Sunrise @ the farm

Sit quietly

Breathe deeply

Close your eyes and be still

What do you see?

Dear One, there is always an island of peace available to you every moment of your day. When the outside world of your creation becomes chaotic and frantic, you always have a place of respite. No tickets need be bought, no baggage need be packed. It is a simple transition from chaos to peace.

This world which has been created by you is a world of constant motion, of many lessons and numerous interactions with infinite possibilities. But it often becomes too much for you with all of the perceived requirements for successful living pulling on you at every moment.

But this world is truly an illusion, a creation of your active mind, your learned behavior and yes, your fears. The truth is that your true reality is but a breath away in that quiet within each and every one of you. Your true reality is one of peace, of loving embrace, of quiet existence and it resides within you, available at all times.

Your perceived world has so enamored you that you have forgotten that there is another choice; a place of renewal, of peaceful existence, of connection to your true essence. We encourage you to return to this inner sanctuary with regularity if only for a few moments every day.

Dear One, the vibrational energy of this physical plane is increasing at a rapid rate. And for this reason, it is important for you to come back to your center to recalibrate, to breathe deeply as you connect to the true nature of your being. For indeed your true nature is one of peace and light and connection to the All.

Remember, too, when we refer to your connection to the All,that we refer to all of existence, to every soul ever created as well as the Source. This physical form in which you exist creates the illusion of separation. This illusion, along with the illusion of lack, has been created by fear and brings you much stress. And so the ball of fear continues to roll downhill gaining momentum and girth as it collects all of the negativity bred by your illusions.

Break this cycle. Stop. Sit quietly and breathe deeply. Allow each breath to take you further into that peace that exists within each and every one of you. And as you continue to practice this more often, you will discover that joy that has been there all along. For your inner light still shines brightly. It always has and always will.

For that inner light comes from the Source; given to you at your moment of creation in a breath of love. And with this inner light comes unlimited knowledge, unwavering love and true joy of existence. This is who you truly are!

Reconnect with your true self and with the strength and joy that resides within this physical frame.

Remember that this physical body is but a temporary place in which you reside for this part of your journey. Your true self is free, pulsing with light and love, fully aware of your connection to the All.

Separate yourself from the illusion created by this physical existence. For as you begin to remember your true nature, you can change the illusion of this world to one of joy and love. It begins with you.

You have the power. You have the strength. You have the knowledge.

Go within and reconnect, replenish and remember.

Ah, how your life will change!


Are you ready?

Can you trust?

Do you understand the love that surrounds you?

Dear one, changes are occurring every day and will continue to increase in your new year.  There is no reason to fear these changes, for they are good, they are great.  These changes have been anticipated for a very long time.  And there is joy in anticipation for the growth we see coming to you on your physical plane.

What can you do? Just allow. Be of peace and love throughout your life. No matter what comes your way.  And understand that we are here to help you, to comfort you, to support you whenever you call to us.  For remember, that we cannot intercede without your permission.  And so we stand in the wings waiting for your call.

The vibrations of this plane are increasing and with that may come some discomfort for some. But can you trust the process? Can you allow your life to unfold as it has been written?  You came to this physical plane with certain goals in mind.  You came to learn or to teach certain lessons during your life here upon this plane. Trust, dear one, that all is well with thee.  Trust, dear one, that you have not been forgotten.  Trust, dear one, that you are loved greatly and held in much gratitude for choosing to come here for this time of change.

What can you do? Begin each day with a few deep relaxing breaths, with gratitude for the wondrous day ahead of you, with blessings for all who cross your path. As you move through your day, feel your feet upon the ground, being supported by the Mother and if necessary, send any negative thoughts down to her through the soles of your feet.  End each day by connecting with those you love.  Bless them and wrap them in your light. For yes, you do shine brightly, and have an unending source of love within you.

Dear one, contribute love and not fear to this world that is coming into its next phase of growth. It is happening because enough of you have heard the call and are walking in love. Continue to shine, for though you do not see it, we do; shining beacons of light all around your globe.

Be at peace and remember us here by your side, ready to lend you a supportive hand, ready to catch you if you stumble, ready to show you the way. For you, you are the cornerstone of change in this world. You have the strength, the power, the courage to change this world. And remember that with change often comes a period of uncertainty. But we are here for you and can see with loving hearts the wondrous outcome of these times.

Dear one, be with those you love and extend that love out to those you have not even met in this world. The power of this love is far greater than you can ever imagine.

Shine your light and change the world.

For you are good, you are great.

You are One With All of Thee.

The Quiet Within

Can you find that inner calm?
Where you connect to the Divine?
Be silent and allow it to open to you.

Dear One, it is there, that inner calm. It always has been and always will be. The path to it begins with deep relaxing breaths. Can you give yourself the time each day to go to this inner sanctum of peace, where you connect to the Divine?

There is so very much interference in your life, pulling you here and there, wanting your attention and your energy. And you succumb to the tugging at your sleeve to answer those calls, those needs of others, those requirements you feel must be addressed immediately. You are being pulled in many directions at once, it is difficult for you to just stop and breathe.

But in doing exactly this, stopping and breathing, you will find your inner calm, the strength that you have deep within you to move forward in your day. How often have you sat down to be still and you find yourself bombarded with thoughts of what you still have to do after you finish this quiet time?

Can you live your life in love and not fear? Can you understand that truly every moment is a gift and that all is well, no matter how challenging it appears? Can you recognize that every challenge for you is an opportunity to grow and spread your wings a little bit broader, wider, and more expansive? Everything that happens in your life will help you to move forward on your path. And time is not a limiting factor.Time is an illusion. And so the few minutes you spend each day sitting to find your quiet place within does not take away from the rest of your life. It does, in fact, enhance it.

Consider how much energy you put out worrying about how you are going to do this or that; how will you provide or accomplish or create? Do you understand that the few minutes each day you spend in that quiet place will allow you to calm those frenetic energies and give you the freedom to breathe more easily throughout your day?

The time, the energy you spend worrying, planning will be replaced with the understanding that all will be well. All will unfold exactly as it should. You will begin to understand that all you need to do is allow it to unfold. The more ‘time’ you spend tending that quiet place within, the less ‘time’ you require to get through your day. For you begin to understand the perfection of the Universe, the power that you have been given, and the love which surrounds you. Completely.

Begin today, for just a few moments. Focus on your breath, in and out, and allow the busy thoughts to pass through but not stay within your mind. It takes practice, we understand. But the energies are beginning to rise across your entire planet and doing this daily will allow you to better accept the new environment in which you now live.

All is well, Dear One.
Every moment is a gift.
And you are surrounded by those who want to help you.
Allow your Divine connection to guide you through your day.
For you are indeed One With All of Thee.

Let Go of Fear

It is only a habit
Formed generations ago
Now is the time to release it from your being

Dear One, you are allowing fear to hold you back. Think of the time and energy spent each day worrying about what happened, what could happen, questioning your abilities, your intuition. The time is now for you to begin to release the hold that fear has upon you. For it serves you not and it depletes energy that can be used for other, more productive purposes.

This is a time, we understand, that fear is being generated in many aspects of your life. Not only from internal, but also from external sources. But you have the strength, the resolve, to turn your back on those negative emotions and you have our help to do so.

It begins with trust, in yourself and in the universal flow of being. You are guided forward on your path to be in certain places at specific times; to meet certain people along the way; to be present during specific occurrences. If you follow your heart, if you trust your words, your intuition; if you walk with pure intent, then there is nothing about which to worry. You are loved and gently guided every moment of your day. Can you trust enough to just follow your heart in all aspects of your life?

Part of the task for you is to quiet your mind from all of those negative thoughts. They have a way of returning time after time when you thought you had banned them from your presence. But this is not a matter of force. It is a means of surrender. Acknowledge those negative thoughts that pop into your mind. Then tell them they are not welcome, that you will not engage with them and walk away. If this is too difficult for you then allow yourself a limited time each day to list all your worries on a piece of paper. Then destroy that piece of paper while surrounding it in light and love. Do this daily for a short period of time and see how that list begins to diminish over time.

This fear, this worry, Dear One, is a habit formed many generations ago at a time when you felt unable to change your life. But if you have been reading these writings then you are aware that you have much more power than that. And so, it is time to use that power, gently, with yourself and others, to erase fear and worry from your life. This will not happen overnight. As with any habit, it takes time to break it. But it is possible for you to do so. And if you call upon us, we shall help you, every day, in moving forward only in light and love.

Dear One, end your struggles and allow joy to replace that fear. Life here for you is experiential. It is a gift for you to experience a realm that many others have not had the opportunity to experience. When you find yourself slipping back into the worry, look around you and see the beauty of this world. Remember the joyful moments in your life. And walk away from that heaviness that weighs you down each day.

You were meant to fly, Dear One. Do not allow fear to clip your wings. Call on us and we shall help you. For now is a time when your shining light is needed. Now is the time for you to sing with joy and show others the way. You have the strength to do this, Dear One.

For you are One With All of Thee.


Your life is unfolding exactly as it should
Your lessons lay before you
Accept the natural rhythm of your life

Dear One, know that your life is unfolding exactly as it should. Know that this place where you are, right now, is exactly where you should be. Know that you have help and support to get you to the next step. Always. Always.

There is a progression in the lives of each and every one of you that is moving you forward even though you may feel that you have taken a step back. Your movement is always forward, despite how you might feel. The key is for you to surrender to who you are and where you are in this very moment.

Accept where you are in this very moment. If you are feeling deep emotion, then allow it to flow through you rather than deny its existence. You need not act upon that emotion. Just accept that this is how you are feeling in this very moment. Surrender first in order to make the changes you feel are necessary. Be honest with yourself that this is who you are, this is how you are feeling right now.

Surrender to your current situation before you try to move through it. Acknowledge, without judgment, that this is where you are. Once you honestly accept this, you will find the clarity of what to do next. The key is to be honest with yourself about where you are.

Breathe deeply and allow the clarity to come. And it will come. But before it does, the chaotic emotion you have been feeling, the unrest that has been agitating you, must first be acknowledged. Allow it to speak to you. Embrace what it is telling you and ask for clarity for your next move. The internal struggle creates too much distraction to allow you to see clearly. And so, surrender, breathe, listen, pause. You will then begin to see the path appear before you; the path to your next adventure in this experiential life, here upon this plane.

By surrendering, you may get a glimpse of the lesson in your current situation. Or perhaps, it will take more distance before you discover the self-knowledge learned today. But know that all is well with you. This is your journey. And as you learn to calm your mind, your emotions, through true surrender in this moment, you will begin to see how to move through your world. The struggles you feel can be disarmed gently with compassion and acceptance. This will create the freedom and clarity you then can use to move forward.

Dear one, you are not lost. You are exactly where you should be. Call upon us if you need more guidance. We are here for you. Every step forward that you take, we are by your side. You have greatness within you, for that is your natural state. Remember that in these moments of uncertainty.

We know you and see you as you truly are, a divine being on an experiential journey. You have the strength and the courage to move forward. You have the knowledge of the entire universe at your fingertips. And soon, you will better understand how to reach and use that knowledge for the growth of the entire collective consciousness.

You are a traveler on a wondrous journey.
Walk in light and love.
And know that there are loving arms around you, ready to lift you up, should you stumble.
For you are One with All of Thee.

Opening to the Divine Within

You are Divine
You have always been Divine
You always will be Divine
No matter what you say, do, or think.

Dear One, the true nature of your being is Divine spirit. If you believe that All is One, then how can you not believe that the Divine lives within you; that you are part of the Divine. This is who you truly are. Begin to accept and use the power given to you by acknowledging your true nature. This is the first step.

How is it possible that someone like you who struggles every day, who sees all their personal failings, who doesn’t feel the divine presence within, can actually be a part of the Divine? It is because your true sight has been blocked by fear and acceptance of the physical world in which you live as the only world. When in fact, this world is an illusion. Only present for you in order to allow you to grow, to experience the richness of different stimuli, different situations that do not exist in your natural state.

Can you accept that this world in which you live is a gift for you? Can you begin to understand that all that happens here for you is only a temporary state until you return home to your true existence? Can you begin to understand that this illusion of life here upon this plane can be changed by you by changing your perspective?

You have lived long enough in your mind accepting the limitations that it offers. The time has now come for you to understand the power you have to change your world; not only your personal world, but the entire physical world in which you live. Do not doubt this truth, for remember, you are Divine!

We understand that the steps you have been taking in this direction have been small, measured and hesitant. But there is no longer time to hesitate. It is now time for you to take giant leaps forward. All that you believed before about your personal limitations must be discarded in order to do this next step. We understand that this is still difficult for you, which is why we speak to you here and in other venues. To encourage you. To assure you that WE are your safety net as you begin to spread your wings and fly.

This is your natural state……not one to be in only during short moments of meditation or prayer, but every moment of your day. This state truly is effortless, if you open the cage door behind which you have lived for so very long. See the beauty surrounding you and the beauty within you. Beauty draws beauty and Dear One, it begins with you. Within you. Share that inner beauty of which you only allow fleeting glimpses to others. Open up the flood gates and allow the rush of light to shine forth.

Can you see the possibilities if all of you, each and every one of you, allowed this to happen? There would no longer be darkness, for it will have been washed away with the inner light of all of you. The Divine light is there within and the time is now for it to burst forth in all of its splendor.

You, Dear One, are ready for this.
Take our hand and allow us to guide you forward.
The path behind you has dissolved and the path forward is covered in diamonds of light.
Sparkling, inviting, lighting the way.

Take a chance, take a leap, and discover that indeed, you can fly!
Divine One, this is your time.

Be At Peace

Be at peace and still thy mind
Feel the flame within
Glowing, ever glowing
With your internal light of love

Dear One, within each and every one of you is an internal flame that burns brightly. Many cannot see it or are unaware of it because they have shrouded it in fear. The time is now to remove that fear so that the flames of love within can be fanned into a beacon of love emanating within and around you.

Know that this flame can never go out. It will always burn despite any efforts to hide or extinguish it. This is your source of love, your connection to the All. As you meditate, focus upon this flame, feed it with love and watch it grow. Allow it to burn brightly within and feel the connection that you have with the Loving Source of All That Is.

Breathe in love, breathe out fear. Breathe in peace, breathe out worry. Breathe in joy, breathe out panic. You, you are a source of love. There is no test, no trial that you must complete in order to earn this love. It is a part of who you really are. The task for you is to accept this truth about yourself. That is your only task. And once you begin to accept this, you will see how bitterness, worry, judgment, and hatred have no place in your life. There is no port for them to dock within your peaceful waters of love and tranquility. This is who you truly are and it is time for you to begin to see the truth.

As you see your reflection in your mirror, remember that what you see is only a temporary vessel that you are using here upon this physical plane. The true self of who you are lies within. And it is composed of love and light. Allow the internal flame to wrap you in peace as you move through your day. Joy is yours to take every day. And as you begin to focus on this truth, you will find that joy fills more moments of your day than fear, or worry or judgment. Should any of these old ways of being attempt to emerge, wrap them in that internal flame and see how weakened they have become in your life.

Dear One, you are a being of light and love who has the power to change a life, your life, as you come into the knowledge of who you really are. And as you begin to change, notice how the lives of those around you will also be affected. For some, your light may be too bright and they may fall away from your life. And that is their path taking them in another direction, to awaken at another time, another place. Worry not. Know the peace of who you are. Understand the power of change that resides within you. To be used with pure intent for the highest good.

Dear One, your path has opened before you. The journey has begun. And what a wondrous journey it will be for you. Trust, love, and know the peace within. For this is yours for the taking.

No charge, no tests, just acceptance.
How much more simple can it be?

Know Thyself

Do you really know who you are?
Is that reflection in the mirror accurate?
Can you accept the truth?

Dear One, are you ready to hear the truth of who you really are? Can you listen and just sit with the words and allow them to permeate your consciousness? For so many of you see only your imperfections and focus on those. When in fact, your brilliance outshines any minor flaws that you see in your make-up.

You, you are love incarnate. Read that again and let that thought sit with you for a moment. Can you accept that piece of truth about yourself?

And so, if you are love incarnate, how can you not be surrounded by love, for does not like attract like? Deep inside each and every one of you is a flame, a spark of brilliance that is ready to burst forth in its purest form. What prevents this from coming into being is the fear that you allow to contain it. For you, in your human mind, cannot accept the immensity of who you truly are; the power which you have; the miracles that you can bring forth in your own life.

Sit, breathe, and focus on that light within your heart. See it burning steadily, large or small, it matters not. For it will never burn out of existence. That is not possible. Focus on that light, send it love and see what happens to it. Feel the warmth of it and allow it to caress your entire being with that loving glow.

This is the spark of you which fills this human body. This is the spark of you that remains connected to the All. This is the spark of you which is an extension of your higher self which vibrates at a higher frequency. This higher self of yours who guides you daily. Quietly, gently and patiently. For this is the part of you which knows you better than anyone else. For it IS you. This is the part of you which knows exactly what you need at any at any point on your journey. This is the part of you which can offer you the guidance, the loving embrace that is required at any moment of your day. That guidance, that loving touch cannot be lost. It is forever there with you. You are never alone and always have this connection to another plane of existence; which sees you as you truly are. One with All of Thee.

Sit with this knowledge. Allow yourself to become accustomed to this truth about yourself. You have never been lost, for your internal compass has always been there. It has always been lit. It will never go out. That is not possible. You, you have this seed of greatness deep within you. Can you allow yourself the time, the nurturing, to allow this seed to sprout and grow into the majesty of who you really are?

Rid yourself of that thought that you are unworthy, unknowing, unloved. That is Ego talking to you. Begin to listen to that quiet voice within you. Fan the flame with acceptance and love. And oh, dear one, the warmth of you will outshine the brilliance of your own sun that warms this planet. Consider this until we speak with you again. That is all we ask of you this day.

Open your heart to the possibilities.
And wrap yourself in love.

For love is all there is.


Where do I begin?
There is so much to learn.
How do I know that I am on the right path?

Dear One, your path is clear and lies before you. All you need to do is take the next step. Trust that all is as it should be. Trust that you continue to move forward with every step. Move forward in love and not in fear. And know that we are beside you every step of the way.

The veil is thinning and the vibrational energies have been raising here upon this earth plane for some time now. You have felt it though you may not have known what you were feeling. For it affects all things here upon this physical plane, as preparation is made for the next step in convergence. It is a way for us to light your path back to the source, to the All, back home from where you came. This is part of the process of your awakening, your realization that you indeed are one with all. You have allowed the darkness to shadow the brilliance of your own light. Now is the time for your light to once again shine upon the world.

Your entire being emanates light. From every cell of your body. There is light shining from every object in your physical world. You shall begin to see this light as you move forward on your path. Initially, it will be just a fleeting glimpse, but as you get more accustomed to it, you will begin to see this light more often and in greater intensity. There is nothing to fear from this. For the light is soft and flickering and filled with love. It is time for you to have physical evidence of the love that surrounds you. And so it shall be.

Love surrounds you, Dear One. Love emanates from within your very being. Love is all there is. But your fear has closed your eyes to this. Your fear and association with only the physical world has covered your eyes from the truth of who you really are. But the time is now for you to see more clearly.
And it begins by shedding the fear that has surrounded you up until this time.

Can you, in these coming days, allow yourself time to open your heart to the light within? Can you release the fear that binds you? Can you move forward and upward as you open the gate to the cage within which you have existed for so long? Can you spread your wings and fly?

Visualize all of these scenarios. Do it in love and in joy. Do it every day during a quiet part of your day. Imagine the door opening at the top of your cage as you spread your wings to lift up and fly. Oh the freedom, the joy of it all. Do you really know the taste of freedom? Begin with this short exercise and feel the joy, the release. This is only the beginning as you shed the chains that have bound you for so very long.

Trust. Yourself and who you truly are.
Trust the guidance that you receive every day.
And ask for help. It is right there with the key to your freedom.
Take a chance.

We have the safety net beneath you.
And we wrap you in light and love.

Fly, Dear One, and feel the joy.

Call On Us

You are not alone on this journey.
Do not shut us out.
Open your heart to the possibilities.

Dear One, this journey of yours may have some challenges that you have not foreseen. The climb may be steeper than you anticipated. Your preparation for this journey may feel inadequate for you. But the truth is that all is well and you have loving companions by your side at each step that you take.

The only judgment comes from you, your human mind. It comes not from your higher self or from any of the guiding light beings who stand by your side. For we know that there is no need for judgment. All paths taken by you are important. And we are here for you to keep you moving forward, regardless of what path you have chosen.

Dear One, remove the fear and judgment from your mind, from your aura, from your immediate environment. It is not needed. For you have done nothing wrong. Trust in yourself enough to know in your heart that you continue to move forward with your every step. Compare not yourself with others, for you are all One. All of who are moving in the same direction, to the same destination. Home.

Remember that as your energies begin to rise, your physical body may require different ways of being. Perhaps more rest, nourishment more often, fewer sweets and more protein. For foods in their purer form help better promote your higher vibration. Be mindful of what you eat and give gratitude for all those who gave of themselves so that you could partake of this nourishment. Many of you have heard this before, but it is easy to forget in the complexities of your daily life.

Call upon us. For we are here, right next to you. But we cannot offer help without your permission. And in your requests for help, be not too specific, as your human mind still limits the possible outcomes of your situation. Remember that the possibilities for you are endless, limitless. Instead, ask for help or guidance that will help move you forward in the best possible way for you in your current situation. Always for the highest good. If you ask for possibilities to grow, they will be provided. But should you ask for specific situations, be prepared for them to occur. Be prepared to take the next step.

Know Dear One, that you are surrounded by love. For love is all there is. Though it is often masked by human situations, human fear and hurt. Can you, in your daily life, rise up and view a situation from a higher perspective? Can you, in your daily life, give another a chance at being their best? Can you, Dear One, walk into a situation with nothing but love in your heart, projecting out into the field around you? No expectations. No preconceived notions. No timeline. Just an openness to the possibility of an interaction more perfect than you could have imagined. An outcome more joyful, more loving than you ever expected.

Remember that YOU set the tone for your day and how it will unfold. You have that power and use it every day, whether or not you do it consciously. If you find this difficult to believe, try it. Try it right now. And send out positive energy for a day, a situation more perfect than you could ever have imagined. And watch the events unfold.

Remember, also, that your point of view does not include the entire web of consciousness. For in your current state, that is not yet possible. Know, trust, that any outcome will move you forward. Know, trust, that your interactions are not only lessons for you, but lessons for others. Move through your day acting with pure intent. That is all that is required.

All is well, Dear One.
All is as it should be.
Blessings to you as you move forward on your journey.

You are never alone.

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