Finding Your Way


Are you feeling lost

Not knowing how to move forward?

Are you questioning who you are

And why you are not at peace

Within your heart?

Dear One, do not despair at the state of your life and the unsettled feelings you have within your heart. Do not despair at the number of questions you feel lie unanswered in your mind. Know that you are never alone and that relief is but a breath away.

The world in which you live is changing at a rapid pace, not only by events that are obvious, but also due to unseen energetic alterations occurring daily. Though not as obvious, these energetic changes are felt by you in sometimes subtle and often profound ways.

For you are an energetic being, connected to all things by these unseen forces. You are one with Nature, one with the Universe, one with the cosmic consciousness. You have lived most of your life focusing only on the physical aspect of your existence. But you now feel that something is missing in your understanding of how things really are in your world.

Your internal clock moves in synchrony with the all of existence, unnoticed by your physical nature. And your true essence knows that the time is now for you to become more aware of your true nature and connection. It longs for your consciousness to awaken once again to the awareness of who you really are, a Divine Being.

Your physical mind cannot comprehend this concept, while your heart center aches for your journey of remembrance to begin. And it begins with a breath, a centering breath, as you allow yourself to trust once again that internal, eternal voice that guides you back to your truest essence.

Your mind resists because it has no point of reference with this non-physical existence. The purpose of your mind is to help you navigate this physical world. But your heart knows and is aching to be once again your guiding force, as your time has come to reawaken and reclaim your position in the all of creation.

Fear not, but allow your intuition to come forth and guide you. This is your inner voice, and just as like attracts like, it is anxious to join forces with all those who have already begun the journey of awakening. This internal struggle will ease as you give more credence to what your sub-conscious already knows.

The answers are in how you feel, not in how you think. Follow your instincts and allow yourself the time to sit and breathe, to have the quiet time of connection. When you do this, your mind may not want to co-operate and stop the chatter. But do not despair, for every attempt you make to sit and just be will allow you moments in which you truly do connect; even though you may be unaware at first at how far you are able to travel, amidst the perceived chaos. Do not strive for perfection, only for practice, and one day you will suddenly realize that you have achieved more mastery in connection during these quiet times.

When you sit in silence, place your hand upon your heart and focus on the warmth of the touch. Contemplate those for whom you have gratitude, compassion or love. Breathe and just feel the calmness settle into your entire being. Your journey has begun and as you continue to practice this as often as you can, the internal struggle shall lessen. You will begin to trust the gentle voice that whispers in your ear.

Dear One, know that you are never alone and that help is always available to you at your call. Feel your connection with the Mother, with all things and all of existence. You are not greater or lesser than any of them; you are a part of them. Cease the judgment, the comparisons, and replace those with peaceful acceptance of your connection with all. You belong exactly where you are and you have something unique and powerful to contribute to the All.

Trust, as we do, that you will find your way back to Us. In truth, you have never really been apart from Us. There has always been a part of you who understands the reality of your existence. It is just now stretching and beginning to emerge in all of its glory, moving from within your heart to fill every cell of your being.

Dear One, all is well and you are on your way.

Accept the glory of who you really are.

Accept the connection which has always been.

Accept the loving embrace that envelops you at all times.

You are never alone and you shine with a most glorious radiance.

Dear One With All of Thee.




There are times when you have plans to do something, a timeline that you have created in your minds, for when your tasks should be completed. You plan and you plan and you push to complete the tasks in the time you have mapped out in your minds. And when you hit an obstacle, when things do not go precisely as planned, what do you do? You push harder. You try to make all of the pieces fit into your schema, how you see the task completed and fulfilled.

What you often fail to put into the equation is the rest of the All. Everything happens in its own time and that includes the plans that you have for your life, your day, your families. There is a rhythm to the cycles of life and often Ego wants to fit everything nicely, cleanly into its pre-ordained timeline. Not taking into account the rest of the world, the rest of life.

When your plans do not go according to your timeline, when you hit roadblocks, the thing to do is to stop. Take a breath, and realize that perhaps everything has not yet taken place outside of your little circle in order to have your task manifest. You must remember that All are connected, like gears in a clock. And in order for something to materialize, there are happenings that must occur in an orderly fashion to move things forward. And some of these are out of your control.

The difficult thing for you to do, we know, is to just wait. If your plan is not falling into place in the fashion you expect it to, perhaps there is something, somewhere, that has not yet occurred to move your task forward. Your Ego wants your task completed NOW, but that is not the way it truly is in the world.

Can you trust enough, can you have enough faith to just stop and allow the universe to move in its own rhythm? When you are up against an obstacle, can you realize that it is not yet the right time to move forward on this task? And if you use your intuition, when things finally begin to move forward, you will see that one piece of the puzzle that needed to be put into place.

There is a rhythm to life and you are a part of that rhythm. To flow with the current of energies moving forward….that is what you can do to be a part of the All. Ego is accustomed to pushing. But in doing so, it does not follow the natural rhythms of life. And therefore the result is not what it should be. The task may be completed. But not in the way it was meant to be. Think about that. How many times have you forced an issue, completed it, but the joy in its completion was missing?

Be at one with Mother Earth. Spend time in nature to reacquaint yourselves with the natural rhythm of energy flow in your world. Removing yourself from this natural teacher of life, the Mother, feeds your Ego, in thinking it can do whatever it wants, whenever it wants. And that is the illusion.

Remember your connectedness to the All. You are a part of the natural rhythm of life. And if you allow Mother Nature to lead in this ‘dance of life’, you will begin to feel the pulse. And the steps of your Life Dance will come to you more easily. Perhaps you will even skip and relearn the joy once again of living among yourself, the pieces of you which surround you everywhere you go. For remember, you are not alone in this existence. Feel the flow. Feel the rhythm. And dance!

A reblog from cauldronsandcupcakes: Living as a Sensitive Soul

I wanted to reblog this post because I think what Nicole Cody, has to say is very important. As a child, what I heard very often was, ‘you’re too sensitive’. To the point that I tried to build up a wall around me to toughen up. It wasn’t until I was well into my adulthood that I realized the gift of my sensitivity and was able to develop it.   If I’d had guidance in my earlier years, perhaps it would have been easier on me and on my family….for none of us understood what was going on with me. 

I think of all the sensitive souls that are being born. And if sharing these words will help them or those who know them, then I’ve done my part.  The world is changing and we all have to show compassion and kindness to others, but most importantly to ourselves. 

And to and, I thank you both so much for mentioning me in connection with your Very Inspiring Blogger Awards.  I have always loved the humor that RowingThroughLife uses in her writings, whether discussing her strange employers or her physical trials in climbing her spiritual mountains. That she can keep her sense of humor through the challenges of her life is truly inspiring.  DiabeticRedemption is another inspiring blogger who has fought her demons, both physical and emotional, and come out on the other side, filled with light.  I am truly amazed at how much she has grown in just the short time I’ve been following her.

I also want to thank all of my followers.  It was not easy for me to start this blog and go public, but in doing so I have connected with so many wonderful people out there. I am honored that you find these writings helpful.  In the coming months, I may not be visiting other blogs as much, and I apologize for any lack of response I give for your wonderful posts.  Blueberry season is coming rapidly, and since I have an acre of blueberries that need tending, marketing and selling, my time will be limited.  But I will continue posting every week as I have been.  Keep smiling!  Namaste.


 Living As A Sensitive Soul

As most of you know, I’m psychic, and have been this way to varying degrees all my life. All of us are intuitive – that’s our birthright, and it’s hardwired into us. Even the most disconnected or ‘non-believing’ of us will still have gut feelings or hunches strong enough that we can acknowledge and act upon them.

But some of us have a much greater sensitivity than that. If you have experienced any of the following (not as a result of mental illness, or a drug or illness induced state!) then this post is written for you:

  • lucid dreaming
  • deja vu
  • precognitive dreams or visions
  • awareness about people, places, objects or events that has no rational cause nor explanation
  • an ability to know information about people
  • sensing the energy field around people or places, and having that affect your body or emotions
  • seeing energy, faces, or other images either in your mind’s eye or through your own eyes
  • hearing voices or knowledge not your own – either as a physical sound, or as a voice, knowing or thought that arises inside you that you somehow understand is not your own
  • having remembrance or recognition of past lives
  • being drawn to psychic activities and tools, such as cards, books, courses, modalities and crystals – where you feel compelled to have or work with these, even when your rational mind protests or doesn’t understand
  • sudden recognition of things previously not known to you – such as knowing the names or uses for things outside your profession or fields of study, or knowing your way around a place you have not ever visited
  • sensing, seeing or hearing Guides, Angels, those who have crossed over, and other energetic beings
  • connection with star people, recurring dreams about or remembered incidences of UFO or alien encounters – these are often not threatening or unpleasant
  • recurring dreams for which you have no explanation
  • a strong sense that you are here to do something, to contribute something, to help in some way – this feeling becomes stronger over time until, if you haven’t worked out what it is yet, it becomes almost a sense of despair or desperation
  • saying or writing things without knowing where the information is coming from
  • performing healing, art, writing, music and other creative acts where you suddenly ‘know’ what to do, even if you have never been shown before
  • understanding animals, children or others with no voice to communicate
  • sudden strong emotions flooding over you that are totally unrelated to what is happening right now

I’m sure there’s more that I could add to that list, but that’s a start…

If you’re sensitive energetically then you are bound to be sensitive in other areas of your life.  This is especially true if you are going through a process of spiritual or psychic awakening. At a time of awakening, energies and abilities that have been dormant within you begin to assert themselves in your life.  This can be quite a turbulent and confusing time.

From long experience, these are my suggestions about how to live as a Sensitive Soul as you begin to Awaken.

  • Rest.  When we’re growing and changing, rest is one of the best gifts we can give ourselves.
  • Avoid crowded places such as shopping centres and football games when you are feeling particularly sensitive or energetically vulnerable.
  • Avoid difficult relationships and people who drain, upset or unbalance you.  Limit contact with the crazy-makers in your life.
  • Eat well.  Favour organic foods, with an emphasis on fresh, local produce, with plenty of leafy green vegetables and root vegetables, rice, pulses and yoghurt. Avoid processed food and sugar. Some people may need to avoid meat at this time.  Others may need meat to ground them.  Listen to your body.  If you’re especially sensitive avoid wheat as well.
  • Avoid alcohol, drugs and stimulants.
  • Take a good powdered magnesium supplement.  Your muscles and nervous system use magnesium to relax and it we also burn it like rocket fuel when we are engaging in energy work and psychic activity.
  • Drink plenty of fresh, clean water.
  • Use yoga, qi gung or tai chi to ground you and move energy through your body.
  • Spend time in nature.
  • Spend time on your own, exploring the things that interest you.
  • Avoid chemicals in your cleaning and personal care products. Avoid places that have a strong artificial or chemical energy.
  • Use natural and alternate therapies to help clear and support your body.
  • Meditate.
  • Pray, and talk with God.
  • Explore vibrational therapies such as bush or bach flower essences, crystals, music, colour and aromatherapy.
  • Trust, look for support and know that things do get easier over time.

I’ve created a very simple six minute guided meditation to help you open to your spiritual gifts in an energy of safety and protection. Once you know the basics you can easily guide yourself through the process on your own.  Love and Light, Nicole xx

Nicole Cody’s Simple Guided Meditation for Psychic Protection

Movement Through Time

What of time and how it passes through your life?  It flows freely, often moving too fast or too slow for your means.  Is it possible to stop the passage of time? To slow it down, to re-live a day, in order to set things straight?  To do it better, to re-live a moment?

 What would you do if you had this in your power, to change the passage of time?  Would you change what happened or just re-live the moment as it originally happened?   Do you not often say that you wish you could do something over and you would do it better. Do it differently. Do it without anger. Would you believe us if we told you that time is an illusion and does not really exist?  That all that matters is what is happening now, right at this very moment?  ‘But’, you say, ‘I want to change what I said or what I did or how those words came out’.  Then do so. 

 As you lie in your beds, go back to that moment in time and replay that scene.  Have it unfold the way you wish that it did.  Do it with love, with forgiveness and send it off, to float through the veils of existence and replace what happened before.  You do this on your computers all the time, replacing files with revised ones, with words that have been edited.  Your mind works the same way as that computer and you can revise. Often you do this unconsciously, to soften the emotional attachments to those memories.  So then, do it deliberately, consciously and then move though your life as if it really did happen that way. 

 We give this exercise as a means for forgiveness, not avoidance, but of forgiveness.  If this is done in love, you will find yourself acting differently towards yourself, towards others. Because that moment of regretted action has changed.  But it must be done consciously, and in love.  That is the only way. The point of this exercise is to see one another healed. From an action or a word said or done in anger or in haste.  If apologies are necessary, then say them. Send them out with true intent, across that web of connection.  They will be heard, felt, if only on an unconscious level, by those to whom you send them.   And so you can now forgive yourself and others and move forward with an open heart.  For we understand that there are those with whom you have unfinished business.  Those who you are unable to see or speak to in the physical.  So do it another way.  Remember you all are all connected and this exercise is unlimited by time or space.  Let go of regret, self judgment, punishment. And replace them with forgiveness and love.

 Then emerge from that cocoon and spread your wings.  Fly away with that beauty of a fresh butterfly on a new journey, a new day and know that all is well.  All is love.  All is forgiven.


The time here on this plane is one of growth, learning and experience for you. A gift to you. In order that you may better know yourself and who you really are. Who you can be. The possibility of a constant connection with your Source. And with that growth process come times of uncertainty, regrets, actions or words that were said or done in anger or in haste. They happened in just a moment, and yet you dwell on them for a lifetime. Why is that? Why can you not let go of those indiscretions, those poor judgments, those impulsive acts that were done without thought or in the spirit of love?

You hold yourselves to such high expectations. And if you fail to meet those expectations, the judgments are harsh, severe and long lasting. You have not yet grasped the idea of living in the moment. What happened is past, what could happen has not yet. And where that leaves you is in the Now. And that is all that exists.

Children make mistakes as they grow, explore and begin to learn who they are. In many ways, you are still children on the path of life. You easily forgive a child. Why can you not forgive yourselves or others who have ‘wronged’ you? We say ‘wronged’ to use your words as you do in these times. But step back. Have you truly been wronged? Or have you perhaps been given an opportunity to grow? ‘How?, you ask. With an opportunity to forgive. To understand that this action or word can ‘wrong’ you only if you give it the power to do so. We understand your degree of severity for actions here upon this plane. And the ‘appropriate’ punishments you feel should be given. But can you see them instead as a mis-step, a stumbling, an opportunity for you to open your hearts, rather than shut them down?

How many of you have not spoken to someone for so long you do not even remember why you are no longer speaking? The wounds you hold so close to your hearts do not serve you. They only block the light that wants to shine forth from your hearts; to shower love upon those who cross your paths. We understand that this can be difficult for you, as this has been your way from the beginnings of your civilizations. Yet how has this served you? We do not say that you need to interact with all who have crossed your path, especially those with whom you feel discomfort. We are saying that forgiveness is something you hold in your hands, in your hearts. The lifting of those negative emotions from your heart will lighten your step. It will release you from the power of those memories that you have held so close for so long.

Forgive. Allow yourselves to see those with whom you have had strife as a mirror image of yourself. Someone who is growing, learning and on the path of self discovery.

Forgive and see how much lighter you feel.

Forgive and feel relief from those ailments in your body.

Forgive and feel the freedom that accompanies it.

Forgive yourselves and others. And feel the positive shift in the world.

This is the way forward and we are here to guide you gently, lovingly. Cheering you on. Become who you really are, a being of light and love, and see how your life will change.


What of love? Self love. There seems to be a lack of this here upon this plane.  Bigger, Better. Faster. Never good enough. Why do you doubt yourselves so much? Why do you judge yourselves so much?  Why are you not satisfied with who you are or what you have done?

Realize that if the intent behind your actions is pure, there can be no better result than what you see.  If the thoughts behind your words are pure, there is no better way to have spoken.  The perfection is already there in the moment, in the action, in the word, if it has come from your heart. 

To strive to walk in light is an admirable thing. And just as a child grows, so do you, as you chose to take this path.  But as with a child, there is a learning curve, a time to develop your self confidence, your trust in yourself and in the world around you.  Would you punish a child for doing their best, even if it was not the highest score, or the brightest smile?  No, you would encourage them and love them and support them on their way. 

So what of yourselves? Why do you judge, loathe and criticize constantly? Are you not still that child within? Do you not need love, encouragement and permission to test different paths? Why can you not continue to love that child within?

It appears easier for you to forgive a child. And so, start with that child within   Think back to a moment in your childhood that was difficult.  Now as the adult, hold that child self. Hug and comfort them. Allow your adult self to comfort your child self.  Talk with that child within. Forgive them, caress them and love them as they needed love in that moment.

Slowly move up to an older you, giving that self-love at every stage along the way.  Now do the same for that adult who also needs to know that he/she will be loved. No matter what happens.  Just as a child, your adult self needs this assurance.  Nothing has changed.  As you go through this process, you will begin to understand that you are still the same as that child. Constantly learning. Discovering different aspects of yourself.  Some that you would like to keep and others that you may want to discard. There is no reason to do this in any other way but with gentleness and love.

That child within is calling out for help. Give that help, love and forgiveness.  You may have wanted this love from others when you were younger.  But indeed, the most important person to receive that love from is yourself.  Go back and love that child as it wanted to be loved.  Only you know truly know how best to love that child. For that child is you.

And we shall help, should you forget that love fills your being at all times.  For that is who you truly are. Light. Love. Peace. Joy.  We can see that light wanting to burst forth, just waiting for the right moment.  Be of love. Forgive yourselves and see how you will shine.

The Ego

It is present in your lives. Silently encouraging you to act in a certain fashion. 

‘More for me, less for you, there is not enough so I must do this.’ 

‘You have more than I do, so this must be done to even things out.’

So much energy is put into comparing the haves with the have-nots, the race for achieving; the competition among men here upon this plane.

 What if you were to realize that the Ego is meaningless and carries no weight in reality?  What if you were to step back and see yourselves, as we do? Scurrying around, wanting more, giving less.   It is a puzzle to us, how you see the world.  The truth is that there is abundance for everyone. Why all this scurrying?  What is the purpose of this?

 Let us help you to dissolve this Ego. Slowly. For you have become accustomed to its presence in your lives.  It feeds on fear…fear of lack, fear of being left behind, fear of being unloved.  And it will do anything to achieve these things.  When in reality, they are already yours.  Revenge, jealousy, competition, doubt, fear are all Ego fed.  Can you stop for just a moment and review your day, your motives, and see how Ego has come to play within your lives?  Compassion, love, generosity, forgiveness are not in its vocabulary.   The more you embrace those actions in your life, the less power Ego will have in it. 

 Ego lives in the mind, not in the heart.  Bless it on its way as it leaves your life.  Gently, but firmly.  This will happen not in a moment, but over time. For you are so accustomed to Ego’s presence in your lives. But it is possible.  And the first step is to recognize its presence.  To see how it guides your actions, your words, your thoughts.  It has been a constant companion for most of you for your entire lives.  But it has not been one to help you grow and open your hearts.  A wolf in sheep’s clothing, a companion you can do without, if you choose to do so.

 As you go through your day, ask yourself what is driving that thought, that word, that deed.  Is it Ego or is it love?  Again, we ask you to be gentle with yourselves.  For this has been a lifetime companion for you.  But once brought into the light, out from the shadows where it exists, Ego will begin to dissolve.  Slowly, but it WILL dissolve.  And that will leave more room for love in your lives, and all the thoughts and actions that come with it. 

 Take that first step today.  Notice. Question. And act accordingly.  Ego is a habit. Only a habit, that can be broken, if you wish.  But it begins with the realization that it does exist in your lives at present.  Open the windows, allow the light to shine in and reveal its presence in the dark corners of your mind.  And then gently sweep it out and see the colors shine brighter, the songs sound sweeter and the air smell fresher in your lives.  It is entirely possible to do.  One step at a time.

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