The Spoken Word

How do you listen?

What do you hear?

The truth

Or your perception of it?

How do you speak to others?

Clearly or with nuances

Which can be misunderstood?

Dear One, we ask you to reflect upon how you communicate with others. On how you receive information and on how well you understand what is being said to you. Reflect upon how important the choice of words, the tone of delivery and the openness to truth are in your daily life.

How often have you had to backtrack and restate something you just conveyed to another? Did they not hear what you said? Or did you use words that were confusing or not true to the meaning you wished to convey?

How often have you glossed over a subject due to unease, discomfort or dis-interest in pursuing it? How often have you had to apologize for words used, saying that is not what you really meant to say? Communication with the spoken word is often difficult and ineffective particularly if both parties are not fully present in the conversation.

And how uncomfortable are you with silence between you and another? Are you so uneasy with long pauses in the conversation that you fill the void with words rather than allowing the pregnant pause to continue?

Different cultures, different levels of education and different forms of colloquialism can cause much misunderstanding between those having a conversation. This is why it is helpful to be fully present while speaking with another. To ask questions for clarification and to not make assumptions that you understand what another is saying.

We have learned this in trying to communicate with you in a language we do not speak. Many of your religious texts are also meant to be read as metaphors or poetry rather than taken verbatim. Again, it depends on the culture, education and intent of the speaker or writer.

We ask you to reflect upon how well you are able to communicate with another. To honestly admit if you purposely were in-exact with your words because you were unsure of how to proceed. And if just being honest in your not knowing the answer or in how you are feeling would be a better approach.

It is so easy to just blurt out a response without taking the time to consider the truth in the words you have chosen. Verbal conversations can be difficult. Especially if one has a better grasp of words. Or if they speak at another rather than speak with another. Never allowing the other person to respond to ideas presented.

Dear One, often it is best to pay attention to how you speak and how you listen. Can you give your full attention to the conversation rather than trying to multi-task? Notice the tone of voice you use with another, for so often the truth lies in the unspoken communication rather than in the words.

Remember that the words you use are powerful and are sent out into the ethers. Once said, they cannot be retrieved. Take the time to pause and respond rather than immediately react to the words of another.

And understand also, that you can use all of your senses to glean the true meaning of what another is saying. How do they look, how do they sound? Be observant and pay attention to how they feel. Do these observations align with what they say?

For yourself as well, consider any tension you hold in your body or in your voice and whether it matches the words which you use. Pay attention, ask questions and allow the pregnant pauses to occur between you as you communicate with another.

And also understand that when we communicate with you it is often easier to show you in images, to guide with synchronicities rather than words. Or to communicate through your intuition. Never think you do not receive a response from us or that we do not listen. We know you intimately and attempt to respond to your call for help in many ways.

Be more aware of how you interact with others. Do you bring any bias into the conversation, conscious or unconscious? What assumptions do you make or expectations do you have of another? Pay attention and see how your communication skills improve.

Be present, Dear One.

Be mindful of what truly

Is being exchanged

Between you and another.

Keep your heart open

And be honest with yourself and others

With grace and compassion.

You have the capacity to do this.

Follow your heart, Dear One

And shine your brightest.

Dearest One With All of Thee.


Join the Prayer Circle tonight, Sunday, @ 9PM Eastern Daylight Savings Time:

Send love out to this world as you join kindred souls offering up their prayers.

Keep the momentum going. Your input is needed, now more than ever.

I will add my energies to the loving thoughts you have for the world and your loved ones.

Tonight, I’ll hold space for all across this globe to open their hearts, to communicate with honesty, grace and compassion. May all allow the love within to guide their thoughts, their words and their actions. And may the suffering across this world be eased.

Connect when you can and bring change and love to this world. Understand that there is a constant stream of collective prayer circling this globe at all times.

Much gratitude and many blessings to you.

May we all hold gratitude towards the unseen world which is holding us up, keeping us strong with love.



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What is it that you see

As you look around your world?

Do you see the same as others?

Are you seeing reality

Or an illusion

Affected by your own beliefs

And judgments?

What is your reality?

Dear One, as you move through your day and interact with others and with nature, can you be sure that what you see is true reality or an illusion? We have told you before that you create your own world. And your creations are affected by your emotions, your biases and your spiritual growth. What do you see? And if you look a second time, will your vision of reality be the same?

How much do you fail to notice as you move through your world? Walking around encased within your mind, thinking of past or future events, how much do you fail to observe throughout your day? Have you missed the silent cues offered by others, the nuances that reveal true meaning masked by your misperceptions of someone or something? Are you able to move forward with neutrality and open-mindedness as you view your world?

Human emotions can cloud your vision and Ego can encourage you to see only through one lens of perception. But what if, what if you were able to just listen to another with the intent to learn from them? What if you were able to observe without expectation and familiarity? You often believe that having seen something, having met someone, that you know and understand exactly what they have to offer you. When in fact the complexity of human existence can create new experiences with every encounter you have, even with the familiar.

The key is to be open and receptive to what is being revealed to you. Human ego tells you that you know and understand a situation because you have experienced it once before, because you have walked that path once before. When in fact, life exists within a web of connection and something you feel is familiar has changed between encounters, often in subtle and sometimes momentous ways because of this connection.

Consider your physical body and how it changes every day. Consider the forces of nature and how they change every day. Consider your emotional state and how that changes every day. Why then would not the world you observe change every day as well? It would serve you well to step back from that assumption that your knowledge is complete about a person or a situation. Can you approach your day as a naïve child, as if seeing everything for the first time? For indeed, you are.

Take the time to listen, with complete focus on what you are hearing; to see, with complete focus on what you are observing, to feel, to taste, to smell as if for the first time. The complexities of life can reveal much to you if you move forward with an open heart, with the awareness that what or who you are encountering has something to teach you.

It matters not if you have different viewpoints during a discussion. It matters not if you do not like what you see or experience. Rather than judge, ask yourself what you can learn from this situation. Upon silent reflection, you will be surprised at what might enter your consciousness and how well it can serve you as you move forward upon your journey.

Dear One, make no assumptions about anyone or anything, for all of creation is in constant flux and nothing remains static. You do yourself and others a disservice if you approach your day without the humility of a student knowing that they have much to learn. Your network of connection to all things has much to teach you, if you allow yourself to see what it has to offer.

The result may be a wondrous feeling of awe, inspiration or pure joy as you observe beauty where you once saw only ruin; strength rather than weakness; or gentleness underneath the hardened exterior. All are possible as you change your way of observing your world.

Be present

Be aware

Put aside your emotional attachments

And see through a neutral lens.

Your vision will clear and show you

A world more loving and beautiful,

A world in constant movement

Towards knowledge and connection.

For you are and always will be

One With All of Thee.