Be Thyself

No matter where you are

No matter what you have

No matter with whom you are

No matter the time or day

Be Thyself

Always and forever.

Dear One, this journey of self-discovery upon which you have embarked is allowing you to see who you really are. Your strengths, your weaknesses and a glimpse of your own divinity. A wondrous gift for you to learn more about yourself. The key is to accept that which you have learned.

No doubt you are well aware of your weaknesses, since your human emotions always seem to focus on the perceived imperfections of your personality. Self-doubt results from self-judgment as you reflect upon all which you should or should not have done or said.

And yet, you fail to reflect upon the loving nature of your true self. You see imperfection because you continue to see yourself as a lone individual in a sea of humanity. If you could change your perception and understand that you are only one part of the whole, you would see things more clearly.

For, Dear One, that which you feel you lack, perhaps causing envy of another is a mis-perception. For if you were to step back and view the whole rather than just a part of the whole, it would become clearer to you that all combined creates perfection.

Viewing just a thumb and its inability to grasp is similar to how you view yourself. Rather than seeing the entire hand, with all fingers intact, working together. Each finger with its own strength and unique contribution to the actions performed.

So too, with you, in this embodiment on a physical plane. Were you in your true energetic form without the shell of a human body encasing you, this discussion would be unnecessary. For in a non-physical plane, the connectedness of all things is obvious and quite natural.

Understand that you bring a unique energetic component to the process of the awakening of this plane and beyond. Each and every one of you contributes an essential part to the forward movement of the All. No part is too small or insignificant. For all pieces are necessary for the process to be complete.

The next time you self-judge and wish you were more like another consider the differences between you and how you complement each other. How each of your strengths combined create an even greater force to move the collective consciousness forward.

The only thing that requires change is how you see yourself and your perceived imperfections. For remember, that a trait you see as a liability, another may seek as a strength. Can you begin to change your perception to see all before you as an integral piece of divinity, embodied in perfect harmony, in service to the All?

You, Dear One, are placed exactly where you are needed to use the gifts you have. To work side-by-side with others, sharing the power of your combined gifts to change this world and beyond. Be it time spent in prayer, in physical labor, in emotional support or analytical work. An action you might consider inconsequential may be the final piece required to complete the mosaic of change.

Be Thyself, for it is in your uniqueness that you shine. Cease comparisons, for all parts are required to make the Whole, to do the work in service to the All.

Love Thyself exactly as you are for you are a shining light, part of a brilliant Whole more powerful than you imagine.

Accept and be Thyself and offer who you are in service to the All.

For you are Divinity Itself

Embodied though not separate.

Indeed you are

One With All of Thee.

Is Peace Attainable?

In a chaotic world

You ask this question.

What you do not consider

Is the inner world of peace

Attainable, sustainable

Now and always.

Dear One, peace is always available for you. It comes from within. And when you experience that internal peace, you can then expand it outward and share it with the world. YOU create the peace in your chaotic external world through an inward journey of silence and connection.

The lessons of this world are many for you and for all who are incarnated at this time. But they are guided through your inner journey of self-mastery and self-love. Indeed, many of you have lost the ability to love thyself. And how can you love another when you cannot love the very divinity which resides within your physical body?

All are connected. This means that any judgment you pass upon yourself is judgment placed upon another. Consider how you project your inner feelings about self towards others. How your perception of others is colored by how you see yourself. You assume that the motivation of others is the same as your own motivation; that all actions should be performed in a manner which you see as proper.

Each and everyone of you has specific lessons and life experiences. It is impossible in this physical realm for each of you to experience every possibility of life. However, because you are connected to the All of Creation, it is possible for you to gain the knowledge through the lives of others. Can you honor these lives which enrich and enhance your own?

You may not choose to live or act a certain way. But because another has chosen this path, you are able to see the outcomes of this way of being. This is how the Divine experiences Itself, through the experiences of the All of Creation of which you are a part.

Do you understand how important each and every life is for the expansion of the collective consciousness? If so, why then would you choose to judge another? Why would you choose to judge yourself? For any experience, any lesson learned is shared with the All for the growth of the Divine.

You, Dear One, are a physical manifestation of the Divine. Within that physical temple lives a divine being here upon this physical plane for a life of service. That service could be done in a plethora of ways, individually, communally or globally. But your very existence here upon this plane is an act of service for the All. Reflect upon this.

Can you change the way you perceive your life, your world, and honor all lives lived in whatever manner that soul has chosen to be of service? An act of violence may be difficult to comprehend, particularly if we say that all are divine. But can you honor all souls involved for the sacrifices made and consider the lessons learned and the changes inspired by that act?

Each soul has a role in the evolution of the All. Can you view this world from another perspective, rather than from a place of harsh judgment? This is not encouragement to become callous or blind to the actions or suffering of others. Rather allow what you see to inspire you to change, to greatness, to kindness and compassion. This is how you can honor the lives lived by others.

The peace you seek comes from within as you connect with the All and reflect upon how each act experienced here and beyond affects you. Can you give gratitude rather than hold judgment against those with whom you disagree? Instead, be inspired to be the conduit for change.

Peace exists within your heart

Allow it to change your perspective

Of others and of your world.

You are divine and more powerful than you realize

And your connection to the All strengthens every day.

Walk in peace, walk in love.

Honor all lives and inspire others

To greatness.

Dearest One With All of Thee.


Time for stillness

Is needed at this time.

To help with your personal growth

And to step back

From the chaos of your world.

Dear One, you are loved beyond measure. You are a Divine Being who has embarked upon a human journey. You chose this in order to gain knowledge unattainable in any other venue. This human existence is unique and wondrous in what it has to offer you in your personal growth.

Remember this as you walk out into your world. A world which is currently undergoing much change and chaos. Your presence here at this time is no accident. You are here with the potential to make great leaps forward for the collective consciousness and also for yourself.

It begins with stillness and reflection. Time spent focusing on your breath, in and out. Inhaling the breath of the Divine. Exhaling the breath of the Divine within you. Can you pause frequently throughout your day to focus on the breath and feel the exchange of love as you partake in this simple task?

You are a conduit between heaven and earth, between the different realms of existence. And you can be that conduit as you focus on your breath. Imagine pulling the celestial energies down through your crown chakra on your inbreath. At the same time, imagine bringing up the grounding energies of the Earth Mother through the soles of your feet. Allow them to mix within your heart area. And on your out breath, release them to their original placements. Celestial up and out, Earth Mother down and out.

As you consciously repeat this process, you are helping to bring balance between the physical and energetic worlds. It will help you to remember that at this moment you are part of both realms. That you walk with a foot in both worlds.

It reminds you that there is more to your existence than what you experience through your physical senses. It helps align you with both worlds as you navigate upon your forward path. And it helps you remember that you are connected with the Divine. Always.

This school of life is a wondrous opportunity for you. And you have grown more than you allow yourself to believe. Honor that. Reflect upon how far you have come. Reflect upon old habits that can now be released because you have reached this level of consciousness. And as you reflect, allow love to fill your very being. Sending it out to all of this world and beyond. Also sending it to yourself. No judgment. Only love and compassion for all.

Dear One, these are the times for which you came. To be of service and to grow. Remember that all which occurs in your life is an opportunity for growth. All those who cross your path are your teachers providing you with lessons to learn. As you are a teacher for others, often without consciously being aware of that role which you play.

Be still and breathe. Be still and feel the connection you have with all of creation. Be still and allow the calm of the Divine to fill every pore of your physical being.

View the Aha moments you have with gratitude, not with judgment. And replace any fear which wells up within you with love. Choose peace. In times of stress, know that you have the power to say, ‘I choose peace.’ And feel the difference within.

Your strength lies in your realization of your connection with the Divine. Know that you can trust your decisions made after times of stillness. You need not give your power away to others in determining how to move forward.

Keep that chaos without from coming within. For within is your sanctuary of connection and love. Do so by breathing, in and out. By reflecting on how far you have come and how much strength you have found to arrive at this very point in time.

There is purity in your heart. There is strength in your connection with the All. And there is love surrounding you always. You are not forgotten. You are never alone. And most certainly, you are not receiving punishment for deeds done or undone.

You are a Divine Being.

At One with the Universe.

You have the ability

To change your world.

One breath at a time.

Accept this truth

And be the conduit of love.

Dearest One With All of Thee.

The Calm Within

inner calm

Ripples on the Ocean by Vladimir Kush

It is there

Waiting for you to find it.

The soothing calm needed

To continue moving forward

In grace.

Dear One, you came to this physical plane with many tools yet to be discovered by you. And one of them is the internal calm present in each and every one of you. The fast pace of this world with its demands and perceived priorities have pulled you away from the very place which will help you replenish; that well of internal calm, always present, rarely used.

In order to move forward and to grow on your path, more time is required looking within and finding that inner peace. There are so many distractions in your life which can make it difficult to find the time to go within and rest. Can you ask yourself how to prioritize your time to allow this inner journey to occur daily?

Many feel that they need to spend a lengthy period of time sitting and breathing, with no thoughts at all, in order to make that connection. But, Dear One, even the masters have thoughts running through their minds as they sit quietly. The key is not to engage with those thoughts. Allow them to flow out with your breath, releasing them as you exhale. Do not despair as more thoughts come. It takes much practice to allow the mind to settle down and to stop engaging.

Breathe in calm, breathe out a smile. How many times do you stop breathing throughout your day? A deep calming breath can do so much for you. Try it now. Inhale for 5 counts, hold for 5 counts, exhale for 5 counts. Filling your lungs with the air around you will provide you with more energy to take the next step.

You are connected to the Source and that connection lies within you. The physical body is just a vehicle, a tool, to allow you to move through this physical world as you learn what you came here to learn. The external physical world is an illusion created by you, necessary for your lessons, but not true reality.

Your connection to the All is within you. What depths of knowledge and love exist within that physical body of yours? The Universe does not exist externally. The Universe exists within you through this connection. You are a piece of this infinite expansion of love and creation. All that you see and consider real is but a hologram. You are so much more than you realize.

What do you do with this piece of knowledge? Know that the answers rest within you. Understand the synchronicities in your life are there to help guide you forward. For each and every one of you has this connection with the Source and with each other. Many of the guiding moments in your life are intangible, internal and energetic exchanges.

Those who are more sensitive understand how they are affected by these unseen forces and as you awaken you will also begin to notice these connections. Being aware of these is but another tool for you to use as you move through your day. But in order to become more aware, it is necessary to give yourself the time to sit and just be present with your breath, with your connection to the All.

This can be done in a moment, in a breath with the intent of finding that connection. The calm within will emerge as you give a moment of pause, of reflection, of love, of breath. Notice how often you hold that breath in anger, fear or frustration. When you do, allow it to flow once again, deeply and calmly.

Begin to use the tools given to you for moving through this physical existence. You are not your physical body, that fragile form which navigates this world. You are so much more, Dear One. The strength of you, the love of your creation and the connection to the All lie within you. Find that inner calm and go there daily, if only for a moment, for a breath. Find it and you will feel the peace of the Source, the strength and knowledge of the Universe. For this is you, in all of your splendor.

Love exists

It is you.

In conjunction with the peace within.

Do not accept the external illusions as your reality.

Your true self lies within

Connected to the All.

Indeed, you are

One With All of Thee.


It appears all around you

And within you.

Where do you find the calm in the storm?

Within the center,

Within the core of your being.

Dear One, life appears to be out of control, blowing past you at rapid speed. Hubris swirls around you and you try to avoid its frantic movement, untethered, unbalanced, unleashed in chaos. Where can you go to find solace and peace?

Go within and find your center. Allow your breath to take you there; gentle movement, in and out, with the rise and fall of your belly slowing the cadence of your life, offering a calm respite from the storm. This is where you find your peace; at the core of your being. Anchor yourself to the Mother. Anchor yourself to the Oneness, who resides deep within each and every one of you. Reach for the lifeline of connection to peaceful existence as the storm rages around you.

Remember that all of this chaos is a releasing of long-hidden feelings and emotions that are beginning to rise to the surface of your being, of your world. Change is upon you, and the first step in this process is to expose what has been hidden for so long. Rather than running from it, rather than fearing it, instead bless it as it appears before you.

Never before has it seen the light and it is uncertain where to go, as its previous existence has been in the darkened corners of your world. It is untethered and flailing as it finds itself exposed for all to see. Its strength came from hiding in the shadows, encouraging you to believe it was larger and more powerful that it truly was. Bless it as it shows its vulnerability and weakness, revealing how its strength was only an illusion. Bless it and send it on its way, and breathe deeply from your core, to fill with love the new space freed in its absence.

Dear One, chaos can often accompany change, especially when it is such a wondrous shift beginning to occur within you and around you. Do not despair, for your strength is mighty and you are surrounded by loving beings who are guiding you forward and upward. Upward out of your trenches filled with fear and worry, upward towards balance, connection and joy.

Take the time to sit and find that inner core of strength which resides within each and every one of you. This is where your connection to your higher self lies. This is where the knowledge that you need is stored and revealed to you in ways you can assimilate it.

Just as in nature, the rotation of chaos begins when two opposing forces collide. And just as in nature, it is a temporary state of being, breaking down the old to make way for the new. Do not grieve your perceived losses, for upon further reflection; you will understand how you no longer need that which you held so close for so long.

Dear One, the calm within is always there. If you have not taken that journey for a while, it may take a bit longer to reach it, but rest assured, it is there for you – every moment of your day. Focus on the steady cadence of your breath, gently rising and falling. Allow yourself to be lead inward and upward on the waves of your breath. And allow the peace of the All to embrace you and comfort you.

The chaos is temporary. The inner peace is eternal. Release and let go of that which has been lurking in the shadows of your being. Replace it with light, a brilliant light of colors never seen by you before. You are growing. Your world is growing and wondrous change is imminent.

Bless all you encounter throughout your day, even those with whom you do not agree.

Bless all sentient beings in your world and beyond.

Bless and honor Mother Nature in all of her beauty and majesty.

And bless yourself for being the wondrous vehicle of change for this world and beyond.


It begins with you.

Trust that you have what it takes to move forward.

How can you not when you have such support behind you,

Dear One With All of Thee.




Sunrise @ the farm

Sit quietly

Breathe deeply

Close your eyes and be still

What do you see?

Dear One, there is always an island of peace available to you every moment of your day. When the outside world of your creation becomes chaotic and frantic, you always have a place of respite. No tickets need be bought, no baggage need be packed. It is a simple transition from chaos to peace.

This world which has been created by you is a world of constant motion, of many lessons and numerous interactions with infinite possibilities. But it often becomes too much for you with all of the perceived requirements for successful living pulling on you at every moment.

But this world is truly an illusion, a creation of your active mind, your learned behavior and yes, your fears. The truth is that your true reality is but a breath away in that quiet within each and every one of you. Your true reality is one of peace, of loving embrace, of quiet existence and it resides within you, available at all times.

Your perceived world has so enamored you that you have forgotten that there is another choice; a place of renewal, of peaceful existence, of connection to your true essence. We encourage you to return to this inner sanctuary with regularity if only for a few moments every day.

Dear One, the vibrational energy of this physical plane is increasing at a rapid rate. And for this reason, it is important for you to come back to your center to recalibrate, to breathe deeply as you connect to the true nature of your being. For indeed your true nature is one of peace and light and connection to the All.

Remember, too, when we refer to your connection to the All,that we refer to all of existence, to every soul ever created as well as the Source. This physical form in which you exist creates the illusion of separation. This illusion, along with the illusion of lack, has been created by fear and brings you much stress. And so the ball of fear continues to roll downhill gaining momentum and girth as it collects all of the negativity bred by your illusions.

Break this cycle. Stop. Sit quietly and breathe deeply. Allow each breath to take you further into that peace that exists within each and every one of you. And as you continue to practice this more often, you will discover that joy that has been there all along. For your inner light still shines brightly. It always has and always will.

For that inner light comes from the Source; given to you at your moment of creation in a breath of love. And with this inner light comes unlimited knowledge, unwavering love and true joy of existence. This is who you truly are!

Reconnect with your true self and with the strength and joy that resides within this physical frame.

Remember that this physical body is but a temporary place in which you reside for this part of your journey. Your true self is free, pulsing with light and love, fully aware of your connection to the All.

Separate yourself from the illusion created by this physical existence. For as you begin to remember your true nature, you can change the illusion of this world to one of joy and love. It begins with you.

You have the power. You have the strength. You have the knowledge.

Go within and reconnect, replenish and remember.

Ah, how your life will change!


lotus by thai bamboo

lotus by thai bamboo

What does this mean?

Do you experience this in your life?

Who are you really?

Dear One, you are now living your life with a foot in two worlds. One world is the physical world of which you are most aware and very comfortable. The other world is the energetic world, that unseen world of which you are also a part. It is only an illusion that all of your essence exists here upon this physical plane.

Now that the veils have thinned between worlds; now that the vibration of this world is moving to a higher level you will be more able to realize the true nature of your being. You were more aware of this as a child when your connection with your ‘imaginary’ friends was much stronger. Now, once again, those friends are calling to you to make their presence known to you. With the changes in this physical plane it is easier for them to show themselves to you in ways that are comfortable and non-threatening to you.

Dear One, it is time for you to understand that you came here with a purpose in mind. Your very presence here upon this physical plane makes a difference. The actions you do every day, the words you speak, the thoughts you think, make a difference in this world. You still do not understand how powerful you are and how you are able to create your world.

Yes, there is light and there is also darkness here upon this physical plane. Both serve a purpose in the continuing expansion of the Universe. For how can you learn, how can you grow if everything is so easy? Remember that you came here for certain experiences. You came here to do certain things. Yet, many do not fulfill that goal because of the distraction of the physical world.

There is no judgment if you do not move forward as you had planned. There is only gentle guidance to move you back on track, back to where you wished to be in your life here upon this plane. There may be people you meet that you recognize for just a moment. Consider that they may be someone here to guide you, someone with whom you planned to work with during your lifetime here.

Remember, every encounter you have is a holy encounter. Every encounter is a potential lesson for you and the other person. Every encounter is an exchange of energy, either positive or negative. Make it positive. And if in the moment of engagement, you are unable to do so, then release that negativity as soon as possible. Bless it as a lesson for you and move on.

Allow the radiance of your true nature to shine. Create a world of love and positive emotion. Do not try to control your world, but set your intent every morning and then allow it to unfold before you. Allow it to unfold as the petals of a lotus blossom with a brilliant light at its center.

You, Dear One, live in two worlds. As your conscious mind focuses on this physical world, your higher self reaches out to you from a different realm to guide you forward on your selected path. No matter what happens, you will be welcomed back to a loving embrace.

If you are confused, if you are unsure of your next step, allow for some quiet time to connect with your higher self. Ask for guidance and then watch for it. For the guidance will come in any number of ways. You are not lost. You are acclimating to a new way of being. Embrace it, be gentle with yourself and always love yourself and others. Allow this love that is at the center of your very being to emerge as your lotus flower unfolds.

Dear One, trust, allow and love.

Be at peace with where you are in this very moment.

See the potential in all interactions; the potential for a holy encounter.

Dear One With All of Thee.

Choose Joy

You have a choice every day

How to move forward.

Will you do it in joy

Or in fear?

Dear one, every day you have a choice on how to walk through your day. You can choose joy and contentment. Or you can choose comparison and competition. You can choose fear and self-judgment. Or you can choose love and acceptance, empowerment and inner peace. The choice is yours every moment of every day.

We observe you and the ways of the human spirit and wish to help you move away from the fear that still permeates your existence here upon this plane. Remember that love trumps fear, every time in every way. Love is stronger than fear. Fear likes to hide in the dark shadows of your mind, not showing its face to you. For if it did, you would see how weak and powerless it really is.

Dear one, know that fear has already lost the battle. Love is growing as all of the planes of existence come into alignment. As this alignment continues, the possibilities multiply for your own growth and that of the universe. Remember that the entire existence of being is dynamic. It is not static. And so, as you continue to move forward upon this plane, and you have made great strides, so too do the other planes of existence move forward. For all are connected.

There has been a shift here upon this plane recently which has affected all of you. Some may be more aware of it consciously than others, but all have been affected. This is the beginning of the alignment and so it will be easier for you to choose joy over fear. You will begin to notice changes within your physical and emotional bodies. Do not be surprised if you find yourself choosing different ways of being, of eating, of seeing the world around you. The ascension has begun and it is because of you and your presence here upon this plane.

Dear one, we hold you in much gratitude for choosing to be here upon this dense, physical plane at this time to help with this process. For even if you are not consciously aware of it, your presence DOES make a difference, a great difference. Allow your brilliance to shine forth. Shine it on any remnants of fear that show themselves in your world. Love weakens fear. Light disempowers fear. Joy creates a barrier that fear cannot cross.

Be of joy. Sing daily, to yourself, to others, to the entire consciousness of being. Sing. Your notes of joy will cross many dimensions creating a wave affect across infinity. Raise the energies here upon this plane as you choose joy over fear or judgment. You can do this. You have the power, you have the ability to love unconditionally, yourself and others, and yes, even those who try to spread fear across your land.

Choose love.

Choose joy.

Choose inner peace.

And see how your world changes.

The Quiet Within

Can you find that inner calm?
Where you connect to the Divine?
Be silent and allow it to open to you.

Dear One, it is there, that inner calm. It always has been and always will be. The path to it begins with deep relaxing breaths. Can you give yourself the time each day to go to this inner sanctum of peace, where you connect to the Divine?

There is so very much interference in your life, pulling you here and there, wanting your attention and your energy. And you succumb to the tugging at your sleeve to answer those calls, those needs of others, those requirements you feel must be addressed immediately. You are being pulled in many directions at once, it is difficult for you to just stop and breathe.

But in doing exactly this, stopping and breathing, you will find your inner calm, the strength that you have deep within you to move forward in your day. How often have you sat down to be still and you find yourself bombarded with thoughts of what you still have to do after you finish this quiet time?

Can you live your life in love and not fear? Can you understand that truly every moment is a gift and that all is well, no matter how challenging it appears? Can you recognize that every challenge for you is an opportunity to grow and spread your wings a little bit broader, wider, and more expansive? Everything that happens in your life will help you to move forward on your path. And time is not a limiting factor.Time is an illusion. And so the few minutes you spend each day sitting to find your quiet place within does not take away from the rest of your life. It does, in fact, enhance it.

Consider how much energy you put out worrying about how you are going to do this or that; how will you provide or accomplish or create? Do you understand that the few minutes each day you spend in that quiet place will allow you to calm those frenetic energies and give you the freedom to breathe more easily throughout your day?

The time, the energy you spend worrying, planning will be replaced with the understanding that all will be well. All will unfold exactly as it should. You will begin to understand that all you need to do is allow it to unfold. The more ‘time’ you spend tending that quiet place within, the less ‘time’ you require to get through your day. For you begin to understand the perfection of the Universe, the power that you have been given, and the love which surrounds you. Completely.

Begin today, for just a few moments. Focus on your breath, in and out, and allow the busy thoughts to pass through but not stay within your mind. It takes practice, we understand. But the energies are beginning to rise across your entire planet and doing this daily will allow you to better accept the new environment in which you now live.

All is well, Dear One.
Every moment is a gift.
And you are surrounded by those who want to help you.
Allow your Divine connection to guide you through your day.
For you are indeed One With All of Thee.