Your Story


Do you know your real story?

Not the one you tell others upon first meet

But the true nature of who you are

And why you are here.

Dear One, each of you has a story, perhaps many stories, you tell others to describe yourself so that they may get a sense of who you really are. But how true is this story? Do you embellish, leave out certain parts that you prefer not to reveal?  And is this person, this story, with whom you identify really who you are?

How many of you identify yourself with a single word; mother, teacher, recovering addict, blue collar worker, writer, student, and so on? How many of you focus on one aspect of your life and hold onto that for years beyond the incident? I was rejected by my lover, I was over-looked for a promotion, I was a victim of circumstance.

Indeed, each of these events, at the time, were momentous. They may have caused emotional distress at the very least and had a strong effect on your life. The question is: Have you been able to move forward past that event? Do you see it as a life lesson which helped mold you into the person you are today? Are you able to bless it, acknowledge the effect it had on your life and use the lessons learned in your current life?

Dear One, that event was just one moment in a lifetime of experiences here upon this plane. The purpose of this life is to experience different events for the lesson and move on to the next one. By remaining stuck in that one experience, you are unable to see who you really are. And that is a spiritual being of light who has chosen to live on a physical plane to learn what cannot be learned in any other realm.

We understand that this physical existence can be challenging, particularly with the emotions of the human form which often drive your thoughts and actions. But do not lose sight of the fact that this existence is only an opportunity to learn. It does not in any way define or take away from who you really are.

Dear One, you are a being of light. You are a vessel of love. You are connected to the All. Your REAL story is one of love and desire to grow. Your REAL story is one of courage and adventure. Your REAL story is one of communion with all of existence.

For in your natural state, you understand that there is abundance of love and support from the All. And the All encompasses all of existence across realms, across the universe; the collective consciousness.

Your real story is not one of hurt or deceit, manipulation or greed, selfishness and anger. Your real self understands that all is unfolding exactly as it should to allow you the opportunity to learn the lessons you came here to learn. NONE of this life experience is delivered as punishment; only as a lesson chosen by you prior to your embodiment upon this plane.

Dear One, your real story is one of faith, knowing that no matter what, you have loving support around you. Knowing that no matter what, you are loved and will return to our loving embrace when you have finished your life experiences here. Your real story is one of trust, forgiveness and knowledge of abundance for all.

So when you think about your story, go a little deeper, past this physical plane. Yes, indeed your experiences have molded you on this journey and will help you as you continue to move forward. But acknowledge that there is more to you than what you see in the mirror.

Trust your connection with the All.

Have faith that you are only seen with love and joy, with anticipation for your return after this experiential journey.

Reflect upon the strength, the light and the love that fill your very being at this very moment.

Your story is a wondrous one. if you can remember who you REALLY are….an extension of the Divine.

Dear, dear One With All of Thee.

Can You Feel it?

What do you feel?
Is it real?
Or just a figment of your mind?

How, you ask, do I know if what I am feeling is truly real? How do I discern what I want to feel from what is truly there? How can I trust this new way of being?

This is a new way of being for many of you. And as you begin to find your way on this new path, you will want your desires to become real. You may not want to know what is really happening, how another is honestly feeling, how much your good intentions have fallen flat on the floor.

The first thing for you to do is not to judge whatever it is that you feel, especially from others. All are here upon this plane to learn, to participate in the limitations and opportunities of the physical plane. And all are at different points on the path back to the Source. Remember that life here is meant to be experiential. Participation is the only way to move forward. And whatever occurs, whatever is said is a means to better understanding for the collective consciousness.

All of life comes from love. ALL of life; human, animal, mineral, plant. The difference in the human existence is the presence of Ego. The internal struggle between listening to your head (Ego) or your heart (Love). Mother Nature, in all of her different manifestations, does not have Ego within. This is why when you go outside and walk or sit within her presence you feel a calming, peaceful energy. Only love flows from her in all of her states of being.

It is within the human existence that your true nature is often masked by Ego. What you might feel is more chaotic as the internal struggle occurs among those around you. So for this reason, you might begin by finding quiet times in Mother Nature. Begin by being present with your breath, feeling the ground beneath your feet and allowing yourself to notice the sounds, sights and smells that you normally would miss. Begin your practice here, gently. And while you notice all of these sensory cues, you will also feel the love exuding from all that surrounds you. This is the true way of being, no judgment, only love.

When you come back into the hustle and bustle of human existence, open yourself only slightly to begin. Wrap yourself in loving protection and move forward gently, slowly, in this part of your growth. Most importantly, do not judge what you feel. Of course, act upon any feelings of strong negativity that you might feel from others and remove yourself from it. But return only love, without judgment. For you know not what is causing that negativity or what the end result might be.

Can you walk in love without judgment? For do you truly know what is best for you or for others? How often have you desired an outcome which did not occur only to be grateful at a later point that it did not happen as you hoped it would. Allow life to unfold without fear in your heart. Be discerning, yes. But do not allow your expectations to cloud the truth of what you are really feeling around you.

Know that you are love and are surrounded by love.
Walk among the Mother when you need a large dose of love and have no other source at the moment.
Trust in yourself and move forward gently.
And begin to see things as they truly are, without judgment.
For all are on the path back to the Source with personal lessons to learn.

This is your lesson for the day.