You are like a piece of clay

Being gently molded

Into your true persona.

It is there within.

It is beautiful.

And it has the strength,

The power and the love

Of the Universe.

Dear One, you are a being who has chosen this path of self-discovery. Not only for yourself, but for the Source of All That Is. As you live this life in service, and you do so without realizing, you are also becoming more of who you truly are. A wondrous child of the Universe.

And children need to be nurtured. They need guidance. They need the freedom to make choices in order to grow and mature. Their true nature can be molded by those around them, by events that occur and by observing the actions/reactions of others. This is how they become.

You, Dear One, are in a constant state of becoming. And you are being observed by others as a model of how to respond to life events. You are also being guided by unseen hands during the most stressful times of your life. You are being held closely, gently rocked in rhythm to the Universal song.

But as in any creation, the form which served you for many years no longer fits. No longer serves you as you continue to grow. Consider the insects, the reptiles who shed their outer layer as they continue to grow larger.

This also occurs for you. As the light within you continues to grow outward, who you were no longer fits your current life. And so, the outer layer must be broken and discarded so that the newer self can appear and continue to grow.

This growth pattern is initiated by external events in your life, some personal, some global. So that it comes to a point where a bandage no longer holds. When the only way for future growth is to allow the mold to break open and allow the new to emerge as the old is discarded.

This occurs throughout all of creation, but is most visible on this physical plane. Look around you and see how the Mother is also changing and growing, affected by the events around her. What emerges is what is nurtured and cultivated either with love or neglect. But always love can mend, slowly, but mend the effects of fear and neglect.

The choice is yours, Dear One. How do you wish to become? Can you believe that there is a wondrous light within you slowly seeping out through those wounds? Can you trust that you have the strength and the power to become a more generous, loving being? Can you accept that you are a being of light encased within a physical body?

The physical world is fragile. But the glue that holds it together, the love which lives within each and every one of you, is filled with healing power. What is required is the recognition of this power to heal. And to understand that often the only way to heal is to discard the old way of being and start anew. That those supporting bandages will no longer hold together. That what is required is to trust that there is a loving light ready to emerge if that old casing can be removed and discarded.

Dear One, you are on the road to becoming. To becoming your true self. Yes, many will not attain that goal here in the physical world. But during life review they will grow as they experience not only their lives but the effects their actions had on the lives of others.

But there are many more who will attain the goal of becoming and help to guide others. Only a few will do so in a public manner. While the majority will quietly do the work, unseen by many, but so powerfully affecting those they do touch.

Every breath taken can change your world. Begin today by breathing in love, sending out love. Do not despair the loss of the old as the new awaits in the wings, more glorious than imagined. Your life makes a difference, Dear One. Becoming is occurring to you and to all. Embrace the new while you bless and discard the old.

Feel the pulse of the Universe

Within your veins.

Hear the Universal song

And sing with joy.

You have the strength,

The support that you need.

Accept it and become

Who you truly are.

Dearest One With All of Thee.

The Universal Song

Stop, breathe and listen to the music.

Can you hear it playing across the ethers? It is not something heard with your physical ears but with your heart. The music is your roadmap to what is coming, to where you have been and how to move forward.

It is a gentle, soothing music to which you can align your vibration in order to be completely enveloped by it, embraced by it, soothed by it. But the din of your physical world is currently drowning out this gentle call to you. It is the call of the Universal symphony and it is always playing. For it is part of the larger web of connection.

Consider your whales and how they sing to one another in the waters of your oceans. This is exactly the way the Universe sings to you. But instead of an ocean of water, it is an ocean of energies, constantly in motion. For those who have heard it, they say it is the most beautiful sound, indescribable in human words. Do you not understand that this is YOUR song? This is YOUR language. One that crosses all barriers. All planes. All cultures. It is the Universal language and it is your native tongue.

Close your eyes in silence. Clear your mind and gently begin to sway your bodies. That physical movement is in synchrony with the Universal melody. It is just your conscious mind that has not yet connected to it. Breathe deeply and allow the beat of your heart to match the beat of this gentle song. Be still and connect with the gentle rhythm of the Universal song and become One with the All.

The beauty of this music reflects the inner beauty of each and every one of you. For the Source of you and all beings is one of Light and Love. No matter what you experience here on this plane, your Source is of Light and of Love. And it calls to you every moment of the day, as a mother bird calls to her fledglings. I am here. You are a part of me. You are not forgotten. You are not alone. You are connected.

Find the light. It is there in front of you. Follow the gentle tug of the Universal vibration. It surrounds you. It embraces you. It transforms you. Allow it to enter your lives.

You are not too busy.
You are not unworthy.
You are not unable to hear it.

For it is a part of your inner being. Your very soul rides on the waves of majesty. Understand who you are, who you REALLY are. Your power is endless, your connection, secured. Your love, complete.

You are one with the Universal song. Listen, dance and be free.
Let us sing to you with an outpouring of love and gratitude for your service to the All.
For this,we thank you.