Accept the joy

Which surrounds you

This day and every day.

The joy of being

The joy of beauty

The joy of love

Within and around you.

The joy of YOU.

Dear One, there is joy surrounding you at this very moment. It is the joy of the Universe acknowledging the life you are leading and the path you are traveling. The joy of knowing that you are growing and learning and sharing your love when you can with others as you move forward toward Oneness.

You are the answer to the prayers of others around this world of yours. Believe that you can help others by holding the joy of being in your own life. If only for a moment, that joy spreads across your globe to lift others who need support. Just as you are raised by others when you falter in your own life.

The collective consciousness that surrounds and includes every one of you sends love and joy to those in need. No one is forgotten. No one is alone, for everyone is included in the loving embrace of the All this day and always.

Dear One, celebration occurs as we follow your individual and collective progress during this ascension. You have no idea how far you have come. How far you have risen from the depths of despair and self-doubt. Reflect upon that person you were just a few years ago and begin to see what we see, a transformation allowing you to blossom. Oh, what joy abounds!

The human condition tends to focus on the failures, the lack, and the fear of what is or what is not. We are here to tell you that, in truth, there are no failures, for each step you take brings you forward. There is no lack, only the perception of lack in a world of abundance, and fear is slowly being dissolved with the increase of love throughout your world and beyond.

Do not doubt the truth in this. Much of what you see or hear are false perceptions created by fearful minds. The truth is that there is a solid forward movement toward change, and you are part of the reason that change is occurring. You have made a difference in this world just by your presence. Know that, Dear One.

Celebrate with us. Embrace the coming days of change. See past the chaos necessary as your world continues to move forward and trust that all is as it should be. Ask for help in seeing the limitations that you have believed for so long and choose to dissolve those limitations.

Believe in yourself and in the power which you have to create a better life. Accept the love which surrounds you each moment of your day. Know that you are not alone, not forgotten. You are the source of joy across the realms for your presence in this physical world.

Give gratitude for all that occurs in your life; everything that happens is an opportunity for growth that will bring you closer to your full potential. Cease any belief in punishment for yourself. Instead, know that you are worthy of love and gratitude. Accept both as we offer these to you.

See yourself as we see you—a courageous soul who has come so far. You have made it to this day and have many more days ahead to expand your awareness and connection with the All. May you know joy on this day, Dear One. Feel our joy and share it with others. Feel our love, accept it with grace, and know that love is all there is for you and this world.

Joy is in your present.

Joy is in your future.

Accept it with grace.

Feel it in your heart.

Hear our chorus of joy

As we surround you with our love

Be of peace, be of joy, and be of love.

This day and always.

Dearest One With All of Thee.


Join the Prayer Circle tonight, Sunday, @ 9 PM Eastern Standard Time:

Send love out to this world as you join kindred souls offering up their prayers.

Keep the momentum going. Your input is needed now more than ever.

I will add my energies to the loving thoughts you have for the world and your loved ones.

I’ll hold space and offer my support to all across this globe to feel the joy and love that surrounds them.. May we all hold each other up with loving support as we inch closer to a new way of being.

Connect when you can and bring change and love to this world. Understand that there is a constant stream of collective prayer circling this globe at all times.

Much gratitude and many blessings to you.

May we all hold gratitude to the unseen world which is holding us up, keeping us strong with love.


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Blueberry Season is Over


IMG_1027 - Copy

Another blueberry season behind me.

Hard to believe that seven weeks have gone by so quickly. And it was a wonderful season. The bushes were full of beautiful clusters of blueberries which made the picking much easier than last year. In fact, it took half the time to pick 5 pounds (the amount that fills a one-gallon bucket) than it did last year.

We only pick in one-gallon buckets so as not to crush the blueberries with the extra weight. This is especially important when they are wet, usually right after a rainstorm. Those mornings are always challenging especially when we cull them. The berries have to be dry before we handle them too much or else they get soft and very sticky. They get a shiny coat of sugar on them and look like they are still wet, even though they are dry. The first year I picked blueberries, it took me awhile to figure this out.

I had such a great team of workers helping me this year. They knew exactly what to do while I was gone making deliveries, giving me one less thing I had to think about. A few of them have been picking for me for a number of years.

They become like family and blueberry season creates a special community for me. It is made up of all my workers who I usually see only during the season as they go off to do what they do in the off season.

But it is also made up of all my clients, many of who have been buying from me for at least 8 years. I love these clients of mine and have a good rapport with them. They end up thanking me at season’s end for all that I do. I’ll miss them all in the off-season.

Friends ask me if I’m glad that it’s over and honestly, I have mixed feelings. Yes, my body is tired, exhausted from the early wake-ups and the non-stop activity. I could never do this all year round. But for 6-8 weeks, I can handle it.

But I will miss the comradery with all the people who fill my days for this short span during the year. Transitioning back into my normal routine takes a little time. For one, I have to rest and give myself a little time to recover. Then I’m back on track taking care of all the things that were allowed to slide when the main focus of life was blueberries. One of the things I’ll miss the most is just walking down the rows and grazing on fresh berries. Especially at the end of season when they are the sweetest they can be.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would become a blueberry farmer, although I’d always wanted to live on a farm. And now I have ten seasons behind me. You never know what will come next year, depending on the weather and when that late freeze will come in the spring. Will it come when the buds are still tight and pretty safe? Or will it come after they’ve opened and the bees are starting to pollinate? Will we have hail that will damage the crop?

Farming is a humbling experience and my way of connecting with Mother Earth and the All. I bless those bushes every day and thank them for coming back year after year with another new crop.

I’ve been very fortunate and work with the fairies throughout the year. People might think I’m crazy but I thank my fairies all the time for guiding me and for protecting us from bad weather. I can see them covering the land with a blanket of protection prior to a bad storm. Maybe I’ve just had a bit too much sun, but its my reality and it works for me. 😉

So now it’s time to clean up the rest of the land that has been ignored. I’ll harvest some fruit from my small orchard and tend my herb garden. Oh yes, and graze on grape tomatoes which always seem to grow in my compost pile every year. Who needs to plant tomatoes when they seem to thrive in my compost pile?

The hummingbirds have grown to about a dozen at the feeders at this point. I refill those feeders multiple times a day. Especially since one male seems to like to claim a feeder for his very own. I’ll miss them when they migrate south.

So on to the next part of my year which involves more writing and teaching and yes, a couple of part-time jobs also. No more blueberry work until February when I start pruning again.

It has been a good year!

Thank you blueberry bushes for a wonderful crop!

Thanks to my wonderful team of pickers and cullers.

And thanks to my loyal clients.

Till next year!


It’s Blueberry Season

IMG_0940 -FB

I thought I should tell you all that I am 3 weeks into blueberry season. We started picking June 20th and will pick until around the first week of August. So if you don’t hear from me, its not that I don’t care, I am just consumed with blueberries.

So far its been a great season. I have a terrific bunch of pickers and the berries are sweet and abundant and beautiful. My buyers continue to purchase my blueberries year after year, for which I am very grateful. Cannot believe it is my 10th season.

I have an acre of blueberry bushes which provide more than enough for my small business and the local fauna. I use bird scare tape as a deterrent, but honestly, I think this is the last year I will use it. For all the birds are in there, crows, cardinals, finches, hummingbirds, mockingbirds and so on. You never know what you might find in those bushes.

It was an absolute thrill when one of my pickers found a hummingbird nest. I’d never seen one before and we all were just amazed at how beautiful it was. Once there was a groundhog up in the bush. I suspect the dog might have chased it up there. Although I see groundhog holes all over the farm, never thought I’d see one hanging out in the bushes.


And of course, the deer feast daily in the patch. Early in the season it starts with one or two and by the end of the season, I think they have a family reunion in there with does, buck, and fawns all meeting for a snack. Often when I go out after dark with the dog, I hear a deer snorting in the bushes. No sense in chasing them away. They’ll just come back later.


Its hot work and the humidity here can shorten the picking times because its just too dang hot. We pick starting at dawn for 3 to 5 hours depending on weather. My job is to juggle pickers, cullers, buyers, berries and try to anticipate the weather when I make up the picking schedule. I deliver 5 days a week and fill with pride when my chefs are so happy to see me and my blueberries.

Two friends who I lovingly refer to as my blueberry pimps take orders and deliver pints of berries to friends and co-workers. They tell me how everyone walks around with blue tongues and big smiles on their faces the day they bring in the berries. Getting feedback like this makes all the hard work worth it.

So if you don’t hear much from me in the next few weeks, know that I will be back at the end of the summer. I will continue to post every week. I try to carve out a chunk of time to sit and write whatever messages I receive to share with others.

cow May 2017 - Copy

I love living this life, even though I do work very hard and wonder where I get the stamina to keep it up. But when I can walk through those rows of berries and graze, oh that is heaven to me! Being on this farm, living in the country, never knowing what might show up, be it the neighbor’s cow or a praying mantis guarding the hummingbird feeder, a snake in my HVAC unit or saving bunnies from my dog. It is a wonderful life and I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to steward this land.


I tell my shaman friends that my land is my mesa. I bless it daily and offer gratitude for being able to live in harmony with all the other creatures who call this piece of real estate home. It is also my canvas to paint as I add trees or bushes, flowers or an herb garden to the mix. It is my sanctuary and I will steward it as long as I am able.

So enjoy your summer, my dear readers. And think of me when you have a blueberry or two for breakfast, for dessert or just for a snack.



How do you move through your world?

Do you anticipate every potential problem

That could occur?

Or do you move forward with peace in your heart,

Knowing that all will unfold exactly as it should?

Dear One, it is time for you to open yourself up to the infinite possibilities for joy and growth in your daily life. You, in your human mind, cannot fathom the range of opportunities every moment of your life offers you. Can you begin to allow these blessings, these joyful moments, to come into your life without the fearful anticipation of what if?

This human existence can most certainly be challenging for you, but it can also be a joyful existence, surrounded by love and beauty. Yes, you came here to learn, and your lessons are presented to you at the most appropriate times over the course of your life. Some lessons were planned, but some others may occur because of choices you made in your forward movement. All will contribute to your personal growth and to the growth of the All.

What would help you in your daily life is to release the worry of potential pitfalls, of life going totally wrong, from your human perspective. If you can release your propensity to fret, to worry, and to continuously replay the many ways you could fail, your life would be so much more joyful. Can you accept the fact that you are not able to fail? All that occurs in your life is a step forward-all that occurs.

How often have you anticipated a certain outcome which never occurred, but in hindsight, you realized how the actual outcome was a greater gift to you? Again, we tell you that your human mind is not capable of seeing the infinite number of possibilities. Your conscious mind may not remember the lessons planned for this lifetime. And with limited sight, your Ego does not account for the web of connection and how everything must fall into place before an event can occur for optimal outcome.

Can you trust that you are being guided forward towards the most wonderful experiences with gentle lessons for you or for others? Can you release yourself from the bindings of fear which hold you back from unanticipated joy and beauty in your life? Can you close your eyes and fall back into our loving embrace, trusting that we will hold you close, with gentleness and love?

Dear One, if you can allow yourself to trust that all is unfolding in the most perfect way; you will spend less time and energy worrying about the future. Remember that you are more powerful than you realize and that which you fear can easily be called to you, if you continue to repeat the dreaded scenario in your mind. Can you instead, free yourself from worry and trust that all will be well? All will be well.

Think of the energy you put into these fearful thoughts every day of your life. What would you do with that energy if it was no longer spent on future or past events? We remind you that all that exists is the present, the now. How free would your heart feel to trust that you are being led forward with a loving touch?

Try it for a day. When those fearful thoughts of the future begin to creep in from the shadows, shine light upon them. Radiate joy and faith that all will occur exactly as it should. Know that you will have enough time to do exactly what needs to be done at this time. And by shedding that dark cloak of fear, you will be more receptive to following our gentle guidance to move you forward in the most wondrous way.

It is all a matter of trust. Trust that the Universe is unfolding in the most perfect way. Trust that you are a part of the beauty of this Universe and  trust that the strength of your connection with the All will guide you forward. There is nothing to fear, Dear One.  If you can accept the loving nature of the Universe, then you will realize that there is no failure, there are no mistakes. There is only love, and beauty and joy.

Allow us to guide you and encourage you to shine your brightest to illuminate the fear that hides in the corners of your mind. For when brought to the light, that fear will wither and fade away, for it is nothing. It is only an illusion of your mind.

Trust, Dear One.

Love and dance.

Feel the joy, see the beauty

Around you and within you.

Dear One With All of Thee.


Be of Joy

Did you laugh today?

Did you sing today?

Did you dance today?

Dear One, this journey on the physical plane has many opportunities for joy. Yes, it was intended as a learning ground. But it also was intended as a source of joy, pure and utter joy. When was the last time you experienced that feeling?

We understand that the challenges of the human condition can be overwhelming at times and cause of anxiety and worry. But we ask you, how much of that anxiety and worry is caused by your actual situation and how much is caused by your perception of your situation?

Your life here upon this plane is one of adventure. For some, that does mean taking physical risks. But emotional risks can be just as much of an adventure. In fact, they can require more courage than any physical situations you might place yourself in for the sheer adrenaline rush that pulses through your body.

Perhaps the difference is that in physical risks you feel that you have a greater amount of control involving timing, resources and sheer willpower. The challenge might be considered to be between you and the Mother. Be it weather, terrain or physical stamina required. The strength of the mind appears to bring you success or failure.

In taking emotional risks, you may find yourself more vulnerable in ways of the heart. There is no protective covering that you might wear to lessen the blow. Old wounds may be buried so deep that you are unaware of their existence. There is not a bandage or stitch that can help in the healing process.

But if you can move forward knowing that joy is possible in every move you make, would that not lessen your anxiety? If you allowed yourself to laugh, to sing, to dance every day, if just for a moment, would that not change the vibration of energies within and around you?

Dear One, self-discovery awaits you around the next bend as you set off on these emotional adventures. Personal growth brings much more strength than physical training. Seeing the potential for joy, for creativity, for laughter in all situations can change how you approach your life. Know that lightness of heart can heal any situation.

Do not take yourself so seriously that you are unable to step back and see the humor in your situation. Are you able to laugh at yourself rather than judge yourself so harshly? Can you create a playful moment out of a perceived failure? Ask yourself how much does this outcome really matter to you. Much of the tension comes from a lack of trust that your life is unfolding exactly as it should for the lessons you chose to learn this lifetime.

Will you move forward on this experiential journey with a stern brow, squared shoulders and tense muscles waiting to conquer all? Or will you lighten your step, trusting that whatever occurs, you will have learned a valuable lesson? Or perhaps you will have taught another the lesson they wanted to learn on this journey.

Dear One, it is your choice how you move through your day. Can you stop and breathe deeply, look around and see the pleasures of life only a physical existence can provide? Can you skip rather than trod, sing rather than complain and dance to the music that plays for you throughout nature. It just requires you to stop to hear it. It plays for you.

Whatever happens in this life, you will always return to our loving arms, as we are anxious to see you at the end of this journey. The lessons are there for you for self-discovery. Can you change your perspective, lighten your step and allow yourself to play more as a child plays?

For are you not a child in this experiential journey of life?

Are you not lovingly watched from above by those eager to help if you ask?

Dear One, know more joy than fear.

Find the courage to dance, to sing, to laugh, regardless of the situation.

For you have the strength, the support, that comes with your connection to the Divine.

Be at peace.

Laugh out loud this day and smile. And see how the energy shifts around you.


Towards light and love and joy.



Physical Reaction

Physical Reaction

I was inspired to write this post today b/c of what happened in a class of mine last night.
It was in the evening and everyone was tired and serious.
I was talking about joyful living and asked everyone to get up and follow the instructions of an audio I was going to play.
And then I played Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off for a minute or two and encouraged everyone to dance.
Reluctantly everyone did. But what brought me the most joy was seeing a smile on everyone’s face afterwards.
Only two minutes of release and what a result!
Think about that.



How often do you allow your inner child to emerge?

Full of joy, full of innocence

Free-spirited and playful.

Dear One, do you remember back to the time of your childhood when your world was a giant playground? Few worries, creative in your games, you made new discoveries about the world every day.

How often do you do that now as an adult? Have you forgotten how to play, to laugh, to smile?

How often have you been told as you grew older to act like an adult or to be serious, or to stop daydreaming? But as you heeded those words, did you lose something in the process? Did you lose the ability to dream, to be creative, to focus on the most common occurrences with utter fascination?

Remember that you are still a child within and that inner child is asking to come out and play once again. Yes, you have more responsibilities, we understand, as an adult. But you also have more freedom to make choices without someone saying, No you cannot do that. The only one holding you back now is yourself. And what have you missed by being so rigid in your life? Where is your spontaneity?

Can you create more balance in your life by allowing yourself the freedom to just be as a child for part of your day? Are those items on your task list so important that they take priority over joyful living? Can you simplify your life so that you have fewer responsibilities?

Are there things you always wanted to do, places you have wanted to visit or activities you used to do before you became too busy and too responsible? We are not saying to give up all responsibilities, for many are necessary in your daily life. But can you reconsider your priorities so that once again you are able to see the world through the eyes of a child?

You have heard many times of people who have changed their life patterns after suffering a serious illness or accident. By being immobilized for a short time they have understood the sacredness of every moment of their lives. For them, it took these life changes to encourage their awakening.

We ask you to review your life now at this time and begin to make small changes for more balance, more joy, more spontaneity in your daily life. Change that response from cannot, do not, will not, to why not.

Yes, your life here upon this plane is to be an experiential one. But that also includes joyful, playful, wondrous experiences along with the situations that allow for personal growth. Can you honor that inner child, honor your playful self by demolishing the prison walls that have encased you for so long?

Start now. Begin today.

Skip, dance, jump for joy.

Do what it is that brings a smile to your face.

Be present in the moment.

One step at a time

And soon you will see your life begin to change.

Less worry, less stress, more joy.

And oh, what a wondrous change that will be!

A Time to Rejoice

vector sunrise landscape

vector sunrise landscape

A wondrous time emerging

Bringing much joy and beauty

To All.

Dear One, now is a time of wondrous change occurring on your physical plane. A time that has been talked of for many years has finally arrived and the heavens are singing. For this time is possible because of you and all that you have done.

There is a tremendous energy shift occurring at this time that some of you may feel, others not. But it is occurring as you read this and we offer our gratitude to you for all of your help in reaching this turning point. There is a critical mass of like-minded souls like you who together have allowed this shift to occur.

Dear One, you may now feel some subtle changes in your life. You may feel more grounded, more confident, more secure in being your authentic self. You will now have more control over your way of thinking for your higher self, that which has a higher vibration, is becoming more powerful in your daily life.

You, you have the power to change your way of thinking. Allow the human mind of yours to become more fluid. Allow your heart to be more open. For the time has now come to look forward and not backward. The time has come for you to come into your personal power. Power which you always have had, but have not had the confidence to use until now.

See the world in all of its beauty. Look through the new lens of vision, your new line of sight. Feel the ecstatic joy within and around you. It will take a bit of time for all to emerge within your physical frames, but indeed, your energetic self is already adjusting to this new way of being.

Pamper yourself as best you can in these coming days. Be as still as possible. Meditate, rest, pray, offer blessings and ceremony to the Mother and all who surround you. Spend time with those you love and who love you in return. Allow your radiance to shine brighter than it ever has before.

Dear One, the choirs in the heavens are singing, are rejoicing that this plane has made it, has turned the corner. For there once was a time that you were close to the edge of turning the other way. Despite how the outer world appears to you now, trust and have faith that what we say to you is truth. Feel the difference in the energy within and around you.

And if you do not feel anything different at all, be not afraid or fearful. For the changes are occurring for everyone and will continue over the next few months. Dear one, are you able to feel our complete joy in this day, this transmutation of your way of being here upon this plane?

Be kind to yourself and others. Be conscious of your words and your thoughts, as they will become more powerful as this transition progresses.

But most of all, be of joy.

Feel the joy

Acknowledge the abundance

See the beauty around you.

And know, truly know, how much gratitude we hold for you for your help in reaching this transition.

Dear one, many blessings to you.

Dear one, we sing our hearts out for you.

Dear one, dear One With All of Thee.

Moving Forward with Grace

Walk slowly

Speak gently

Feel the peace within

Dear One, you all have it, grace. It fills your very soul and pours out in radiant beams from within you. For some of you it is blocked by your false belief that you are not worthy of this. You believe that to be filled with grace you must have saintly attributes. When in fact, it is a part of your divine make-up.

You have lived so long believing that you are not there yet, that you may never reach the heights you feel are necessary to walk with grace. We are here to tell you that you have already arrived at that point. You have always been there. It just has been difficult for you to see this through the film of fear that has surrounded you and this planet.

But as the alignment continues to occur, those dark shades of fear and uncertainty can more easily be pushed aside. We understand that there is still much occurring here on this plane that encourages the fear to rise within your belly. But remember that you are much more powerful than you have ever imagined. And if each and every one of you allows just a small portion of that power to emerge and join the masses, seen and unseen, can you understand how fear can be sent on its way?

Dear One, wake each morning knowing that you have the power to create your day; one of joy or one of fear. Take a few deep breaths and surround yourself with a blanket of joy and love. It is always available to you. It is always within your reach. Imagine sparkling particles of light filling each of your cells; dancing with joy. How can you not smile with an image such as this?

You, Dear One, you are indeed filled with grace and love. No matter what you have said or done in the past. It matters not, for the present is here. The present is now. And the present is where you can take action. Walk slowly, speak gently and allow your light to shine. It is a very simple process. But one that many of you have been away from for so long, you have forgotten. You have forgotten the simple joy of being a child, the innocence, the grace, the joy of it all.

But there is no reason that you cannot return to that state of being. Begin today. Like changing any old habit, it takes time and effort in the beginning before it becomes an unconscious way of being. And the difference today is that you have more support than ever before. For all is shifting within the universe, from this plane upward to others. And we say upward in reference to the vibrational frequencies of the different planes in existence.  Remember that you are a part of this whole and your actions affect the whole. That also means that the actions of others who are striving to shine their light is also affecting you and helping you.

Dear One, stop and take a breath. Know that all is unfolding as it should, for you and for others.

Each of you is on your own journey to contribute something unique to the whole.

Do not compare your journey to that of another. All are important. All are necessary.

Find your pace, your rhythm that best serves you on your personal journey.

And love, yourself and all who cross your path.

Remember that fear recoils from love. Banish fear by sharing your love with all.

You may not yet realize who you are, but we do. And we are in celebration for the awakening that is occurring at this very moment here upon your plane.

Feel our love for you.

Feel our joy because of you.

One with all of thee.

Choose Joy

You have a choice every day

How to move forward.

Will you do it in joy

Or in fear?

Dear one, every day you have a choice on how to walk through your day. You can choose joy and contentment. Or you can choose comparison and competition. You can choose fear and self-judgment. Or you can choose love and acceptance, empowerment and inner peace. The choice is yours every moment of every day.

We observe you and the ways of the human spirit and wish to help you move away from the fear that still permeates your existence here upon this plane. Remember that love trumps fear, every time in every way. Love is stronger than fear. Fear likes to hide in the dark shadows of your mind, not showing its face to you. For if it did, you would see how weak and powerless it really is.

Dear one, know that fear has already lost the battle. Love is growing as all of the planes of existence come into alignment. As this alignment continues, the possibilities multiply for your own growth and that of the universe. Remember that the entire existence of being is dynamic. It is not static. And so, as you continue to move forward upon this plane, and you have made great strides, so too do the other planes of existence move forward. For all are connected.

There has been a shift here upon this plane recently which has affected all of you. Some may be more aware of it consciously than others, but all have been affected. This is the beginning of the alignment and so it will be easier for you to choose joy over fear. You will begin to notice changes within your physical and emotional bodies. Do not be surprised if you find yourself choosing different ways of being, of eating, of seeing the world around you. The ascension has begun and it is because of you and your presence here upon this plane.

Dear one, we hold you in much gratitude for choosing to be here upon this dense, physical plane at this time to help with this process. For even if you are not consciously aware of it, your presence DOES make a difference, a great difference. Allow your brilliance to shine forth. Shine it on any remnants of fear that show themselves in your world. Love weakens fear. Light disempowers fear. Joy creates a barrier that fear cannot cross.

Be of joy. Sing daily, to yourself, to others, to the entire consciousness of being. Sing. Your notes of joy will cross many dimensions creating a wave affect across infinity. Raise the energies here upon this plane as you choose joy over fear or judgment. You can do this. You have the power, you have the ability to love unconditionally, yourself and others, and yes, even those who try to spread fear across your land.

Choose love.

Choose joy.

Choose inner peace.

And see how your world changes.

The Energies are Rising

Know that things are changing around you

Know that you may feel these changes

Worry not, for all is as it should be

Dear one, the vibrational energies of this earthly plane are rising daily and you may feel the effects of this yet not understand what is happening. These changes are necessary for the continued growth of your physical plane and all here are rejoicing at this opportunity for growth for you and yours. Worry not. For all is as it should be at this time here.

We have mentioned before that the veil is thinning between our worlds and this may affect your means of communication as you know it. You have heard of solar flares and how that affects your satellites. This is the same and may have the same effects upon your world. This is a positive step forward although it may be confusing to you.

What you can do at these times is to ground yourself. Relax, breathe and feel the ground beneath your feet. Anchor yourself to Mother Earth with all of her healing properties. Be open and receptive to these changes and allow your higher self to speak to you. It is that quiet voice within you and it is time for you to begin to trust it when it speaks to you.

This higher self is connected to the All in a non-physical realm and so it can access the knowledge available to you more readily than your physical consciousness can. For remember, because you are connected to the All, the Source of All That Is, you have much knowledge available to you. Now is the time for you to begin to trust yourself, your intuition and your inner guidance.

If you feel unsure, seek help from others who walk beside you on this journey. But the answers you seek come from within. Listen not to those who say they have the answers for you, for they do not know you as well as your higher self knows you. Seek guidance, but be discerning and know ,really know, that you are a part of the Divine. And with this comes much power and strength.

This is a time when you will have opportunities to face your fears. When these opportunities arise, do not step back with trepidation. But step forward, ask for support from those who love you, seen and unseen, and begin the next phase of your journey. Walk in joy as we do. For we rejoice at how far you have come. Share the joy with us. Know that we shall never leave your side.

This is a time of empowerment for you. Take the leap of faith and begin to trust your intuition more than you have. Be more aware of your surroundings, for it is from them that you may receive the answers to your questions. Remember that this life is experiential, an opportunity not given to all, but to those of you who were courageous enough to choose to come here to this physical realm.

Dear one, you are stronger, greater, wiser and more connected to the All than you ever imagined. The time is now for you to stand tall and take that next step. We support you, we will guide you, and we will never leave your side.

The future is bright no matter how it appears to you at this moment. You all have lessons that you chose to experience this lifetime. As you move ahead on your path, reach back and help others who have not yet reached your height. And reach forward towards those ahead of you who offer you a supporting hand.

Trust your intuition and if you are not sure, ask again and once again if necessary. Then be open to the answer you will receive from all possible sources.

For all are connected and you are……… One With All of Thee.


Scribe Note: For anyone who tried to tune in to the radio broadcast on Tuesday but could not because of technical difficulties, you can hear the archived show at this link: Again thank you all for your support. It means so much to me. Celine


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