The Beginning or the End?

Each and every day

Each and every moment

You can ask yourself this question

What is it that you choose

In this moment of time?

Dear One, change begins with you. You are the creator of your life and your world. You have the choice to sit back and allow life to come to you; or you can seize the moment and create the world, the life, that you want. It is up to you.

You mark the passage of time in seconds, minutes, hours, weeks, months, years. And yet time itself does not even exist. You remember the past and certainly can learn from the past. You plan for the future and strive to control personal or worldly events by your actions. And still you question the purpose, the effect, that your life has upon this world and beyond.

Reflect upon a flock of starlings, creating geometric forms in the sky as they gracefully fly together en masse, to and fro, never once colliding with each other. They fly in synchrony, with joy, with full abandon, following the currents as one, each contributing their part towards the final creation.

So too, with you, Dear One. You are part of a cosmic dance that moves across dimensions, far and wide. You are unaware of it when you use only your physical senses. But when you move into that meditative state of connection, you are able to touch on it, if only for a moment. Your soul, your higher self, knows the steps to this dance and tries to bring your consciousness along when you are in the physical realm.

There is a grace to the dance of creation, of which you are a part, and to which you contribute with each breath that you take. The challenge is to let go of that thinking mind and allow your higher consciousness to show you the way. Release and let go and then dance! The Universal song plays in your subconscious, giving you the beat, the rhythm, the flow to follow as you dance.

Dear One, remember that all you see with your physical eyes is an illusion, it is not the reality of your true existence. Can you instead see with your heart, from which the music comes? Be still and listen. Take time this day to reflect upon how far you have come. Give gratitude for the lessons and those who provided you the opportunities to learn. Bless all who have crossed your path.

The gauge of your growth is not whether you have lived up to your promises to do better, but whether or not you tried. This is not a time to begin another cycle of self-judgment and recrimination, but to savor the accomplishments that brought you to this very moment.

Reflection is encouraged, self-judgment is not. Compassion is encouraged, for yourself and for others. Engagement with others is encouraged as they have much to teach you about yourself and the way of being. Take a step forward in love, in faith and in strength.

End the feelings of self-doubt and perceived failures. Begin to notice how much you have changed and affected the lives of others. And remember that all interactions may not be joyful ones for all parties involved. But all interactions are opportunities for growth for all.

Accept the gift of life here upon this plane as one unavailable on any other plane or dimension. The unique mixture of all elements of this existence provide opportunities available nowhere else. Success is measured in whether you take that next step, that next breath, no matter what.

Developing faith in yourself and in the connection of all will help you on this journey. Close your eyes, focus on your breath and allow the love of the universe to embrace you. Worry not about the caliber of your achievements. Strive only to act in love, for this is your greatest asset. Always love.

Act and do not re-act.

Act in love always.

Listen for the universal song

In your heartbeat, in your breath, in your surroundings.

And move forward in dance

With faith that all will be well

No matter what happens.

You will always be loved

You will always be

One With All of Thee.



Peaceful Sea

How do you nurture yourself?

Do you give yourself time to just be?

Or are you in constant motion

Trying to control your world?

Dear One, it is important for you to self-nurture on a regular basis. Your perceived world can feel overwhelming, we understand, but in order to move forward, time must be made for YOU.

There is always enough time. This is a truth that you have not yet accepted. Your perceived priorities can always be altered. And perhaps it is time for you to review those priorities in your own life.

You have a penchant for putting others first, feeling that time for others is much more important than time for you. Can you begin to make adjustments to this way of living to include some quiet time in your day just for thee?

The truth is that this time of inactivity allows you to better connect with your higher self; that part of you who is free from worry, free from fear and free from self-judgment. The cycle that you are in at this time can be broken. But it begins with times of stillness.

Once you begin this practice, the worry about priorities, the fear of lack, the self-judgment of not doing enough will abate. But first, this new cycle of time for thee is necessary to start this process of stronger connection.

As you move forward in this new practice, you will begin to realize that what you previously perceived as a great priority is not that important. You will begin to calm that active mind of yours to a mere idle rather than a chaotic burst of thoughts and worries. You will begin to understand that the fear you project out into your personal world is self-created and may be dissolved by changing your perceptions.

Dear One, can you give this gift to yourself and to the world? Will a few minutes of stillness in your day cause the world to break into pieces? Can you not direct some of that loving energy back towards yourself so that you can move forward in grace and confidence that all is well?

Begin today. Close your eyes and focus on your breath for just a few minutes. Reconnect with the greatness within you. For it is there, we can see it in all of its glory. It is time for you to see it yourself. It is time for you to understand that you are never alone. The connection is always there with the All.

You, Dear One, deserve this time of stillness.

You, Dear One, require this time to replenish your energy.

You, Dear One, shall move through your life with a lighter step as you strengthen that connection daily.

Change your world by first caring for yourself.

Your day can wait for a few moments as you center yourself and breathe.

It will still be there after you return and open your eyes, refreshed and stronger in knowing that you are part of something much larger than yourself.

Pause for just a moment.

And feel the joy, the peace, the love within you.

It has never left you.

But has been patiently awaiting your return.

Dear One with All of Thee.