Uncertainty and Self Doubt



Do you wait for complete certainty

Before you act or speak?

Upon reflection, do you question

if you did or said the right thing?

Is absolute certainty necessary for forward movement?

Dear One, this physical plane is a ground for learning and self-discovery. You came here to learn how to be in a world entirely different from where you came. Instead of an atmosphere of unconditional love, you are finding your way in a world of dualities, where your inner-connectedness is more difficult to see.

Moving forward can be difficult when you are not sure if the next step you take is the right step; if you are not sure if the actions you already took were the best choices. Indecision can prevent you from taking any action at all. Self-doubt can cause regret and uncertainty of events past.

Understand that any new situation is providing you an opportunity for growth. When you stay within the circle of familiarity, you are operating out of habit. In fact, you may not even be conscious of certain actions. You need not engage because you have done the same thing so often before.

Think of how often you travel to a familiar destination and once there have no memory of the journey. Since you have done this so many times before, your mind, your thoughts, can be miles away, in the future or in the past, anywhere but in the present moment. And yet you arrive safely.

For this reason, changing your routine, stepping outside of your comfort zone, is necessary for growth. Be it a new environment, new acquaintances, or a new way of moving through familiar territory, all of these are conditions for growth. Do you chastise a young child for exploring new avenues, stretching their physical limits, or exploring new ways of expressing themselves?

A child does not wait for a time of complete certainty nor does she reflect upon actions with self-doubt. Quite the opposite, she is excited to be exploring the possibilities for new ways of being. But, you say, this child needs to learn to be cautious to avoid injury or hurt. And so, you keep a watchful eye to assure safety during her self-exploration.

How is that child different from you? Are you not a child of the Universe? Are you not surrounded by loving guides who are here to help guide you as you move forward? Can you move forward with more faith, in yourself and your connection to the All; with faith in the guidance you receive every moment of your day?

There can be no mistakes made here upon this plane. There are only opportunities for growth. And often the lesson is one of forgiveness, humility or non-judgment. These are lessons many of you came here to learn. Or perhaps the lesson is one of self-love, empowerment or neutrality. Any potential lesson will be difficult to learn if you hesitate to act without perfection; seeking it in yourself or others. If this physical plane offered perfection it would not be the wondrous place of learning that it is.

You might try on a different way of being and realize that it is not the right way to be. Lesson learned.  You might take a chance and speak out in a way you never have before and be amazed at the results. Lesson learned. Or you might approach another who you perceive as much different from yourself and realize the similarities in your lives. Lesson learned.

Dear One, do not hide behind a façade of familiarity and safety. Where is the growth in living a life of repetition and hesitation? Have faith in yourself and in your guides who are with you at all times. Spend quiet time with them so that you can begin to better trust the connections you have with the All.

Act with pure intent. And in times of reflection, think of the lessons provided to you over the course of your day. The moment of absolute certainty about a particular decision may never come. But you can still make a choice and embrace the lesson it provides you.

There are no wrong paths, for all paths move you forward and back to the Source. All paths.

Be like that child on a journey of adventure and self-exploration and stretch. And whatever the lessons learned, be they lessons of humility, forgiveness or self-empowerment, offer gratitude for them. And continue forward.

Be bold, be the courageous soul that you are.

Trust that we are here with you always.

And call upon us, for we are here to help and guide you.

Dear One, Dear One With All of Thee.



Gentle Lessons

Can you take a step back

And view your life from a higher perspective?

Can you reflect upon recent events in your life

And see the possibilities for growth

That they provide?

Dear One, there are many changes occurring throughout the Universe at this time. From the perspective of the human mind, with emotional attachments, these changes may appear to be negative, leading you in the wrong direction. We ask you to reflect upon them again, from a neutral viewpoint, and find the gentle lessons contained within these events.

The key to this exercise is coming from a place of neutrality, without emotion, as you consider the opportunities provided by the chain of events in your life. For everything that occurs in your life provides an opportunity, the possibility, for forward movement. But just as a bottle of unfiltered apple juice is turbulent when agitated, so is your vision of your life. It is not until the turbulence (emotion) settles down that the liquid (vision) becomes clearer.

With the human experience comes the opportunity to feel the full range of emotions from intense fear to unconditional love. In your natural state, you are surrounded by love and have no need to judge others or events. The lesson here upon this physical plane is to reach that same level of neutrality and compassionate detachment that you have in your natural state.

We are not suggesting that you shut down all human emotion, as that is one of the teaching points of this physical existence. What we are encouraging is that you acknowledge and walk through that emotion so that you can settle the inner turbulence that clouds your vision.

Dear One, remember that all are connected in a complex web of experiences designed to provide you opportunities for growth. You have free will to respond however you choose and each possible response will provide a different lesson. There is no blame, no judgment and no punishment involved in these possible outcomes. Any blame, judgment or punishment comes only from you in your human way of thinking.

Can you consider the possibility that your greatest adversaries are in your life to provide you the exact lessons you wished to learn during this human experience? Can you consider the possibility that those who have walked away did so because the lesson was complete or because it was necessary in order for you to grow?

If you are a being of light and love, as is all of creation, can you consider the possibility that all opportunities for growth are motivated by love? The human condition contains elements of amnesia so that you may not remember the reasons why certain events would provide the best opportunities for growth. And free will may alter the intended outcome.

Dear One, find comfort in the knowledge that no matter the event or the outcome you are surrounded by loving beings gently urging you forward. Allow yourself time to reflect upon your situation while shining light upon it to see it more clearly. Allow yourself to feel the emotional response it generates, but do not act until that turbulence settles and you can come from a place of more clarity and neutrality.

You, Dear One, are a being of light and love.

You are capable of greatness.

And you are loved unconditionally throughout the Universe.

For you ARE One With All of Thee.