Will you make the right decision?

Say the right words, take the right action?

How do you know what is for the best?

Dear One, making decisions can be difficult for you as you question your intent, the potential outcome, and whether you know all that is necessary for this decision. You struggle and worry, often delaying a decision until it is too late. The time has passed or someone has made the decision for you. Is this the way you choose to live your life?

You have the power to create your world, to walk through your life with strength and courage. And courage is one of the components required to make a decision. Courage and trust in yourself that you are making what you consider to be the right choice.

Is there really a ‘right’ or a ‘wrong’ choice that you can make in this moment of time? Certainly different choices will lead you down different paths. But are some of those paths the ‘wrong’ paths? If this life is meant to be an experiential journey, then each path will be paved with its own unique experiences.

Predicting the outcome is difficult, for you cannot control all the components that affect it. You cannot know for certain how others might react, or what outside forces may come into play after you make a choice. The only thing that you can control is how you make your choice.

Are your choices, your actions or the words that you speak motivated by pure intent? Are you making this decision with pure motivation to take what you feel is the best course of action? If there is no negative energy attached to this decision, then make it and let it go.

In retrospect, you may realize that another choice may have been easier or less painful. But when looking back on a scenario, you often have more information than you did upon choosing that path. You may not have chosen that outcome, but as we have said, you do not have control over all aspects of this situation.

If you acted or spoke with pure intent, that is all that you could have done. There is no need to judge yourself harshly for choices made if your intent was pure. There is a tendency for those here upon this plane to spend long periods of time in self-admonishment for choices made which resulted in unintended outcomes.

Dear One, you are on a journey of self-discovery which means there is much growth for you to experience along the way. Yes, from a different perspective, viewed after the choice was made, you might say ‘I should have done that differently ‘.  However, you will also have more knowledge in your hand at this later time.

Trust yourself and the choices that you make with pure intent in your heart. Even if after the fact, you realize that perhaps that choice was not made with a pure heart, learn the lesson it provided for you and forgive yourself. And if necessary, ask others to forgive you also.

With each day that you spend here on this earthly plane, you gather more knowledge about yourself and how the universe works. If you look within your heart, you will find the best way to move forward in love.

There may still be times when you feel that you faltered or made a mistake. Trust that next time you will do better. Remember you are still in a human body with all of its emotions pulsing through your veins.

Open your heart. Be kind to the world. Be kind and forgiving of yourself. Remember this is a journey of self-discovery and growth. And there can be no growth without taking a chance of stumbling as you move along the path.

We will always be here to pick you up and dust you off. We will always be whispering in your ear to trust yourself and to act with an open heart. And we will always love you and forgive you no matter what choices you have made.

For we know you for who you really are.

For we trust you because of who you really are.

Follow our lead, Dear One, love and trust yourself.

Dear One With All of Thee


What of ………….Action?

Are you stuck, unable to move forward? Do you feel the weight of the world upon your shoulders? Do you say ‘I just cannot do this anymore?’ Are you tired of trying?

Dear one. Read these words. They are for you. They are to help you continue to move forward on your path towards the Oneness, towards the Source. Do not feel there is no forward movement. For there is. Every day of your being.

More and more of you feel mired down in the weight of the world and do not notice the little things that happen as you move through your day. The tendency is to focus on the heaviness, on actions which were not completed. But what of that which did occur? Was the focus on how much was done or in how it was done?

Review your day. Can you honestly say that your actions were done with pure intent? Are you able to look back on what transpired and remember a moment of peace, a small action of gentleness, a moment of loving interaction? These are the moments to be remembered.

Your daily tasks seem endless and are considered important in this physical world. But what is important in the Universal world is not what you did, but how you did it. Not how many of those endless tasks you completed, but your frame of mind while doing those tasks. These are the important aspects of life. Not the quantity, but the quality, the intent and loving effort which was used.

Do not rush through an action in anticipation of another, with worry of how it will all transpire. Know that if you have focused your loving intent on the present task then you have completed it in the most perfect way. Know that all that matters is the moment, the current moment. Do not allow your worries about what comes next to come into your mind. For all that exists is the moment of now.

Relax, breathe, and feel the ground beneath your feet. Feel the connection you have with Mother Earth. Understand that you are being supported by her, every moment of your day. Her strength flows through you, up through the soles of your feet. Her solid strength is there for you to gather throughout your day.
Breathe in the air around you and pull in the loving embrace of the universal beings surrounding you. They are with you always. You are never alone. That is impossible as you are connected with the All.

Remain in gratitude for each breath, for each step you are able to take. Live in gratitude daily. Your daily tasks may not be something you can change today. But the way you approach them is entirely your choice. Approach your life in loving embrace. Acknowledge the loving support beneath you and around you.

This is the first step on which you should focus. And after you have succeeded in changing how you approach your day, then you shall be ready to carefully choose and prioritize your day. Once you learn to walk and breathe in love, see how the importance of many tasks diminishes.

Do not cloud the beauty of your current life with worry about what has not been completed. Move in love from one moment to the next. That is enough. For love is all that is. Love is who you are. Love is the make-up of the entire Universal being.

Be of One.
Be of Love.
Be of Joy and see the beauty of your life.
See your own beauty reflecting back at you.
And smile.