Impermanence and Creativitiy

The world you see

Has a limited life span.

The emotions you feel

Can be lifted in a moment’s time.

Create the world you wish.

As the dreamer dreams

The world into being.

Dear One, you have been told that you are powerful enough to create your own world. It begins with you and expands outward since all are connected. Your joy can help lift another from despair. Your love can transmute fear. The world changes as you change your perspective. You are creator of your own world. What do you choose to create?

You are experiencing a wondrous change here upon this earth plane at this time. The possibilities of outcome are infinite and you have the power to help to create a new way of being. It lies in your hands as you move through your day and interact with others. Do you do it with grace or with fear and trepidation?

Everything you see is impermanent. Everything you feel is impermanent. You have the power to dream the world you wish into being. This is your opportunity to create what you wish to see going forward. The challenges which many of you are now experiencing are impermanent. But how you respond to them can have a lasting effect on your life, on your world.

Dear One, there are always many ways to see, to experience what crosses your daily path. Can you lift yourself from feelings of disempowerment and fear? You are present in this very moment because you have the strength, the resolve, the power to create a new world, a world of love and peace. It begins with you.

You are not alone in this. And it is possible to change your perspective and thus how you feel and how you act daily. You are but one point on a vast spectrum of light which shines throughout infinity. The strength you need, the joy you crave is there waiting for you to draw upon it. For you are connected to the Source, the Source of Love and Light.

You have already been creating your own world daily. But perhaps this went un-noticed because the changes were small. This is a time for you to trust in yourself and in the powers given to you from the moment of your own creation. For you are a spark from the Eternal Flame of Existence. And with that comes all the power of creation.

It begins with love. It begins with self-love. For loving yourself is tantamount to loving the Creator. You are one and the same. Take the time to reflect upon those traits of yours which you love. Can you list ten, twenty of them? Can you love yourself that much? Consider this as an exercise. Then repeat these daily for two weeks as you look at yourself in the mirror. Does this change your perspective of yourself and what is possible?

Dear One, give yourself time to sit and breathe, in and out. Dream the world you wish to see into being. See it as already existing and give gratitude for it daily. Look at your adversaries as a part of you, for indeed they are. Understand that it begins with how you see yourself.

Impermanence allows for change and growth. If this were not truth, then you would not be the creator of your world. You are present at this time because you have the gift, the power to create a world of love, a time of awakening for every embodied soul. Awakening to their true selves, to the power of love and connection.

You are a wondrous soul, an extension of the Divine, so that the Divine can experience Itself through you. Failure is not possible for this is an experiential opportunity for both you and the Divine. Dear One, you and the Divine are the same. As you are a piece of the Eternal Presence of Love.

There is a wondrous light within you. See it. This world of duality also has areas which fail to shine that light. This is caused by fear. Your current world is not balanced and requires your input to bring it back into equilibrium. This is done through grace and love.

This day is mere point of existence on the infinite timeline of life for you and for all of Creation. But it holds such potential for change through your actions, your perspective and your love.

Trust yourself and your power of creation.

Love yourself and begin to see your light.

Understand that all is impermanent

Constantly offering opportunities

For growth and change.

Choose love

Feel the connection with the All.

For indeed, you are

One With All of Thee.



                    Reflecting on the Passage of Time          

For what do you yearn?

Is it a memory of the past?

Of interactions long gone?

What is the true reason for these cravings?

Dear One, so many of you look so longingly at your past, wishing you could be there once again. You crave the way you felt or the interactions you once had. Your memories are filled with thoughts of times better than those existing for you now.

Why does your life feel so different today? What has changed so much that you yearn for something from your past? Is your present so difficult? Or have your perceptions of your life been skewed by selective memories altered over time?

Dear One, do not choose to live in the past when the present is here filled with potential and opportunities for love and change. There is impermanence to everything here in this physical world. For without that impermanence, change would not be possible.

Look to the flowers in spring emerging after a long winter. They are here for a short time before they once again fade into a memory of beauty realized. But in that short time, they lifted spirits, they gave forth nectar, they provided seeds for abundance for the next season.

Everything that occurs in your life provides seeds for abundance for the next chapter. The old cycle must end to provide for the new cycle. And during that transition, there is much growth, much strength built, with time for rest before the next cycle begins.

Can you embrace impermanence rather than long for what was? Can you love the entire cycle from beginning to end with the understanding that this is how you grow? And can you love more fully knowing that what you love may be gone tomorrow?

You enter each new cycle with more knowledge, more strength, more tools than you had in the previous cycle. Much of what you crave from the past will no longer serve you today; for you have grown exponentially over the course of your life.

Dear One, do not fear, do not judge what lies before you at this moment. Your life is unfolding as it should and if transitions are occurring, it is because you are being guided into the next chapter of your life. Have no regrets. Make no comparisons. For the new day dawning has potential for greatness and you, Dear One, are ready to rise to your potential.

Just as memories of the past may be clouded with emotion or longing, so too your self- image. You may not see your true greatness and how much you have grown. But we can see you clearly in all of your brilliance and oh how you shine!

Review your past with gratitude for what it has given you, for leading you to the present moment.

View your present as the opportunity it truly is to grow and love; to use the gifts you have been given.

Allow the future to unfold as it will. Worry not about outcome. For no matter what that outcome may be, in truth it will be greater than you can imagine.

Live in the present in all of its beauty.

Embrace the impermanence of your life knowing that this is how change and opportunity occur.

And call upon us when you need the comfort of our embrace.

For this we will gladly give to you.