perspective which is filtered through their reality. What you may perceive as a gesture of gratitude, another person may perceive as a gesture of arrogance. Everyone has a different perception of life here upon this plane.

And so, what does that mean for you? How can you be sure of what has really happened? The answer is that you cannot be sure how anyone else has viewed the same situation. All perceptions are correct because they are viewed from the world that each person has created. Your perception is colored by your reality, by your way of seeing the world. Positive or negative. With compassion or judgment. Conciliatory or vengeful. Your perception of any event will fulfill your beliefs of how your world exists.

Each and every one of you is a part of the All. Each and every one of you has certain lessons to learn for the collective consciousness. And each and every one of you has had different life experiences along the way to learn these lessons. Each lesson is valuable. Each experience is important. Each interaction that you have with others will help that person along their path back to the Source.

Observe life as you know it from a higher perspective. See the many possibilities, the many variances of how a situation may be viewed and you will find that compassion flows easier within you. The Ego wants you to believe that life can only be viewed in one way….your way. When there are as many ways to view the world as there are people in it. Understand that your emotional memories change your perception. Understand that there is only one true way to view an occurrence…..with compassion and non-judgment.

The possibilities are infinite in how life in this physical world can be viewed. Be open and receptive to all possibilities, for all exist. Allow your higher self a voice in viewing your world. Understand that YOU create the world in which you live and every one of you has created a different world. Join together in sharing your individual worlds with love, understanding and compassion.

And see how gentle the breeze of reality can feel.

Be of love
Be of light
Raise your sights
View your world from a higher perspective
And see how brightly it can shine.