lotus by thai bamboo

lotus by thai bamboo

What does this mean?

Do you experience this in your life?

Who are you really?

Dear One, you are now living your life with a foot in two worlds. One world is the physical world of which you are most aware and very comfortable. The other world is the energetic world, that unseen world of which you are also a part. It is only an illusion that all of your essence exists here upon this physical plane.

Now that the veils have thinned between worlds; now that the vibration of this world is moving to a higher level you will be more able to realize the true nature of your being. You were more aware of this as a child when your connection with your ‘imaginary’ friends was much stronger. Now, once again, those friends are calling to you to make their presence known to you. With the changes in this physical plane it is easier for them to show themselves to you in ways that are comfortable and non-threatening to you.

Dear One, it is time for you to understand that you came here with a purpose in mind. Your very presence here upon this physical plane makes a difference. The actions you do every day, the words you speak, the thoughts you think, make a difference in this world. You still do not understand how powerful you are and how you are able to create your world.

Yes, there is light and there is also darkness here upon this physical plane. Both serve a purpose in the continuing expansion of the Universe. For how can you learn, how can you grow if everything is so easy? Remember that you came here for certain experiences. You came here to do certain things. Yet, many do not fulfill that goal because of the distraction of the physical world.

There is no judgment if you do not move forward as you had planned. There is only gentle guidance to move you back on track, back to where you wished to be in your life here upon this plane. There may be people you meet that you recognize for just a moment. Consider that they may be someone here to guide you, someone with whom you planned to work with during your lifetime here.

Remember, every encounter you have is a holy encounter. Every encounter is a potential lesson for you and the other person. Every encounter is an exchange of energy, either positive or negative. Make it positive. And if in the moment of engagement, you are unable to do so, then release that negativity as soon as possible. Bless it as a lesson for you and move on.

Allow the radiance of your true nature to shine. Create a world of love and positive emotion. Do not try to control your world, but set your intent every morning and then allow it to unfold before you. Allow it to unfold as the petals of a lotus blossom with a brilliant light at its center.

You, Dear One, live in two worlds. As your conscious mind focuses on this physical world, your higher self reaches out to you from a different realm to guide you forward on your selected path. No matter what happens, you will be welcomed back to a loving embrace.

If you are confused, if you are unsure of your next step, allow for some quiet time to connect with your higher self. Ask for guidance and then watch for it. For the guidance will come in any number of ways. You are not lost. You are acclimating to a new way of being. Embrace it, be gentle with yourself and always love yourself and others. Allow this love that is at the center of your very being to emerge as your lotus flower unfolds.

Dear One, trust, allow and love.

Be at peace with where you are in this very moment.

See the potential in all interactions; the potential for a holy encounter.

Dear One With All of Thee.