Stand Tall

Stand tall in all thy strength.

Do not allow the challenges of this world

To reduce you to a mere mortal

When you are a divine being

Here to gain knowledge

Of how to live in love

Rather than in fear.

Dear One, the challenges of your life are only tools to help you to allow your divinity to emerge in times of change. There is no punishment, there is only opportunity to rise above any roadblocks and to approach them in love.

You are more than this physical body. You can change your world just in how you view it. You can move forward in fear and trepidation, in anger and jealousy, or you can choose love and a peaceful existence.

We do not say that this is a way of being which does not take practice. Indeed, it does here upon this plane. But if you can move forward in loving kindness, the memories of another time, another plane, will begin to emerge and you will begin to ease back into your natural state.

This world is filled with chaos at this time and what it needs is your higher vibration, your calm way of viewing what is occurring around you. For remember, it is all an illusion, even though your physical body feels it is true reality.

True reality is an energetic way of being. And the easiest way to move that energy is through love. How much this world would change if all would approach their lives in loving kindness rather than with discord. You have been given a bold example of how the world can change with a life lived in fear and chaos, a life misguided by feelings of arrogance and greed.

Do not reduce yourself to this level. Instead bless this example and choose another way. Choose the path of the Divine, a path of love, compassion and generosity. Reach out to others if you feel mired down in the challenges which come your way. For although you are already connected, this physical plane requires the presence of others in the flesh until you begin to understand the true nature of life.

You, Dear One, are destined to succeed, no matter what your doubting mind tells you. These are difficult times for many, as much change is upon you. But you have the strength, the resolve, the connections of love surrounding you and aiding you to move forward in a most gracious manner. Choose peace, choose laughter and joy. Choose love.

Transitions are occurring and the sense of loss is heavy on the hearts of many. But, Dear One, there is no true loss. And as the fog of grief begins to dissipate this will become more apparent to you. The shift in energies provides opportunities for growth, not only for those who have separated from their physical bodies, but also for those of you ‘left behind.’

Oh, allow us to comfort and guide you through these challenges. Allow us to pull back the curtain to reveal the true meaning of life and the divine plan which is in place. Call to us and allow us to help you rediscover your own divinity.

All is well. All will be well. It depends on how you view your world. Do you see it as a world of abundance, filled with opportunities to learn and love? Or do you see it as a world of oppression which requires more fear and hatred, more greed and avarice?

Stand tall and allow yourself to become the vessel of strength and love which you truly are. Do not grovel when you can soar. Allow your lightness of being to transform any situation into one of loving kindness and learning. For Dear One, you are here to learn. That is why you have come.

Take back your power and walk in strength and love. Know that you have legions of help supporting you as you rediscover the power of love. Act in strength and love rather than allow a situation to cause you to respond in fear and anger. It is all an illusion, Dear One, an elaborate learning ground for you and for the collective consciousness.

Love will see you through these challenging times. Your inner strength will provide the backbone you need to move forward in love. Change how you view your world and rediscover your lightness of being.

It is within you.

Love and light and joy.

Allow your divinity to emerge.

In all of its glory.

You are loved beyond measure.

Dear One With All of Thee.

Mis-perception Causes Doubt



Artwork by @aykutmaykut

Can you trust what you see with your physical eyes?

Or do you need to look from your heart

To understand exactly what is happening

And why?

Dear One, this physical world in which you live is filled with illusions which can lead to mis-perceptions and doubt of who you really are. Remember that the physical senses help you navigate a physical world. But there is much more to existence that this. And in order to see beyond, to understand what is really happening, requires looking through your third eye; using your intuition and seeing with compassion and love.

You are so much more that you realize as you walk on this physical plane. For years, you have accepted the reality which you have experienced with your physical senses. This has brought you joy at times, while on other occasions has caused you to lose faith in yourself and in the forward movement of creation.

Today we wish to remind you that there is more to existence than what you can experience through the physical body. The lack of experience you have in using your other ‘senses’ is causing you much distress and promoting fear and doubt. We encourage you to acknowledge and to work with the entirety of your being, which includes your energetic bodies and senses.

You have had glimpses into this world when you had a spark of an idea, an impulsive moment to take another route or to say words which you had not planned to speak. If you were to pay closer attention to your days, you would recognize more of these moments which you cannot quite explain. These are the times when your other self, your higher self, is guiding you forward as it reaches through the barriers of physical existence to reach you in your most natural form.

Dear One, can you begin to allow yourself to accept that there is more to your existence that what you perceive with your physical senses? It is time. For now, as the vibrational energies of this physical plane are rising, there is a part of you that yearns to be free from the chains that have kept it hidden for so long.

In order to move through your world, with the higher vibrations coming into existence, it is necessary to begin to accept the gifts of these additional senses that are so natural for you. Deny them no longer and accept them for the gifts that they are. The physical senses brought you only so far. To continue the journey, it is time to cease listening only to that human mind and to begin to see through your heart center; that energetic space whcih exists around your physical heart area.

There is an awakening occurring across this planet of yours and your help is required to continue to move the collective consciousness forward. Can you set aside those feelings of unworthiness, of doubt and fear and to begin to move forward with your innate grace and power? Giant leaps of growth are not required. But opening up your heart and coming from a place of love and compassion will begin to unwrap the bindings that have held you back for so long.

When you perceive of a situation or a person and begin to make a judgment, stop. Take a breath and revisit what you think you are perceiving. Open your heart and your mind, ground yourself and surround yourself with the loving embrace of the Oneness. Then look again. Be open to all possibilities, for there are an infinite number of possibilities, unlike the minor few conjured up by your physical mind.

Send love and blessings to that person or situation, not judgment. View through the veil of compassion and see what is happening as an opportunity for growth, for all involved. For truly, that is all that it is. An opportunity for growth. An opportunity to come from love and compassion. An opportunity to walk in grace. And remind yourself that love is much stronger than fear. Always.

True power, true peace, does not come from physical strength but through internal love and acceptance of all that is. You are unable to see the larger picture from your vantage point here upon this physical plane. You are, however, able to send blessings and love to all, even if you do not agree with their actions.

Remember, with compassion, the times you were wounded and wanted to lash out to ease your internal pain and confusion. Remember, with compassion, the times when you felt so alone and ignored by others. Remember that you are a being of light and love, capable of seeing clearly through your additional, non-physical senses.

You, Dear One, are the instrument of change, not only for this physical world, but across realms, as all are connected. In love. Allow your true nature to emerge. See things as they really are. Love your fellow travelers on this plane, unconditionally. Love as you wish to be loved. Bless as you wish to be blessed. Cease judging, as you wish not to be judged.

You are greater, stronger and loved more than you realize.

Extend your hand behind you to pull others forward, just as you reach forward to be held in love by those ahead of you on their journeys.

Love, Dear One.

For love is all there is.


Inner Strength


Which do you choose?

Weakness caused by fear and trepidation

Or strength which fills your inner being?

Dear One, you choose to crawl on your belly when you can fly above the darkness within. Why do you continue to approach your life with a measured gait when you can run free in all of your glory?

It is time for you to acknowledge and accept the inner strength that you have chosen to ignore. There is no reason for you to cower in the corner when you can stand tall and light up a room with your radiance.

This fearful living is a habit learned from an early age in this physical existence. And yes, your physical frame can be fragile at times. But remember that you create your world and approaching your day with that inner sword of strength, that brilliant radiance that comes from within, will change your world.

Your Ego-mind fills your thoughts with reasons why you are unable to succeed. You are too young, too old, too busy. You are without resources, without support. And the what-if’s alone can cause you to pause on your forward path.

Dear One, remember your connection to the Source which brings universal knowledge, strength and resolve. You are surrounded by unseen guides who are anxious to help you break free from the grasp of fearful living. You are NEVER alone.

In your natural state, you are a free-flowing being of light unencumbered by any physical barriers. You are able to see the light of your fellow beings. You are able to feel their presence and the connection you have with the All. Your challenge is being in this physical frame which creates the illusion of singularity of being, of thought.

This physical state has convinced you that you are alone, that you are weak and that you are unable to do, to say, to create the life you want to live. Banish those thoughts from your mind. Open your heart. Spend time in meditation and re-connect with your inner strength. For it is there and has always been there.

Dear One, when these negative, limiting thoughts fill your head, ask why can you not do, say, create. Keep a journal if necessary and write down the responses you receive from these questions. Soon enough you will see the pattern emerge. Soon enough you will see the weakness of these responses, for fear is weak. Yet you have allowed it to take over your life.

We are here to help you. Can you trust us, trust yourself enough to move forward in all of your strength? Reflect on past worries you have had and the outcome. Did you not survive these worrisome events in much better condition than you anticipated? And if they did not have the outcome for which you hoped, did a new opportunity present itself?

Drink from the cup of strength. Bless the water you drink and give gratitude to it for filling your essence with unlimited personal power. It is time for you to exist in all of your glory. It is time. For your true presence is needed now in conjunction with others who cross your path. You, Dear One, YOU, can change your world.

It begins with dissolving that film of fear that has limited you for so long. See it go down the drain when you bathe. Discard it as a cloak that is too heavy to wear. And see the light shine from every pore in your physical body. This is the real you. This is the being of light courageous enough to enter this physical realm for learning purposes.

Be lost no more. Look upward, look around, look within and see the light that fills you and the world around you. Be free, Dear One. Be free and fly with ease using your inner strength.

We shall be by your side with joy in our hearts cheering you on.

Dear One With All of Thee.


Do not judge yourself harshly

Forgive your short-comings

Allow your inner light to shine

Dear One, please remember that you are a shining light that has come here to learn more about yourself. The experiences you have here upon this Earthly plane are different than those in other parts of the Universe. It is difficult being in a physical form with its heaviness and feeling of separateness.

But you, you, are a beacon of light which shines brighter every day. Those trials which you experience help you to grow in self-knowledge and strength. No experience is without merit, without meaning. Every moment of your day is a sacred moment, unique and fleeting in what it can give you in terms of joy and knowledge.

Do not waste this present moment berating yourself for something you did in the past.

Do not over-shadow this moment of existence worrying about what MIGHT happen in the future.

Do not forget the reason why you are here and that many of these trials were expected and accepted as part of your journey into self-discovery.

Dear One, it is impossible for you to be perfect in this human existence. What would be your reason for embodiment if you were perfect in every way? Remember that you have come here to grow and sometimes in the process you do stumble. But never is there any judgment from those of us left behind who are supporting you on this courageous journey. The only judgment comes from the human mind.

There is joy, or the potential for joy, in every moment of your existence. Whether or not you experience that is your choice. For remember that it is you who create your own world. If you are caught up in your mind, replaying old experiences over and over, you are missing the opportunity for the present moment. The moment of NOW.

Honor yourself and others you meet upon your path. You are all here for the same reason and some stumble more than others. Some become so entangled in the human existence that they forget their true nature of being; a part of the Source, a being of light and love. It is easy to forget and to focus on only earthly matters.

But the time is now for you to begin to remember, to awaken to your true abilities, your gifts, your strengths. It is time for you to remove the chains, the blinders, the curtain that has caused you to feel separate from the Oneness of All Being.

Rise up to your full potential by no longer accepting limitations created by your mind or by the words of others. You are far greater than that and capable of much more than mediocracy. You, Dear One, are able to shine brighter every moment of your day.

Do so. Shine your brightest. Sing your song. Embrace your greatness.

Come into your own. Today. Right now.

Accept, Dear One, that you are a part of the Source with great potential and power.

You are indeed One with All of Thee.