Letting Go

Your life is filled with experiences

Both joyful and sad.

Remember them all with gratitude

For they have brought you

To the place where you now stand

In all of your wisdom and glory.

Dear One, because this life is meant to be experiential, you have had a plethora of interactions and situations in your life for the purpose of your own spiritual growth. Many seem insignificant while others appear to be important relationships, yet in truth, all have equal value in your forward movement.

For each has taught you something, about yourself or another, about how you wish to live your life, or perhaps how you choose not to live your life. Every person who crosses your path has a potential lesson for you to learn. Can you honor each one with gratitude for the offering extended to you?

Synchronicity plays an important role in your forward progress. The complexity of the web of connection is too vast for your human brain to understand. But there is an ebb and a flow, just as you see spiderwebs moving in the breeze. So too, does the web of connection move and pulse with information, with energies flowing back and forth between and among all of creation.

The experiences that you have had were meant to allow you opportunities for growth. And if you can review those experiences as a neutral observer, you will see the interplay between all concerned. During your life you have touched many others and will continue to do so while you complete your time upon this physical plane.

Dear One, can you move forward in love and release the emotional ties that you have to the past? For they now just exist within your mind and often memories are skewed by emotion. What matters is the present, the now, and how you move through this moment in time.

Forgiveness, compassion, gratitude and non-judgment are important for letting go of past events. For each of these requires you to vibrate at a higher frequency. As the energies continue to rise upon this plane, you will be more comfortable if you can adopt this way of seeing your world.

You chose to be here at this time of transition and how you respond to your current life will help move this process forward. Can you take a breath and send only love out to all who have crossed your path? Can you cease to re-act with emotion to circumstances in your life? This does not mean that you should suppress the emotion. In fact, to embrace it and send it love is the best way to move through it.

Pain is a part of this physical life, but how much that pain causes you to suffer is your choice. Remember that you are not alone in experiencing sadness or pain. Can you embrace that pain and pay attention to what it is teaching you? Seek help, of course, if that is necessary. But do not mask it with a smile in an attempt to ignore its existence.

You are a child of the Universe and loved unconditionally. You have the support of the All of Creation behind your every step, your every breath. Understand, Dear One, that all is well in your world. You are alive, you are breathing and you are capable of creating change in your immediate world and beyond.

It begins with love and only love. That is your sword of light to use as you move through this day and every day. It is more powerful than you realize and yet so gentle to use. Send out love, Dear One. And include yourself as you realize how far you have come on your personal path.

Your presence in this world has made a positive difference in the lives of many. Release and let go of what has come before this moment and focus on allowing your brilliant light to shine, sending love to all.

There will be a time when you will understand why you have had the experiences you have had. Until then, trust that you are gently being led forward by the soft breath of the Divine. It exists around you and within you, for All of Creation comes from the same Source.

Honor this day with love.

Honor your past with love

And release it to the ethers.

For lessons abound in every step you take.

Not only for you

But for the All

Dear One With All of Thee.


The Embodiment of Love

embodiment of love


Love is not intangible

For you are love

Every breath you take exudes love,

Shares love between all of creation

And Thee.

Dear One, search not for love outside of thyself, for thee is love incarnate. And thee is one with all. And all of creation is the embodiment of love. Every cell in your body, every breath that you take, all come from love. For, in truth, that is all there is.

The human existence requires an illusion of duality in order for growth. For without challenges, your time here upon this plane would be unnecessary. Your true nature, the memories seated deep within you, belong to love. And to love is where you shall return after this physical journey is complete.

The mind is necessary for existing in a physical realm. How to function, how to solve a problem, how to survive in the harsh environment often present on this physical plane. For your human form is very fragile and the mind is meant to be used to provide ways to live comfortably on this physical journey.

But the mind has caused much suffering also. It remembers harsh words, compares levels of success and abundance and creates worry about past or future events. Indeed, planning is necessary for survival and reflection can help the process of personal growth. But the mind can take you only so far and the heart is where your true essence lies. And it has been overshadowed by the activity of the mind.

Love exists in your heart and can permeate your mind if allowed. As your species has grown over the centuries here upon this plane, the mind has been able to take you only so far. And it has led you astray, away from the power of your heart. Intuition, faith and trust, the loving connection between all living beings resides within your heart.

Mind takes you to the past or the future. Heart keeps you in the present. Mind calculates, compares and criticizes. Heart offers loving kindness. Mind worries about possibilities which may never occur in the future. Heart trusts that all will unfold exactly as it should. Mind requires words. Heart is able to send love with only a breath, a touch or through an energetic exchange.

Come back to your heart when love is embodied. We do not speak of the physical heart, but of the heart center, the energetic source of love within you all. That center does exist very near the physical heart area of your body and can work through your very being. You have felt the energy there and have described it as being ‘heartbroken’ or having your ‘heart swell with joy.’

Come back to your heart and begin to use the power of love which lies there. Allow mind to receive pulses of energy from your heart to soften the hardened crust of jealousy and judgment. The answers which you seek come from your heart. Do not follow mind’s search outside of yourself. Do not accept mind’s beliefs that all are not worthy of your love. Your heart knows that all are connected in love and that the search ends within your heart.

Can you make this shift and begin to listen to your heart’s song? So many are unsatisfied and unfulfilled with what mind has told them. Try then, listening to your heart instead. Trust and release fear of the future. Forgive the past and give gratitude for the challenges which brought you to where you stand today. Dear One, you are so much stronger than you think. You have more abundance than you see. And you have more power in creating your world, your future, than you realize.

It begins with allowing love to emerge from its imprisonment by the intellect of the mind. Be once more like a child, and view your world with wonder and awe. Replace judgment with compassion, anger with gratitude and fear with love. You are ready for this. The time is now to take a chance with love.

Go within and find the truth.

All the answers you seek are there.

Focus on what your heart speaks

And allow it to guide you forward.

You have reached the turning point

And the solution is love

Only love,

Dear One with All of Thee.

Finding Your Internal Peace

It is there, that place of peace.

It resides within your heart, calm and centered,

While the world around you seems chaotic and restless.

Visit there often, your heart,

Rest in the comfort of knowing

That is the place always filled with those who love you.

For you are never alone.

Dear One, during those times of distress, when you feel the world surrounding you is offering only fearful experiences, find the solace you seek within your heart. It is there where you can rest, knowing you are surrounded by loved ones; those who care more deeply for you than you can ever imagine.

For you are loved dearly, just as you are capable of loving others with the same intensity, the same focus, unconditionally.

You are never alone. That is impossible, though this physical existence fosters that illusion. But if you could shed that physical exterior and view your existence from our perspective, that of only energy and light, you would understand.

It is difficult, we acknowledge, for one who lives and remembers only a physical existence, to fathom an existence without a physical body. And yet, you leave your body quite often; those times when you daydream and find yourself elsewhere from where your physical body sits. Your consciousness also streams at night, as your physical body rests. Have you not had dreams that were so realistic, you have remembered many details and how they have affected you?

Dear One, when you sit quietly in meditation or contemplation, the physical world around you fades away, as your consciousness follows its own path forward.  Some of you may have even seen colors or images during these quiet times. For those who feel they cannot meditate due to the chatter of their minds, we give you encouragement. For even during the times when you attempt to sit quietly, with no perceived success, you have made a connection.

It is during these times that we are better able to reach you, even though your conscious mind may not be aware of the connection. It is during these times that you are holding sacred space, inviting connection, and we are there with you, en masse, even though you may not yet be aware. It is during these times that we honor you, for setting aside the time to be quiet.

Dear One, you were birthed into this physical world for a purpose, unique and individual for each of you. You were gently cradled before your transition into this physical world, just as you will be gently cradled as you return to us. You are a child of the Universe, constantly watched over, gently guided and urged to follow your path of remembrance. This is the path which allows you to come into your own power once again. This is the path which reveals to you the purpose of your physical life and the path to strengthening your connection to the All and to the Source.

When you feel alone, put your hand upon your heart and feel the warmth, the love, which is housed there, filled to capacity with loving kindness, compassion, and support. You have your own personal oasis in a sea of external chaos. Go there often to replenish and rejuvenate. Go there to open the connection to the All. Go there when you are seeking support and you will receive it.

Dear One, we are listening.

We are extending our tender embrace to comfort you.

Call upon us in your times of need.

You are never alone.

Dear One with All of Thee.



                    Reflecting on the Passage of Time                    http://www.astrophotography.com.au

For what do you yearn?

Is it a memory of the past?

Of interactions long gone?

What is the true reason for these cravings?

Dear One, so many of you look so longingly at your past, wishing you could be there once again. You crave the way you felt or the interactions you once had. Your memories are filled with thoughts of times better than those existing for you now.

Why does your life feel so different today? What has changed so much that you yearn for something from your past? Is your present so difficult? Or have your perceptions of your life been skewed by selective memories altered over time?

Dear One, do not choose to live in the past when the present is here filled with potential and opportunities for love and change. There is impermanence to everything here in this physical world. For without that impermanence, change would not be possible.

Look to the flowers in spring emerging after a long winter. They are here for a short time before they once again fade into a memory of beauty realized. But in that short time, they lifted spirits, they gave forth nectar, they provided seeds for abundance for the next season.

Everything that occurs in your life provides seeds for abundance for the next chapter. The old cycle must end to provide for the new cycle. And during that transition, there is much growth, much strength built, with time for rest before the next cycle begins.

Can you embrace impermanence rather than long for what was? Can you love the entire cycle from beginning to end with the understanding that this is how you grow? And can you love more fully knowing that what you love may be gone tomorrow?

You enter each new cycle with more knowledge, more strength, more tools than you had in the previous cycle. Much of what you crave from the past will no longer serve you today; for you have grown exponentially over the course of your life.

Dear One, do not fear, do not judge what lies before you at this moment. Your life is unfolding as it should and if transitions are occurring, it is because you are being guided into the next chapter of your life. Have no regrets. Make no comparisons. For the new day dawning has potential for greatness and you, Dear One, are ready to rise to your potential.

Just as memories of the past may be clouded with emotion or longing, so too your self- image. You may not see your true greatness and how much you have grown. But we can see you clearly in all of your brilliance and oh how you shine!

Review your past with gratitude for what it has given you, for leading you to the present moment.

View your present as the opportunity it truly is to grow and love; to use the gifts you have been given.

Allow the future to unfold as it will. Worry not about outcome. For no matter what that outcome may be, in truth it will be greater than you can imagine.

Live in the present in all of its beauty.

Embrace the impermanence of your life knowing that this is how change and opportunity occur.

And call upon us when you need the comfort of our embrace.

For this we will gladly give to you.


A Time of Remembrance

Close your eyes and open your heart

Shut down your mind

Remember who you really are

The memories are in your heart, not in your mind

Dear One, it is time for you to open your heart so that the memories of your true nature can begin to flow back into your conscious memory. You have spent too much time in your head. This is not something that can be directed by sheer will. Instead, the way to remembrance is through a complete release and openness to the ways of love.

For you cannot walk your path without opening your heart to love. You are a creature of love, that is your true make-up. One of light and love, not mind or thought. Can you approach your life with full abandon and allow it to flow; allow the synchronicities of your life to occur?

This is how you once existed, in a sea of light that ebbed and flowed with a gentleness that embraced and encouraged you. You still exist in this sea of light, a part of you is there now. It is only the denseness of this physical existence that leads to you believe that you must plod along, push forward and be in control. When in truth, the way to be is to allow yourself to be carried along with the current; to share love with everything, everyone you pass on your journey.

Can you understand that your true nature is a part of a whole, not a solo individual? Your true nature allows you to draw help, knowledge, comfort from endless sources. For each of these sources is a part of you, a part of the whole of which you reflect in your very being. Allow yourself to remember your true nature by opening up your heart. Soon, you will be able to connect with these different aspects of the whole. Soon it will become second nature to you and you will wonder how you existed without this means of receiving knowledge.

The truth is that you just were lost; lost in the sea of confusion and ego that permeates this physical plane. But your plane has turned a corner and the possibilities which have always been there, will be more apparent to you. The key is love, Dear one, not fear. Fear does not have any power over you in truth, for you are much stronger than fear. But your mind has convinced you otherwise.

Remember, Dear one, and open the channels of connection that have been clogged with fear. Flush those channels with light. Open the portals of love so that you may become your magnificent self here upon this physical plane. Remember that this physical plane is only one aspect of who you are. Without going into too much depth, we want to help you to see the way. The way of your true path. The way that is filled with the brilliance of light from all parts of the whole. The way back to the Source, of which you are a part.

Remember that a part of the Source lives within you. That is how you came into being and so you can never be separate. None of you are separate. Some are just enshrouded in more fear and doubt than others.

Break free, sing, dance and allow your brilliance to shine.

Open your heart, shut down your mind and just be.

Allow the love to flow, to reflect to and from your very being.

And feel the lightness of your being.

One with All of Thee.