You are Not Alone

You are surrounded by love

You are supported by love

You are made of love

Dear One, the true nature of your being is love.  Many of you cannot accept this about yourself.  You feel unworthy. You feel alone. You feel you need to be perfect in order to accept this concept.  But this truth is being revealed to you for it is time to see yourself as you really are.  It is time to look past the wounds you carry; for they are stepping stones on your journey to self-awareness. These wounds allow you to help others who walk behind you, who need a helping hand to move forward.

There is a light shining brightly within you that is becoming brighter every day.  It is our goal to gently move you forward as you read these messages; to begin to chip away at that wall of self-judgment you have slowly built up around you.  Can you for just a moment allow it to crack open and allow the light to shine through?  You were not meant to be so harsh upon yourself, seeing your experiential lessons as failures rather than gifts.  Do you not yet understand that every move you make, every moment in your life is a forward movement, back to the Source of which you are a part?

If you were so worthless, why would you be surrounded by such loving beings eager to help you on your journey?  If you were so imperfect, why would you be given so much power and knowledge to use in your daily life?  You do not yet understand the power and knowledge available to you.  Know that you have grown enough, you are strong enough to be trusted with these gifts.  They have been available to you all along, yet the proper time was needed for you to be encouraged to use them.  And that time is now.

You, Dear One, are needed to move things forward, not only in your own life, but in the expansion of the entire Universe. You have already, unbeknownst to you; made significant changes to the outcome of this planet you call Earth.  And despite what you think, those changes are positive.  Yes, Mother Earth will shudder as she continues to grow, and that will affect many of her charges.  But the final outcome is positive.

Dear One, there are many possibilities in your own life, not yet taken by you.  Open yourself up to the limitless opportunities available to you. As you plan your day, do not limit what is possible with your humble expectations.  For in your human state, you have no concept of the infinite possibilities.  Instead, walk forward in faith, with no expectations, acting with pure intent.  Know that you are surrounded by a cushion of love that will support you if you stumble.  Give gratitude for all that you have, even if it is not yet in your possession.  And wrap all worries that you have in love.  Wrap them in love and see how that changes your world.  You have the power to do that, to diminish the charge on your worries and deem them impotent.

Live in the moment, a moment extraordinary in itself; surrounded by love, filled with love, shining brightly with love.  You may not yet be able to see it.  But we see it in you.  It has always been there, Dear One.  Seize your greatness and help to change the world.  You are on your way. That is why you chose to be here at this time.

Love yourself.

Love unconditionally all those around you.

Love others because you can, because that is all there is.

And allow your light to shine.


How do you define this term?
What does it mean to you?
How do you live your life to attain it?

Dear One, this term, success, is used often here upon this plane. But what does it really mean? Is it used in terms of rising above the others in your professional lives? Does it mean attaining much monetary gain in your personal lives? Or does it mean just getting through a day without succumbing to an addiction or habit you wish to break?

This term, success, only has meaning in the physical plane. For it does not make sense in the other realms. For each and every one of you is a divine being filled with light and love. There are no haves or have-nots in the non-physical realm. All understand the important piece that they play in their connection to the All. And so, we find this term, success, to be unnecessary in our worlds.

Dear One, the fact that you are here, upon this physical plane, experiencing yet another day is a gift for you. The merits of who you are and how you have supported the All are not measured in terms of how much you have done, how far you have come, who you have met, and so on. The mere fact that you are here, sharing your experiential life with the All, is enough. The awakening to your true nature as a being of light and love has moved the growth of the continuum in a way that you cannot understand from this earthly perspective. But be assured that you have made a difference, an important difference, in just allowing your life to unfold in the way that it must.

There are many changes occurring at this time here upon this plane, across the entire universe. And these changes may affect some of you more than others. Allow yourself to accept without struggle what is occurring on an energetic level to you at this time. It is necessary and you will become accustomed to this higher vibration. For you are stronger, more powerful than you realize. And you will accelerate in your growth even more as you continue on this journey you have chosen.

Dear One, measure not who you are by how many possessions you have, how much respect you receive from your peers, or by where you stand in the hierarchy here upon this plane. Your term, success, is only an empty measure of an illusion perpetuated here on this physical plane. For in reality, it is not necessary to measure your standing among others, for you are all connected and one and the same. Instead of focusing on this ‘success’, instead focus on expanding and sharing the light which you are. Focus on wrapping yourself and others in the warm glow of your internal light. Share the love, which is your very essence, with all who cross your path. These are the ways to move forward on your path.

For you have no need for ‘success’. Why would you when you already are one with the Source?
Live in peace, live in gratitude, live in joy.
And accept the greatness which makes up your very being.
For you are One With All of Thee.


What is love?
Do you really understand what it is?
Can you change your perception of it?

Dear One, do you really know what love is? You use this term in such a limited fashion. It is time you begin to realize what this truly is? In truth, the word you use cannot begin to describe the all-encompassing aspects of love.

Consider this. You are made of love. Only love. The entirety of the Universe is made of love, only love. It is not an emotion to be felt, to be given and reclaimed. It is a part of your make-up. It is impossible to withdraw your love from another. It is impossible not to love another. For this is how the Universe works. Your definition of love here upon this plane so limits it. Love is within your every atom, your every breath, your every moment of being. It is all that is.

Here upon this plane you talk of love as a commodity. Something to be traded, something to be turned on and off. But that is not possible. For love, true love, is always present. It is there in every interaction that you have with another. It is there within every fiber of your being. What you call love does not even begin to describe the depth of it, the omnipresence of it across the waves of being.

We will try to explain this further at another time. But for now, right now, begin to consider that love encompasses you. It is present in every interaction, in every particle of being here upon this plane. It fills the space between your photons and electrons, it vibrates in the air around you, it flows within your veins, with every breath that you take.

Do not deny this existence of love. For in order to grow, to evolve into the divine one you already are but cannot yet accept, you must begin to view your life, your world a different way. There is no lack of love here within your world. There is only a lack of perception, in the ability to see it all around you.

This is your true nature. This is who you are. Consider this and as you lay your head upon your pillow this eve, ask for clarity about this. Begin to quietly ask for clarity in the stillness of your life. We hear you as you whisper. We hear you. Allow us to teach you and call on us for clarity. We cannot interfere. But we can begin to show you the way. It is your choice to take the first step. And when you do, the heavens will erupt in joyous celebration. For your awakening to the wondrous existence of which you are a part has just begun.

You are One With All of Thee.
Living, breathing, embraced in love.
For love is all there is.

Increasing Your Awareness

Have you been noticing more?
Have you been feeling more?
Have you been knowing more?

Dear One, as the veil continues to thin between worlds, those of you who are more sensitive shall begin to notice more of what is going on around you. There is nothing to fear in this. It just means that for the ones who are more open, more of the unseen world will become apparent to them. Worry not for this will be a gradual change for you. But it will be noticeable and soon you will become accustomed to this new way of being in your daily life.

The physical plane is slowly beginning to merge with the other realms around it. For this reason, your thoughts, your words, your actions will have a greater effect on your surroundings. Be aware of what you are putting out into the world. Remember that many others may subconsciously feel a change but will not know how to accept it. Worry not and help each other during this transitional time with compassion and love.

Understand, Dear One, that you are an entity of love. We know that you do not think of yourself in this way. But this is who you truly are. Can you begin to understand that the physical form in which you exist is just a shell, a temporary housing that allows you to exist in this physical plane? If you could see, truly see, the true nature of all beings around you, what you would see is light. Light moving within and around all objects, alive and inert by your physical standards. There is a brilliance that abounds within and around you that you are yet unable to see, but for brief moments in time. There will come a day for each and every one of you when you will be more aware of this light energy of all beings. But for now, just contemplate upon this truth. Sit with it and go on with your life.

If you could see, you would be aware of the light within intensifying in the presence of someone you love. You would see the way a smile sparkles and how a laugh sends dancing waves of light out from the source. You would see the calm, steady glow of one who is at peace and the chaotic flashes of one who is agitated. You already feel these differences either consciously or unconsciously. And now, for some of you, the sight of this will begin to occur. Slowly, gently, so as not to concern you.

This light glows around the food you eat, from the plants and animals around you. Before you choose a meal, try to feel the nourishment or lack thereof in that food before you. Try to sense the nature of the light emanating from what surrounds you. Look with your eyes opened. See with your eyes closed. Just become aware and be not afraid of this new way of seeing. For it is just another step forward upon your path, your journey of re-awakening to your true nature.

Throughout this process, remember to ask for help if you feel the need for it. Consider toning and watch for any differences in what you see. It is all happening around you. And it begins with compassion and love sent forth from you. Be the source of that light whenever possible. For your brilliance is greater than you could ever imagine.

Dear One, shine with all of your being.
Love as much as you can.
And begin by loving yourself for who you truly are.
Connected in light and love with all of existence.
And if some days you cannot find that love within.
Then accept if from your surroundings which offer it freely.
Be open and receptive.
And know that you are never alone.

To Be At One

What does this mean?
How do you walk in unity?
How does this change your life?

Dear One, you already are one with all of thee. What has not yet occurred for many of you is having this realization of who you really are. This is the next step for you…to understand the meaning of this truth as you walk upon this physical plane.

Think of the human body made up of millions, trillions, countless individual cells. And although these cells are separate, they are all a part of the same organism. And they all work in unison in order for that organism to exist and to navigate through the day. These individual cells may not be in close proximity, and yet the existence of one is necessary for the survival of the other. What happens to a cell in one part of the body can most definitely affect other cells in other parts of the same body.

So too is it with you and the countless other souls in existence. All are one. All are a part of a whole organism which requires each and every individual soul in order to move forward. The actions that you take affect other parts of this organism. As do their actions affect you. But, unlike the human body, the connections are not as visually apparent and so it is more difficult to accept this concept. And yet, this is the reality of your existence. All connected, all as one. One with All of Thee.

So again, we say to you, as you move through your day, be aware of how you affect all in your environment …..animal, mineral, human, vegetable, spirit, etc. It is impossible for you NOT to be able to do so. Just as the action of one cell in the human body can make a vast difference to the rest of the organism and its cells. This is how it is across the entire universe.

And so, be aware of your actions, thoughts and words. Understand that what happens in a place distant geographically will still affect you. For the impulses are sent as waves which can travel great distances at great speeds. Understand that you are a part of an intricate web of existence and the ebb and flow, similar to the breath, the pulse, of the universe moves through every living being.

Of this you can be sure. Your reach extends greatly out into the universe of which you are an integral part. Do not diminish the value of your contributions. For your mere presence in a room can change the immediate environment. It is your choice as to how you wish to change that environment. Will it be positive or negative?

Be the loving, enlightened being that you truly are.
Make it a positive change. One held in light and in love.
This is your path.
Walk it proudly and in love.
For love is all that is and that of which you are.

Many blessings to you, dear one.

The Time is Now

No more waiting
No more hesitation.
Believe in Yourself, you are ready NOW

Dear One, discard any feelings of inadequacy or fear, for you have reached the entrance to your new path. This journey will take you to heights unknown to you before this time. And the heavens are rejoicing. This is a time which has been spoken of in past writings, ancient writings in your time.

The time is NOW and you are ready. Do not doubt that and do not hesitate to take that leap of faith in yourself, in others, in the absolute beauty of the world that surrounds you. Can you see the beauty, can you feel the joy, can you use the strength that you have, that you always have had, to overcome any remaining doubts in your mind. You are ready. You are ready now. And we ask you to take a chance, open your heart, spread your wings and soar!!!!

What we mean by this in practical terms is to trust your intuition, be aware of the synchronicities in your life, and allow the love that is within you to rise up and encompass your entire being. For you, YOU, are a being of love, riding on a blanket of love, glowing from your internal flame of light and love. Accept these truths about yourself. Do not allow Ego to question this. For indeed, this is truth for each and every one of you.

Sit, breathe and allow the joy of this truth to fill your every pore. And see how the smile begins to form as the knowledge of this settles into your entire being. Dear One, hear the universal song playing sweetly and loudly in honor of your awakening. For you have come far enough to walk in this knowledge. And this is only the beginning for you. Take that leap of faith. Take that first step forward on your path and see the adventures that await you.

You will never be alone on this path, for we are always by your side. But as you continue to grow and become accustomed to your own light, you will no longer need the training wheels of security that we provide you. For you will be able to soar on your own and oh, how wonderful that will feel!

Be who you really are. Deny it no longer. You are One With All of Thee.
And you are filled with light and love!

Opening to the Divine Within

You are Divine
You have always been Divine
You always will be Divine
No matter what you say, do, or think.

Dear One, the true nature of your being is Divine spirit. If you believe that All is One, then how can you not believe that the Divine lives within you; that you are part of the Divine. This is who you truly are. Begin to accept and use the power given to you by acknowledging your true nature. This is the first step.

How is it possible that someone like you who struggles every day, who sees all their personal failings, who doesn’t feel the divine presence within, can actually be a part of the Divine? It is because your true sight has been blocked by fear and acceptance of the physical world in which you live as the only world. When in fact, this world is an illusion. Only present for you in order to allow you to grow, to experience the richness of different stimuli, different situations that do not exist in your natural state.

Can you accept that this world in which you live is a gift for you? Can you begin to understand that all that happens here for you is only a temporary state until you return home to your true existence? Can you begin to understand that this illusion of life here upon this plane can be changed by you by changing your perspective?

You have lived long enough in your mind accepting the limitations that it offers. The time has now come for you to understand the power you have to change your world; not only your personal world, but the entire physical world in which you live. Do not doubt this truth, for remember, you are Divine!

We understand that the steps you have been taking in this direction have been small, measured and hesitant. But there is no longer time to hesitate. It is now time for you to take giant leaps forward. All that you believed before about your personal limitations must be discarded in order to do this next step. We understand that this is still difficult for you, which is why we speak to you here and in other venues. To encourage you. To assure you that WE are your safety net as you begin to spread your wings and fly.

This is your natural state……not one to be in only during short moments of meditation or prayer, but every moment of your day. This state truly is effortless, if you open the cage door behind which you have lived for so very long. See the beauty surrounding you and the beauty within you. Beauty draws beauty and Dear One, it begins with you. Within you. Share that inner beauty of which you only allow fleeting glimpses to others. Open up the flood gates and allow the rush of light to shine forth.

Can you see the possibilities if all of you, each and every one of you, allowed this to happen? There would no longer be darkness, for it will have been washed away with the inner light of all of you. The Divine light is there within and the time is now for it to burst forth in all of its splendor.

You, Dear One, are ready for this.
Take our hand and allow us to guide you forward.
The path behind you has dissolved and the path forward is covered in diamonds of light.
Sparkling, inviting, lighting the way.

Take a chance, take a leap, and discover that indeed, you can fly!
Divine One, this is your time.

Joyful Living

There is joy all around you.
There is joy within you.
Feel the joy, share the joy.
And change the world.

Dear One, joy is a part of your make-up. This is a piece of who you are. Accept this truth and begin to allow yourself to feel the joy within and around you. The well is too deep to ever go dry. Dip your entire being into this eternal water of being and see how your life will change.

We understand that there are many difficulties here upon this plane that appear unrelenting and burdensome as you move within your physical existence. But remember that this is but a temporary state for you. Remember that this physical world is just an illusion for you to exist within while you learn the lessons that you chose to learn on this journey. The knowledge that you bring back will serve the entire consciousness. This is not a journey just for you, but an exploration for others who are waiting in the wings, cheering you on, holding you in gratitude for your adventurous spirit.

Every moment of your day is an opportunity to feel the effects of a joyful existence. Should you be in your natural state, having shed the physical form, you would not require any reminders of this truth. But for now, a reminder is necessary to support you in your forward movement. The energies are beginning to change. And this is occurring because of you; because there are now enough here upon this physical plane who have awakened. The critical mass for forward movement has been reached and for this we shout with glee. For now, the universal growth can begin in a way that has never occurred before. And you are a part of this creation, with your service, your personal growth and your willingness to exist here for a short a period of time to help facilitate this change.

When you stumble and feel that you have not done enough or did not do it correctly or should have done it sooner, stop. Understand that your life is unfolding exactly as it should. Understand that all is well with you. Understand that you have loving beings surrounding you, ready to act in your behalf at your request.

Can you take each step forward with the confidence that all is well with you? Can you trust that you are always exactly where you should be? Can you live your life in love and gratitude and share that with all those who cross your path?

Be the vessel of joy that you really are. Leave trails of pearls, glistening behind you in every step you take. This is who you truly are. And by allowing the joy to flow through you, others along your path shall begin their own awakening.

Walk in joy.
Walk in love.
Be who you really are….a being of light and love.

One with All of Thee.

All is One

You are not alone.
That is impossible.
You are One with All of Thee.

It is impossible for you to be alone, for you are connected to the collective consciousness out into infinity. Dear One, this feeling of being alone is but an illusion of your mind. Your connection lies within your heart and that feathers out across many dimensions. The illusion of being alone and separate is created by your mind and your physical body.

You, you were the courageous one to embark upon this journey into the physical realm. But you must understand that only a small part of you is here, present in this physical body. The rest of you is elsewhere and more conscious of your true state of being. And you remain connected to your true self. That is a link that is impossible to break. And so now is the time for your higher self to reclaim its positive influence upon your life. Understand, Dear One, that this part of you that exists on this physical plane is just a piece of who you really are. The other part of you, your higher self, understands the power in you, the joy of being and your existence as love incarnate.

It is time for your higher self to inculcate more firmly into your everyday existence. For there are universal changes beginning to occur and you will be better placed to help with these changes with a better understanding of who you really are. And so, we are here to help you to open your eyes, to open your heart to the purity of your existence. To help you understand the power of your being. Not for personal gain, but for universal growth, as there is a growing curve across infinity. This, this is a window of time for you to truly make a difference in the growth of the universal being.

Of this we ask of you; to nurture yourself and wrap yourself in loving thoughts and in joy. Open yourself to the beauty that surrounds you every moment of your day. Feel the love that emanates from every object, every living being around you. The Mother is aware of this and sends out love to all of her charges. It is the human existence that spends more time thinking rather than seeing and feeling. By spending so much time in your mind, you are not able to allow your heart to feel.

Your task is simple. Walk in love. Walk in joy. Remove the drama from your life and understand that it is not needed by you. Gently, gently begin to remove yourself from your story, that description of yourself you have held on to for many years. Bless those memories of hurt and unease and allow them to float away. For as you grow, your story will continue to change. And as the old ones are released, room is created for a new way of being.

Be gentle with yourself. Do not judge yourself, but love yourself and acknowledge how much you have grown to get to this point in your life. And know that this moment now, is the only one that matters. It is the only one which exists. Not past, not future, but only now, here. Be present in this moment. Breathe into it and feel the connection, the joy, the love. And allow yourself to release the burden of your past life, your future life. Be present in the now and feel the joy, the peace, the love that surrounds you in this very moment of time.

Oh, if all were to take a breath at the very same moment in time. Ah, what a release that would create; a shudder of delight across the entire universe.

You indeed are One With All of Thee.
Never doubt that.
For this is truth for thee and thy and all that ever were and ever will be.

Many blessings to you, Dear One, as you continue your path forward.


Where do I begin?
There is so much to learn.
How do I know that I am on the right path?

Dear One, your path is clear and lies before you. All you need to do is take the next step. Trust that all is as it should be. Trust that you continue to move forward with every step. Move forward in love and not in fear. And know that we are beside you every step of the way.

The veil is thinning and the vibrational energies have been raising here upon this earth plane for some time now. You have felt it though you may not have known what you were feeling. For it affects all things here upon this physical plane, as preparation is made for the next step in convergence. It is a way for us to light your path back to the source, to the All, back home from where you came. This is part of the process of your awakening, your realization that you indeed are one with all. You have allowed the darkness to shadow the brilliance of your own light. Now is the time for your light to once again shine upon the world.

Your entire being emanates light. From every cell of your body. There is light shining from every object in your physical world. You shall begin to see this light as you move forward on your path. Initially, it will be just a fleeting glimpse, but as you get more accustomed to it, you will begin to see this light more often and in greater intensity. There is nothing to fear from this. For the light is soft and flickering and filled with love. It is time for you to have physical evidence of the love that surrounds you. And so it shall be.

Love surrounds you, Dear One. Love emanates from within your very being. Love is all there is. But your fear has closed your eyes to this. Your fear and association with only the physical world has covered your eyes from the truth of who you really are. But the time is now for you to see more clearly.
And it begins by shedding the fear that has surrounded you up until this time.

Can you, in these coming days, allow yourself time to open your heart to the light within? Can you release the fear that binds you? Can you move forward and upward as you open the gate to the cage within which you have existed for so long? Can you spread your wings and fly?

Visualize all of these scenarios. Do it in love and in joy. Do it every day during a quiet part of your day. Imagine the door opening at the top of your cage as you spread your wings to lift up and fly. Oh the freedom, the joy of it all. Do you really know the taste of freedom? Begin with this short exercise and feel the joy, the release. This is only the beginning as you shed the chains that have bound you for so very long.

Trust. Yourself and who you truly are.
Trust the guidance that you receive every day.
And ask for help. It is right there with the key to your freedom.
Take a chance.

We have the safety net beneath you.
And we wrap you in light and love.

Fly, Dear One, and feel the joy.

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